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Having a Helmet Camcorder that is capable of shooting and sharing HD videos of your active lifestyle with your friends and family is well worth cost. If you have a High Definition television than you would most definitely want to choose a video helmet cam that is Full High Definition. Wireless helmet cameras offer top quality HD resolutions recording. A 1080p full high definition wireless helmet camera will record video and sound on a mircoSD card and well as standard sd cards. Wireless helmet cameras offer top quality 1080p / 960p / 720p HD resolutions recording at 30 and 60 frames per second (60 fps in 720p). If you would rather pick your helmet camera resolution by frame rate, the Vholdr Contour HD1080p offers three. With this type of wireless camera capability, the fastest action will be butter smooth or ready to replay in slow motion. Wireless helmet camcorders are built to be operated with a pair of gloves on, with the use of a single button to capture hours of HD video to an internal microSD memory card. With no wires or tapes, a helmet cam makes it easy to capture Full HD video from within the action. A 1080p wireless helmet camera will record 15 minutes of video and sound per GB in FULL 1080p HD, Tall 960p HD, and Action HD 720p modes. With the capability to capture up to 8 hours of HD quality video (compatible from 2 GB Memory Card to a 32 GB Memory Card). These 1080p HD camcorders record can record on to a micro sd card or can be used with an adapter to use as a standard sd card. The top quality of recording with high definition is now available to use hands free. Once again, if you have a HD television, you will definitely want to choose one of the wireless 1080p High Definition Helmet Camcorders [] available on the market over a standard helmet camera. An all-in-one HD wearable camcorder means there are no wires or tapes. With the small sd card recording capability you are able to records hours and hours of video with the use of sd cards. Whether you are recording you planned skydive or scuba diving in the caribbean, you will want the best the helmet camcorders have to offer. Going with a full high definition wireless helmet camera will give you the best video that is available on the market to consumers.

Claudia D is an sport enthusiast who enjoys making helmet camera videos, blogging and gearing up for her first born baby girl "Ella Diana Lynn". With my experience in film making, having a video camera that adapts to your sport you are trying to record makes all the difference. Save your time and energy searching the internet looking for helmet cameras and take a look at my


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