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All figures and rates mentioned in the results of mobile marketing campaigns give us the impression that this new communication channel is a "goldmine" for any advertiser and any campaign (as long as it is intelligent and intelligible, and is conducted by mobile marketing business experts) will be a success. But these figures, although very encouraging, could they just be fads? Are not we so accustomed to conventional promotional campaigns on television or radio that a single innovation in advertising makes us change our way of perceiving? Consider the following of SMS advertising over traditional mediums of advertising: The recall rate announced of SMS would be up to 4 times higher (60%) to that of an audio message on radio or television. One might wonder how a message of less than 160 characters can do more effects than a TV commercial or radio in 30 seconds! (Considering the costs between the two is astronomical!) To me, this is not the type of message (visual or textual) nor the size that play but rather the innovative aspect of the message passed. In fact, send an SMS message stating, for example, the output of a new product is not yet quite "normal" for consumers. They then tend to click more easily on the message even if only to discover what lies behind that push. Therefore, rates of returns, clicks and bounces are necessarily more important than any other type of marketing campaign. It is not only an innovative aspect, but the interactivity is also extremely active in the MMS and SMS advertising. The consumer, in turn, has to participate and click to hear what he has to win a quiz, a mini game or any other But again is this a fad? Consumers, mobile users could probably be quickly overwhelmed by all these advertisements. Even if the regulations are much stricter when it comes to mobile phones, including an opt-in required, it is likely to be insufficient to continue on as important figures. It is obvious that we should intensify the analysis to validate the assumptions made above. In any case, this ticket does not mean that this type of campaign is useless and that advertisers are right in the wall. Instead, Mobile marketing in particular, should be used for reasons of proximity to consumers and target very specific, but I do not think businesses should be satisfied with these numbers without analyzing the causes. However, mobile marketing campaigns must, expect in the medium term or even short-term lower rate of returns if a new innovation does not happen quickly... If this happens, a lot of work to persuade the consumers will be achieved by the mobile marketing agencies to make them understand that this type of communication should be complementary to the web!

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==== ==== For more information on Mobile Marketing Agency please check out; ==== ====

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