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Portable wheelchair lifts are ideal, cost-effective alternatives for elevators. They are primarily used for the convenience of mobility impaired individuals finding it difficult to access different levels of their homes/offices. Portable Wheelchair Lifts in a Variety of Makes and Models Portable wheel chair lifts feature durability, comfort and quality and meet the individual needs of the users. You can find them in different makes, models, colors and styles and are suitable for use in any stairway configurations. They are mainly available as hydraulic and electric powered models. While the mechanism of hydraulics is utilized in hydraulic wheel chair lifts, electric powered ones come with rechargeable battery operation, for flawless functioning during power outages. Advanced Features for Safe and Reliable Transportation along the Stairways Safety and security are very important factors to consider when buying portable wheel chair lifts. To ensure safety of the users, manufacturers design and develop their products with all advanced safety features. These accessibility devices are equipped with fail-safe electromagnetic brakes, integrated tie-down straps for holding the wheelchair securely on the platform, auxiliary wheels for movement across flat surfaces, high lifting capacity and locking cable. Portable wheel chair lifts are characterized by the following features: oSafe, simple and quiet operation oSuitable for curved and straight staircases oTower-mounting and wall-mounting possible oAffordable oMinimum maintenance Buy from Reliable Dealers Whether it is for your residential or your commercial setting, you can get all suitable models of wheelchair lifts from any dealer or distributor. The quality of the products you purchase greatly depends on the manufacturers and the dealers you choose. Reputable manufacturers ensure quality products. Garaventa and ThyssenKrupp Access are today's popular manufacturers supplying ADA standard portable wheelchair lifts for all types of wheelchairs including conventional adult wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and child wheelchairs.

Portable wheelchair lift is an ideal solution for handicapped persons to easily access stairways. Day Elevator & Lift is a premier provider of stair lifts, elevators and wheelchair lifts throughout the tri-state area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

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==== ==== For more information on Portable Wheelchairs please check out; ==== ====

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