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Forget the coffee break, take a massage break! In just 15-30 minutes a workplace chair massage can refresh an employee, actually improving health and satisfaction. Any company can experience the benefits of having a work force blessed with low tension levels. Chair massage differs from traditional massage in that the client remains clothed, and is seated on a special chair which allows him or her to lean comfortably forward, supported by the chair. A face cradle provides a relaxing place to rest the head without twisting the neck. No oils are used for the massage. Massage may be provided by a trained therapist, while motorized recliners offer mechanized massage. The upper body is the primary repository of stress for those who sit long hours hunched over a desk or craning their necks to stare at a computer screen. Trained stress release therapists are able to reduce neck pain, lessen and control back problems, and relieve tension headaches. Carpel tunnel syndrome sufferers can benefit from stress release therapy, improving their ability to heal. In fact, massage can help prevent repetitive stress injuries. Most work stations lack ergonomic design, resulting in poor circulation. Poor blood and lymph flow decreases mental awareness, lowers energy and can lead to temporary or permanent disability. Tight muscles shorten and stiffen, becoming susceptible to injury. Massage helps relax tight muscles, increases circulation, improves range of motion and energizes workers who previously felt tight, dull, and fatigued. Offering chair massage to employees can help build good will. People who feel cared for and cared about are much more likely to work at a higher performance level than those who are stressed and disgruntled. Some businesses call upon the services of a stress release therapist for their employees on a regular basis, making that suggestion of a coffee-break massage a reality! Other companies might offer chair massage at an annual conference, management retreat, or even a company picnic. Think of how many people are likely to remember the company that offers massage at a promotional event! That company will be the talk of the town long after the imprinted key chains have been misplaced, the balloons deflated and the pens are out of ink. The very personal attention will leave people with warm, positive feelings toward a business that cares. Companies seeking to recruit the best new employees are always looking for impressive perks that may give them an attractive edge. Regular stress relief sessions might be just the way to bring in highly-sought after talent.

Many stress release therapy services, such as Infinite Massage, will travel to a location with a portable massage chair. For companies who want to reduce expenses while still offering a great service, massage recliners can be compared easily and purchased online through a simple search. For a company that desires to be concerned with the well-being of its employees, the very personal attention that each client receives from chair massage more than offsets the cost of providing the service. - Chris Owen

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