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One of the best cleaning tools you can have is a hand held steam cleaner. There are many different companies that make hand held steam cleaners. They work by using steam which removes stains and dirt off surfaces without scrubbing. The most common areas where a hand held steam cleaner is used is on your carpets and upholstered furniture. But they can be used on hardwood floors, tile and other areas of your home. This method of cleaning is very safe, environmentally friendly and is a very effective solution to removing those tough stains. There are so many to choose from but one that is very popular is the Shark Euro Pro Hand held steam cleaner. This model is very light weight. There are many things this product can do. First it can easily cleans grease and grime from the kitchen appliances and range hoods. Second it cleans glass products such as: cleaning soap residue and streaks from glass. It also cleans large areas such as counters, cupboards and other large surfaces quickly. All you have to do is add water what for the unit to heat up and start cleaning. It is such an easy product to use and is so versatile in its uses. Using this product to clean your upholstery or to remove stains in your carpet is a cinch. With so many attachments and different ways to use this product you will wonder why you didn't buy it sooner. Not only are you cleaning your home you are sanitizing it in the process. No more harsh chemicals. Another great product is the Bissell Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner. This is another great product. It is very portable and lightweight. This product heats up in 30 seconds and once again no harsh chemicals just water. You can use this steam mop on ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone and sealed hardwood floors. It comes with reusable microfiber pads. Not only is this product going to save you a lot of money in the long run it is very affordable to being with. This product only weights about 7 pounds so it is very lightweight and ready to transport from room to room. These hand held steam cleaners are better for the environment and are definitely better for you to use that using chemicals on your floors. Choosing a hand held steam cleaner is very simple. Depending on what you need to use it for some of them have more attachments that might suite your needs.They are getting more and more popular! So get out there go shopping and I promise you are gonna wish you had one sooner.

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==== ==== For more information on Hand Held Steam Cleaners please check out; ==== ====

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