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Damage caused by the termites annually throughout the United States can run into billions of dollars. Their primary target is wood but they also cause damage to variety of other things around the house as well. These include books and papers, insulation and filtering systems, and trees and plants, among others. A house infested by termites must be treated without delay if the owners want to safeguard their investment. Treating a home infested with termites is best done with the help of a professional. This is because it will require some skills not usually available to the average house holder. For instance, some knowledge of building construction is essential to identify potential areas of infestation. Normally some of these areas are impossible to reach without specialized knowledge. Comprehensive treatment also requires specialized equipment such as drills, tanks, and pumps, among others. Treating termites also requires huge amount of pesticides, and knowledge and experience to handle them safely. In light of the above it is best, except in cases of individual items not connected to the house proper, for example a mailbox or furniture placed outdoors, to call a professional termite treatment company. There are two main types of termite treatment; treatment using liquid pesticides or termiticides and treatment using baits. Liquid termiticides are injected into the ground along and below the house. Using special rods used for this purpose, liquid is transferred to the soil around the foundations, inside the foundations, and below the foundations. Termiticides take two forms repellents, and non repellents. Both aims to create a chemical wall between the soil and the building so that termites in the soil cannot reach the building and termites in the building cannot reach the soil. When termites in the building cannot reach the soil they die. Repellents do this by warding off the termites from the treated soil instead of actually killing the pests directly, while non repellants destroy the termites entering the treated soil. Other main type of treatment is baiting. In this method of treatment, baits for termites are placed below the ground to lure the termites. Baits are made up of plastic cylinders filled with paper and other substances preferred by termites. They also include chemicals that will slowly kill the termites consuming the bait. It is important that these substances act slowly because the termites that foraged in the bait will share the food with others at the nest on return. That way the damage will not be limited to actual termites that reach the bait. Now that we know the basics of main termite treatment methods, we can ask the question, what is the best termite treatment? There isn't any simple answer to that. While newer non repellent liquid temiticides are known to have an immediate impact; repellents have the record of years of tried and tested effectiveness to back them up. Both types of liquid treatments can have a long lasting

impact. Baits are very good at ensuring a gradual decline in termite population. Usually the best treatment is a combination of several methods, however that can be very expensive. Each situation of termite infestation is different. It is best that the homeowner obtains the advice of a professional from a pest control firm. Qualified companies in this field are licensed by the Department of Agriculture or the State agency responsible for termite control in the particular state.

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==== ==== For more information on House Infestations please check out; ==== ====

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Now that we know the basics of main termite treatment methods, we can ask the question, what is the best termite treatment? There isn't any...

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