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February 2016

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Kiwanis and Circle K in Toronto

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Inbox: Kiwanis Governor Jen and Executive Director Kevin share their thoughts on the 3 District importance of the Kiwanis Family. College or Bust: The start of the New Year signals that the ends of the Key Club and Circle 5 State K Administrative years are near. This also means District Convention time is approaching! Find out when and where DCON will take place and what fun activities will be offered at each convention this year! to ICON (and Toronto): Kiwanis and Circle K International Conventions will venture to the 10 Call great white north this summer to Toronto, Ontario. See what is on this year’s agenda and what interesting city sights there are to check out. the District: Find out what Kiwanis, Circle K, and Key Clubs and some of their 15 Around outstanding members have been up to in the past couple of months.


The PA Kiwanis Family Special Publication is Key Club Editor Ashwin Reddy North Allegheny Senior Key Club International Motto: Caring – Our way of life.

(Acting) Circle K Editor Rebecca Feinberg Pittsburgh-Oakland

Kiwanis Editor Brett Cutright Pennsylvania eKiwanis

Kiwanis Journalism Committee Patti Loomis Edinboro Marianne Muraska Sheradan Ben Osterhout Norlanco-Rheems, Pennsylvania eKiwanis 2015-2016 District Board the Members of the Pennsylvania District Pennsylvania

Circle K International Motto: Live to Serve, Love to Serve

Kiwanis International Defining Statement: Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time.

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District Inbox: Family Time By Kiwanis District Governor Jen Vare

family [fam-uh-lee, fam-lee] (noun, plural families) 1. a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not 2. a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for

Kiwanis Family

2015-2016 PA District Governor Jen Vare Levittown Bristol

[ki-wah-niss fam-uh-lee] (noun) 1. a basic social unit consisting of Kiwanis, Aktion Club, Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club and K-Kids 2. a social unit forming one of the largest and most effective service organizations in the world 3. a social unit sharing a common goal: service

When I think of family I think of my parents, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephew, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (on both sides of the family). Family to me is those that support one another in good times and in bad, tough decisions and celebrations. I often consider many of my friends “family” too. But as I think about family I also think about my Kiwanis Family. A family I have been a part of since I first joined Circle K in college at Shippensburg University in 1995. At the time my Kiwanis Family was Ship Circle K, other PA Circle Kers and Ship Kiwanis, but after graduation I quickly learned that my Kiwanis family was much larger! Since then I have had the pleasure to advise or work closely with every branch of the family. I also learned quickly that my Kiwanis Family would be there for me much like my own family in good times and in bad, tough decisions, and celebrations. Truly Kiwanis and all of our branches are FAMILY. Members of all organizations, NOW is the time to partner together to strengthen our family and support one another. Invite one another to service projects, fundraisers, meetings, and yes even social events. Take the time to get to know the faces of your family members, take the time to get to know their likes and dislikes, work together to make our world, our community, and Pennsylvania a better place to live for everyone.


Left: Paul and Jen at the District Holiday Party in Harrisburg.

If you are in Key Club think about the members who graduated, reach out to them and see if they joined Circle K if they went on to college or if they are still living at home remind them to join Kiwanis. If you are in Circle K think about your younger siblings remind them to join Key Club, think about those that graduated ask them if they joined Kiwanis. Kiwanians think about your children and grandchildren and all of their friends, have they joined the Family? My family has over 650,000 members, our family has over 650,000 members together we are improving the world through our service! Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Now is our chance to be the change, together as one family serving the world and making a difference for all the lives we touch. Thanks for being a part of my family!

District Inbox: Support SLPs!!! By Kiwanis Executive Director Kevin Thomas A few months ago I was talking with a club president about the future of his club. They were struggling and their future was uncertain. I could go on a long time about that conversation but what really stuck out to me was this: He felt that his club was not doing any significant projects or programs even though they sponsor several Service Leadership Program clubs. My answer to him was not quite this concise but it went like this: “Really? You sponsor a Key Club and a Circle K Club and you don’t feel your club does any significant service. How can that be?” The answer became clear in a moment when I learned that they are not engaged in any active way with those SLP clubs. It was sponsorship in name only. The sponsorship of a Circle K Club and/or Key Club is the most significant, impacting service that can be done by a Kiwanis Club as long as that Kiwanis Club and its members are engaged and active with those clubs. If a Kiwanis Club does nothing more than to be actively engaged with and supporting its Service Leadership Club(s), the existence of the Kiwanis Club is important and justified. K-Kids, Builders, Key Club, Circle K and Aktion members do so much important and meaningful service. They make their schools, communities, our state, nation, and world a better place. They brighten the lives of the elderly, they help feed the hungry, they mentor and read to young children, they clean up roads and parks, and so much more. Schools and communities without one of our SLP clubs simply are not as rich and strong as those that are do have one of our clubs. And the members of the Service Leadership Clubs often benefit tremendously from their involvement. They develop leadership skills. They learn how to WW

interact and cooperate with their peers. They learn how to organize projects and events. They learn how to run meetings. They gain valuable skills such as public speaking and presentation. I can think of numerous former SLP members who have told me that their involvement in our programs helped them get into college, graduate school, land a job, or helped them be better leaders in their chosen profession. Many of our current Kiwanis District leaders are former Key Club and Circle K members that have been in one or both of those programs in the last 10 to 20 years. So do you feel your club isn’t doing significant service? Does it sponsor a Key Club or Circle K? Get involved with them or consider opening one in a nearby school or institution! Support their projects both monetarily and by lending a helping hand. Attend some of their meetings. Ask them how your Kiwanis Club can help them. And for Key Club and Circle K, ask them to help your Kiwanis Club by helping to develop joint service projects. And by the way there just might be one other benefit to doing this – you just might attract some new Kiwanis members along the way!


State Colle District Convention season for Key Club and Circle K is upon us. While both groups will have separate conventions, at separate times, Happy Valley and State College will play host to both conventions in March 2016! Here is a preview of what each group is planning for their big weekend celebrations. For more information on registration, lodging, awards, and more, you can go to,, or contact a District Board member.

Call to Circle K DCON By (Acting) Circle K Editor Rebecca Feinberg Is it a bird? Is it a plan? NO! It’s Pennsylvania Circle K’s 54th annual District Convention (DCON)! In just a few weeks, March 4-6th, members from the mighty Pennsylvania Circle K (PACK) will join together for a weekend where Justice is Served. This years’ Super-hero themed gathering will be held at Toftrees Golf Resort and Conference Center in State College, PA – with Penn State Circle K as our host club! We are in for quite a sweet treat! In our addition to traditional service, fellowship, and leadership training we will have access to the Penn State Creamery! Enjoy exclusive features such as Arboretum Breeze, Espresso Fudge Pie, Lion Tracks, Mint Nittany, Monster Mash, Scholar’s Chip, Teaberry, and more! Between all the fun and games developing fellowship between the PACK clubs, we will do what we do best – give back the community with service. We will be hosting a variety of service projects WWW

throughout the weekend – we are currently accepting any service ideas that the Pennsylvania District would like to see there! Please email these ideas to In addition to the proposed service projects we will also be celebrating all the hard work we have done for this year’s District Service Project, Serve today, Cure Tomorrow. While we celebrate our progress this year, we will retire the 2015 – 2016 DSP and introduce our new District Service Project for the upcoming year – stay tuned on voting instructions and hear the final decision during DCON! Do not forget that with DCON come awards! We are accepting award applications for a multitude of amazing awards. Make sure that your club gets the recognition it deserves! Some of the awards we will WW Above: PittsburghOakland Circle K members recite the Circle K Pledge at Friday Night’s Opening Session. Left: Duquesne Circle K members pose at DCON with their awards after Saturday Night’s Presidents’ Banquet.


ge or Bust! Call to Key Club DCON By Key Club Editor Ashwin Reddy

Above: West Chester Circle K members on Friday Night.

be announcing include Outstanding Club T-shirt, Website, Scrapbook (both conventional and nonconventional), and video awards! We will also take this opportunity to recognize outstanding club officers as honored and distinguished. It will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the clubs and individuals that make the Pennsylvania District Circle K so strong! We are extending the invitation to all the clubs within our powerful district, along with any interested Kiwanians or Key Clubbers that are interested in joining us for a wonderful celebration of the end of a great Circle K year, and usher in an exciting, new year of service, fellowship, and leadership.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce that District Convention (DCON) is almost here! It is truly right around the corner! For those of you who don’t know, DCON will be held at the Penn Stater Hotel in State College this year starting March 11-13, 2016. During this three-day extravaganza you will have the chance to take part in many different workshops to educate Key Clubbers on service and leadership, as well as meet hundreds of other members from all over Pennsylvania. While in State College you and your club will also be able to meet the candidates who are running for Executive Board positions in Zone Caucusing and vote for them during the House of Delegates. On Saturday night, officers and their clubs will be recognized for amazing accomplishments at the awards ceremony. There will also be FUN events to attend too! Friday night will have a meet and serve session and Saturday will have a Service Fair and Saturday night will have dance. Have you heard we are going to have a districtwide coloring book drive? Coloring books are a great way for younger kids to learn and expand their knowledge. The club to bring in the most coloring books will be recognized at the awards ceremony Saturday night! So come and join us March 11-13th in State College!


On To Toronto! By Kiwanis OTIC Chair Bonnie Houpt I’m so excited for the 101st International Convention in Toronto! From June 23-26, thousands of Kiwanis and Circle K members will meet in Canada’s largest city. There will be so You can also check out pre-convention and postmany great convention tours that are offered. Kiwanis Travel will workshops, sessions, offer a pre-convention tour to Niagara-on-the-Lake. and events to participate in. At the Gala Dinner, Enjoy spectacular sights, fabulous wine tastings, and singer/songwriter Jewel will be performing. Colonel more! “La belle province” (the beautiful province) of Chris Hadfield (Canadian Astronaut) will also be Québec is your post-convention destination. Discover speaking during convention. A brief overview of the cosmopolitan Montreal and the old-world charm of schedule is available here. Québec City. The PA District hotel is the Hilton Toronto and If you need more information please contact me prices range from $201.00 (CAD) to $241.00 (CAD). at and come visit display at The Hilton is near the Osgoode subway station and a the mid-winter conference. Hope to see you in few blocks away from Lake Ontario and parliament. Toronto! You can check out the Hilton Toronto here. Convention registration should be open late January. Left:sure Canadian Astronaut, Colonel Chris Hadfield. Colonel Be to check out forHadfield is known for his use of social media and connecting with the public during stay on the International Space Station in 2012 and 2013. everything ICONhisrelated. Middle: WWAmerican Singer/Songwriter, Jewel. Jewel is famous for popular hits like 1996’s “Who Will Save Your Soul” and “You Were Meant for Me" and 2003’s “Intuition.” Right: The Toronto Hilton


By Kiwanis Editor Brett Cutright You may have heard Toronto described as, “…New York, but without all the stuff.” But as we venture further in to the twenty-first century, people are finding Toronto has emerged on to the world stage as an important international city. It is consistently ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world due to its low crime rates, urban design, culture, recreation, and overall quality of live, to name a few factors. Toronto has also become the English speaking hub of Canada’s business industry, culture, and art. Established as the town of York in 1793, previous Wyandot, Iroquois, and Mississauga First Nations (Native Americans) inhabited the area.

You’ve already decided to go to International Convention (ICON), now discover what it means to be Canadian, in Canada’s most populous city. If you’re still on the fence about attending ICON, then maybe this article will help you decide to attend. Toronto hosted a new city record of 14.3 million tourists in 2014. With Canada’s hosting of the 2015 Women’s FIFA World Cup and Toronto hosting the 2015 PanAmerican Games, that number is expected to rise. Located on the shores of northern Lake Ontario, Toronto is the perfect summer escape. The sights, culture, food, and nature are just some of the great things Toronto has to offer!

Fast Facts and Trivia Population: Founded Demonym: Time Zone: Drinking Age:

2.9 million Metro: 1793 Prior Name: Torontonian Province: Eastern (USA/CAN) Primary Language: 19 (varies by province)

6.1 million York (name changed in 1834) Ontario English (limited French)

1. Toronto is an amalgamation of six historic municipalities: East York, North York, York, Old Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough 2. 80% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the American/Canadian Border 3. Canada and the United States share the longest international border in the world. It is also one of the most peaceful. 4. More people live in California (40 million) than in Canada (36 million). 5. On 4 February 2013, Canada abolished the use of pennies. People are still able to pay for purchases with pennies. But when cash transactions occur, Swedish Rounding is used. This concept rounds a price paid or change received to the nearest five cents. If a price ends in 1, 2, 6, or 7 cents, it is rounded down to the nearest five cent interval. If a price ends in 3, 4, 8, or 9 cents, it is rounded up to the nearest five cent interval. For example if a price is marked as $19.97, then you will pay $19.95. If your change is $3.58, then you will receive $3.60. Swedish Rounding is not used on debit or credit transactions. 6.


Above: The Toronto city skyline on the shores of Lake Ontario. Rogers Centre is on the left next to the dominating CN Tower. The financial district and the rest of downtown is on the right. The city also has the largest rapid transit system (subway) in the country. Below: Tourists take in a unique view or Toronto from the CN Tower’s EdgeWalk.

Sights The most iconic building in Toronto may be the CN Tower. At over 1,815 feet, it is the world’s sixth tallest structure and the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. The CN Tower offers visitors different ways to experience it. Tourists can dine in the restaurant in the Main Pod, view the city from the observation deck, or walk a lap outside at 1,168 feet in the air with EdgeWalk. You could also visit Casa Loma, the only full size castle in North America. Casa Loma is ornately decorated in the Edwardian style that was popular at the turn of the twentieth century. Visitors could view where Ontario’s Parliament sits at the Ontario Legislative Building, take in Nathan Phillips Square,



Canada’s largest city square (it’s also the home to Toronto City Hall), or visit the bustling Yonge-Dundas Square where Toronto Eaton Centre is located. Toronto Eaton Centre is one of the largest shopping centres in Canada.

Food Food is one of the best ways to get a taste of local life in a new location. Toronto has a huge and busy food scene. You’ll be able to eat some Canadian classics like Montreal smoked meat, poutine, and Coffee Crisp. A large contributor to the Torontonian culture is its immigrants. Nearly fifty percent of Toronto’s residents were born outside of Canada. WW

That’s the second highest proportion of foreign born residents in a city in the world (Miami claims the top spot). The Danforth (Greek), Roncesvalles (Polish), Koreatown, Gerrard India Bazaar, Little Italy, Eglinton West (Jamaican), Chinatown, and Little Portugal are just some of the streets and neighbourhoods to experience a new and exciting cuisine. Many breweries and pubs are located throughout the city. Wineries and vineyards are close by as well. You’ll also be near the popular wine lovers’ Niagara region.

Culture Toronto is home to a wide variety of diverse museums. The Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum in Canada. It houses collections of art, natural history, and world culture. While you are there, you can check out their extensive fossil collection from the Canadian Rockies and their unique bat cave experience. For sports fans, the Hockey Hall of Fame WWW

Above: Autumn Scene by Tom Thomson (1916) at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Thomson was a famous Canadian painter. Below: Queen Victoria’s bedroom slippers

showcases the national sport and history of ice hockey. Displays include the Stanley Cup and The World of Hockey that focuses on international ice hockey and the Olympic Games. Two popular art museums are the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and the Museum of Inuit Art (MIA). AGO has the largest collection of Canadian art in the world. The museum also houses extensive European, African, and Oceanic artworks. MIA contains sculptures, ceramics, and paintings from Canada’s Inuit community. The Bata Shoe Museum is the only shoe history museum in the Americas. Visitors can view shoes worn by John Lennon, Queen Victoria, Run DMC, and Elvis Presley. The museum also houses shoes from famous designers like Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. A great place kids, or adult kids, to explore is the Ontario Science Centre. The museum has heaps of hands on exhibits pertaining to all facets of science.

Top: The Canadian classic, poutine (French Fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds). A perfect snack or meal! Middle: Try a Jamaican meat pie in the Eglinton West neighbourhood. Bottom: Coffee Crisp is an iconic candy bar that is famously rare outside of Canada. It’s like a Kit Kat, but the inside filling is coffee flavoured.


Nature Toronto prides itself on the amount of green space there is in their city. Numerous parks are scattered throughout the city. Walk in the shadows of royalty in Queens Park with statues of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII. Stroll through the massive High Park. Visit Ripley’s Aquarium or the Toronto Zoo. The Toronto Zoo has had some new additions in autumn 2015. A Polar Bear cub, twin Giant Panda cubs, and four White Lion cubs were recently born. The zoo is hoping they will be ready for visitors in 2016! If you’re up for a drive or are driving to Toronto, Niagara Falls is only a short distance away. As you can see, Toronto has become a vibrant city for all tourists to explore. History, sports, food, nature, art, and Canadian culture; with so much to offer, you may not even time for workshops. So Kiwanians and Circle K’ers, be sure to mark your calendars: Kiwanis International Convention 23-26 June 2016 Hilton Toronto Circle K International Convention 22-26 June 2016 Sheraton Centre Toronto Did you notice? This article was written in Canadian English. Below: King Edward VII statue in Queens Park.

Top: Giant Panda, Er Shun, with one her one month old cubs. Bottom: Four two month old white lion cubs wait for their first check-up.


Around the District The PACK’s Growth Campaign By (Acting) Circle K Editor Rebecca Feinberg We started off the 2015-2016 Circle K year with high hopes, and it gives me great pleasure to reveal that those expectations have been met. Many of our clubs and members have risen to the occasion to help make this year one of our best. They have done so through projects supporting our District Service Project: Serve Today, Cure Tomorrow; and through the contributions they have made to their own community. With over 620 members we have completed 5,500 service hours! A grand thank you goes out to all of our club members, but a special thank you goes out to a few highlighted clubs. A big Pennsylvania Circle K welcome and thank you to Lock Haven University for chartering this year and contributing 25 members to the mighty PACK! Shout outs to President Jessica Tressa, Vice Presidents Megan McKenna and Jahyra Dawkins, Secretary Tyler Tallmadge, and Treasurer Savanna Watts for all their hard work in becoming an active club and helping us make a difference across the state! We are also looking forward to Alvernia University joining the mighty PACK soon! We would also like to recognize West Chester University for working hard to build systems designed to recognize its members, for staying organized, and for their extreme involvement both on and off campus. On their own they have reported over 700 service hours. A great thank you to the officer board consisting of President Katie Rincavage, Vice President Laura Sposato, Secretary Hannah Coble, Treasurer Kailey Zeager, and Editor Theresa Kelly!

Lewistown Recognizes Kiwanis Excellence By LTG Phyllis Palm

The Lewistown Kiwanis Club celebrated member Al Hughes on September 29th when President Janie Welshans presented Al with his 25 year Distinguished Kiwanian pin. Janie also presented Al with a plaque from the club commemorating this outstanding achievement. In accepting the award, Al urged other members of the club to become distinguished also and reviewed the criteria to do so. Lewistown Kiwanis is so proud to be the home of this wellknown Kiwanian. Several members spoke and lauded Al for his service and commitment over the years. One member said he couldn’t wait to meet Al when he joined as he had heard all about him. When asked how many members he has sponsored, Al smiled and said he wasn’t sure but he has a pin he got about five years ago for sponsoring 40 new members. What an achievement! As Kiwanis members we should all use Al as a role model to become a Distinguished Kiwanian.


Around the District


Around the District Starting Clockwise in Top Left: Indiana Key Club (Division 8/10) participates in Indiana’s Christmas Parade, University City Kiwanis (Division 22) volunteers at Family House in Philadelphia, Edinboro Kiwanis (Division 1) shows their support for the Mile of Dimes Project, Baldwin Key Club (Division 4/5) celebrates the completion of their food drive at a breakfast meeting, the Key Club District Board at their Board Meeting at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, University of Pennsylvania Circle K (Liberty Division) volunteer at Boo at the [Philadelphia] Zoo, the Key Club District Board on the steps of the State Capitol, Bradford Kiwanis (Division 1) help out at the Beacon Light Holiday Party, Kiwanis District Holiday Party in Harrisburg, Shippensburg University Circle K (Colonial Division) dance at their Mini THON, Duquesne University Circle K (Three Rivers Division) assembles walkers and crutches.

Parkland Key Club’s Yuda Band Project Parkland Key Club started their Yuda Band Project. The goal of this project is to sell bracelets that Guatemalan students make. The profits the school makes provide the Guatemalan students with the money they desperately need for their education. Parkland sponsored tenth grader Ana Catalina Jericha, who loves math, and was able to supply her with a year of schooling. Parkland Key Club made over $1,300 by selling almost 200 bands and for this aspiring student.

Some of Circle K’s Outstanding Members By (Acting) Circle K Editor Rebecca Feinberg Pennsylvania Circle K wanted to take the time to highlight some of the busy members that have gone above and beyond the call of duty this year. Here are two superstar members. A heart-filled thank you to Chuan Phongphothichikun from Duquense University for being the District Board’s right-hand-man during InterPACK and the unofficial (yet somehow official) photographer of all Pennsylvania Circle K events! Chuan is a senior at Duquense studying Mathematics and has been a member of Circle K since he was a freshman. A special shout out also goes to Katie Fink from the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown. Katie is the current president of her club. She has stepped up to the plate this year and helped UPJ stay intact and exceed their expectations. Katie has committed herself to put a great amount of effort into leaving the club in a great place upon her graduation this spring. We appreciate the efforts of every member of the PACK. Thank you to everyone for the amazing year we have had so far. We are looking forward to more service hours and projects that the year still has in store!

Hermitage House Key Club’s Fleece Blankets The warmth of comfort, the safety of security, and the joy in knowing that someone genuinely cares is what receiving a handmade blanket feels like. It’s a joy to set aside the time to create a fleece blanket for a child in foster care. Hermitage House Key Club was able to make and donate 21 fleece blankets thanks to a grant from International. One member reflected, “There’s no better feeling than to know that you’ve touched a child’s life forever.”

Above: Chuan helps assembles crutches at a service project.


Around the District Key Club Kiwanis Family Committee Update

Hershey Key Club’s Thirst Project

By Key Club Editor Ashwin Reddy

Hershey Key Club recently hosted a Thirst Project presentation. Instead of sitting at lunch with their friends, students had the opportunity to eat lunch while watching a video and discussion about the Thirst Project. Hours were spent organizing and planning for the students to arrive and we were well rewarded. We had a turnout of around 50 people. The Thirst Project Road Warriors were fun and engaging and helped motivate our Key Club to our next Thirst Project fundraiser, a Walk for Clean Water. This walk is a 3.75 miles in length to symbolize the average distance a woman or young girl has to walk to get to the closest water source. We have secured a grant for this event, and are planning it for spring of 2016. If any other clubs would like to join in on our event, they're welcome to join us! We want to make this a huge turnout and a yearly event.

This year, the Kiwanis Family Relations Committee has been able to accomplish great feats in the Pennsylvania District! We began the year by identifying all orphaned Key Clubs that were active, and proceeded to pair Key Clubs with existing Kiwanis Clubs. With the assistance of Governor Jen, we even created new Kiwanis Clubs for these orphaned Key Clubs. Next, we composed a Builders Club Chartering Manual. It can be accessed here (and below) on Issuu. This manual is a guide for Key Clubs to work together with Kiwanis Clubs and co-sponsor Builders Clubs across Pennsylvania! Throughout this year, we created articles about each branch of the Kiwanis Family for Key Club Lieutenant Governors to include in their newsletters. Additionally, we have encouraged these LTGs to contact sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs to make sure they are having meaningful contact with their Key Clubs. We have been able to accomplish a lot this year, and hope to not only maintain but also continue to strengthen Kiwanis Family Relations within the Pennsylvania District!


Freeport Key Club Helps Out with Kiwanis Kapers Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do. Everyone has sung this musical octave during their elementary school music careers, but this was extremely useful for the performers at the annual Kiwanis Kapers show. Every year, the Freeport Key Club helps with concessions at the Kapers Show put on by the Freeport Kiwanis Organization. The 12th annual Kapers show had a Showtunes theme where all performers performed songs from musicals ranging from Les Miserables to The Sound of Music. Before the performances, families of Freeport Key Club members made and purchased baked goods and soda to sell during the intermission and raised funds through the tips generated by the audience members. At the end of the night, it was obvious that this event proved once again to be a success. The Freeport Key Club is eager to support the Freeport Kiwanis again next year at such a wonderful and entertaining event.

District Calendar 26 - 28 February

4 - 6 March

5 March

Kiwanis Midwinter Conference Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Uniontown, PA

Circle K District Convention Toftrees Golf Resort State College, PA

Foundation District Board Meeting Toftrees Resort State College, PA

11 - 13 March

2 April

15 - 17 April

Key Club District Convention The Penn Stater State College, PA

Key Club District Board Meeting Waymart, PA

16 April

22 - 24 April

24 April

Kiwanis District Board Meeting Waymart, PA

Key Leader – East Wernersville, PA

Circle K District Board Meeting Harrisburg, PA


Kiwanis Midwinter

Circle K DCON

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Toftrees Golf Resort

Key Club DCON

Kiwanis DCON

The Penn Stater

Hilton Scranton

Pennsylvania Kiwanis Family Joint Issue February 2016  
Pennsylvania Kiwanis Family Joint Issue February 2016