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CAKE SMASH FILM + PHOTOS Pricing Guide 2020

HEY MAMA! I fe e l you, you’re t h i n k i n g h o w o n e a r t h i s m y n e w born turnin g o n e ? I t e v e n f e e l s l i k e y e s t e r d a y th a t you were sh a r i n g t h e n e ws t h a t y o u w e r e p r e g nant! And h e r e y o u a r e l o o k i n g t o g e t a C a k e S m a sh to captu r e t h i s b i r t h d a y m i l e s t o n e !  S o y ou may hav e g o t t h e i c o n i c n e w b o r n p h o t o s , b u t th e i r cute newbo r n s o u n d s a re a l r e a d y a l i t t l e h a z y i n y o u r memory. T h a t i s w h y a c a k e s m a s h f i l m b r i n g s a d i f f erent kind o f a w e s o m e t h an j u s t g e t t i n g p i c t u r e s (p s . you get tho s e t o o ) , b u t , y ou g e t s o u n d a n d m o v ement too! H a v e a look at t h e o p t i o n s b e lo w a n d s e e i f a n y t h i n g fe e l s right for yo u ! I a m h a p p y t o j u m p o n a c a l l , m e e t in p erson, or vi d e o c h a t t o o !

tenille xo



CAKE INCLUDED (my cake maker is a wizard, you can basically choose anything) PROPS INCLUDED: Choose your theme from one of these or something similar. ALL WHITE STUDIO SESSION: Located in North Saanich KEEPSAKE FILM EDIT: A story video that has been edited together with your babes cutest sounds, laughs, close-ups of their hands, eyes, hilarious moments during their cake smash and of course slow motion splashes in the bath! All music is licensed and curated specially for your film to tell your story! ADD A VOICE-OVER MESSAGE TO YOUR BABE (OPTIONAL) PHOTOS INCLUDED: Who doesn’t want a two-in-one! I always include the following photos with these films :).  Cute photos of your babe before they ruin their outfit with icing ;) Close-ups + magical moments of your baby in action!  Bath-time shots! Options of a milk or bubble bath :) The base package comes with 8 photos, but you are welcome to add more after the session ($20 per photo).

$695 or 6 payments of $115 (no interest)



If you have a creative idea that is a little more involved, and elaborate, or needs a different background/ floor colour than the all-white look, this is the option for you. Everything included in Option 1 Plus, custom theme

$895 or 6 payments of $149.17 (no interest)



You're totally welcome to trim the fat and B.Y.O.P (bring your own props), however with the focus being on films for my biz, I only accept one of these sessions per session date. No film No cake Bring your own props  Wood or white floor Pre-smash Pics, Action pics & Bubble Bath 8 edited photos

$295 50% deposit


Jan 25 - Booked Feb 29 - Booked March 21 - 1 spot left April 4Â - 1 spot left May 2 - 2 spots left June 7 - 2 spots left JULY - DEC TBD (first booking per month chooses the date)

Request to Book online 778 873 1853




THIS IS MY STUDIO & THIS IS ME. Hey, I am Tenille! I love capturing the natural light that comes into my studio and love themes that are based on an all white background to create an elegant, yet playful set. I love filming close ups of your babe's messy faces, hands and feet. However, my favourite part is editing all the best moments of the day into your own unique babies story of their cake smash experience.

Why film? Because they only TURN ONE, once.

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Cake Smash Film Guide 2020 (Bebe Films)  

Cake Smash Film Guide 2020 (Bebe Films)  

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