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If you have pets at home, you should be more aware of how, where and with whom your pets spend their time. Scavenging around the neighborhood with other stray dogs or even neighboring flea dogs could literally subject your pet to flea infestation. They can even cross infest on humans and the young children at home could also be at risk. And once afflicted with it, it is never easy for flea removal. Infestation is a term to describe the reproduction of these parasites on their host. The host is defined as the bodies which they choose to reproduce in, often very furry little animals. The host is like a home to them, nourishing them with what they need for fast multiplication. Fleas literally feed upon the blood of their host and that is the way they reproduce at lightning speed. They love to latch on warm blooded animals like birds and mammals, dig deep into theirs fur and through their skin to draw blood. And adult flea lays at least 50 eggs on a daily basis and you are likely to face a full infestation within one week with more than 2,500 parasites feeding on your pet. Although the flea bite is not painful, it is what could be transmitted that could cause great harm and pain. The bites contain their saliva which gives rise to parasite related allergies like tapeworms, anemia, epidemic typhus etc. They do, however, cause itching sensations to and rashes when the allergies develop. Bathing your pets with flea removal shampoos at least once a day could help reduce the speed of infestation as well as relieve their itch temporarily. Use topical sprays and applications for faster effectiveness but you need observe if your pets do develop side effects. Whenever in doubt, always make it a point to consult your vet specialist. You can make your home and your pets more difficult to inhabit and infest by regularly cleaning your home thoroughly. Use natural home cleaners to help you with your cause, like home vinegar and lemon scented detergent for cleaning the floor, steam cleaning all your carpets, washing all your pet bedding, bedding for all, vacuum all couches, sofas, and mattresses and dispose of the vacuum bag such that these parasites do not escape. Flea removal is a long drawn process, especially in the face of a full infestation. But with perseverance you, your pet and other family members can enjoy safe and health living free from these parasites eventually.

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==== ==== For more information on Flea Infestations please check out; ==== ====

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