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Well, both actually. These works of art are hand crafted Jasmine or Lily petals encased in loose leaf green tea. As soon as you put one of them into some warm water, they open up exposing a stunning flower on a base of green tea leaves. These blooming teas not only are beautiful, but they are very tasty and jam packed with loads of health benefits that can keep you living longer. Beneficial Green tea is traditionally known for its powerful anti-oxidants that are believed to prevent cancer, reduce the effects of aging and even cure bad breath. Combine these powerful health benefits with those of Jasmine or Lily, and you get the "Superman" of teas. Jasmine is well known for its stress and cholesterol reducing properties while Lily is brilliant as an anti inflammatory. So all in all ... you got one power packed punch of a tea in your hands. Beauty The really great thing about these blooming teas (besides that they are almost a complete pharmacy in a cup) is that they make striking displays. And wonderful wedding gifts for guests. Can you imagine a whole wedding hall decked out in white, with these splashes of color at each seating? Simply breathtaking, I assure you. Another interesting idea to put these blooming teas up against. Making candles. If you make candles for fun, or as a business, try using these teas inside the mold before covering them with the hot, clear wax. Now there is a novel idea to get your customers 'oohing' and 'aahing'. I have only mentioned Lily or Jasmine here (my favourite combination), but many more flowers are used, which subtly alter the flavor, and offer their own health benefits. Brewing tips Brewing this tea is not complicated at all. As with most Green Tea, Boiling water, is a no-no. This makes the tea bitter. I have always found that leaving boiling water in the pot for a minute or so, sufficiently cools the water enough to safely drop in your blooming tea ball. Don't forget, these tea balls are relatively delicate, so I do advise pouring the water in first. And dropping the ball gently. Once your hidden flower has fully emerged (You will be watching it, so you will know when), let your flowering blossom brew for another minute before pouring the liquor into your favorite tea

cup. Sit back, sip and enjoy. You will feel the stress almost melt away with every tingle of your taste buds. These teas can be steeped several times, giving you the benefit and flavor many times over. And when you are done, place the flower gently into a vase, and cover with cold water. Your blooming tea flower will decorate your corner, or desk for another 4 to 5 days. Changing the water regularly will make the bloom last even longer.

After finding this miraculous brew in a severe time of need, Green Tea has become an almost obsessive hobby. Within weeks of starting to drink green tea regularly, I was able to notice the beneficial effects in my own body. Slight weight loss, better concentration, and, I am finally rid of that constant bloated feeling. Join me as I delve into the world of Green Tea, uncovering some of the mysteries, exposing the myths and most of all ... Living Healthier, Living Longer Live healthier ... Live Longer!

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==== ==== For more information on Lily Tea please check out; ==== ====

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Another interesting idea to put these blooming teas up against. Making candles. If you make candles for fun, or as a business, try using the...

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