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Have you recently gone into your wardrobe to put on your best suit and noticed that it is looking tattered and full of holes? And your favourite cashmere sweater also looks as if it is being attacked. If this sounds familiar, then unfortunately, it could mean that you have a clothes moth infestation. It is true that clothes moths are not a danger to people, however they can cause extreme damage within your home environment, thanks to their diet of eating clothes as well as home furnishings. In order to recognise a clothes moth (also known as Tineola Bisselliella), it is important to note that they are roughly 5mm in length and a buff or yellowish-brown in colour. Their preference for dark and undisturbed places means that you are more likely to find them hidden amongst clothes and furniture. As they are so difficult to find, this means that not only can they be easily overlooked, but they are extremely difficult to eradicate completely. We all see the odd moth flying about the house occasionally, if a window has been left open for example, but make sure that you have a good look at it before you assume that it is just a regular moth. Have a look in your wardrobes and around the back of your sofas for any telltale signs that these may be more than just regular moths. If it turns out that they are indeed clothes moths, it is important to act upon it quickly before the problem becomes too serious. You may attempt to physically catch the moths and kill them but unfortunately, even this may not entirely solve your problem. Clothes moths lay eggs which, once hatched, produce larvae and unless these are also destroyed, they will then grow into moths and the infestation will reoccur. In order to eliminate a clothes moth infestation, there are a number of steps that can be taken. For example, pheromone traps can be used to catch clothes moths. Most moths rarely fly, especially the females who tend to run or hop in order to travel to their destinations. If you happen to see a clothes moth in the air, it is likely that this will be a male flying about in search of a mate. It is this act of mating that is used to lure the clothes moths into the pheromone trap. Another option is to kill the moths by investing in a specific spray. However, as the spray is not able to kill the eggs, this may not prevent the clothes moth infestation from reoccurring. Finally, you could bring in exterminators who would undertake several treatments in order to completely eliminate the problem. The first treatment would be to kill the clothes moths that already exist, but most exterminators recommend that a further treatment (or treatments, depending upon the size of the infestation) is undertaken at a later date, in order to kill any remaining larvae that may have hatched from the eggs in the mean time. Exterminating companies are available which provide services that will eliminate your infestation with a high level of success. Whilst you may attempt to eliminate the problem yourself, you may not be entirely successful. It's always safer to get the experts in who know what they are doing and who can ensure that the job is done properly.

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==== ==== For more information on Moth Infestations please check out; ==== ====

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