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During tea time, office ladies can take use of this chance to brew up a cup of tea, which can help them ease fatigue and refresh themselves. This article aims to introduce office ladies several beauty tea which are most suitable for them. 1. Mint Tea If our throat feel uncomfortable, we can brew a nice pot of tea with fresh kumquat and mint leaves by using hot water of 80 degrees. Add a little rock sugar into the tea and then we can enjoy it. Mint tea usually tastes cool, sweet and sour. After we drink the tea, our throat will fell a little cool. This kind of tea can not only clear heat from throat, but also do much for breath freshness. The perfect match of bright kumquat and green mint leaves can certainly bring us visual enjoyment. 2. Pu-er tea Take 2 to3 dark plums or preserved plums and put them into the hot pu-er tea. If your lunch is too greasy, it may be a good choice for you to enjoy a cup of pu-er tea in the afternoon. This kind of tea can help lower blood pressure and achieve the effect of weigh-loss. 3. Korean Ginseng Tea Brew up a cup of tea with Korean ginseng (or red ginseng) and black tea and enjoy it. It can help us ease fatigue, lift spirit and improve resistance. You can also choose to buy the granular ginseng tea beverages which are ready-made. 4. Osmanthus Oolong Tea A lot of osmanthus oolong tea that are ready-made are be found on the market. If you do it by yourself, remember to control the amount of osmanthu. And the best water temperature to brew tea is 80 degrees. The fragrance of osmanthus can strengthen the spleen, and oolong can warm and nourish the stomach. Osmanthus oolong tea is most suitable for these people who have the syndrome of deficient cold of spleen and stomach. 5. Black Tea with Lily Flour Use cold water to mix lily flour or arrowroot flour thoroughly. Then put the mixed flour into a cup of black tea that are newly brewed up. Finally, add some honey and stir the tea. Lily, lotus root and honey all have a very good effect of moisturizing skin, and this kind of tea is also a good healthy snack with low calories.

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==== ==== For more information on Lily Tea please check out; ==== ====

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