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Being handicapped or disabled doesn't mean you cannot enjoy your life. The inventor of the motorized wheelchair wants the disabled or handicapped to be comfortable and can go to one place or another without someone pushing their wheels and so forth. It doesn't mean that when you are handicapped your accessibility will be limited. Even places like restaurants, hotels, airplanes, malls and other places has a path for the wheelchair to make it easy for people to move around. If ever the handicapped have no motorized wheelchair, they can rent one. There are places where you can rent a high tech wheelchair. You can choose the wheelchair you want to rent with description and types. Wheelchairs are for ill patient or disabled and they have to use this to perform their daily chores and to continue living a normal life. Before you plan to rent a motorized wheelchair, you need to consult your doctor first so they can advise you on what kind of wheelchair you need. There are also some hospitals provide rentals for in house patients, those that need to ferry across to the test center or laboratories. There are people also that have difficulty in walking, usually who uses cane or walker. This kind of people prefer to rent motorized wheelchair rather than buy especially when they travel or visiting some friends or relatives or when going to a resort. They prefer to rent the motorized wheelchair when going outside; it's more convenient for them. There are available rental companies where you can rent wheel chairs just for specific period of time, the longer the time you rent, the cheaper it is. When traveling, it is easier to travel when you just rent it rather than bring your own wheel chair. You can rent one upon your arrival. The good reasons to rent when you travel: If you bring your own motorized wheelchair, it might not fit through the opening door since not all doors have same sizes. There are small door, narrow door, etc. The voltage use or plug power sockets vary in other countries, since some uses 220 volts, some uses 110 volts. When your motorized wheelchair have problem, you cannot buy some parts since they don't have brand of wheelchair you had. When bringing your own wheelchair, it might get damage at the baggage compartment or at the airport due to the handling of the airport workers. In renting a motorized wheelchair, find the companies that have reputable image and known to most people. Ask the price and their policy if in case there is break down. Always see to it that it

that it is comfortable to use and you know how to operate it. Check it if there is any damage or it runs smoothly because you might have a break down. Read and see to it that everything is on the paper. Check all the accessories of the motorized wheelchair and if you think something is missing, always ask. That is your right as a customer or client.

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==== ==== For more information on Motorized Wheelchairs please check out; ==== ====

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