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There are thousands of different types of herbal tea on the market today. So if you are just a little confused, you are not alone. Many tea and coffee drinkers are making the switch to herbal teas as an everyday beverage and others are turning to herbal teas as remedies for common ailments and sickness. If you are wondering why there are so many types of herbal teas, that one is a little easier. Herbal Teas are generally made from different herb combinations. Some of these blends contain tea as well. Black tea, green tea and white tea are all common ingredients in commercial herbal tea blends. Most herbal tea is purchased in the form of a processed tea bag. You can just look in your tea section at your local grocer and be over whelmed at the number of choices that you have. Some people are just looking for tea flavour, while others are looking for herbal remedies. No matter what you are looking for in your herbal tea, it will make your life much easier if you do a little research online before you head out to buy your tea. There are herbal teas for colds & flu, headaches, insomnia, fertility, digestive problems, detoxification, cancer and more... the list just goes on and on. So a little research will help you before you get to your local grocery store or tea merchant. If you are lucky enough to have a tea merchant in your area, they are usually full of great information on the different herbal teas. One of the things to keep in mind when thinking about the different types of herbal tea available are that your tea will be much better for you if you go with fresh or dried herbs versus a tea bag. Whole fresh and dried herbs will give you just the herb, no fillers. You can custom blend your own herbal teas depending on the taste you are looking for or the healing properties. Need an immune system boost? There are herbs and teas for that. Some of the most potent being goji berry and pomegranate, which both make a refreshing hot or cold tea. Maybe you are looking for a good nights sleep, well chamomile is a great old stand by for that. There is a type of herbal tea for almost every condition and ailment. So, just remember, a little research and access to whole herbs, and you can make almost any type of herbal tea you want.

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==== ==== For more information on Herbal Tea please check out; ==== ====

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For more information on Herbal Tea please check out; There are herbal teas for...