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We have to take care of our health. A healthy person is a wealthy person as well. We have to maintain regular intake of vitamins and minerals for the normal body functions to push through. It is not enough to just have a healthy body. If you are feeling good, it does not necessarily mean your body state is the same thing. There are things going on in our body that we cannot feel. We can't feel if our cells lack nutrients. We can't feel it when the body lacks anti-oxidants unless it is getting worst. What are anti-oxidants and how does it help us? Anti-oxidants are the important nutrients that our cells use for better functions. They aid in repairing damage cells and keeping the cells up and running. Since cells are the building blocks of the body, cells are the important structures that keep us alive. We have to make sure we have healthy cells to keep going with our daily activities. With the aid of anti-oxidant in our body, we can make sure that our cells will have ability to regenerate and repair themselves. On the other hands, there are a number of ways on how we could maintain healthy and active cells, and that is to have anti-oxidants intake regularly. Here are the tips on how one could maintain anti-oxidant intake regularly. Drink a lot of fruit juices. Fruit juices are the best source of anti-oxidants. Drinking fruit juices regularly will increase the number of anti-oxidants in the body, thus maintaining active cells. Drink at least two glasses of fresh fruit juices everyday to make sure there will be enough anti-oxidants to keep us going. Take liquid supplements like tea tree extracts since these extracts are known to have anti-oxidant agents essential for cell regeneration. Bear in mind that there are a lot of soluble and liquid supplements today that could aid the lack of anti-oxidants in the body. Balanced diet should also be considered. We have the food pyramid to make sure that we are getting the nutrients with that we eat in a regular basis. Ensure that the diet you have will aid the body's need for anti-oxidants as well as other lacking nutrients so that body functions remain stable and normal. A balanced diet is a must since for us to remain fit and healthy, the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the food pyramid should be covered. Along with a balanced diet, proper health care should be worked out as well. Minimize vices if you can't totally get rid of it to minimize cell damage. At the same time, it is essential to seek a doctor's consultation from time to time on the things that you have to maintain and the things that you have to avoid to keep the body free from illnesses and maintaining body balance.These are just some things that we have to bear in mind to maintain proper body functions and avoid illnesses. This simply shows the importance of anti-oxidants on the body and the possible ways for us to maintain them. This leads to a happy and enjoyable life ahead of us.

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