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A floor steam cleaner is used for cleaning a wide variety of floor surfaces in commercial settings, including but not limited to tiles, laminate, granite, marble, and concrete. Choosing the right machine and specifications can make the cleaning of any of these surfaces easy and virtually effortless. As such, the selection of a steam cleaning machine should be done only after considering the following points. 1. A floor steam cleaner for cleaning restrooms and other commercial, high-traffic areas should be a powerful machine. Most home-use machines do not have pressure levels higher than 60 psi, which makes them inadequate for commercial use. The solution? Look for machines with higher pressure levels. Some commercial vapor steam cleaners have pressure levels as high as 150 psi. 2. Continuous operation is essential for commercial applications. Such machines boast an added water chamber, enabling operators to refill during operation of the system. Non-commercial units without this added technology require operators to shut down, let the system cool, refill, and wait for the system to reheat every time they run out of steam. This time consuming process can greatly diminish productivity of a floor steam cleaner in commercial applications. 3. A HEPA filter is recommended if you are using a floor steam cleaner to clean restrooms and other public spaces. Unlike ordinary steam cleaning, where microscopic particles such as pollen and dust mites are released back into the atmosphere after being suctioned in, a HEPA filter captures the tiniest particles and prevents them from being re-released. Therefore, a HEPA filter equipped floor steam cleaner is necessary if you want to keep indoor areas, including restrooms, allergen-free. 4. Home use machines almost never have vacuum extraction capabilities. This is fine if your operations are limited to your or a small commercial establishment. Cleaning of commercial restrooms, stores, restaurants, hotels, dormitories, office buildings, and other commercial facilities is a more difficult application requiring added power. For such applications, use a vapor steam cleaner fitted with dry and wet vacuum extraction. The dry vacuum feature eliminates the need for a separate vacuum cleaner, while the wet extraction feature does away with the necessity of manually wiping off moisture during steam cleaning. Ultimately, all residues dissolved in the steam cleaning process are extracted to virtually eliminate cleanup. 5. Even the most powerful steam floor surface cleaner is inadequate without the right accessories. The process of steam cleaning involves application of hot dry steam to a surface. Heat loosens dirt, dissolves stains, and makes them easier to extract, but the steam emitted does not have the force of a pressure washer. Therefore, the operator has to scrub the surface with detailing tools such as a floor scrubber brush attached to the steam lance to dislodge and wipe off dirt. A steam cleaner must have detailing brushes in different shapes and sizes to cover every part of the floor,

from large areas to small corners. The detailing brushes should be made from: stainless steel, brass, and nylon. Each brush is used based on the texture and hardness of a surface. Durability, affordability, power, and productivity are the major points to keep in mind when purchasing floor cleaning equipment. To find the best steam cleaning machines for floor maintenance, look to reputable suppliers offering enhanced quality and prolonged warranties.

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==== ==== For more information on Floor Steam Cleaners please check out; ==== ====

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2. Continuous operation is essential for commercial applications. Such machines boast an added water chamber, enabling operators to refill d...

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