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Folate is an important nutrition all of us should have. Our body cannot synthesise this on its own. We should take it from external sources only. It belongs to vitamin b family. Spinach, broccoli, green turnip, pig liver, strawberry, orange, pineapple etc., have good amount of folate. There are two kinds of test done for measuring the folate level in our body. Folic acid test fee depends on the kind of test done and also hematology requirement the physician needs to know for proper diagnosis. This is important to offer proper treatment. I cannot provide the exact fee but may range from USD 50 to USD 100. One kind of test is done by testing the blood plasma. It is a rather quick one that will give you the folic acid level from the foods you have eaten recently. The acceptable level should be 3-13 ng/ml for adults and 5-21 ng/ml for children. For this test you are not supposed to eat or drink for 8 to 10 hrs before giving the blood. Another test is based on the blood cells. It is more reliable. It gives the reading of folic acid stored in the blood cells. As far as I know there are no restrictions like mentioned above before giving the blood. The acceptable level should be 140-628 ng/ml for adults and more than 160 ng/ml for children. I should caution you. None of the tests done by two different laboratories will be same. Always there will be plus or minus certain percentage reading. The Doctor will be the right person to read and interpret the results and provide you required remedy. Almost in all the cases the physician will require the test not only for folate but also for vitamin b12. This is because the symptom of folate deficiency and b12 are similar. Unless properly diagnosed it will be impossible to provide appropriate nutrition and set the balance right. All child bearing woman should have 500 mcg of folic acid every day. During pregnancy it should be 600 mcg per day. It should continue for 3 months after conception. It is better to get this check done duly prescribed by your physician. It guarantees safe pregnancy. Do not think about folic acid test fee. Your baby is more precious than this little amount of fee. Apart from pregnancy folic acid is important for cell formation and maintenance and production of red blood cells. If one is feeling often tired, not getting enough appetite, diarrhea, anemic conditions etc., it is better to consult a physician and they are the symptoms of folic acid deficiency. The best solution is to take a complete planned nutrition intake. This is the holistic approach. In this way you will ensure a balanced nutrition to your body. Why to worry about folic acid test fee when you can prevent any kind of disease? Visit my website and you will delighted to see many

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