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Ant Pedersen V8ST #96

By Breanna Houghton

V8 SuperTourers • Ant Pedersen #96

Anthony Pedersen also known as ‘Ant‘ is 24 years old and is originally born and raised in Rotorua, NZ. Starting off with Karts giving him the NZ Championship title in 2006, then karting in Thailand coming 4th overall in the 24-Hour World Karting event. Ant went on to compete in the NZ Mini Cooper Challenge in 2006/07 and in the same year, was recognised as most successful graduate in the NZ Motorsport Academy. He finished on the podium in his first season in the NZ Porsche GT3 Cup and with a super impressive start in the V8 Supercars in Australia, this has provided a solid platform for Ant to become a star of the future in motor racing circles. By Breanna Houghton

V8 SuperTourers • Ant Pedersen #96

1. What were your initial expectations of the weekend? Heading into the weekend we were second in the championship to Greg Murphy. For us to take first away from Murf it was a matter of us doing our best to win each race so more or less our expectations were to try and win. 2. How did Race 1 and Race 2 go for you?

consequently due to my pass not being made correctly with all four wheels on the road it was my responsibility to redress the pass and let the passed car back through. However at the next turn that car with which I was supposed to let back pass due to my incorrect passing manoeuvre, was hit and spun by another driver behind him. This left me with no car to redress and unfortunately the driving stewards made the call I was in the wrong and I was to serve a drive through penalty for my indiscretion.

For the first two races we had a qualifying session each and race three was determined on combined finishing positions from races 1 and 2. In our first qualifying session I had a braking issue so we wound up 9th however we sorted it for our second qualifying session were we ended up 2nd. Because in the first race we started back in the pack it made for a tough race and we finished where we started in 9th. In the second race starting from second I managed to get a good start and lead from the first turn all the way to the finish to record a good win. The two races really proved how important qualifying up the front of the field is. 3. How did you feel about that penalty drive through? Very disappointed. It came about due to a pass I made for the lead in race 3. Unfortunately on completing the pass I ran wide entering the next corner and

Checking the engine • Ant Pedersen #96

I enjoy racing to be the fastest, that is what pushes me. To be the fastest and the best.

V8 SuperTourers • Ant Pedersen #96

4. Did you have any challenges along the way?

BNT New Zealand V8 Super Tourers Series, at Taupo Ricoh Motorsport Park.

Ah, the weekend certainly wasn’t smooth sailing. The braking issue we experienced in qualifying never really went away for the remainder of the weekend which made braking quite challenging and obviously the drive through penalty was a frustration. At that point of the race we looked strong to lead and win the race and subsequently we would’ve won the weekend overall.

5. What motivates you to do racing?

‘Bring on the Enduros,’ says Ant Pedersen after another winning performance behind the wheel of the J.A. Russell Ltd International Motorsport Ford Falcon at the final ‘sprint‘ round of this year’s

Since I was a kid I wanted to be a professional sportsman and specifically a race car driver. I enjoy racing to be the fastest, that is what pushes me. To be the fastest and to be the best. 6. What do you do behind motor sport racing? Outside of racing I work full-time as an accountant at Staples Rodway Chartered Accountants in Hamilton.

TV3 News Interview • Ant Pedersen #96

V8 SuperTourers • Ant Pedersen #96

ANT PEDERSEN Sunday afternoon at the 2013 BNT V8 SuperTourers NZ Series Round 4 Ricoh Motorsport Park Taupo Aug 31/Sept 01 Ant Pedersen coming out from his J.A. Russell Ltd-backed Ford Falcon #96 after another race winning performance. Despite Ant Pedersen having the drivethrough penalty he ended up second behind Greg Murphy in the four-round sprint series. “It’s what we’ve been working towards all year,” says the 25-year-old who is now a two-time race winner in this year’s BNT V8 SuperTourer series. “Obviously it was a tough call (the drive-through penalty) in the third race because it cost us the race and round win but there’s no doubting the pace we’ve got in the car and the momentum we have as a team at the moment.” This year Ant Pedersen goes into the enduros in second place, he is 174 points behind Greg Murphy and 80 up on Shane van Gisbergen. This means it’s still anyone’s game and it will be right up until the final round. Team manager Nick Williamson of the International Motorsport said “There’s just so much to it, so much you have to think through, everything from set-up to strategy to who you are going to get to co-drive in the enduros. You might be quick at one track, but if you want to be a true contender you’ve got to be quick at all of them, and quick over long as well as shorter distance races as well”

All set to go • Ant Pedersen #96

V8 SuperTourers • Ant Pedersen #96

Ant Pedersen #96  

2013 BNT V8 SuperTourers NZ Series | Round 4 | Ricoh Motorsport Park Taupo | Aug 31/Sept 01