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A floor steam cleaner is certainly one of the most effective cleaning machines available today for tackling hard surface cleaning. What many people do not realize is that inside many hotels that are truly clean and well maintained is an arsenal of steam cleaning equipment. The truth is that hotels using various steam cleaning units in different ways will not only keep hotels clean, but can also sanitize if the right features and technologies are included. These products do not rely on any harsh chemical products to get their cleaning done. In other words, behind every good hotel is an arsenal of steam cleaning machines for tackling different cleaning jobs. Understanding the Technology To better understand what makes a floor steam cleaner such an effective cleaning machine we need to understand the technology that goes into it. Steam cleaning systems use the power of super-heated water to tackle different kinds of stains and deposits. Under this high heat, stubborn debris and hardened sedimentation soften and dissolve, making them much easier to remove completely. This basic mode of cleaning offers a number of different advantages. For one thing, the heat works to loosen and remove a number of deposits that ordinary cleaning methods sometimes cannot handle. For instance, even harsh chemical cleaning solutions often have a tough time removing black mold from grout. However, steam cleaning units penetrate the porous grout without damaging it, allowing the black mold to be removed easily and completely. It is also possible to find a floor steam cleaner as well as other steam cleaning units with unique antibacterial technology built into the machine. This system works to eliminate more than 99% of harmful germs and bacteria that may be present on the surface. In this way, these units work to clean and disinfect. This is a marked difference from conventional cleaning methods that often employ separate cleansing and sanitizing products. In this way, steam cleaning units are not just safer and more effective, they are economical as well. A Range Of Uses Steam cleaning units can be used in many different areas of the hospitality industry. They are ideal for cleaning bedding and mattresses, particularly to get rid of germs and bacteria that may live inside the material. Steam cleaners can also be used for spot cleaning upholstery and rugs, though full cleaning of these surfaces requires the use of a carpet cleaner or extractor. A floor steam cleaner can be used across a number of different hard surfaces. These floor scrubber machines or floor cleaners can be used on surfaces such as linoleum, tile and even certain kinds of hardwood flooring. Aside from floor cleaning equipment, steam cleaners have a

multitude of uses in the kitchen and bathroom areas. They are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing counters, grills and exhaust hoods in restaurants and other food service facilities. They can even be used to clean deep freezers and refrigerators. An advantage of using a floor steam cleaner or floor scrubber is that there is no need to use harsh chemical cleaning agents. Steam cleaning technology can get rid of most stains and deposits simply with the power of super-heated water. This is a huge advantage when it comes to cleaning food preparation and storage areas since there is no risk of chemical traces getting absorbed into the food. For increased cleaning power, however, operators can opt for the injection of green cleaning chemicals to improve speed and efficiency without harming the environment or the user. When purchasing such green chemicals, always look for biodegradability and lack of toxicity. Whether its floor cleaners, vapor steam cleaning units or floor cleaning equipment, steam cleaners provide effective cleaning for various facets of the hospitality industry. Best of all, they do so in a way that is safe and environmentally friendly, as well.

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==== ==== For more information on Floor Steam Cleaners please check out; ==== ====

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Steam cleaning units can be used in many different areas of the hospitality industry. They are ideal for cleaning bedding and mattresses, pa...

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