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Storage of clothes has always been a task of utmost importance, and also an inevitable and unavoidable task. Every year, at the change of the season, one has to put in the past season's clothes and take out the upcoming ones. Besides the general precautions one may take such as washing clothes prior and after storing them and keeping them properly stacked to maintain their quality, one more issue of concern comes regarding insects that can damage clothes. The most frequent among these insects are moths. These seemingly harmless creatures are the worst threat to any type of clothing material that is stored for a long time. Be it your favourite pair of jeans, an expensive corduroy gown, or that silk halter you simply adore, all can be severely damaged if not stored properly and protected a the same time. Hence, in order to keep your clothes safe, it is increasingly important to get rid of moths. Currently, there are a wide range of moth repellents and moth deterrents (that prevent the attack and spread of moth population in your cupboards and Almira). Another precaution you need to take is to thoroughly air your stored clothes from time to time. For instance, if winters are over in February, it would make sense to air clothes once a month henceforth to prevent any kind of moths from infection your storage space, till the time you need to use those clothes again. Coming back to different types of repellents, the most effective type is a cedar moth repellent, since moths do not like the smell of cedar. These are the most commonly used due to the fact that they offer both, a good smell as well as protection against moth outbreaks. Further, there are also a wide range of moth deterrents that act as wardrobe fresheners and drawer fresheners (some are also sold under this category of products) that leave a sweet smell while not allowing moths to enter your wardrobe and causing any kind of damage. Other precautions include cleaning your storage racks from time to time (if they are detachable, take the whole thing out and vacuum it thoroughly, particularly around the edges), ensuring there are no cracks in your storage space (the most common place for moths to lay eggs and infest) and in case you detect moths have attacked a few of your clothes, you must dry clean them, and then keep them in your freezer for 2-3 days (air-tight bags would be the most obvious option) to prevent the growth. In the end, it is always a known fact that prevention is better than cure. Hence, keep your storage spaces clean, and use moth repellents every season, to take proper care of your clothes.

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==== ==== For more information on Moth Infestations please check out; ==== ====

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