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Unlike the Knicks and Mets that are struggling, the bed bugs have made the headlines in Now York. The number of infestations of bed bugs in New York amounted to 377 in 2004, rising sharply from just 2 in 2002 and sixteen in 2003. Many reports of infestations of bed bugs have come from across America; however, the one from New York seems to be the most disturbing report. A duplex flat in Park Avenue played host for thousands of bed bugs, and residents of Riverside Drive spent about 20000$ for banishing these insects. The return of bedbugs was blamed on the continuous entry, of immigrants from various countries by pest control groups and entomologists. It has been said that the travelers use less insecticides and travel a lot, thereby picking up the bed bugs from somewhere. A mattress, right out of the departmental store could have been transported in a truck in which there was a couch with an infestation of bugs. Bedbugs, not being choosy when it is the type of place they dwell in, in question, choose any place which is warm. They can even inhabit a house that is clean and maintained with hygiene unlike rodents and roaches that prefer filthy environments to live in. After entering a home, they stick to plants and then move to nearby apartments too. Anyone who stays in a lodge has a very big chance of bringing bed bugs home and some of the finest places for lodging have bed bug infestations. Bed bug infestations have been present in the most unlikely places like private schools, maternity wards in hospitals and even waiting rooms. Shortly after the Second World War, usage of DDT was considered to eradicate bed bugs. However, the chemical effects of it and its harmful nature resulted in the banning of use of DDT. Who is the enemy? The Bed bugs are given the name "Cimex lectularius", scientifically. They do not have insects like many other insects and are brown in color. They are more like parasites that are active during the night; however, they are very active when they look for humans. They come out only in the night time, being inactive in the day. Because of this behavior, people notice the infestation only after the population of bed bugs has reached hundreds or thousands. Bed bugs prefer human blood for food. They also feed on dogs, cats and other pet animals when there is no other option left. They have mouthparts that are developed so that it is easy for them to bite and also aid in sucking blood. They attack only after the person who occupies the bed sleeps soundly.

They eat from times less than one minute to about 10 minutes and can expand to thrice their size after drinking blood. But, humans will not have an easy time in detecting its bite as it is painless and the irritation and itchiness will start only after the bed bug has fed on blood. Bed bugs don't transfer any disease and the only adverse effect of their bite is a pattern of red wheals, which is identified wrongly as scabies or hives by dermatologists. An adult bed bug can live for about a year and each female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs. The Bed bugs prefer inhabiting beds that have lots of tears and holes in them and they even occupy cardboard stacks, sleeping bags, egg foams and waterbeds too as they have crannies that are usually warm. Brooklyn Street fights The bed bugs have become resilient and resist the effect of insecticides and pesticides, hence, the ones available in the shops are useless. Usage of cockroach bombs will effectively scatter them and not banish them. Pest control groups advise all those who have problems with bed bugs to bag after washing all clothes that has ever been in the room in which the infestation is present before extermination. Beddings and clothes that have heavy infestations must be discarded as nothing of value can be salvaged. Clutter must also be cleaned as spaces that are crammed with belongings will extend the process of inspection and treatment. Also, frames in the beds and the drawers in the bureau must be taken separately because many chemicals will be used for treating the bed bugs. The processes ought to be repeated if the infestation is very heavy. In spite of the many ways in which they can be fought, it must be accepted that the bed bugs have returned and will continue inhabiting The Big Apple.

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==== ==== For more information on Bed Bug Infestations please check out; ==== ====

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A mattress, right out of the departmental store could have been transported in a truck in which there was a couch with an infestation of bug...

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