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When opting for buying steam cleaners for nondomestic settings, you may come across the terms 'industrial' and 'commercial' to describe certain steam cleaning machines. On the surface, it might seem that these terms essentially mean the same thing. But this isn't entirely true; in fact, there are certain differences between steam cleaners geared toward commercial cleaning and those geared toward industrial areas. Before investing in a steam cleaning machine, it's best to clearly understand the difference between these two types. The Industrial Edge It's certainly true that industrial and commercial areas have a number of things in common. They both experience cleaning needs far beyond that of domestic or residential cleaning. They involve much larger areas of material to be cleaned, including carpeting, machinery, flooring, counter tops, and more. They are also subject to much more traffic and dirt deposits than ordinary places. Additionally, both types of steam cleaners offer high steam temperatures to dissolve stubborn residues while cleaning, up to 360°F in many cases. In contrast to commercial areas, industrial facilities are more often subject to larger quantities of debris, stains, and grease deposits, as a result of the use of heavy-duty machinery and equipment. This is why industrial steam cleaners are generally built with tougher and more durable parts than other machines. They will offer higher temperature levels and pressure levels. Additionally, to get the job done faster and easier, they will often feature advanced technologies. Many industrial steam cleaners will be able to tackle a wide range of surfaces as well, making them truly versatile cleaning machines. Apart from cleaning, many of these machines will also have sanitizing and disinfecting abilities when paired with special anti-bacterial technologies. Other technologies include an automatic or continuous refill option. This feature allows users to work continuously throughout even the longest jobs. These machines work by using both a refill chamber and a boiler tank. The water remains super-heated in the boiler tank. As more water is needed, it is moved from the refill chamber to the boiler tank and mixed with super-heated water to maintain boiler temperature. Users can fill the refill chamber as needed without having to shut down, refill, and wait for the system to reheat, as with other steam cleaners on the market. The Commercial Solution While commercial steam cleaning machines are definitely powerful pieces of equipment, they are slightly less powerful than the industrial steam cleaners with lower pressure and temperature levels. These kinds of machines are best suited for cleaning areas like commercial kitchens, hotels, hospitals or schools. For places like restaurants and hotels, machines with anti-bacterial

technology are especially useful. Not only will these units eliminate different kinds of deposits and stains, they sanitize the surface as well. Best of all, this is done without the use of any harsh or harmful chemical cleaning agents. Such operators should also consider commercial steam cleaners with HEPA filters for air purification on top of anti-bacterial capabilities. One major benefit of commercial steam cleaners is that they can be designed for specific tasks. For instance, there are steam-cleaning units that are designed specifically for chewing gum removal from different surfaces. This is done without any scraping or use of toxic chemicals; best of all, even age-old chewing gum that has blackened and hardened onto a public walkway can be cleared away. While it may be clear that industrial steam cleaners are different than commercial steam cleaners, there are quite a few similarities. This fact can make it difficult to choose the right machine for your needs. If you are confused about which one to choose, it is best to choose a reputable supplier and speak with them about what machines are right for your specific applications. Investing in the right kind of steam cleaner will not only ensure a clean surface, but one that doesn't get damaged during cleaning either.

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==== ==== For more information on Industrial Steam Cleaners please check out; ==== ====

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In contrast to commercial areas, industrial facilities are more often subject to larger quantities of debris, stains, and grease deposits, a...

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