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Skin care cream has over the years gained popularity among people who take time to look after their skin. The cream may be obtained from natural substances such as herbs or at times be obtained from industrialized products such as skin cleansers. What people do not know is that, not all creams used on the skin are skin care creams and for this reason, many people end up causing more harm to their already vulnerable skin. To avoid having problems, it is best that you consult your doctor or a dermatologist so as to be advised on which cream to use in order to avoid any unnecessary skin problems that may come with the various skin creams that may be obtained readily from beauty shops. For most people, natural skin care creams, especially the ones obtained from herbs, have proved to be very effective and without any side effects coming with them. These natural creams include herbal creams such as Aloe Vera creams, Calendula creams among many others. Aloe Vera cream is said to have a soothing, healing and moisturizing effect on the skin on which it is applied. In addition to these effects, the herb is said to have properties that enable the skin shed off dead skin cells thus leaving you with a nice skin complexion to look at. However, Aloe Vera cream is most of the time only recommended for treatment and therefore one is usually required to apply it only on the affected areas of the skin. On the other hand,Calendula cream may at times be mixed together with other creams and oils such as comfrey, Aloe Vera and vitamin E oil and the mixture is then applied on dry, cracked skin especially on the hands. Since both calendula and comfrey have softening properties, they are able to heal the cracks on the skin very fast while Aloe Vera together with vitamin E oil is left with the responsibility of helping the skin be able to retain moisture on its own. To have maximum effect from this cream mixture, it is always recommended that you cover your skin after applying the cream. One way of doing this is by wearing plastic hand gloves. Apart from herbal creams, milk cream added with a few drops of rose water and lime juice can also be used as a skin care cream especially on dry lips. This cream mixture is known to moisturize the lip skin while at the same time, help prevent the lips from either cracking or having its skin peel off. To achieve best results out of this cream, you should be applying it on the lips every night before going to sleep. To minimize chances of harming your skin, avoid using industrialized cream as your skin care cream. Industrialized creams such as cleansing creams are usually made from hydrogenated oils which most of the time cause radical damages to the skin. As a result of these unfortunate cases, the skin most of the time tends to dry up and eventually becomes wrinkled leaving you looking older than you really are.

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