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Portable steam cleaners have become increasingly popular for home cleaning. Smart homemakers have come to realise that spending endless time kneeling and cleaning have taken a toil on the body, especially when you have a bad back. Not to mention too, that the harsh chemicals used in the process which could give rise to allergies in children. Many are looking to alternative methods for keeping their homes clean which at the same time does not cause more health issues. Home steam cleaners are the ultimate home cleaning tool that homemakers welcome with open arms as they not only help to reduce allergies, but also saves times and effort. There are a wide variety of portable steam cleaners for home use available in the market despite that fact that they only became popular in the recent few years. They range from Jug like designs, canister or upright ones to steam mops, all serving a slightly different function. Jug like cleaners have grown in popularity as they are lightweight. Their small size makes for easy handling and allows ease of storage. Weighing less than a jug of water it is considered an upholstery steam cleaner and can be used on small surfaces like your sofa, draperies, pet bedding, kitchens, bathrooms and parts of the interior walls. Often, they come with extension hose for mobility. Another key advantage is affordability cost which averages about 50 dollars, with the top brands not exceeding 100 dollars. The disadvantage is that due to its small size, there is low steam pressure and contains only a small boiler which gives only about a maximum of 10 minutes usage at any time. They are made for light cleaning. Larger models of portable steam cleaners either come in the form of upright standing or canister design affixed with a flexible hose. They are powerful steam cleaning machines which allow you to clean a wide range of almost all home furniture, flooring, walls, barbeque grills and even your car with the right accessories. They come with higher steam pressure and have larger boiler capacity which lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes per session. Some do come with vacuum function and these are more efficient as the steam and dirt as easily lifted and removed almost immediately. Of course, greater power and cleaning versatility entails higher cost, starting 200 dollars upwards. If you are used to using a vacuum cleaner, you could get to used to using the canister design models with ease. Steam mops or floor steam cleaners are a different breed altogether. They are designed to look like a floor mop, with a steam boiler attached, yet look and feel lightweight when in use. You simply use it like a mop and you will have you home cleaned and disinfected in no time. This is a handy tool if you need to mop your flooring on a daily basis. However, unlike their upright or canister counterparts, steam mops are a not a multipurpose tool, as they are steam cleaning machines designed specifically for mopping floors. Homemakers of today are spoilt for choice with the extensive types and varieties of portable steam

cleaners to lighten their chores. Regardless of your budget, you will surely find one which even your grandma would vie for.

So FIND the Best Portable Steam Cleaners information and Give your family an allergy and germ free environment with Home Steam Cleaners.

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==== ==== For more information on Home Steam Cleaners please check out; ==== ====

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