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Ticks can become a huge problem for you, your family, and your pets. Some people end up getting tick infestations in their yards. You need to get rid of these as ticks carry some pretty serious diseases that could harm those you love. Find out what steps you need to take that will help you get rid of ticks in your yard. Go to your property and mow the lawn very short. Ticks like the tall grasses as they know that larger animals will be walking through them. When the grass is very short, ticks will move on to another area. Get rid of any bushes or piles of sticks or grass that you have in your yard. You might have piles of these, but do your best to get rid of them if you really don't need them. Look for other pest problems that you have in the yard. Many times ticks are also there with other pests. Most of the time a tick problem in a yard also has a rodent problem. Leave out some rat and mice traps and see if you catch anything. This will alert you to get rid of the rodents which will cut down on the tick population. Protect your pets and get them some tick treatments. This will prevent the ticks from having your pets as a food source. This will help cut back on the problem a bit. Burn some citronella oil candles. This a natural oil that will repel ticks and other pests as well. Burn these candles out in your yard near places that you have had tick problems. Go buy a large bag of food grade diatomaceous earth. Don't get the pool grade version. Sprinkle this all over your lawn. This is less than a dollar per pound so be generous. This substance is safe for you and your pets but not for ticks. It will kill them and other insect pests.

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==== ==== For more information on Tick Infestations please check out; ==== ====

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