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A strong core is important for a healthy physique. But if you're trying to slim down and get slender female abs, there's a limit to how much core work can help you get there, because crunches, planks, and the like don't burn fat, and if you want to see your abs and have a slim waist, you need to burn away the fat. The best way to do this is to engage in an exercise program that elevates your metabolism, pushing your body to burn excess fat and reshape itself. Ideally, you should do six high-intensity workouts per week, so you can keep your body challenged and keep your metabolism high. A high-quality intense workout only takes about 20-25 minutes. Add in time to warm up, cool down, and shower, and you can easily be done in an hour. So, what sort of workout should you do? Try things like playing high-energy sports, athletic training with weights (emphasizing continual movement rather than static reps), circuit training, and cardio interval training. In this article, I'll describe cardio intervals and how to use them. Cardio interval training is very easy to incorporate into your weekly workout schedule, because it's basically just a cardio workout where rather than running/cycling at a steady pace, you alternate levels of intensity, with short intervals of very high intensity in between short recovery intervals of low-intensity. This sort of workout pushes your limits, and challenges your muscles and cardio system to make improvements, resulting in better tone, and a raised post-workout metabolism. You can easily come up with your own interval workouts using the following guidelines. Equipment All you really need is a cardio workout machine like a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike; or a pair of running shoes and a running track (or a park with a loop of path around it). Warmup Spend 5-10 minutes warming up, starting at a very easy pace, and gradually increasing speed. Something like this works well: 2 minutes easy jog 2 minutes medium jog 1 minute fast jog 30 seconds hard run 30 seconds sprint 1 minutes easy jog Sometimes it takes longer to warm up, depending on how stiff or energetic you're feeling, so feel free to add on a few minutes of walking beforehand, or a few more minutes of jogging if you need

to. Sometimes you may feel like you need less time to warm up, but whatever you do, make sure you spend at least five minutes warming up, so your muscles and cardio system can get ready to give it their all during the workout. Workout For the first few workouts try just doing a simple alternating pattern of high and low intensity. Example 1: 30 seconds hard run 30 seconds easy jog Repeat 20 times (total: 20 minutes) Example 2: 60 seconds moderately hard run 30 seconds easy jog repeat 12 times (total: 18 minutes) Example 3: 60 seconds very hard run 60 seconds easy jog repeat 10 times (total 20 minutes) Just by varying the length and intensity of the intervals, you can see that some workouts will achieve intensity by not providing much time to recover (example 1), whereas others will achieve intensity by requiring you to sustain a high effort for a long period (example 3) Another approach is to incorporate multiple different interval patterns in a workout, providing a bit more variety, and providing more of a challenge. Example 4: 2 minutes moderately hard run 1 minute moderate run Repeat 5 times 60 second walk 30 second sprint 15 second easy jog Repeat 8 times (total 22 minutes) This example shows the combination of sustained effort for the first part with explosive sprints for the second part. Cool-down Cool down as you would after any other cardio exercise. Walk it out for a few minutes, and do a few minutes of gentle stretches. Then you're done.

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==== ==== For more information on Cardio System please check out; ==== ====

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Cardio interval training is very easy to incorporate into your weekly workout schedule, because it's basically just a cardio workout where r...