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With the extreme boost in popularity of cell phones in the world today, mobile marketing is the sure way to make sure your advertisement is seen by a captive audience. Cell phone usage has grown quicker than any of the other advertising streams combined over the past five years, including newspapers, TV and magazine readership. Using the technology that the cell phone companies now have available can make your advertising campaign very interactive with your targeted audience. Mobile marketing can be much targeted advertising. This type of advertising can be pinpointed to your customer, based on their age, gender or profession. This enables the company or client advertising to be able to be very precise with the advertising campaign and to avoid being too broad in their approach. Mobile marketing is very immediate and is very direct form of communication. This is not a passive type of ad that may or may not be seen by the targeted viewer but instead is virtually guaranteed of being viewed by the customer at least once. This is unlike newspaper, magazine or television advertisements that today are often ignored by the general public. This type of marketing is extremely cost effective in the sense that the advertiser can and will only be targeting the group for which he or she deems fit to receive the messages that are to be part of the advertising campaign that has been created. Compared to traditional advertising such as pay per click (PPC) on the internet, this mobile marketing can be done for a fraction of the cost of PPC. With the possibility of message going viral from friends and family forwarding the messages they receive to one another in their social circles this aspect makes mobile marketing that much more inexpensive as well. As witnessed on the internet the power of an ad campaign going viral is immeasurable at time in dollars and cents and can be very powerful indeed. Mobile marketing can also be integrated across the other forms of advertising such as newspapers, television and magazine advertising. This creates even more possibilities of the campaign of going viral and further brings the cost down to a point that is very competitive with any form of advertising available today. If a company is looking to broaden their customer base or to pinpoint their existing base, then mobile marketing is truly the way to go for their advertising needs today.

Roo Sadegi is a marketing specialist based in London. He spends much of his time writing and advising on new marketing and mobile technology.

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==== ==== For more information on Mobile Marketing Advertising please check out; ==== ====

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