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Chewing gum is something many people enjoy. But, tell me frankly, how many of us actually appreciate seeing wads of chewing gum all over our floors and walls? Chewing gum leaves behind sticky, nasty-looking blotches that can be very hard to remove. A single wad of chewing gum is more than enough to ruin the beauty of an otherwise clean surface. Needless to say, chewing gum stains can mar the professional image of businesses and turn away customers. Until a few years back, professional cleaners used to have a tough time removing chewing gum residue. However, thanks to the new range of gum removal capabilities available today, the steam cleaning machines can eliminate chewing gum easier than ever before. This is exactly why these machines are now the preferred equipment for removing gum from various locations ranging from schools, offices, restaurants, and theatres to hotels, malls, retail stores, and hospitals. Using Super-Heated Steam for Removing Gum Steam cleaners have always been renowned for their unmatched cleaning power. These steam cleaning machines are second to none when it comes to eliminating dirt and grime from a range of surfaces. The best models on the market today simultaneously extract residues while cleaning. This added vacuum feature combined with high steam temperatures allows the machines to dissolve the most stubborn residues while ensuring they are completely removed from the surface. The new range of industrial steam cleaners now features all these capabilities plus the ability to remove gum effectively. These gum removal cleaners combine super-hot steam with a special gum removal tool, vacuum extraction capabilities, and a gum removal solution if necessary. The hot steam generated by steam cleaners can easily and instantly soften gum residue, making it simpler to extract. Steam cleaners with vacuum extraction functions will considerably enhance the removal of gum by eliminating all traces of gum. However, since this vacuum extraction function is only found in topgrade steam cleaners; make sure you purchase quality steam cleaning machines from top suppliers. The most efficient steam cleaning machines in the market can remove an amazing 500 pieces of chewing gum in an hour. Steam cleaners with specialized gum removing capabilities accredit their powerful gum extraction feature to high temperature levels of up to 330ºF combined with pressure levels of up to 120 PSI. Top-class models of steam cleaning machines also include advanced features like boilers with self-cleaning capability and removable heating elements to extend the life of the equipment. In addition to removing chewing gum, these steam cleaners are also beneficial in steam cleaning a range of surfaces like tile, grout, vinyl, and linoleum. For carrying out such diverse cleaning tasks, steam cleaners include additional attachments like brushes of various materials for different

surfaces and tools for removing gum, cleaning windows, and handling other cleaning applications. Quality steam cleaners can provide superior results in removing virtually all traces of chewing gum from a variety of surfaces at just a fraction of the cost charged by professional cleaners. So before choosing a steam cleaning machine, make sure that it features high-quality components, is durable and reliable, and comes from a reputed distributor.

Daimer Industries, a major supplier and worldwide exporter of green cleaning products and cleaning equipment announced availability of KleenJet series industrial steam cleaners with latest air purification and filtration features.

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