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The Canon PowerShot G12 is very similar to Canon's G11 in terms of structure and shooting features. Canon just added some new features like 720p HD video recording, image stabilization system and a new scene mode (high dynamic range). Priced for less than $500, the Canon PowerShot G12 is definitely a fantastic camera for photo enthusiasts who like the power of DSLR and the size of compact digital cameras. Canon G12 Specs and Features The Canon PowerShot G12 weighs approximately 401 grams with the battery and memory card. The dimensions (112.1x76.2x48.3 mm) make it smaller than DSLRs but a bit bigger than compact or pocket digital cameras. The image sensor gives 10 million pixels while the lens gives 5x zoom. It uses the DIGIC 4 for imaging processor and a 2.8-inch LCD vari-angle type monitor. Canon G12 Review: The Pros One of the good things about the Canon PowerShot G12 is its LCD screen. The screen gives a wide view and has five levels of brightness. The lens can be set up to 28 mm width. It's the widest but you find some distortions near the edge. It gives quality photos even in the lowest ISO sensitivities. The color and exposure are above satisfactory. The raw files are just a bit sharp compared to its competitors. The high dynamic range mode is also a good addition. It lets you take three photos with varying exposure of the same scene. If there is something that the Canon PowerShot 12 has that the G11 doesn't, it is the 720p HD recording. The G11 gives only VGA videos. The addition of 720p HD video recording is definitely what makes the G12 better than its predecessor. Canon G12 Review: The Cons One of the biggest drawbacks of the Canon PowerShot G12 is the sluggish shooting performance. It shoots in approximately two seconds. There are many other digital cameras that can shoot faster. You may get impatient especially if you are used to a DSLR. Nonetheless, it's way better than what compact digital cameras could offer. One of the things that Canon forgot when they were making the G12 is to let the users zoom in while recording a video. Handheld video recording can be shaky as well so there's a great need for a tripod. Canon G12 Conclusion

Being identical to its predecessor, Canon PowerShot G11, the G12 is a good compact camera with the features of DSLRs. You can take great photos and record 720p HD videos. If you can deal with a bit sluggish performance and if the controls are not annoying for you, the Canon PowerShot G12 is definitely a fantastic camera.

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==== ==== For more information on Canon Powershot G12 please check out; ====

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