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How to prevent fleas is a common thought among many pet owners, especially those that know the real aggravation and nightmares that can come from a flea infestation within their home or house. Because a single flea has the potential to lay thousands of eggs during her lifespan the control process can become quite difficult and frustrating at times. In fact, if these nasty critters are allowed the opportunity to multiply the only real treatment left is to contact a professional exterminator which can be costly. For that reason, it is important that you get a handle on your flea problem before it gets to far out of hand. Fleas along with many other pests such as ticks are very fond of cats and dogs but even if you are not a pet owner your home still may be subject to an infestation. This is because fleas are known for hiding out in tall grassy areas and then attaching themselves to the first thing that crosses their path no matter if it is a person or a pet. Dogs and cats can usually be treated in several different ways with many pet owners opting to use products such as Advantage formula or Frontline. These methods usually will kill fleas within 24 hours and for the most part they are generally safe to use with your household pets. Unfortunately removing fleas from your house is not quite as easily done and unless you remove the eggs for these pests before they hatch you will find yourselves in for a very difficult time when it comes to getting rid of these insects. There are many different sprays and traps which can be used to control and prevent the outbreak of an infestation. One simple to implement home remedy such as vacuuming daily has been known to help prevent infestations. This should be done regardless if you have carpet or hardwood floors and you should also make it a habit to vacuum your bedding and upholstery. The standard flea season usually runs from April through September although warmer climate areas such as California have a much longer cycle to deal with. Fleas are not just a mild annoyance to people. They can also pose a serious health risk for your pets and proper treatments must be performed in order to avoid having these nasty insects from setting up camp in your home. Don't let your house become a victim to a flea attack!

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==== ==== For more information on Flea Infestations please check out; ==== ====

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