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Figuring out how bad you have it is hard but not impossible. After seeing just one single mouse you might sense that there are many behind those walls, but you don't have to jump to conclusions until a thorough investigation is done. The quicker you start the faster you can solve your mouse problem. The easiest symptom of infestation is the frequency of noise. Yes this is the creepiest symptom because you know they're running around but the truth is you don't know how many you can find. The noises are caused by the chewing of your walls. If you happen to hear the noises often, usually at nighttime, and they are occurring in many places at one time, you have a possibility of infestation. It's best to have 2 people in various rooms simultaneously. Next, take note of where the noises are coming from with in the rooms because if you choose to hire a professional, that information will be useful. The next symptom is discovering multiple mice within days (make sure it's not the same mouse you're seeing). Should you be catching them and able to have a good look you might be able to see if they're babies or adults. If they're babies then the odds of an infestation are higher. Another common symptom is the damage mice are able to do to your house. Mice, with enough time, can chew through walls and fabrics like butter. You might notice dime sized entrance ways inside the dry walls or even couches where they are able to nest. It's good that you take preventative measure right way such as putting moth balls around the couches and sealing up holes which were recently chewed. Urine trails are foul but can actually be helpful. Mouse urine is most noticeable under UV light. Should you wish to see where they are coming from then you follow the trail under an UV light to openings within the walls or cupboards. You may wish to do this first before cleaning up the vicinity. And finally the frequency of mouse poop. Infestation is generally confirmed from the amount of mouse droppings you find. If you happen to see them reappear the following day after cleaning them up (usually near regions your kitchen and pantry) then you really got yourself a mouse situation. When working with a nasty mouse infestation it is advisable to consult a professional. They have expensive tools that you might not want to purchase, for example an electric mouse trap. If you decide to go it alone ensure you are being consistent with catching them since they are able reproduce at a high rate and begin the whole infestation once again.

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==== ==== For more information on Mouse Infestations please check out; ==== ====

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