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The full potential of mobile marketing has not yet been fully realised. In the UK almost every person between the ages of 15 and 60 has a mobile phone. The marketing potential is huge. The biggest concern - and perhaps the reason why phone marketing is only utilised by relatively few companies - is that mobile phone marketing could damage how clients view your company. If done clumsily, a mobile marketing campaign can actually have a very negative effect. If a person receives an SMS message which is wrongly targeted, or fails to offer them anything of value, then their perception of that company will be a negative one. People don't want to be hit with spam. This happens a lot with emails but most people will feel that using mobile phones for marketing purposes is a step too far. If done well mobile phone marketing can give very good results. The advantage of using an SMS to promote a special offer is that it is instant. Another key benefit is that people read almost every SMS message they receive. So how can you ensure that your marketing campaign has positive results for your business? SMS messages are short. The time that most people take to read a message is usually just a couple of seconds. This is all the time you have to make your impression. Even the subtlest differences can have huge implications for a mobile phone marketing campaign. By far the best way to ensure the success of your campaign is to use one of the many marketing companies who specialise in mobile campaigns. Mobile marketing companies specialise in the techniques and technology that ensure the success of any marketing campaign. From your brief they will be able to give you a list of options for best reaching your customers. The technology involved in mobile phone marketing changes rapidly. Mobile marketing companies will be aware of the latest changes and be able to suggest ways to utilise these in your favour. Many mobile marketing companies will also be able to suggest a lot more than simply using SMS messages to reach your customers. By far, the biggest advantage of using one of the many mobile marketing companies is their specialised understanding of this delicate marketing niche. This understanding will ensure that your campaign is received well by your customers, and provides you with clear, positive results.

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