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becoming an

INNER WINNER in your sales career Sports psychology to skyrocket your sales performance




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Colore Brillante

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pure brilliance Colore Brillante protects color-treated hair with ingredients like sour cherry pit and blueberry extracts. Advanced raw materials offer UV protection and help to maintain your hair’s color, brilliance and intensity day after day, wash after wash.

born from nature. technologically advanced. simply stunning results.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

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GOOD-BYE “IS IT DRY?” TIME. No more re-do’s. No more driving “palms-only” on the steering wheel or returning to the salon before you’ve left the parking lot. ©2010 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

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CHILL OUT! WITH MARINE SPAPEDICURE™ Receive a FREE Colour & Effect with purchase of Marine Cooling Masque. Look for this specially marked package at a distributor near you. Only from CND.


Featuring Raspberry Parfait Allure winner for best bright nail color. ©2010 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

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4/2/10 9:16 AM Š2010 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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A SCENT FOR ANY MOOD. Sixteen unique fragrance combinations you won’t find anywhere else. The finishing touch for any service. Or the perfect take-home treat. Smart business for any salon. Scentsations, from CND.

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Available at: T HE Available at: Available at: T HE tngM_JA10_8-9 Cuccio spread.indd 2

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • • 800.362.6245 • INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 6/10/10 3:36 PM


Try our seasonal fragrances for July/August: • Superior Exfoliation • Safe for All Pedicure Spas • Over fifty fragrances and essential oils • Four economical sizes • Manufactured in the USA • Visit our website for more info at

a t i r a g r a M and le c i s m a e r Orange C

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by MAXIM, LLC. 1(800) 313-7706 Fax: (623) 580-8256 Email: Web: • Phoenix, AZ

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

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Assertiveness Techniques That Give You Power

Assertiveness training is one of the most important tools for managers. Rid yourself of childhood restrictions, fear, hesitation, and social misinformation. Know the difference between being aggressive and being assertive. Stop being a martyr, a victim, and a doormat.

28 Made in Italy

Carlo Bay, an internationally regarded industry leader, is the driving force behind a hair empire including 18 Carlo Bay Hair Diffusion Salons and nearly 100 franchises. Find out why he partners with Kemon and how he has taken his career to astounding heights.

42 At Your Service

TNG Hospitality debuts in thebeautybook Fall 2010 edition. Meet VP of Hospitality Sales, Edmond Verbeke and learn how he fosters strong relationships with clients that have driven his career success.

Becoming an 56 Why You Need Brand Identity

INNER WINNER in Your Sales Career

Aimee Gurski, Editor

Do you or your staff “fear the sale”?

Design Staff: Jon Schofield, Creative Director Shelly Schroeder, Senior Designer Amy Bowen, Designer Adriana Lagrou, Designer Susan Stevens, Designer Lauren Walton, Designer Jen Boley, Advertising Editorial & Sales Office: 23202 Haggerty Road Farmington Hills, MI 48335 248.374.0388 phone 248.347.3351 fax

Just too shy to ask or afraid you’ll come off as too pushy? Whether you’re trying to sell retail products, services or add-ons, you can use these techniques from Cover Photo: Kemon Italian Touch S/S 2010 Collection Contributors: Jack Singer, Dianne Durante, Kirsten Hagman, Don Farrell, Linnda Durré, Shaun Belding, Pam Lontos, Ollie Ford, Lisa Barone and Sue Clement

sports psychology to overcome your biggest sales challenges.



© 2010 tng worldwide. All rights reserved.



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July/August 2010

Brand identity is what defines your business and sets you apart from the competition, but it entails more than just a logo or salon décor. Consider all the factors that play into creating your brand to create a strong presence and send a clear message to clients.


Commitment to Guests, Community and Each Other


Tips to Get People to Join Your Facebook Fan Page

With eight locations employing more than 300 professionals in Tuscon, AZ, Gadabout SalonSpas has a clear vision that has helped them grow to great success over the past 25 years. See how they put their philosophy and vision into action across all aspects of their operations.

You’ve posted your page, but is the social media campaign paying off? Now that you have it, find out what to do with it. Facebook is one of the fastest growing marketing tools to reach Generation Y. You can’t afford to overlook this affordable medium.

The views and opinions in the articles herein are not to be taken as official expressions of the publishers, unless so stated. The publishers do not warrant, either expressly or by implication, the factual accuracy of the articles herein, nor do they so warrant any views or opinions offered by the authors of said articles. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, including photocopying, or utilized by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission from The Industry Source. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical or misrepresented items in catalog.

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yeah! you guessed it.

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Message from the CEO Becoming an Inner Winner How to Have a Perfect 10 Day Ethical Theft Assertiveness Techniques That Give You Power The Cost of a Lost Customer



Made in Italy Kemon Coaches’ Corner A Shared Passion for Hair – The Creators of Alex Emilio Salon Kemon National Educators WOW Hairdressers at VIP Event


O’Dell Brings Red Carpet Status to BaByliss PRO Take it to the Top On Her Own Terms

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At Your Service Special Section: Introducing TNG Hospitality New Products


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Building Good Media Relations Can Grow Your Business Why You Need Brand Identity Commitment to Guests, Community and Each Other: Gadabout SalonSpas Design with Splendor An Eye for Style


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Ask the Industry TNG Connected Tips to Get People to Join Your Facebook Fan Page Book Review: The Market Has Changed – Have You? TheAcademy: Schedule of Courses Reader’s Response Recipe: Criolla Mama

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Ad Index Share the Success thebeautybook Sale! The Industry Source Exclusive Sale! The Last Word

July/August 2010

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Inspired by the blossoming verbena plant with its crisp, green aroma, and filled with the extracts of soothing botanicals and revitalizing citrus, new Manicure/ Pedicure Royal Verbena is a luxury spa service. Princess-worthy results; soft, smooth hands and richly cared-for feet.

royal verbena scrub

royal verbena mask

royal verbena massage

With natural sugar crystals to reduce calluses and smooth away dry, rough skin, plus botanical extracts to help soothe and citrus extract to help revitalize. Triple-action fruit-derived AHA’s leave skin silky smooth.

Ultra-hydrates with shea butter extract. Helps soften with botanical extracts and helps revitalize with citrus extract.

A blend of botanical and revitalizing citrus extracts, plus antioxidant vitamins and emollients. Provides the ideal slip for a non-greasy spa massage while being the perfect lightweight moisturizer.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_15 OPI Verbena Ad.indd 1

Call 800.341.9999 or visit ©2010 OPI Products Inc.

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L a r r y g a y n o r , p r e s i d e n t & CEO

Attitude is everything | Message from the ceo The back half of 2010 is going to be a heck of a wild ride for The Industry Source and I’m thrilled that you will be on board for all of it. First up is our newest product category: Hospitality. After three months, I have finally stopped dreaming about bottles and closures. Who knew that there are more than 1,000 different variations of bottles? Who knew that there isn’t a standard for any of them? And who knew that if you wanted to order, the manufacturer would laugh at you and tell you to get in line? Now I know, and for our customers, that is a good thing. Now when it comes to bottles and closures, we are experts. Notwithstanding, I dreamt about many other items such as disposable razors, organza bags, small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand lotion and mouthwash. These dreams are now a reality and next month we will begin to ship the first batch of Ginger Lily Farms spa-quality products and accessory items. Who would have thought that small stuff would excite me the most? Moving on, we moved our California warehouse across the street and it is now our primary west coast warehouse for spa products. All other products ship from our Michigan warehouse. We also updated our Nailco Gold free shipping program: Order $99 or more and receive free shipping. Most of our customers order over $99 so it made sense and we are extending this through 2011. This month is also our launch of Farouk Systems Group in Michigan and northern Ohio. Farouk hair care products and CHI appliances are now available in our 20 stores. The CHI polish line is available in thebeautybook to all our customers. Finally, we released thebeautybook Fall 2010 edition. We updated the graphics, added more photos and added some very cool new products. I love the new gel toe separators and we welcome back FHI. As always your feedback is important. Be sure to read my blog at and you can e-mail me from there anytime. Enjoy your summer!

LARRY GAYNOR, PRESIDENT & CEO, tng worldwide 800.362.6245


the industry source

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July/August 2010

6/10/10 4:07 PM


A chic blend of fashion and fun, recognizing the industry’s top hairdressers. October 3, 2010 Andiamo, Warren, MI Cocktail reception 6:00 PM Show begins at 7:00 PM

Space is Limited! Call 800.362.6245 or contact your BE for tickets.


include cocktail reception, dinner and award presentation #952018 Individual — $75 Table of 10 — $750 (includes 10 crystal tickets and reserved seating)

DIAMOND TICKETS include cocktail reception, premium dinner, priority seating, valet parking and award presentation #952017 Individual — $125 Table of 10 — $1250 (includes 10 diamond tickets and reserved seating)

Presented by: Proceeds benefit:

For more information, visit

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6/10/10 4:12 PM

Attitude is everything

Becoming An

Inner Winner in Your Sales Career Secret Sports Psychology to Skyrocket Your Sales Performance Matt is a sales manager with a computer software company. His sales people have the responsibilities of generating new business by making “cold calls” and following up on leads from potential customers who respond to inquiries that his company receives. Besides making sure that his sales people can answer any questions about their products, Matt has also trained them in the traditional practices of how to communicate with potential customers, how to get them to realize how his company’s products will make their jobs simpler and more efficient, and how to close a deal. But Matt is befuddled at the poor sales success rates of his people. Are there other training techniques that can dramatically improve their performance? Yes! Traditional sales training techniques ignore the biggest obstacle to sales success: Not recognizing and taking control of the Internal Critic that lingers within every sales person, and every athlete. The internal critic is basically a habitual pattern of negative thoughts that people allow to continue unabated until they recognize that they are engaging in such thinking. Using techniques that professional sport psychologists use to help elite athletes overcome their obstacle to success works the same wonders on sales people. Here are a few tips that you can use with your sales people immediately:


the industry source

tngM_JA10_18-19 Inner Winner.indd 1

Teach them to understand the warning signs of their “Internal Critic” at work. Self-talk will either make you successful or will lead to disappointment. So often, people unconsciously use self-limiting thoughts, which prevent them from being successful. Examples of negative, pessimistic self-talk phrases, are: “What if …,” “I hope I don’t…” I should have said…” “The client won’t like me if…” “I always have problems with…”I probably won’t be able to close this sale,” or “I can’t believe how stupid I was to say that…” Negative, pessimistic messages that people allow to pass through their minds immediately lead to muscle tightening throughout the body. More rapid breathing and often perspiring accompany this tightening. Consequently, these physiological responses are perceived as “stress” and you can read that all over the face and body language of the sales person (or athlete, for example). Sales people can practice catching themselves when these types of negative thoughts go through their minds and they can make a fist (out of view of the prospective customer), which is a reminder to STOP thinking that way and to take a few relaxing breaths, release the fist, relax and proceed to think positively and optimistically. There is an old saying that “What you believe, you can achieve.” Internal self-talk leads to beliefs (either positive or negative) and beliefs lead to the body’s reactions. Sales people need to believe in their products and in their ability to show the customer why she/he needs to purchase that product today. Once sales people believe in themselves and their products, they are in a much better position to achieve sales success.

Suggest that they give themselves positive affirmations each day. Positive affirmations are positive, optimistic thoughts about your sales success as if it is happening today, right now. Since our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something real or imagined (for example, visualize yourself biting into a tart lemon and see what your mind tells your salivary glands to do), when you give yourself positive affirmations and imagine they these things are happening right now, your subconscious mind wants to make them happen for you. Here are examples of positive affirmations for sales people:

July/August 2010

6/10/10 4:15 PM


pure of heart neon crème

love & happiness crème

full of life crème




INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

“I know my products and I will show my customers how these products are perfect for their situation,” I know how to treat people so they will be open to my suggestions,” My self-confidence as a sales person grows each day,” I see myself breaking my sales records each month.” Make a list of at least 10 positive affirmations to say each morning upon rising and each evening when retiring. Say each one 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening, breathing slowly and visualizing each affirmation happening now.

Encourage them to visualize sales success before approaching the potential customer. Your subconscious minds take orders from you without judging success or failure. As noted above, internal dialogue and beliefs are one means of directing your subconscious mind. Another powerful technique for directing the subconscious mind is actually visualizing success. Professional golfers, for example, who visualize each shot before they make it find a tremendous similarity between their vision of that shot and the subsequent shot that they make. Tell your people to visualize themselves preparing for the sales call, gathering their materials, feeling really encouraged because they know their products and feel confident as they enter the room where the pitch will take place. Visualize the sights and sounds around you as you begin the perfect sales presentation. They then see the customer smiling and nodding in agreement as they show him/her how much this product will help them. Finally, visualize themselves shaking hands with the client, closing the deal and writing up the order.

Show them the power of goal setting. People are eleven times more likely to reach a goal when they write it down, as opposed to simply thinking about the goal. Have your sales people write down short and long-term goals that are specific and actionoriented. For example, “For this month, I will sell at least 27 widgets.” Make sure the goals are realistic. Next, have them visualize themselves feeling wonderful once they accomplish that goal. Have them imagine it as if they have already accomplished the goal. Finally, have them write down ways in which they can sabotage themselves so that they won’t accomplish that goal. This is a critical way of recognizing ways they perhaps didn’t realize they were undermining their success and how they will now stop that behavior. Using these tips will help your sales people look at the internal barriers to their success and how to release their true talent. In short, becoming an Inner Winner leads to success every time! s WRITTEN BY JACK SINGER ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jack Singer, Ph.D. is a professional speaker, trainer and psychologist. Dr. Singer has been speaking for and training Fortune 1000 companies, associations, CEO’s and elite athletes for 34 years. He is a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC, FOX SPORTS and countless radio talk shows across the U.S. and Canada. He is the author of The Teacher’s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide, and several series of hypnotic audio programs, some specifically for athletes and some for anyone wanting to raise their self-confidence and esteem. To learn more about Dr. Singer’s speaking and consulting services, please visit or call 800.497.9880.

order products 800.362.6245

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the industry source


6/10/10 4:15 PM

Attitude is everything

How to

Have a

Perfect 10 Day

When buying property realtors tell us “it’s all about

location, location, location”. Well, to have a perfect 10 day, relationship experts know that it is all about attitude, attitude, attitude! It seems easy to comprehend but is it hard to accomplish? Maybe it’s not as difficult as you might think. Let’s break it down into some simple tasks that make for the Perfect 10 attitude!

Think T.E.N.S! – Touch, Eye contact, Name, and Smile! Touch

Eye contact

Start your day with Touch. Before the day carries you away give your spouse, children or pet a hug. That old slogan “reach out and touch someone” is a very healthy way to start the day. Don’t go on autopilot with this; instead use it as an opportunity to really connect. Allow yourself and the recipient to feel the warmth of the simple gesture. ”Have a great day” or “I love you” would be a great addition to this caring contact but it’s not necessary. You will benefit from this brief chance to share a moment with someone that you care about. Once you get to work shake hands to greet your colleagues to continue this physical connection.

Next is Eye contact, the second ingredient for a Perfect 10 day. Perhaps you stop for coffee of to pick up a morning paper. Look people in the eye and make the experience more personal by creating a link between the two of you. It has become so easy to rush about our day and not ever really notice that we are surrounded by other people. We sometimes get so caught up in our business that we forget that each person that we interact with is like us in many ways. Taking a moment to acknowledge the people around is a way to increase positive emotions. It does not have to be lengthy or lingering but a few seconds of eye contact helps to make a personal association.

Touch in the workplace is a very delicate subject, and understandably so. While you want to be sure that you are not making anyone uncomfortable, the element of touch is an important part of the human experience and it increases connection between people when done in an appropriate way. Each business has their own culture and it is important to be mindful of that culture and observe the norms for everyone’s comfort. We have all been in offices that operate more like families, where a hug may be an acceptable and appropriate morning greeting. For other places a handshake may be the extent of touch permitted. If it does not feel right to you or you fear that your colleagues would not be at ease with a handshake it’s best to skip it and go on to the next steps. Just make sure that you really take the time to connect with others through those actions.


the industry source

tngM_JA10_20-21 Perfect 10 day.indd 1

Be aware that there are cultural differences to eye contact. In some Asian and middle-Eastern cultures it is not respectful to look in the eyes of someone who is your superior. Also, the length of unbroken eye contact may cause discomfort in your co-workers. You may want to consider modifying the length of eye contact with someone of the opposite sex, since this may lead them to feel as though it is sexual in nature. In most cases people regard constant, lingering eye contact to be intense, overbearing and intimidating. The best way to handle this is, as with touch, by considering the culture of your workplace.

July/August 2010

6/10/10 4:21 PM

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE



Names are very important. Now you have stopped for your coffee and looked he person in the eye. Have you noticed that many people are wearing name tags these days? From the cashier to bank tellers to baristas there seems to be an outcry for identity. Try calling the person by his or her name as you are handed your morning Joe. You may even add a compliment with the name. Names are nice and make others feel as though you are appreciative of them. Studies have shown that even infants respond favorably to the sound of their name. It is the word that we recognize above most others and hearing it in a warm tone is a pleasant, personal experience for most people.

Then Smile! The shortest distance between two people is a smile. A smile is contagious and being smiled at has been found to build confidence. Also, people who smile are typically viewed as more attractive. A way to start your day is with contagious confidence. Even if your business is conducted primarily over the phone smiling can be a great tool to use. While you are talking on the phone with someone make the effort to smile. You will notice that your voice sounds more pleasant and your spirits lift. This will be felt by the person on the other end of the line. The face to face smile is irreplaceable but it is wonderful to know that, even in this technological world, we can still convey that positive emotion over the phone just by putting on a smile. Own it and pass it on.

In the workplace we often strive to function as efficiently as possible, which is great except when it becomes a series of impersonal transactions. People may joke that their jobs could be done by a robot or a monkey — that’s because they feel like they are being paid to do an impersonal job. As a supervisor, use the names of colleagues whenever possible. It will remind them that they are each individuals and that you are recognizing the person, not simply the job that is being done. When sending a business e-mail, make sure to address the person by name and include your name at the end. This has become an overlooked step now, since the sender and recipient are made clear by the e-mail addresses. However, take that extra couple of seconds to let the person know that you are talking specifically to them. The recipient will feel more like an individual than a nameless employee.

Put it all together — T.E.N.S. (Touch, Eye contact, Names, Smile). Although these steps form a terrific beginning to the day we all know that sometimes the day starts off well and then gets derailed somewhere along the way. When this happens take a minute to refocus and reframe things. One thing that you can control is your attitude. Go back to basics, to the way that you started your day. Think about T.E.N.S. and start fresh, even if it’s the middle of the day. Who can you connect with? Whose mood can you improve? With these simple techniques the moods of the people around us will lift. Since a positive mental attitude is infectious, this is a great way to get back on the right track for a great day. s WRITTEN BY DIANNE DURANTE AND KIRSTEN HAGMAN

About the Authors: Dianne Durante, Ed.S., is author of Everyday Symbols for Joyful Living, a book that inspires readers to use seven common items (penny, elastic band, pencil, crayon, candle, seashell and chocolate heart) in order to have a richer, happier life. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and business consultant, Dianne conducts motivational workshops nationwide with her daughter, Kirsten Hagman, LMSW. A popular speaker, she combines symbols and stories, keeping audiences learning and laughing. For more information visit

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the industry source


6/10/10 4:22 PM


ETHICAL THEFT… You are on an airplane and you strike up a conversation with the person next to you. She is the decision maker of a company that buys your competitor’s products and services. You have such a great exchange during the flight that she asks you for your card and gives you the opportunity to bid for their business. You do and you win the account. Ethical or unethical way to liberate business from your competition? Every single one of you should said very ethical. But, it is not. The explanation will come later… try another one…

You have been unsuccessful for quite some time now at trying to get into see a large prospective client. You read in the paper that they are having a meeting at a local hotel and in fact, your competition is sponsoring the meeting. You know that most meetings have an AM and PM coffee break. You know that the AM break usually occurs at around 10:30-11. Sure enough, you see as you enter the meeting room area of this hotel that your potential client has people milling all around talking to one another over coffee. You don’t know who is in charge, so you walk up to the nearest person with a nametag on and you pardon the interruption. You ask them who is in charge and he points to another gentleman and says, “David Hart over there is the VP of Operations… he’s the main man.”

You get close to Mr. Hart and you wait for a break in his conversation and you approach him saying ,“Mr. Hart, my name is John May (hand him your card) and I know that this is not the time nor place for this conversation, but I would like to speak with you about doing business with my firm… can we set something up for later this week after this meeting has concluded?” Ethical or not? Very ethical! Here’s why:

You are the top dog, or one of the top dogs in your company and you are the one who is supposed to make it rain. Your employees are counting on you to provide for them. If each employee has 1.75 family members… now each employee counting on you is closer to being 3 people. Add in all your vendor partners and their families who are counting on you to be their client. Mortgage payments, rent, car loans, college educations, trips to visit grandparents… sometimes just enough to eat are all the vitals that your employees and their families are counting on you to help them provide. They are not looking to be social cases, they just want you to be the leader of a company that gives them a fighting chance to succeed. You drive the revenues and give them the tools and direction they hunger for and off they will go… fighting the good fight to deliver your reputation. If you don’t feel that hurt when you have to lay them

Promotion Strategies to “STEAL THE COMPETITION” In his international SPARKS


Tony Cuccio, founder and CEO of Cuccio Naturalé, Cina Pro and Star Nail, emphasizes that gift certificates and retail products don’t sell themselves. Salons and spas should offer a point of client interaction for these revenue generators:



July/August 2010

A Better Approach to Gift Certificates Instead of keeping gift certificates hidden in a cash register, have them in the retail area where clients can pick them up. The best approach is to create a standard gift certificate, and put them in a lucite box, an organza bag, or an envelope that can be changed to reflect the season.

Create a Retail Cocktail Bar Make it fun for clients to try products by having a sample bar with products in martini or margarita glasses with sampling sticks. A playful, appetizing collection of scents will draw them in like candy.

How to steal business from your competition off, or cut their pay or reduce their hours, then I would strongly urge you to think back to those days when you lived paycheck to paycheck like so many of your employees do. Ethical vs. Unethical… what is right and wrong when it comes to stealing business? Simply put, nobody is a good enough salesperson to come in and take a client of yours if they are loyal to you and your company. Period. If they are able to take your business then you did not deserve it. Same with your good employees who leave you for your competition. So what is ethical? It is easier to define unethical so let’s do that one… not doing all you can within the limits of the law to provide for your employees. End of story. So now, think for a moment or two, how many times did you not pull out all the stops to acquire and account from the competition. In doing so, how many people did you let down? What do you need in order to steal business? First off, courage and commitment to provide for you and your family and those of your fellow employees. Next, you need to know what companies use your competition (that’s really what you are stealing). Then you need to make a loyalty driving sales call

Visibly Price Your Products

on those potential accounts. You are not guessing if they have potential for you they are already buying. These are the best leads by far to be following up on vs. calling on people you don’t even know have potential. Lastly, your employees need to know what you did for them and how they too must do their part to earn loyalty each and every day with these clients. By the way, remember the airplane story that lead off this article? It is unethical because if you had called on that client a year ago, they probably would have used you starting then. What was unethical about that story is the fact that you did not provide for your employees sooner. s WRITTEN BY DON FARRELL ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Don Farrell is the author of Ethical Theft… how to steal business. He is a speaker who conducts training workshops and consults select clients on how to create a unique sales and service culture. His clients thrive in recessions or good times alike because they have adopted his philosophy of liberating from the competition. To find out more about Don’s company or to buy his book, you can go to or call 731.514.1589.

is dry skin keeping you in hiding?

Maintain a Healthy Inventory

9 $5.9

It’s also important to price products correctly, and to have the price visible to clients as they are sampling. As they saying goes, “If you have to ask...” Clear pricing removes the embarrassment a client may feel if they have to ask and then don’t buy because the price is too high.

“Having good inventory of your retail is also key,” Tony says, “as it signals to the client that it sells successfully and is popular. Having too little inventory, such as only one or two of an item, indicates that either it doesn’t sell, or worse, that the business isAvailable doing at: T HE poorly overall. s Available at: T HE Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • order products 800.362.6245

the industry source



Assertiveness Techniques That Give You Power AND HOW TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF Assertiveness training is one of the most important tools for managers. Rid yourself of childhood restrictions, fear, hesitation, and social misinformation. Know the difference between being aggressive — bullying, yelling, screaming, intimidation — and being assertive — being diplomatic, strong, factual, clear, and firm, which can successfully solve interpersonal difficulties with your employees and in your life. Stop being a martyr, a victim, and a doormat. Avoid blaming other people for your situation. Believe that there is a workable resolution. Take responsibility and stand up for yourself to get what you need and want from others in a caring, direct way. Good managers know how to be positive, identify the faulty behavior, and focus quickly on a win/win solution. Here are the steps of assertiveness:

1 | State the Problem Use “The Sandwich Technique” — Start out with a positive compliment about the person, then go directly to the problem and give feedback stating it clearly and giving examples of the toxic or faulty behavior and how you want it to change, and then end on a positive note of what you’d like to have happen. Bob: “Jack, you are a valued co-worker here, and we’ve been working together for five years. We’ve noticed your work isn’t in on time and I’m wondering what’s wrong. It’s unlike you. Is there anything I or the company can do to help you meet your deadlines?”

2 | State Your Feelings Say how the person’s behavior makes you feel. Use words like frustrated, angry, and annoyed. Be specific. Avoid accusations and blame.



July/August 2010

Bob: “When your work isn’t completed on time, it slows up the whole department because we all depend on your reports. When you don’t give me advance notice, I can’t make arrangements with the others. I need to know what’s wrong so we can correct it. When you don’t tell me what’s happening, I feel cut out of the loop, powerless, and frustrated.”

3 | Offer Solutions Give the person various options for their behavior and how much better it would be when behavior changes. Bob: “What can I do to help you to get the reports in on time? Do you need another administrative assistant for a few days? Do you need to partner up with someone to share the workload? Are there any problems at work I can take care of? Let me know so we can fix it.”

4 | Give an Ultimatum

7 | Resolution

If the situation doesn’t improve, you’ll have to issue an ultimatum. Some people like to include it with the first conversation so the other person knows where they stand. State what you intend to do if compliance isn’t achieved like reporting it to the boss or HR.

Decide what the action plan will be and agree on it, perhaps in writing.

Bob: “If you can’t get the reports in on time, let me know immediately. If your work continues to be late you are jeopardizing your position at the company and you may be demoted or fired. I may have to report it to our boss or HR if it’s not corrected and I’d rather not have to do that, so please get the reports in on time.”

5 | Look and Listen Hear the person’s response and their feedback. Be quiet and listen to what the person is saying and how they’re saying it. Observe their body language. Know what they’re saying between the lines. Use active listening techniques to establish rapport by paraphrasing what you hear. Bob: “I understand that you thought you could get it done without coming to me, and now you see you couldn’t do it. I know how hard you’re working and what pressure you must feel.”

6 | Dialogue Have an honest discussion, listen, don’t interrupt each other, and comment on each thing the person says — be prepared to hear them remark on each thing you have said and respond accordingly. Bob: “I’m not here to blame you, I’m here to find a win/win solution that works for all of us. Let’s see how we can remedy this. Perhaps an assistant will be the solution. Let me schedule an assistant and get this process started right now.”

Bob: “So, Jack, our agreement is that I’ll schedule you for an assistant for several weeks so you’ll be able to catch up and get your reports in on time.”


8 | Follow Up Send a letter and/or e-mail summarizing the discussion and what the decision was. He should cc it to whoever might also be affected — bosses, other co-workers, and HR to cover himself and others. He can e-mail it, and I recommend hand delivering it so people can’t say, “I never got it.” According to a tech consultant, approximately 5%-7% of all e-mails never reach their intended place. Add a sentence at the end, like, “If you have any questions about or additions to this memo, please respond in writing.”


This allows the co-worker recourse to respond, and insures that you have covered your back, which is crucial in any company, whether you are the co-worker, boss, or owner. People can say, “I never said that,” or “I didn’t agree to that,” but if you put it in writing, then you’re covered. Ask them to send a reply e-mail, agreeing to the solution. These steps of assertiveness can assist and empower you, whether you’re a co-worker, manager, or a boss in dealing with toxic situations. Be clear, firm, and compassionate. Stay focused, communicate honestly and open, and cooperate for a win/win solution. It works! ▲ WRITTEN BY LINNDA DURRÉ

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Linnda Durré, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, business consultant, corporate trainer, national speaker, and columnist. She has hosted and co-produced two live call-in TV shows, including “Ask The Family Therapist” on America’s Health Network, which was associated with Mayo Clinic. She is the author of Surviving The Toxic Workplace: Protect Yourself Against Co-Workers, Bosses, and Work Environments That Poison Your Day (McGraw-Hil, 2010). She has been interviewed on Oprah, 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Good Morning America and The O’Reilly Factor, and the national and/or local news on ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, Fox and CW. She has written for Forbes, Orlando Business Journal and American Cities Business Journals. For more information about her consulting or speaking, contact her at and 407.739.8620. Available at: T HE INDUST RY

Available at: T HE

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE

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Cost Lost Customer OF A




ever because





mistake you or someone else in your organization made?

Here is a model to illustrate how important it is that we minimize defecting customers. Follow along with numbers from your own company to give you an idea of how much an angry customer can be costing you.

Have you ever thought of

There are two basic factors involved in calculating the cost of a defecting customer:

the potential cost of that

1. The average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

defecting customer? There

2. The Ripple Effect

is a reason that conflict resolution training and service failure



are so important in today’s competitive environment.

Calculating a CLV The Customer Lifetime Value is the average amount one customer might be expected to spend with one business over a lifetime. It involves three components: 1. The average dollar amount per transaction 2. The average number of transactions per year 3. The average number of years a customer remains in a business’s primary target group



July/August 2010

The Ripple Effect The Ripple Effect is the impact of a service failure beyond the initial incident and initial customer. A large body of research shows that the average customer will tell 7-10 people about a bad service experience; and that people will tend to avoid businesses they have heard negative things about, and patronize businesses they have heard positive things about. So, let’s assume the worst case scenario: that a customer has a negative experience in the coffee shop, and says she’s never coming back. She then tells ten people about her experience, all ten people also fall in the primary target group, and all ten subsequently choose to avoid the coffee shop in the future. The CLV is now multiplied by 11 (the initial customer, plus the ten others). With the Ripple Effect, therefore, the potential cost of a single service failure over a five year period in a coffee shop is as high as $33,000. Even if these numbers are only half correct, it’s still a lot of money for a single bad coffee experience!

Let’s use a coffee shop as an example. You might think that losing a single customer because of poor service in that business isn’t a big deal. Think again.

If this isn’t motivation to work on your dealing with difficult customer skills, I don’t know what is! ▲

Assume an average dollar amount per transaction of $3.00, and that the average customer is there once a day, for approximately 200 days a year. That means $600 ($3 per transaction x 200 transactions) per year, per customer. How long does an average customer remain in a coffee shop’s target group? Let’s estimate just 5 years to be conservative. That means that the lifetime value of an average customer is $3,000 ($600 per year x 5 years). That $3 customer has just turned into a $3,000 customer. And it doesn’t stop there.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shaun Belding is CEO of The Belding Group of Companies, which helps organizations improve customer experience through customer service training and measurement. He is recognized as one of the leading global experts on customer service, service recovery, employee performance and building positive workplaces. Shaun is author of the global best-selling series Winning with the (customer, employee, boss, caller) from Hell, published in 10 languages. His newest book is Win at Work: navigate the nasties, get things done and get ahead. He speaks extensively on customer service, employee performance and positive workplaces. For more information, visit




more exciting options in

drying! Ionic Travel Dryer Features patented technology that maximizes the benefits of ionic airflow by injecting a high volume of ions into the air stream, depositing them directly into the hair. • Folding handle • Worldwide dual voltage • Multiple heat and speed combinations • Cool shot • DC motor • Concentrator and diffuser • 6 ft. cord • 1875 Watts


Hot Air Brush with Retractable Bristles 1 1/4" Features Ceramic® that produces far-infrared heat to seal the hair cuticle and eliminate frizz, leaving hair soft, shiny and radiant. • Detachable barrel for easy storage • Ball-tipped bristles • High/Low heat settings • Cool shot • 8 ft. cord • 1000 Watts


INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE


What accomplishments are you most proud of? There are many including shows I’ve participated in throughout the world including eight appearances at the Alternative Hair Show in London. But the accomplishment that I am proudest of is transforming my first, simple 430 sq. ft. salon into multiple locations totalling more than 10,000 sq. ft.

What is your business philosophy? Method, discipline, respect for the customer and your co-workers and, most of all, training, dedication and love for what I’m doing.

What inspires your work?


Carlo Bay


In creating new collections, I draw inspiration from current changes in dress in general, and from new trends seen at fashion shows and nightspots. Today, we also do a great deal as a team. I divide my team into three groups and each one comes up with ideas. Then, we all come together to decide which is best for the collection. Often we take a piece from one and a piece from the other and begin creating all over again.

What do you enjoy most about the industry?

Carlo Bay is a renowned Tuscan hairstylist with a lucrative eponymous brand that combines hair trends, hair care and make up. Born in Arezzo Italy, Carlo began his career as a hairstylist in Florence, Italy and in 1985 created Carlo Bay Diffusion, a salon chain in Italy that employs nearly 200 professionals in 18 salons. In 1990, Carlo opened the Florence Academy, providing basic training for beginning professionals and artistic and managerial training for business owners, serving more than 1,000 students annually. He also founded the Carlo Bay System, a franchise salon chain business of nearly 100 members, and the Carlo Bay Club, comprising of more than 80 salons participating in training and development.

Today I primarily work with the franchised salons. Then there are the club affiliates and also the academy with all its seminars, shows all over the world, a hair care line and a makeup line. So, I have a lot to do. But I’ve been successful in building a team of very talented people to whom I often delegate. In the end, it doesn’t take much: you only need to work 14-15 hours a day and everything becomes easy!

Carlo continually develops innovative styles, participating in fashion shows and working with the famous fashion photographer, Aldo Fallai. In addition to numerous television appearances, he has received prestigious international acknowledgements and is a winner of the NextLook Awards. Carlo will be visiting the U.S. in October, appearing as one of the live Tiffany judges at DREAMS 2010.

The Spring/Summer 2010 collections impose a clear choice: return to the past with a nostalgic spirit or enthusiastically throw yourself into the future without regrets. It’s a past that comes directly out of your grandmother’s dusty trunk: lingerie from the old days made of light, transparent and embroidered fabrics in flesh tones or the classic combination


July/August 2010

What trends are you currently offering in your salons?

of black and white. But there’s also a personal, layered style characterized by mix & match: Hippy, Grunge, Cowgirl and Rock Star that reflects America in the 70s, 80s and 90s. In total contrast, we find a woman projected into the future and committed to surviving in the urban jungle that she confronts dressed in slim lines that highlight her agile body. So, here we have an urban warrior inspired by the army who embraces sand tones and military grey and khaki. The new tribes of the future look to far-off Africa to construct an ethnic and urban style with spicy tones and an exotic flavor.

What is your favorite salon product? I don’t have a favorite. The best product is the one most suited to the type of hair and the effect that I want to achieve.

What do you look for in hair products? Today, coloring isn’t about dying the hair but providing light at the necessary points with exclusive systems: a soft light over the entire length or a mixture of colors created in a few minutes. A color product must provide excellent results, but most of all it must enhance the customer’s perception of service value and allow me to distinguish myself from other hairdressers. The styling must be soft and designed based on the lines of the cut; an effective product must help give personality to every cut and every creation of a look.

Why did you decide to recommend using Kemon? I get along really well with Kemon: we both love Italian style and want to export “Made in Italy” throughout the world; and it’s very important for me to work with people that I like and respect. At Kemon, I’ve found friends and prepared professionals who are easy to develop projects with. Like me, Kemon is very attentive to nature and develops products like Actyva and coloring solutions that are always innovative in terms of both formulations and especially in promoting services for hairstylists to offer that increasingly develop their own business. ▲


extreme hold that can be sculpted into any shape.

BUYONEGETONEFREE* Available at: T HE *Limit 6 per purchase

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245


a u o y e r a


Coaches’ Corner

Janan Delly

Denisa Cito

In Support of Premier Talent For hairdressers wanting to advance their careers, becoming a coach, mentor or educator provides necessary training and opportunities. Kemon coaches find their salon owner’s support invaluable in their pursuit to further develop skills and talents, as continuing education, teaching and performing at industry events as a Kemon Coach can require investing time that could be spent working behind the chair. Judie Placido is the owner of BonCiDello Salon & Spa in Shelby Township, MI. She is business-savvy and experienced, with more than 40 years in the industry. Always working towards client retention, she seeks top-shelf hairdressers for her salon, like Kemon Coaches Janan Delly and Denisa Cito, and she knows she needs the right culture to retain and attract premier talent. “We have a very intelligent, educated, informed consumer,” Judie says, “so, naturally we have to get involved and be one step up. We have to learn to be recession-proof.” For the past 10 years she has worked hard creating a brand at BonCiDello that provides total satisfaction for customers in an environment where employees can reach high career potential. Judie strongly supports and invests in intense training to connect constantly to new and improved products and techniques. Her consumers recognize the quality of education and techniques, which helps distinguish BonCiDello from the competition. Moreover, Judie feels when you feel a part of something that is much bigger, you feel very connected to what you are doing. At the start of her own career, Judie worked for her brother, a salon owner who had the early vision to turn a beauty shop into a salon. Working alongside platform artists and educators with the idea that it was more than doing hair, it was the whole experience, both influenced and inspired her. She went on to educate for top brands and attributes her own success in the salon industry to always going for the next thing.

“My experience educating for Kemon has been very rewarding. We have a great team! It’s a pleasure working for a salon that not only supports my ambitions, but also encourages me to reach my goals.” — Janan Delly Judie leads by example, setting strategic goals as a stylist, as a business owner and as a technician. She defines a goal as a genuine impulse of desire that you must define with precision. Helping her stylists set their own future goals gives them a clear sense of purpose. “When you set a goal, you acknowledge consciously and subconsciously that where you are now is not where you want to be. I want to help them implement this through change and growth,”Judie says.

When Kemon was first introduced in the U.S., Judie knew it would be the boost that young hairdressers needed to fuel their creativity and drive the industry. She immediately saw the connection it would give them to that feeling of something bigger. Knowing the opportunities and advantages this could provide, she couldn’t pass on the chance to get involved with Kemon right away.

Judie Placido

owner, BonCiDello Salon & Spa

“Through involvement with Kemon I convey how passion drives my work, and Kemon is my ‘go to’ for all I need. I’m grateful for the total support of my mentor, Judie Placido, and the entire BonCiDello team.” — Denisa Cito Janan and Denisa have been involved as Kemon Coaches and members of the Kemon Artistic team since 2008. In that time Judie has seen them develop not only in skills and talents, but also in how they view their guests. When they are educating, Judie notes there is lost service revenue and products to the salon. But she feels she can’t put a price tag on the experience they are getting, like developing communication skills, that go above and beyond the premier education. In addition, each has had unique opportunities open to them. “I want to give my staff all the opportunities they ask for,” Judie says. “The appreciation comes in the personal self-fulfillment they get, and they realize it in an ‘aha’ moment.” Judie’s staff can always look to her for support, whether it’s career advice or getting through small obstacles. When Denisa was preparing for her first hands-on stage demonstration she was struggling with pre-performance nerves. Judie was there to remind her that if she can do it, she can say it. Moreover, believing in yourself is not enough but you also have to believe in the product and techniques. Kemon has given them the tools and the experience to be successful as hairstylists, Coaches, and more. Because of the superiority of Kemon products, Judie says she has watched both Denisa and Janan excel at educating and stage performance of the brand techniques. In the end, Judie has to trust that sending out young minds and talent helps create that entire experience she wants for her clients. She sees this happening through Janan and Denisa who go out and through coaching bring back ways and means to empower the rest of the staff. s

Catch Janan and Denisa at Edge of Style held at TheAcademy in Farmington Hills, Michigan on Sept. 13. For more info, see TheAcademy education calendar on page 75 of this issue or visit


the industry source

tngM_JA10_30 Coaches Corner.indd 1

July/August 2010

6/15/10 3:58 PM

COLORING Yogurt based color

AmmoniaFREE, PPD-FREE, low-odor, since 2006

Gentle, nourishing service. Long-lasting, intense color. Created by Kemon, Italy’s brilliant hair color and styling company, Yo.Coloring is loved by stylists and clients across Europe and the U.S. for amazing color results combined with a gentle service enriched with yogurt extract to nourish, hydrate, restore and protect. • Therapeutic yogurt base • Delayed micro-pigment delivery • Up to 100% gray coverage • Lightens up to 2 levels • 35 colors in 8 series of tones

Custom service for three types of clients, identified by accredited marketing studies: Mixy Milk 1 for Free Clients – those who don’t want change or touch ups. Creates discrete demi-permanent tones, with no regrowth. Mixy Milk 2 for Classic Clients – those who want intense long lasting color with a deposit only result. Mixy Milk 3 for Avant Garde Clients – those who want vivid, obvious results. Creates perfect coverage and up to 2 levels of lightening. Creates intense colors and up to 100% gray coverage.

Create to your Art’s content!

Family owned since 1959, Kemon products The Artist’s Choice.

embody the pride, passion, confidence and integrity that hairdressers stand for.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE


A Shared Passion for Hair the creators of alex emilio salon

Alex Lekocaj and Emilio Giglio were industry friends and colleagues for 7 years before deciding to open their own salon together. In 2001 they opened Alex Emilio in Royal Oak, MI. In just three years the business doubled in size. “Alex and I met years ago at a salon in Birmingham. We shared a passion for hair and became friends immediately,” Emilio says. “A great opportunity came up at a salon in Royal Oak where the owners were looking to sell. Alex and I knew we wanted to be owners, so I asked him if he would like to partner up.” Nothing is more important to the stylists at Alex Emilio than their clients, who are always welcomed and made to feel comfortable, not intimidated. Alex and Emilio seek out some of the best hairstylists in the region for their salon, so regardless of who performs a service, the quality of work is always high. They are confident that you won’t find another group of people who are more passionate or committed to learning and being the best. Creating a truly welcoming environment has helped set Alex Emilio apart from other area salons. From desk staff to junior stylists they search out friendly people, because you can’t teach friendly. The whole staff works together as a team to get things done throughout the day. Best known for their commitment to education, staff is consistently creating top notch color, cuts and styles. Alex and Emilio know if they treat all clients with respect, make them feel at home in the salon and manage to do good hair, they will always be successful. The client experience is interactive, fun and fresh. Everyone is upbeat and helpful, which clients always comment on. Today, the salon employs 15 stylists, six junior stylists, three makeup artists, and two nail techs. They offer services ranging from $20 to $450 and are well known for their customer service.

They want clients to feel amazing when they leave and continue to feel that way until the next service. And while they love the fact that people come to them for a great cut, they say why not have excellent conversation and service to go along with it? Not only is communication the basis for a wonderful relationship with clients, but it also allows them to provide clients with the perfect look. Alex Emilio has been a Kemon salon since it became available in 2008. They were one of the first salons to try the brand when tng worldwide was considering bringing it to the U.S. Alex and Emilio were impressed with the products and loved that the company was also family-owned. “The color is easy to use with no guess work,” says Emilio. “After we tried it we all thought, what took us so long to find this!” Getting to meet Giuliano Nocentiti, owner, president and CEO of Kemon, was a special experience that reinforced Kemon’s dedication to the health, wellness and success of hairdressers. Kemon services and products aspire to enrich and improve people’s lives and relationships, recognizing that people are their most valuable resource. In terms of retail, Alex and Emilio have recently observed that clients are buying less and waiting for a sale. Many clients are buying retail products at beauty supply stores that sell to the public instead of buying in the salon. Paying attention to their pricing has become essential, in addition to choosing the right products. When the salon offers a discount or sale on their retail, clients are more likely to buy in the salon. s

World headquarters tng worldwide 23200 Haggerty Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48335 (800) 511-6890


the industry source

July/August 2010


West Bassett Salon Solutions 1595 N. Main St. Orange, CA 92867 (877) BSS-9288

Fun Facts with Owners Alex Lekocaj and Emilio Giglio How did you get started in the industry? Alex: My sister talked me into it; it turned out to be the best move ever. Emilio: I had recently been thrown out of high school, and the beauty school didn’t seem to mind, so for me it was a second chance; I decided to make the most of it. Besides, it sounded like a fun way to meet girls! What do you love most about your career? Alex: In the beginning it used to be the change of trends and customers, now I love to see my staff grow and become amazing stylists. Emilio: The impact I can make on someone’s life. I love the industry as a whole, but I am particularly fond of being a role model helping young stylists become successful. What inspires your work? Alex: Editorial trends, and my coworkers work really inspire me to do great work. Emilio: I am inspired by being as good as I can be. I strive to be the best; nothing is better than when someone says my hair has never looked better. You can say I’m slightly competitive.

MidWest tng worldwide 3010 Woodcreek Drive, Suite J-1 Downers Grove, IL 60515 (630) 935-4534

Northeast GF Distributors INC 34 Linnell Circle Billerica, MA 01821 (978) 667-9900

T i k c i K tothe

Naturals – Control residual tones to create beautiful true neutrals. Intense Naturals – More heavily

CoolSide As summer heats up, be cool with Italian Hair Fashion. Perfect blondes,

pigmented for intensity of tone. Provides more control for unwanted warmth creating true neutrals on even the most resistant gray.

.1 ash series – Provides the control needed to create the purest blondes without going brassy. .23 beige gold series – Subdues unwanted warmth while being enhanced by a touch of gold to provide reflection and shine. Perfect for taming but not eliminating the subtle warm tones. .6 red violet – Intense and vibrant red/violet that will add a touch of cool to redheads or brunettes.

.7 violet – Deep rich violets stand alone or can be added to other nuances to create cool red results.

pure neutrals and red violets in formulas that control even the warmest natural residual tones.

COLORING Yogurt based color

.2 beige series – Controls unwanted underlying pigment with a mix of green and gold to create creamy soft results.

.7 violet – Amazing deep violet that gives rich intensity all by itself or added to any red or brunette.

As a more heavily pigmented line, the cool tones in Cramer provide the ultimate in cool and controlled results.

.1 ash series – Easily controls all unwanted warmth and gives rich, classic, vibrant shine without the brass.

Create to your Art’s content!

.21 matte series – A controlled beige with cooling properties enhanced by an ash to control even the warmest residual tones in the hair. .2 beige – Unbelievably creamy results that cool down undertones but leave the natural reflection and shine.

.56 red red violet – Intense cool reds that control the copper and gold.

The Artist’s Choice.

.7 violet – Deep cool rich violets that add a cool edge to any color

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE


Kemon National Educators

WOW Hairdressers at VIP Event

In early April, Kemon Owner’s Circle salons were privy to a day of advanced education taught by National Artistic Coach Robert DeBartolo Eric Lindsey demonstrates the Balayage technique.

and National Platform Artist Eric Lindsey. More than 100 were in attendance at TheAcademy in Farmington Hills, Mich. to see the latest collection from Kemon’s Spring/ Summer 2010 Italian Touch. The day began with a two hour look-and-learn followed by an opportunity to work hands-on with Robert and Eric to recreate the new looks and techniques with a step-by-step approach. Robert led the cutting and styling course while Eric presented and led Balayage techniques, painting highlights and expressing new tonal contrasts. Being Eric’s first Kemon event, he was impressed with the energy and excitement from all the guests as well as the high level of interaction.

Balayage achieves soft, painted highlights.

“Participating in this special event for top Kemon salons is what being an educator is all about,” says Eric. “Working with Robert was seamless.” Robert is a globally recognized platform artist, industry leader, stylist and educator. He has traveled the world teaching and working on worldwide shows such as Intercoiffure, Cosmoproff and fashion week for top designers. He is known best for his unsurpassable, innovative techniques and creating fashion-forward style. As an educator, he uses his creativity and skill to develop educational systems that simplify and inspire.

Robert DeBartolo with some models at WOW.


the industry source

July/August 2010

Eric owns Kharisma Hair Studio in Houston, TX, and as a national educator he has worked in some of the most innovative salons in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Having learned from Jacques Dessange, Eric is a master at this art form of applying bleach to strands with cotton and poly wrap. Not only does it create soft, more versatile results and beautiful shine,

but the process only takes 10 minutes and does not require heat, so it is better for the hair. Beth Jessee, stylist and owner of jesseesalongroup, with Tangles Salon and Amedai Salon & Spa both in Adrian, MI, attended Eric’s Balayage course. She is also a Kemon coach and notes that it is not very often when she leaves a course so inspired by a new technique. The class included veteran stylists as well as apprentices, but she observed that everyone left feeling very excited about trying out what they learned. “So many times artists just want to talk about themselves,” she says. “Eric was happy to answer each person’s question with a complete answer. He also took the time in the hands-on class to walk around and make sure that each stylist was doing it right before moving on to the next section.” “We offered our first Balayage class with the Jacques Dessange team back in 2002, but for some reason, the interest level back then didn’t compare to what we witnessed in April,” says Larry Gaynor, president and CEO of TNG. “The Balayage course not only excited everyone with something different that can differentiate hairdressers from consumers doing their thing at home, but it really was artistic. Fast forward to 2010, and the industry is looking for something just like this.” Eric is looking forward to being back in TheAcademy in July to teach high lifting techniques using Kemon lighteners. For more information on the upcoming course, Blonde Solutions, please see page 75 of this issue. s WRITTEN BY AIMEE GURSKI

Pride Pride comes when goals are set and achieved through well planning and perfect execution.

Ron and Laura Assafo Hairplace One Quincy, MA

Integrity Integrity to me is Life’s goal. A benchmark to strive for 24/7. Truth. Honesty. Wholeness.

Passion Passion is the forefront for any desire... Passion requires careful cultivation... With it EVERYTHING is possible!

Susan Gaudino Bella Bella Encinitas, CA

Confidence Confidence is a state of being brought on with the education and the knowledge of the subject being studied.

Todd Schmidt Eastown Salon Grand Rapids, MI Philip Palmeri Trio Salon Evanston, IL

Cramer Bleach Dust-free powder lightener with enhanced lightening power reliably lifts up to 7 levels.

Performance HD – Yo.Coloring – Actyva Flawless, brilliant color and incredible shine. Ammonia- and PPD-free products available.

Create to your Art’s content! The Artist’s Choice.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE


Nancy O’Dell Brings Red Carpet Status to P RO F E S S I O N A L D O U B L E WA x WA R m E R Satin Smooth® Professional Double Warmer is an exclusive design created to efficiently maximize your space and add customized waxing services for client comfort and wellness. The thermostat is designed to create an even temperature throughout the day. This state-of-the-art appliance is made with a durable plastic housing that will not crack or discolor. Trust the best. Trust Satin Smooth®.

Nancy O’Dell was recently named the official spokesperson for BaByliss PRO professional beauty products. A famed TV host and entertainment reporter, Nancy is known for her red-carpet interviews and her presence at many celebrity events. Aside from being an original member of the Access Hollywood team and serving as co-anchor for 13 years, Nancy has hosted The Golden Globes and The Tournament of Roses Parade for the past nine years. BaByliss PRO notes that a partnership with Nancy is the first time a professional salon brand has a Hollywood spokesperson of this magnitude. This partnership elevates the brand in stylists’ eyes and helps BaByliss PRO salons build up a loyal clientele. “We believe everyone should be as beautiful as possible, both inside and out, and giving of yourself to others less fortunate shows true inner beauty,” says Brooke Carlson, VP of Conair Professional Brands, the parent company of BaByliss PRO. “It’s an honor to have someone as beautiful as Nancy – both inside and out – as our spokesperson. Not only does she shine on the red carpet with celebrities, she is relatable to many women balancing career and family. She also has a great eye for hair, fashion and accessories. She knows what works and what doesn’t.” Since salon clients often follow celebrity looks and Nancy O’Dell is always on the forefront of the redcarpet trends, she is the ideal person to help translate the celebrity looks into everyday, wearable styles.


“As a busy mom, wife and journalist, I feel I am representative of the many women hairstylists across the country see on a daily basis,” Nancy says. “I know I trust the stylists’ opinions about which products to use. And that is how I originally started to use BaByliss PRO.”

Features: ~ 2 independent single warming wells with On/Off silicone-covered switches and temperature control dials ~ Thermostat designed to create an even temperature throughout the day

BaByliss PRO is known for innovative professional

~ Includes lid, wax clamp and 4 protective collars ~ Designed to fit most brands of hot wax cans ~ Dimensions: 121/4"(L) x 71/4"(W) x 41/2"(H)

appliances perfectly suited for use by hairstylists for hair protection and care. R&D engineers develop products that respond to the needs of the professional market at the best price. The skill and experience of their manufacturing specialists guarantee high-quality production. Each instrument is tested at their technical centers located throughout the world for efficiency, design, ergonomics and performance, making BaByliss PRO the reference point of professionals today.

NEW! Portofino 6600 Nano Titanium Dryer 444280

Salon Price: $99.97

Their newest innovations include the Portofino 6600 Nano Titanium Dryer and the Nano Titanium C Styler. The Portofino Item #: 302164 Dryer delivers even heat distribution at ultra-high temperatures with the latest in Nano Titanium technology and an integrated 10SS114662 ion generator. It features six heat/speed settings. The C Styler Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • creates smooth curves, waves and flips with deeply curved 5” titanium perfect glide plates. Ceramic heater delivers instant heat 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • recovery for consistent temperature adjustable up to 450° F. ▲

RY SOURCE • RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 36


July/August 2010

NEW! Nano Titanium C Styler 1.5” 444485

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE



Beauty professionals looking to grow their career often do so by becoming an educator, opening their own salon or seeking high-profile experiences on movie sets, TV shows or at fashion shows. Since becoming involved in New York Fashion Week a few seasons ago, Phillip Pelusi has become a go-to stylist for both mainstream and independent fashion designers. Here’s his advice for someone looking to advance their career through high-profile fashion. How can someone get involved? Getting involved in Fashion Week is not an easy thing to do, especially in New York. One avenue to take would be through working with a product company. At Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi we are working with young, emerging designers because of our reputation with the fashion designers here and in Europe. What is expected of a stylist at Fashion Week? To give top performance in a very, very limited about of time. Anyone participating needs to have finely tuned skills. One has to be quick and prepared and leave their ego at the door. Just this past Fashion Week: we had 28 models, of which 12 showed up just 12 minutes before the show for hair and makeup. They arrived with hair teased and sprayed from the previous show. We had the models brush out their own hair while the makeup people did their magic. Then, our 12 stylists did their hair in just 13 minutes! Have many real-time practices ahead of time to be ready for the time constrictions. Another thing to keep in mind is that the look is imperfectly perfect. Hairdressers are used to having time to primp and tuck in ends, but runway work is fast-paced. We work as a team and follow the direction of the creative director and stylist for the show with one clear vision. Usually, everything runs smoothly, but you need to be ready for a lot of pressure and friction. Communication skills are important too. Backstage everyone has to be well versed in the look and prepared to explain what they are doing in an interview. What opportunities have come about as a

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • result of Fashion Week involvement? Great outreach and exposure if the look grabs RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 38


July/August 2010

the attention of editors from consumer and professional magazines, film, video and also

New York Fashion Week is Sept. 9-16 featuring the Spring/ Summer 2011 collections Marc Jacobs Collection Spring/Summer 2010

take it to the

bloggers. The exposure is only as good as what you do with it. If you are in a medium-size city it comes down to how you make the most of it, maximizing the experience through your local media and to the consumer. Try to get a copy of the runway tape or some pictures. Or maybe have your own fashion show to establish yourself as a leader and help support your price point by increasing your credibility. How has your career benefited through this experience? The biggest thing is that I have grown personally as an individual. Ultimately, I am able to lead with more confidence and am able to help and develop other people. My advice is don’t get into doing runway work for any kind of immediate gratification, but instead do it for a long-range goal of building you and your brand. Don’t think about the amount of time or money you spend because you are going to have to take the time and spend the money. It is all about personal growth and then good things happen. ▲ ABOUT PHILIP PELUSI: Stylist, photographer, entrepreneur, Philip’s career began with opening his first salon in 1965. Over the hears he has grown his business to 13 salons, a self-designed training program and signature lines including P2 Professional by Philip Pelusi and Tela. While Philip was developing his salons, he was also garnering attention as a photographer for his aesthetic illustrations of his hair designs.

for the best in skin renewal just...

peel & glow!

Purify, heal and nourish the skin in one easy step with Amber’s Facial Peel Off Masques. Extracted from several types of seaweed, the alginate base is used as a gelling agent to assist in the renewal of the skin. Extracts and oils are also added to enhance the benefits of the masque, allowing you to tailor the treatment to your client’s specific skin type and nutritional needs. Choose from 9 different Peel Off Masques, each with their own healing properties.

Call today and take $5.00 off of your order! Call 1-800-821-9188 to speak to an Amber Spa Solutions Specialist or visit

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE


On Her Own Terms

Looking to take on new challenges outside the home, stay-at-home mother Shelley Boblett bravely embarked on a business venture, purchasing a tanning salon. Now, more than





locations later, the business is more successful than she ever envisioned it could be.

Shelley stumbled upon the idea of owning a tanning salon when some friends were looking to sell their established business in Fillmore, California. Not knowing anything about indoor tanning, she and her husband Mike set themselves to task taking in as much education they could find. They went to every seminar, received tanning certification, and even went to a private party for ProSun tanning beds at the Playboy mansion. “I was home for two years with a baby, and I wasn’t going to go work for someone,” Shelley says. “All the ducks were lined up for me to run this business on my own terms.” Shelley grew up in Fillmore, located halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, and knew the area well. She bought the business and opened Oasis Tanning on September 9, 1999. Her first salon had three identical units and offered only one level of tanning. As the business grew, she knew she would need to expand. Looking back, Shelley says creating the second location was a nightmare; it took a year and half to get to opening day working in Santa Paula with different requirements. In the meantime, she began work on a third location under a tight schedule, that took only three months to open. The idea for the third location started with a call from a developer who was opening a new complex in nearby Ventura. Hearing of Oasis’s success, the developer asked Shelley if she was interested in opening another salon. She agreed it was a good opportunity, and started to move forward. Surprisingly during those hectic days, the third location ended up opening before the second location was ready. After locations two and three were open for a year, it was clear that clients preferred the bigger and better services that Ventura and Santa Paula could provide, and so Shelley closed the small Fillmore location. Today Oasis Tanning offers six levels of tanning in Ventura, plus Mystic UV-FREE spray tanning and leg tanning. The Santa Paula location offers three levels of tanning. Both locations also sell swimwear and Colonial Candles.


the industry source

July/August 2010

Outpacing the competition

Keeping in touch

In 2008 the Bobletts took on business partner, Karol Egedi. Shelley and Karol’s approach to running Oasis Tanning is very hands-on. They each spend 20-30 hours a week in the salons (one at each location) working with staff and customers. Their hard work and dedication is reflected in how Oasis stands out in terms of both customer service and salon cleanliness. They train all their employees to greet every customer and offer the best level of service.

Oasis also distributes a quarterly calendar that includes all of their daily specials and promotions. For example, on her 40th birthday Shelley offered clients 40% off her favorite lotion all day. Lots of clients came in to take advantage of the offer and wish Shelley a happy birthday. She feels a great personal rapport with all of her clients

They feel it is very important for all of their staff to be knowledgeable on all of Oasis’s products and services. Within one month of hire, every staff member must be fully certified. If they don’t pass their exam, they don’t work the desk. Likewise, staff is held accountable for keeping the salon spotless. “We make sure that the girls keep the place so clean you can eat off the floors,” Shelley says. Because of the difference in how she runs the business, “I don’t feel like I have a lot of competition,” Shelley says. “I take a lot of pride in how the salons are run, and I truly enjoy my clients and employees.”

A seasonal business in any climate Despite the business conditions of last year, 2009 ended up been one of the best years for Oasis Tanning. Shelley attributes this to people being really tired of feeling lousy and turning to tanning to feel happy. She observed a lot of clients who stayed home instead of spending money on vacation, and instead, opting for 20 minute mini-vacation tanning sessions. Compared to the last two years, 2010 is shaping up to be an even better year for business so far. So is there tanning season in sunny southern California? Most definitely, yes, Shelley says. If it’s too hot her clients don’t tan, and if it’s too cold, they don’t tan either. Her peak season is between mid-February through the beginning of July, sometimes going into August. To southern California tanning clients, everything about tanning has to do with summer. Even though the average high temperature never drops below 65° F during the colder months of November through February, residents are wearing long sleeves, turtlenecks and long pants. Kicking off summer tanning season, Oasis holds an annual “Promo Weekend” offering 15% off storewide, and VIP members get even more savings of 25% off. This has been very successful, and customers look forward to it each year.

Tan Tan Like Like A A Celebrity Celebrity Increase your Bottom Line Increase your Bottom Line with the affordable NEW with the affordable NEW Fake Bake Airbrush Airbrush Fake Bake Tanning System. Tanning System. ® ®

“Our clients are just wonderful and really make the business,” she says. “I know their family’s names, when they are going on vacation and other important things going on in their lives.” Clients can stay in touch with what’s going in at Oasis through their website,, and print off coupons to use in the salon.

Looking ahead Arguably the most pressing issue facing the tanning industry is the 10% “Tanning Tax” effective July 1. The Tanning Tax made its way into health care reform as of the last amendments to the 2010 Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. It imposes a 10% tax on all tanning services involving UV bulbs with wavelengths between 200 and 400 nanometers and applies to all UV bulbs producing UVA or UVB as classified and regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It concerns Shelley that this legislation isolates the tanning industry, and she would rather see a lower tax rate applied across a wider range of services. She, along with many others in the tanning industry are working with Smart Tan and the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) to determine the extent that this legislation is impacting the industry and what options there are to fight for the repeal of this amendment. Smart Tan reports that only four out of 10 tanning salon owners feel they can pass this tax on to their clients without repercussions, and the tax could eventually close 1,000 salons and cost 9,000 jobs nationwide.

TNG Item # 202027 TNG Item # 202027

Applies in less than 10 minutes Applies in less than 10 minutes Dries in 2-3 minutes Dries in 2-3 minutes

• Portable unit unit • Space Saver • Portable Saver • Celebrity favorite • Space Celebrity favorite • Lasts 7 days • • Lasts 7 days

Includes: Airbrush Machine, Pop-Up Tanning Tent, 2 - 32oz. Airbrush Liquids, 1 Fake Bake Includes: Airbrush Machine, Pop-Up Tanning Towel2&- Mitt, Disposable Panties, 6 Hair Tent, 32oz.6 Airbrush Liquids, 1 Fake Bake Nets, 6& Pair Feet. Towel Mitt,of6 Disposable Disposable Sticky Panties, 6 Hair Nets, 6 Pair of Disposable Sticky Feet.

Shelley still feels very fortunate that despite the challenges the tanning industry faces, her business is still successful after so many years. This is just the next hurdle to overcome. s

Available at TNG WORLDWIDE Available at TNG WORLDWIDE Fake Bake: 1-888-244-4826 Fake Bake: 1-888-244-4826 at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T BY HEAIMEE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 WRITTEN GURSKI Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • order products 800.362.6245

the industry source


Just in

At Your Service Edmond Verbeke Joins TNG as VP of Hospitality Sales Over the past 25 years, tng worldwide (TNG) has served the professional beauty industry in the areas of nail,

“It’s exciting looking forward

spa, hair and tanning. Now with Edmond Verbeke as the

because we are building this business

new VP of Hospitality Sales, this expands to include the

on an amazing foundation.”

hospitality industry. TNG Hospitality debuted in thebeautybook Fall 2010 edition. The division allows properties to seamlessly integrate their spa supplies with in-room, locker room, and health and beauty supplies. Moreover, as the world’s largest cataloguer of beauty products, TNG offers the best quality products, best selection and overall best customer service. Edmond has been involved in the hospitality business since 1986. His expertise lies in developing custom personal care products and ancillary items for resorts and hotels. Since joining TNG, Edmond has been instrumental in getting the hospitality division ready for its big debut. “Letting a customer down who has done business with me isn’t an option,” says Edmond. “It’s exciting looking forward because we are building this business on an amazing foundation.”

Ginger Lily Farms and TNG Hospitality thebeautybook Fall 2010 edition features more than 500 new spa & locker room supplies including shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, shower gel, shave cream, razors and mouthwash. TNG’s exclusive Ginger Lily Farms brand offers a complete selection of products from in-room amenities to locker room bottles and holders to gallons of virtually every wet good needed.

Quality attention to clients builds lifelong relationships. As a testament to the relationships he has built, most of Edmond’s clients have been with him since he started. Based in Westchester County, NY, he frequently travels to client destinations across the country. When he does so, he takes the time to stay a few days at his client’s properties to learn more about their business needs. His wife, Debra, daughter Hayley, 13 and son Cole, 11, have been fortunate to travel with him extensively. “When it comes to vacation, for the most part we don’t travel as a family unless it’s to a client,” Edmond says. “It’s fantastic that we can do this. There are so many places in the U.S. that people should visit.” Some of Edmond’s favorites include Sedona, AZ, Jackson Hole, WY, Hot Springs, VA, Cape Cod and the Phoenix area. And he loves central Oregon. All of the locations have lovely properties in amazing settings and they, too have great relationships with their guests. “I’m an advocate for my clients and do the best job I can, including giving them the best quality, best service, best value that others don’t offer,” Edmond closes. As the VP of Hospitality Sales, Edmond looks forward to new opportunities to serve both his existing clients and many new clients to come. “Hey, I plan on spending another 20 years doing this!” s

Ginger Lily Farms Signature Hand & Body Lotion Collection


the industry source

tngM_JA10_42 Edmond Verbeke.indd 1

July/August 2010

6/10/10 4:25 PM

tng worldwide Hospitality invites you to discover unlimited solutions for hotel/resort guest rooms, fitness clubs, locker room, salon/spa back bar and retail, from spa-quality and name-brand products to custom amenities tailored to your exact specifications.




Unprecedented convenience. Superior service. Exceptional expertise.

Visit, or call us today at 800.362.6245 J-A_Hosp_Ad_FNL.indd 1

6/11/10 11:23 AM




In-room amenities provide guests with ultimate comfort and convenience.

Premium spa-quality products in 10 signature fragrances

Moisturizing Shampoo

Moisturizing Conditioner

Nourishing Body Wash

Hand & Body Lotion

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_44-47 Hospitality ads.indd 1

6/10/10 3:15 PM




Popular name brands for all your gym and locker room needs.

Personal care and professional supplies

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_44-47 Hospitality ads.indd 2

6/10/10 3:16 PM




ginger lily farms

Convenient gallon sizes for

The finest spa-quality products

locker room, spa or back bar offer a complete range of personal care items.

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand & body lotion in 10 signature fragrances

Hair styling



Shave Creme

SPF & After-Sun Lotions

Blended Eucalyptus Oil for Steam Rooms

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_44-47 Hospitality ads.indd 3

6/10/10 3:16 PM



ginger lily farms


Custom Dispensers

A beautiful selection of signature bottles and holders showcase spa-quality products in harmony with any décor. Choose from clear, frosted, tamper-resistant and stainless steel bottle options, with holders in acrylic or stainless steel for wall-mounting or counter.

Custom designs available to suit your specific needs — call us today!

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_44-47 Hospitality ads.indd 4

6/10/10 3:16 PM

Members Only FREE Shipping on all SWISS Collections!

NATIONAL RELEASE DATE: 8/4/10 LACQUERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Color So Hot it Berns, Just a Little Rösti at This, From A to Z-urich, Glitzerland, I’m Suzi & I’m a Chocoholic, Diva of Geneva, The Color to Watch, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Yodel Me on My Cell, Ski Teal We Drop, Cuckoo for this Color, William Tell Me About OPI

Try it on at Model is wearing Ski Teal We Drop

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE Call 800.341.9999 ©2010 OPI Products Inc.

Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_49 OPI Swiss Collection.indd 1

6/10/10 3:31 PM

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_51 Cuccio Ad.indd 1

6/10/10 4:22 PM


Best Bets

For beautiful makeup that can stand up to the dog days of summer, choose products that are long-wearing and water resistant. Skin should look sun-kissed with a soft, natural bronzer yet still be protected from harmful UV with an SPF. 313330 Nude 313331 Beige 313333 Tawny 313332 Golden Beige


After applying a daily moisturizer, use be PRO Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 15. It protects skin with perfecting coverage and delivers antioxidant vitamins C and E. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines so skin looks young and flawless.

eyes 313314 Bronze

cheeks Create the perfect sun-kissed glow with 313130 be PRO Cocoa Bronze Bronzing Powder. It offers warmth to the complexion with a natural finish.

lips 314143

Lips can easily dry and burn without sun protection. Use be PRO Vitamin E Stick with Sunscreen as a daily protective base to keep lips fresh and hydrated all summer long with SPF 15.



With the wrong products, summer heat and humidity can cause eye makeup to melt and smear. For a dramatic look that holds up, start with be PRO Gel Eyeliner along the lash line. The quick-dry formula sets quickly, does not smudge and can last all day. Use be PRO Liner Seal on top of eye makeup to create a smudgeproof, water resistant finish. Finally, brush on be PRO Water Resistant Mascara in black for long, lush lashes with conditioning agents to nourish and protect.

be PRO Build a strong and effective makeup kit, be able to edit it based on the job and learn how to use must-have items it Makeup should always contain. See how to apply your makeup knowledge to bridal, photography and film situations. For more Essentials details, see the S.P.A. Education Calendar on p. 72 of this issue, call 800.362.6245 or visit

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_52 bePro Ad.indd 1

6/10/10 4:24 PM

Roll-on. Remove. Ready-to-go.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_53 clean+easy Ad.indd 1

6/10/10 4:26 PM


Building good media relations can

Grow Your Business As





probably heard media exposure can greatly help your company, especially during economic times when marketing budgets are low and competition is high. The truth is, learning to leverage the power of the media can help you stand out from the competition without expending your resources. If you are new or inexperienced in dealing with editors or reporters, you might feel intimidated. But there’s absolutely no reason to believe you must have superpowers or be famous in order to approach the media.

People interview people they like. If you can develop a good rapport up front, that’s half the battle. Media professionals, like everyone else, gravitate toward someone they enjoy talking with. You can adopt strategies that will cause interviewers to come back to you time after time. First and most important, be respectful of the reporter or editor’s time. Deadlines are 24/7 these days, and you are one of many people approaching the media with articles, ideas and pitches. Media professionals are among the most overtaxed and pressured people you will ever meet. If you have initiated the contact, your first question should be, “Are you on deadline?” If they say “Yes,” never sabotage the relationship by forging ahead anyway. If they are on deadline, ask, “When would be a better time to call you?” No need to risk alienating or annoying them. You can always call back. You don’t want to be someone reporters interview once and never want to again. Here are a few ideas to help you relax and make sure editors and reporters accept your articles, book you as a guest on shows or interview you for pieces they are writing or videotaping.

1. Become familiar with the

journalists you would like to cultivate relationships with. Follow

their work, and let them know when you enjoy something they have written. Comment on something specific. Watch the TV broadcast or the talk show. Read the magazine, newspaper or blog. Listen to the radio show or podcast. Familiarize yourself with the content. Look at the ads to see what audience the advertisers are targeting. Once you become familiar with the audience, you will understand what the audience wants. This will allow you to tailor your content, making it more valuable to the reporter or editor. Providing great content is the best way to motivate reporters to contact you in the future! Another good way to target your material correctly is to ask the reporter or interviewer if there is anything else you need to know to better understand his or her audience. That way you can fashion the content of your remarks as you prepare for an interview or, if you are writing an article, you can strike the appropriate tone. Reporters, editors and talk-show hosts will respect you for the extra effort you make to ensure your ideas are valuable to their readers, listeners or audience.

2. Be observant during conversations and pick up personal details. If the reporter is heading out the door to pick up children from soccer, make a note of it. Remember to ask about the children’s progress next time you call. Also, be on the lookout for items of interest to a soccer parent. You can e-mail or mail the reporter a parenting article about involvement in children’s sporting activities, for example. This costs nothing, and therefore there will be no breach of ethics on the reporter’s part to accept it. At the same time, he or she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


the industry source

tngM_JA10_54-55 Media Relations.indd 1

July/August 2010

6/10/10 4:28 PM

Diamond Technical makes the world’s most beautiful capes, aprons, gowns, and vests. Deluxe Stylist Vest Black

3. Reporters and editors often spend most of their time in the world of ideas. They like to think and talk about challenging ideas. When you are engaged in conversation, remember to bring up the topic they like to talk about. In a similar vein, if you see a subject come up in the news you know will interest a reporter with whom you are developing a relationship, copy and send it to him.

4. Don’t let months pass without

contact. Send birthday or holiday cards to keep the relationship going. If you stumble across an event or idea related to an area of the reporter or editor’s interest, call and leave them a quick voicemail about it. They will get the message that you are thinking about them as people, not just using them for your own narrow purposes. The goal is relationship building. If the reporter or editor you would like to get to know is local, you can drop by the office (with appropriate notice), suggest coffee or even invite him or her to lunch. And when you do this, be sincere about it. Treat the reporter as you would any other friend or acquaintance you truly value. If it’s all about you, if you’re in the game just to advance yourself, this will become all too readily apparent, and you will alienate the very people you are trying to impress.

5. When you are interviewed, give good quotes. Strive for simple, declarative

sentences. Use concrete images. Answer the question. Don’t go off on tangents that interest you. Remember the reporter is working hard to gain the knowledge he or she needs to write a good story. Or the radio host is looking for that pithy quote the listeners can relate to. Help the reporter do a good job, and once again your effort will be appreciated. Be enthusiastic on the phone. Even if you’re not doing an interview for broadcast, the reporter will appreciate your passion for the subject. Stand up and smile — your energy and cheerfulness will come across. Laugh or get the interviewer laughing.

If you’ve written a book on the subject you are being interviewed about, offer to send it. This will help them learn more about the topic they are researching. You can also offer, say, five books as giveaways if your interview is with a radio reporter. Radio stations love promotional ideas.

447093 L 447097 XL 447098 XXL

At the end of an interview, ask about other stories the reporter is currently covering. Explain how you may be able to contribute and offer a unique angle that may interest their audiences. Always remind the journalist that he or she can call you back with questions. And make it clear that you’re eager to be an accessible source of information in the future.

6. Don’t forget to maintain

your relationships once they are established. Again, thoughtfulness is the

key. Sometimes the reporter will call you as a source, but you just aren’t right for that particular subject matter. You can still be helpful by suggesting another person to call. Or, if the reporter needs a second or third source to interview, suggest names of other people. If the story is not something you can help with, but you can steer the reporter toward a more productive source of information, the reporter will remember this and be grateful. Effective media relations is all about relationships. If you develop, nurture and maintain good relationships with reporters and editors — you will become the expert source they seek out time after time, which will help you stand out from the competition and boost your sales. s WRITTEN BY PAM LONTOS ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pam Lontos is president of PR/PR, a public relations firm based in Orlando, Fla. She is author of I See Your Name Everywhere and is a former vice president of sales for Disney’s Shamrock Broadcasting. PR/PR has placed clients in publications such as USA Today, Entrepreneur, Time, Reader’s Digest and Cosmopolitan. PR/PR works with established businesses, as well as entrepreneurs who are just launching their company. For a free publicity consultation, e-mail or call 407.299.6128. To receive free publicity tips, go to and register for the monthly e-newsletter, AvailablePR/PR at: TPulse! HE INDUST RY

Available at: T HE

Stylist Apron Black 447185

447181 | RY 800.962.1850 Available at: T HE INDUST SOURCE

• 800.362 SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • order products 800.362.6245

tngM_JA10_54-55 Media Relations.indd 2

Small Apron Black

the industry source


6/10/10 4:28 PM


Brand Identity

Why You


In business, building a successful and recognizable brand ranks pretty high on the ‘to do’ list. Put simply, a brand is your guarantee to a customer, and countless surveys show that customers are willing to pay more for brands they know and trust. A brand that clearly highlights what makes your offering superior to that of your rivals will conjure up a positive image in the minds of the target audience. Brand building means creating consistency across everything you do; yes that includes your website and printed literature, but it also means your message, mission statement and the whole way you approach your business and your customers.

Why do I need to build a brand? A brand shows that a company takes itself and therefore its customers seriously. It can be derived from who you are, where you want to be and can demonstrate how you believe people perceive you. Identify your core benefits to customers and market them. In time, customers will identify your brand with these benefits and values.

The Ingredient for success – know the customer The key for a successful brand is understanding what people want and expect from you. Your brand values have to be in line with the needs of those who you are targeting, otherwise you may find yourself struggling! Simple market research can pay dividends in the long run, and can reveal whether to produce high or low end services at the right prices. Make sure you get regular feedback

The Brands You Choose

from customers, especially if any were dissatisfied: they are usually more honest. In doing so, you may find out that it is not just price that is important.

Streamline the brand It is vital that the message you want to portray to potential customers is streamlined effectively. This is to say that the brand has to be consistent in all areas of the business. The logos, tag lines and style must be the same whether on or off line. Staff members should follow set brand guidelines that outline how you want your business portrayed and can prevent any inconsistencies, especially as the company grows. In time it could be worth installing a company intranet system to make communicating with your staff easier. Use the same experienced web designer to do all of these tasks. Once your brand is defined, get the word out by as many means possible. Hire a trusted creative team that works together to produce logos, brand messaging, tag lines and design templates for all marketing materials. Don’t spread things like graphic design, web design and copy writing across different suppliers otherwise you will lose consistency. Customers prefer brands. Just ask yourself why people pay more for Heinz baked beans instead of supermarket’s own? A brand can make all the difference in super-competitive markets. ▲ WRITTEN BY OLLIE FORD ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ollie Ford is the original Ollie Ford from Chelmsford; the one who runs Ollie Ford & Co; a company that embraces all things creative, from web and print design to logo design, branding, copy writing and marketing. Call us and say hello; come and see us and get free coffee; drop us a line and tell us all about you.

If your brand is...

Exclusive, upscale, high-end luxury Choose products such as...

The products you use in your salon or spa reflect your own

Solano — Italian designed hair appliances offer superior performance for salon professionals.

Amber — Hot stone and spa treatment warmers and a full range of luxurious spa products for an indulgent service.

personal brand image as much as your décor, logos, website, customer service and general atmosphere do. When choosing products both for service and retail, consider how your clients will perceive these choices as extensions of your brand.



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Pedicure Bowls — These beautiful resin, copper and stainless steel bowls are works of art by themselves, yet also lightweight and durable.

July/August 2010

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If your brand is...

Expert service, precision, through professional technical training Choose products such as...

CND — Known for cutting-edge innovation, they are pioneers in creating treatments and enhancements for nail professionals.

FHI — Offering advanced technology in hair care appliances.

OPI — Arguably the most recognizable name in nail lacquer, OPI represents quality, durability and beautiful wear.

Kemon Performance HD — The latest technology in hair color, offering superior definition and fierce, high gloss shine.

If your brand is...

Eco-conscious, green, organic, planet-friendly

SpaRitual — Responsibly sourced from vegan, organic ingredients in recycled packaging.

Choose products such as... Clean + Easy — Simply Soy natural, soy-based depilatory products are a green alternative to traditional waxes.

Fairy Tales Hair Care for Children — Organic & herbal hair care for precious little ones naturally repels lice and pests without harmful chemicals.

Kemon Yo.Coloring — PPD- and Ammonia-Free hair color. This gentle color service is enriched with yogurt proteins and offers 100% gray coverage with proven performance.

If your brand is...

Trendy, fashion-conscious, up-to-the-minute Choose products such as... Kemon Hair Manya — Because change is inevitable, this line of styling products works together synergistically to style and restyle again and again.

Essie — Since 1980 Essie Weingarten has been hand selecting seasonal color collections inspired by the latest runway fashions.

Jessie Steele — Fashionable salon aprons speak to Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE eclectic trends, vintage style. Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE

• 800.362.6245 •

order products 800.362.6245

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the industry source


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IMAGE Commitment to guests, community and each other:

Gadabout SalonSpas Founded in 1979, Gadabout SalonSpas has eight locations and corporate offices in Tuscon, AZ. Over the years the company has strived to maintain a unique culture – one that is caring, sensitive and understanding. As a company built on a foundation of love, their commitment to guests and community is matched only by their commitment to each other. Gadabout strongly believes in giving back to the community that has so loyally supported them. Charitable contributions and community event participation have been an important part of the company since it was founded. Team members personally volunteer their time to the community as well. Their commitment to guests is demonstrated in the exceptional level of guest experience Gadabout provides. Guests benefit from the high level of education provided to every technician. This keeps the team current on the latest trends, techniques and technology to offer the best service possible while also staying competitive. Gadabout puts as much emphasis on the care and wellbeing of guests they do on employees. This includes commitment to growth in every aspect of employees’ lives as they are recognized not simply as co-workers but rather team members. Gadabout provides continuing education to encourage career growth and returns employee loyalty with regular promotions. They also provide personal enrichment classes and support programs such as Weight Watchers and financial planning classes for employees.

What are the advantages to having multiple locations?

What makes Gadabout different from other Tucson salons and spas?

Gadabout SalonSpas has eight locations and corporate offices in Tuscon, AZ. While the community is just shy of a million people, by having locations that are within 5 miles of each other our guests have a choice. We are also convenient to our guests when they are at work, or at home. When choosing a new location, we consider the demographic of surrounding communities, the location site and the distance from our other locations and distribution center.

Our education program is what distinguishes us from other area salons and spas. We hire our employees into an “internship” program for all departments. We developed the program exclusively for our employees and it attracts those wishing to excel in their chosen technical field. Our Standard of Excellence requires that all employees complete the internship to ensure that each and every guest receives our standard of a superior salon experience. It provides extensive advanced education that includes shadowing Gadabout professionals, formal technical classes, complex specialty training, seminars on the latest techniques and products, and attendance at presentations by regional and national experts. In our hair department, the program ranges from 18 to 24 months. In our skin department, it runs up to 12 months; in the nail department, up to 6 months and in the body department, up to 12 months.

The smallest location is almost 3,000 sq. ft. and includes 13 hair stations, four manicure and four pedicure stations, a massage room, and two facial rooms. Our largest location is about 6,500 sq. ft. and includes an atrium, 22 hair stations, six manicure and six pedicure stations, three facial rooms, a dual room, and three massage rooms.

Describe your client demographic. Our guests range from a baby’s first haircut to guests in their 90s. In the Gadabout locations, our male clientele is at about 35%; however, at Gadabout Man, we service only men. This unique facility is separate from other locations and offers executive services such as a shave and haircut or manicure and hair cut at the same time, because men are very time-conscious.



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What do you do to keep your services fresh and enticing? Our team of educators keeps us at the forefront of the industry. We are always looking for new techniques and services. We attend annual industry events such as Intercoiffure and ISPA. In addition, we are members of TSA, The Chain Salon Association and other great industry organizations.

July/August 2010

6/15/10 3:41 PM

Describe your most popular service. We offer a complete range of salon and day spa services. A full menu can be found on our website, Right now, our guests are all talking about the Keratin Treatment in the salon. This revolutionary demi-permanent system infuses keratin into the cuticle eliminating frizz and curl, leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious - changing your life as well as your hair. $250-$450

Describe your atmosphere and décor. Each location caters to a different demographic within the Tucson community and we have created spaces that reflect the local environment. Each salon has a different flavor ranging from contemporary southwest to spacious elegance to modern eclectic to contemporary casual. At one of our salons we have partnered with a local artist. His work is on display, and while we don’t advertise that it is for sale, guests can, and do, inquire about who the artist is.

What challenges do you face with a business of this size and how do you overcome them? Our greatest challenge today is keeping our team of 300 employees motivated and inspired to always give their best to their guests. As presidents, we are consistently in the locations, meeting with the staff and talking with our guests. We also sit one on one with each of our staff quarterly to do reviews, or as we call them “pre-views”. An ongoing challenge is to keep education fresh and interesting to each new generation

by adapting the culture to reach them in meaningful ways. This takes ongoing training for education program leaders. We also strive to be continually more environmentally aware. We have taken a few large steps, one of them being the recent implementation of Gadabout sandals to replace disposable sandals. This complimentary pair of rubber-soled sandals is offered to guests with every pedicure service. They look like an everyday black flip flop and can be worn to finish the to-do list after a pedicure. Most women have a to-do list a mile long, and we are trying to make stopping at the spa a little easier. By eliminating the disposables, we have eliminated over 80,000 pieces of material being thrown into landfills. Similar to what grocery stores have down for re-usable bags, we encourage guests to re-use the sandals for future services. s Written By Aimee Gurski

Responses provided by Frank and Jana Westerbeke, owners, Gadabout SalonSpas Jana Westerbeke, is the daughter of Gadabout founder Pam McNairWingate. Jana is an internationally recognized hairdresser, an active member of TSA, Intercoiffure, ISPA and ICSA. Since 2005, she has served as President and Director of Guest Relations at Gadabout SalonSpas. A devoted mother of two, and 20-year partner in life and in Gadabout with her husband Frank Westerbeke, Jana is committed to helping others. Under her guidance, Gadabout supports many Tucson charities including Tu Nidito, Angel Charities, The Brewster Center, Susan G. Komen Foundation and more. In 2006 Gadabout underwrote the costs of an in-house salon at the new Peter & Paula Fasseas Cancer Center at UMC North. Gadabout staff donates services to those needing wig styling due to hair loss. Jana currently serves as pastpresident and sits on the board of directors for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson. As the creative force and President of Gadabout SalonSpas in Tucson, AZ, Frank Westerbeke has always lived by the words “big dreamers never sleep”. Frank joined Gadabout 25 years ago as one of their first employees. Not driven by classic style factors, he works to bring out the personality of his clients through innovative style and color techniques. The same creativity allows him to develop cutting edge building and space design for Gadabout locations. The winner of numerous awards, he has participated in the Intercoiffure World Congress design demonstrations. He was honored with the prestigious Createur de Mode Award at the Intercoiffure “Night of the Stars” Paris 2007 gala.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: at: T HE INDUST RYRY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available T HE INDUST SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE

Available at: at: T HE INDUST RYRY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available T HE INDUST SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •

order products 800.362.6245

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Splendor design with Splendor Just 20 miles west of Chicago in a quaint suburban downtown known for boutique shops and restaurants is Splendor of Hinsdale. Stepping inside, guests are immediately consumed in posh comfort and understated elegance from fine furnishings, fixtures and draperies to subtle details such as fresh bouquets of flowers and local bakery treats. “I wanted to create a place that I could go and where they would service me the way I wanted to be serviced,” says owner Gia LaGrippe. “Before opening Splendor I never wanted to have a salon or spa but I’ve always been living at one. I wanted it to be all about the treatments, the drinks, the girls waiting on the ladies. The ladies like being pampered for an hour or a half hour.” Splendor is an upscale salon where the focus is exclusively on nails. All services emphasize high-end, exclusive and premier products including tropical rejuvenation or caviar anti-aging treatments. Since finishing college, Gia has been a devoted stay-at-home mother to her two children, now 8 and 15 years old, and felt the time was right for her to do something outside of the home. An opportunity to purchase a nail business from some friends came about, but during negotiations the business failed. The landlord then offered her the vacated space to start a new salon. She was hesitant to start something from scratch but decided to give it a try, knowing this was something downtown Hinsdale needed.


the industry source

tngM_JA10_60 Design with Splendor.indd 1

“We had nowhere to go,” she says. “Hinsdale residents typically don’t want to drive any further if there’s something for them already in town.”

Making the decision even easier, four of the former nail techs from the previous business agreed to come work for Gia. In the eight week interim between businesses, the techs continued working for their clients through house calls. Opening in March, business is already steady thanks to local ladies making it a great spot to gather and relax with their friends. With two girls up front at all times, guests enjoy incredible, personable service with perks like house accounts (so if they forget their wallets, it’s no trouble at all). One surprise is the number of men who have started coming to Splendor. To create the perfect location, Gia started by hiring interior decorator Sandra Pouleson, known for her “shabby chic” design, and a great contractor. They gutted the 100-year-old space, replaced all the windows and all the building mechanicals, making everything top of the line. Gia wanted décor that was shabby but elegant in an inviting and warm palette of creams, whites and neutrals. They went to antique shops to create the perfect mix of old and new. A retail center was made for Gia at local antique shop with Frenchinfluenced design. In it she offers one-of-a-kind gifts from local artists and high-end bath and body products, bubble bath, salts and scrubs.

For the salon furniture and equipment, Gia found The Pavilion’s Chicago showroom, located just 15 minutes away in nearby Downer’s Grove. She was thrilled with both the quality and selection of their high-end options including European designs. In just one visit, she was able to pick out everything she needed, working with Pavilion designer Monika Ross to select fabrics and colors that would match her shabby chic décor. Gia added four pedicure tubs and four manicure stations. She had a custom dry bar created where ladies could come, sit and dry their nails with holes to dry their feet also. Around the bar they added a kitchen area for refreshments. “Constant service is what it’s about,” Gia says. “We are here to truly pamper. It’s all about the experience and the feeling. Our motto is ‘come, relax and enjoy the splendor’. Since we’ve opened, there is no place better in town.” s WRITTEN BY AIMEE GURSKI

July/August 2010

6/15/10 3:42 PM

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

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eye for

style Thirteen years ago Leslie McGwire led the creation of The Salon & Spa Design Studio in Farmington Hills, MI, a new division for tng worldwide (TNG) that would eventually become The Pavilion. Leaving for California in 2001, she spent the past nine years building an impressive career. Now the journey has taken her back to where it all began, rejoining TNG in June 2010 as the new VP of Pavilion Sales. A member of ASID-Allied (American Society of Interior Designers), Leslie has designed awardwinning, premier, high end salons, spas and resorts. Some notable locations she’s designed include The Mirage, Wynn Hotel & Resort and JM Marriott in Las Vegas, The Doves in Santa Monica, Jose Eber Salons in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and Houston, and Amadeus Salons & Spas in Newport Beach and Pasadena. Most recently she worked with the executive producers of Shear Genius and The Tabitha Show, creating set design with unique equipment and chairs. Since her 2001 departure, Leslie has won eight “Salon of the Year” awards and other management awards. In California, she made significant changes for Takara Belmont that led to attaining record sales. More recently as western region sales director for Belvedere USA, she focused on serving chain and distributor accounts. “Coming back to the division I started over thirteen years ago at TNG was a natural for me,” Leslie says. “I enjoy getting to work once again with all the TNG employees I’ve remembered from the past as well as meeting and working with the new talent that has joined the team in my absence.” With more than 25 years of experience in business development, interior design, sales and marketing services for salon, resort and spa-based businesses in the U.S., she has been keeping pace with the convergence of her design skills, solid management experiences, some travel and honed skills forging key alliances and partnerships. At The Pavilion Showroom in Farmington Hills, the nation’s largest salon & spa equipment showroom, Leslie notes that she works with a team of very talented interior designers in the showroom on different projects. This location boasts 25,000 sq. ft. of salon & spa equipment and a design center. Through her leadership and experience, Leslie is demonstrating to the team how to best support the positive image and reputation of their brands, products and the tng worldwide organization. In addition to providing responsive, high-level service to talent and clients, she is inspired to nurture the team to perform beyond their goals and deliver beyond the client’s expectations. Having a true passion for business, design and the beauty industry, Leslie is a natural fit and right at home in the organization she helped create. Providing a turn-key design/sales approach for valued clients, distributors and chain accounts is something she loves to do and continues to accomplish in her new role at The Pavilion. ▲



tngM_JA10_62 Eye for Style.indd 1

Leslie’s key considerations for

reception area renovation 1 This area is where valued clients receive their first impression of your salon. Make sure it is the focal point and represents your salon’s image.

2 3 4 5 6

As a rule, reception seating should equal one-third of the number of styling chairs. As a salon owner, you want a design that encourages clients to shop instead of just sitting. Give careful consideration to expanding or including retail area. At least 25% of salon profits should come from retail sales, day or night. Utilize window space to display products so they can be seen from outside. Display products so they can be seen, felt and touched by clients. Have a decorative table by the reception desk area to display your “Product of the Month”. It is important to keep display product open so clients will interact through touch and smell.

July/August 2010

6/10/10 4:09 PM

Your dream, your vision, from concept to reality.


our a showroom to experience a wide

selection of furniture and equipment. Your

Pavilion design consultant will customize a design for you using AutoCAD software so you can realize your vision first-hand. We can work one-on-one with you or your preferred architect and designer.

With two locations to serve you — visit a Pavilion showroom today and experience your vision. Detroit


20 minutes from Detroit Metro Airport

20 minutes from O’Hare International Airport

23200 Haggerty Road Farmington Hills, MI 877.550.4407

3010 Woodcreek Drive, Suite J-1 Downers Grove, IL 877.311.8484

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Ask the industry

Company founders, innovators and leaders have the answers to help you become more profitable and successful! Salons and spas should demonstrate their competitive advantage by putting the message out there. Word of mouth is always your best method of letting current clients and future clients know what makes you stand out from your competition. What is your best competitive advantage? Is it your services? Innovative products? Pricing? There may be more than one advantage but any of these can and should be communicated and demonstrated. How? Hold monthly evening events at your location inviting current clients to come in and bring a friend. At these “events,” you can have special guest speakers to talk about a new service treatment, and demonstrate this service on a model. Attendees can leave with a promotional card for a percentage off on that service or even offer that service free if they book another service. Another option, depending on the service, is to target a local business where you can offer to come in and offer a service (such as a manicure) right at the business location during a lunch hour. Or, create a short video and put it right on your website! Send an e-blast to all your clients with a link to the video. Essie Weingarten, Founder and President, Essie Cosmetics, Ltd.

How can salons and spas demonstrate their competitive advantage? Competitive advantage is demonstrated by salons and spas communicating their points of difference to their current clients and potential new clients. For some, this might be an easy and flexible appointment system or special offers to first-time clients. Here are some other things that salons and spas can say. “We use, recommend and offer only professionalformula brand products. We also teach you how to correctly use these products and achieve the same great style at home.” “Our team members attend regularly scheduled educational events and are always up to date on the latest trends and techniques!” “We are very serious about SANITATION!” “We guarantee our services!” These things can be communicated with in-salon signage, in conversation between staff and clients, and through actions, such as maintaining a spotlessly clean environment and fixing problems with• services as they arise to the 800.362.6245 client’s complete satisfaction.

Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • Y SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Y SOURCE SOURCE •• 800.362.6245 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE•• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Y William Halfacre, Executive Vice President Y SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Sales & Marketing, OPI


the industry source

tngM_JA10_64 Ask the Industry.indd 1

In today’s market I find one of the best ways to keep my competitive advantage is to keep a great relationship with my vendors. When the industry is slow and clients are looking for the most bang for their buck, vendors can be a great resource for ideas and marketing materials such as posters to spice up windows, samples to offer to clients, or even full size products that allow you as a business to offer promotions to clients and employees. Another way is to constantly motivate staff. When staff is willing to go the extra mile, clients will be drawn to that and keep coming back. Bring in education, product demos, motivational speakers, and do things together to represent the business outside the workplace. We love to go to happy hour as a group. We wear Spa T-Shirts and give out cards and coupons. It’s a great way to meet potential clients, and have a good time with those you work with. Bottom line is you need to be visible not only to clients, but also to the people that can help with the inside of the business. Tammy Pollino, Education Manager, Amber Products

Do you have a question you’d like answered by an industry expert? Send an e-mail to

July/August 2010

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Manicure & Pedicure


Sunday, October 3, 2010 9 AM – 3 PM tng worldwide Global Logistics Center New Hudson, MI Meet and Greet!

Our suppliers answer your questions and demonstrate new products and techniques. You’ll save money too! All in-stock products from participating suppliers are 30% off all day long.


We know times are tough and since we value your business and understand your needs, we are keeping the low price of tickets for this event.



Learn from the best!

Every 30 minutes starting at 9 AM, sit back and relax as you listen to CEOs, owners and VPs of leading companies talk about future business trends, and what you can do to prepare for where the industry is headed. See the latest in fall fashion and a sneak preview of 2011.

Lunch Included! Coffee, soft drinks and snacks also provided throughout the day.



Nailco Gold members

Order tickets at

Take the Tour!

After placing your in-stock order and saving 30% from participating suppliers, get an inside look at our 175,000 sq. ft. distribution center. Watch your order be picked and packed perfectly in less than 15 minutes.

800.362.6245 Item # 952013

Pros Only!

Tickets available only to licensed manicurists and salon owners.


connected Are you a Hair Hot Shot?

Beth Jessee Jessee Salon Group Adrian, MI

Beginning in May, TNG has been featuring a Hair Hot Shot contest on Facebook. Here’s how it works — each week hairdressers post photos of their best work to the TNG wall. Fans vote on the photo they like best, and the photo with the most likes at the end of the week is crowned the Hair Hot Shot. The winning photo is featured in the TNG profile picture for the following week and that stylist earns top bragging rights. Since it started, we’ve seen some stunning work posted by top hairdressers from around the country and beyond. It’s created quite the buzz, and it’s really fun to see fabulous looks created by our fans. Each week there’s something new to see and discover. Visit TNG on Facebook today, check out the Hot Shot winner from last week and vote for the best of this week! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Hot Shot, go ahead and post your own photo! s Visit

Week One – Hair Hot Shot contest winner.

TNG gives back through annual Red Cross Blood Drives Each year TNG talent roll up their sleeves and donate precious blood to help save lives. Every minute of every day someone requires blood given through volunteer donation. Only three out of every 100 people in the U.S. are blood donors, which makes each donation all the more important. Anyone can donate at the TNG sponsored drives. Together we have collected more than 500 pints since initiating this effort. This year’s drives will be held on August 6 at TNG’s Global Logistics Center in New Hudson, MI and again on October 22 at TNG Corporate Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI. s For more information on blood donations, visit tngworldwide. com/community or


the industry source

tngM_JA10_66 Tell a Friend Facebook.indd 1


Tell A Friend For two weeks in April, TNG talent call hundreds of friends and family in a company-wide initiative called Tell A Friend, a telephone program designed to help increase breast cancer screening awareness among women over the age of 40. In 2010, TNG talent reached more than 2,800 women, and have reached more than 17,000 women since 2004. TNG is known for our people (talent) and programs as much as our beauty products and services. Our strong connection and commitment to the community is what sets us apart from other companies, as it brings us together to make a difference. As a Five-Star Investor with the American Cancer Society (ACS) we have contributed more than $1.5 million to the fight against cancer over the past decade. s For information on how you can get involved, visit tngworldwide. com/community or

ACS Five Star Investor


July/August 2010

6/10/10 3:59 PM

Love your natural nails

Up your natural nail service with the next generation of care... Polytech. Just a thin application over natural nails: • Enables thin, weak, brittle, peeling, soft or cracking nails to grow strong • Enhances and protects natural beauty • Extends wear of any polish or lacquer 2-3 times longer with superior adhesion

Fast & Easy. • UV cures in 90 seconds • Removes in 5 minutes

Polytech Starter Kit

Join the Discussion!


Polytech UV Light

For how-to videos and to read what users are saying, visit




Typical results after 5 weeks. Reapplied weekly.

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_67 Forever 1

6/10/10 3:53 PM



facebook fan page With its new tagging ability, Facebook has made its site a whole lot more appealing for small business owners. Small business




ability to seek out the people

You have to create an incentive.

talking about them and users

Make People Feel They’re Part of Something

can get their voices heard, knowing businesses can check to see who has tagged them. But before either party can take advantage of Facebook’s new feature, you first have to get your customers to opt into the relationship. You have to give them a reason to friend your Facebook Fan page, and that’s not always easy.


I’ve written in the past about how to create a Facebook Fan page – how to set it up, what to put on it, how to make it look and feel like your brand. But how do you get people to actually want to join the page? How do you combat brand fatigue and take them from a passive observer to a full-blown brand evangelist?


tngM_JA10_68-69 Tips facebook2.indd 1

Think back to high school. You joined cliques for survival and to help you feel liked, respected, wanted, etc. You joined because you were made to feel like you were missing out if you weren’t part of the group. Social networking works the same way. It’s very easy to be passive on Facebook. If you want someone to take that step and openly associate themselves with your brand, you need to make them feel like they’re missing out by NOT being part of your community. That they’ll be losing out on a common experience or missing the joke if they stay on the outside. You create that by making your community sound and feel 100 times larger than it actually is (unless you’re purposely trying to seem small and elite). You fake it until you make it. You make tagging part of your fans daily interaction with you. You make a game out of it so that you’re always showing up on their wall (with a link to your Fan page) and they’re always showing up on your page.

Doing this helps spread your brand, it keeps you in people’s top of mind, and it makes them curious as to why they’re seeing you all over the place. I mean, how else do you get people to become fans of tarantulas?

Appeal to Core Members Every group has a core bunch. The handful of folks who are responsible for change, for leading things, for getting everyone excited and spreading the company message. Reach out to these folks and get them involved in talking about your Fan page. Create your promotional army by hand selecting the major players, sending the messages thanking them for their support, and then telling them that you need their help. Make them feel important and like they’re on the cutting edge of whatever you’re doing. Get them to always be talking about you and tagging you places. These types of action increase your trust, build your credibility and give you social proof. These types of connectors are usually the ones with very large social networks on sites like Twitter or Facebook. Ask them to use Facebook’s Suggest feature to “suggest” that their friends fan your page. When the request comes from them, it’s harder for others to decline and it just reinforces that “inside joke”.

July/August 2010

6/10/10 3:48 PM

Offer Exclusive Content Facebook is much more intimate than the other social media sites. Users are less likely to invite strangers into their networks and are wary of brands. If you want their attention, you have to give them something of value for their efforts. Something exclusive that they can’t get from your web site, Twitter account or anywhere else on the web. The most popular way of doing this seems to be through Facebookspecific coupons or special offers. Friday’s is offering free hamburgers, Victoria’s Secret gave away free undies, Sears gave away coupons and gift cards, etc. Other brands give away exclusive content via video, photos, applications, advanced notice of events, or even just real interaction with other members. Figure out what your customers crave and then give it to them.

Make Your Fan Page Their Forum No one wants to join a group where they have no voice. They want to interact with the brands they love and feel like they’re being listened to. Once of the best ways to get people to fan your page is to use it as a forum where you ask and listen to your customers’ advice. Let your members lead by turning your Fan page into a place where users can express themselves, to talk about what they don’t like, and things

like they’d like to see you do in the future. If you have an upcoming campaign or product you’re working on create a Facebook focus group that encourages people to offer their input. If word gets out that your Facebook Fan page is where you go to crowdsource your ideas, people are going to want to be a part of that. Make your Fan page the place where your customers can go to get heard. Facebook Fan pages have always been a valuable way to build a community and learn about your audience. However, now they’re also a great way to get your users to spread the word about your brand to their friends with the use of tags. Give them a reason to join your Fan page. Make it exciting and worth their time. And then encourage them to talk about you, to tag you and increase the eyeballs interacting with you online. ▲ WRITTEN BY LISA BARONE ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lisa Barone is co-founder and Chief Branding Officer of the SEO consulting firm Outspoken Media, Inc., specializing in providing clients with online reputation management, social media services and other Internet services. Lisa has been a constant voice in the search world since 2006 and is as known for her brutally honest search observations as her liveblogging of various internet marketing conferences. She blogs daily on the Outspoken Media blog,, as well as on You can find her on Twitter at @lisabarone.


• Boar rounders with Tourmaline enhanced conditioning nylon bristles • Vented for faster drying and styling • Perfectly balanced handle and barrel section • 3 diameters, for all hair lengths #441004 1-3/4" diameter $9.97 each #441005 2-1/2" diameter $12.97 each #441006 3" diameter $14.97 each Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE

• 800.362 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • order products 800.362.6245

tngM_JA10_68-69 Tips facebook2.indd 2



6/10/10 3:49 PM



Power Networking Strategies

Stop Networking & Make Real Connections for Lasting Success

Are you a “Gumball Networker”? Gumball what? I’m sure you remember gumball machines, right? You put in a coin, turn the knob, and out pops a gumball. Well, if you go to networking events and expect to leave with a prospect or a client in your pocket, then you’re being a “Gumball Networker.” I know we’d all love to gain clients everywhere we go, but the truth is, clients aren’t gumballs. And attending a networking event isn’t a guarantee that you’ll walk away with new client. Instead, if you shift your focus to meeting people and to building relationships and alliances with them, you’ll have much more success! Here are six power networking strategies to get you started:

1 Know lots of different people The foundation for building a strong network is having many acquaintances. Because most of our close friends tend to know and do what we know and do, they offer few new contacts. By having a good proportion of acquaintances, you’ll create a larger and more powerful network.

2 Make new friends and have fun

Masters at networking don’t network — they make friends. The real gold lies in building relationships. And you better not approach it like a chore! Growing a network should be enjoyable. Of course, this means that you should look to connect with people you enjoy. As you get to know, like and trust each other, you’ll build the basis of a lasting partnership that will be far more valuable than any quick sale every could have been.

3 Don’t Sell In fact, don’t sell at all! The quickest way you’ll

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • fail with networking is if you mistake it for a sales opportunity. It’s not. No one wants to RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 70


tngM_JA10_70 Power Networking.indd 1

have a brochure opened in their face or have products or services pitched at them.

So, even if you happen to come across someone who seems like an ideal client, someone who actually wants to find out more about your services, you’ll have more success if you focus on building rapport first. Then schedule a follow-up appointment as a start to the sales process.

4 Attitude is everything Learn to really enjoy networking as a business building experience. That way, you’ll also be far more attractive to others and much more likely to draw them to you.

5 Think quality over quantity Networking is not about joining or attending a dozen events or associations every month. Instead, just pick a few that you can commit to and attend faithfully. You almost can’t help but build relationships and friendships as you go to the same meetings and see the same people again and again, just as long as you leave your sales pitch at home.

6 Be Patient If you think this sounds like it’s going to take some time, you’re right. Yes, networking is a solid marketing strategy, but only if you do it the right way, by building relationships, and that will take time. Keep at it, though, by being consistent, and you’ll find that relationship-focused networking will yield great results and much more business than gumball networking ever did. ▲ WRITTEN BY SUE CLEMENT ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sue Clement is a business coach and creator of Your Marketing Edge, a membership program including access to her powerful marketing and networking teleseminars and one-on-one coaching sessions. Visit

July/August 2010

6/10/10 3:45 PM


The Market has changed — Have You? Paul D’Souza’s new book, The Market Has Changed – Have You? was named as one of the Top 10 Must Read Books of 2010 by Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and publisher of Selling Power Magazine. Gschwandtner calls it “a must-read for sales professionals committed to winning.” This book offers people with revenue and sales responsibilities, winning strategies to increase their energy, resourcefulness and sales success during these tough market conditions. It attempts to help bridge the gap between a person’s personal and social concerns related to selling and the needs of business to generate revenue. “The financial crisis has been a time of rampant, far-reaching & permanent transformation,” says D’Souza. Business owners and sales teams whose livelihoods depend on generating revenue today, need to move differently in this market place. Few of yesterday’s strategies for making a sale work today. Many of his clients have needed to change radically – or risk failure. The book is divided into 5 keys of success, or principles – Purpose, prosperity, process, people and practical leadership. Then he breaks each of these down into a 5-step process for mastering the principle. At the end of each section there is an exercise so you can put it into application. This book is designed to be read as a novel as well as a Sales Training resource. Weaved throughout the book is a discussion of D’Souza’s unique “Wha-Dho Philosophy” which suggests that people place themselves and their families at the core of any go-tomarket strategy. D’Souza contends that this releases an inborn, natural sense of passion and resourcefulness that is necessary to succeed in today’s economy. This book is very timely. s reviewed By AIMEE GURSKI

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Paul D’Souza is a business consultant, entrepreneur, author and sales expert who enjoys helping individuals and companies increase revenue and profitability. His career extends from door to door sales to successfully negotiating multi-million dollar IT projects. He has also worked as a turnaround specialist in several industries, taking on leadership roles such as CEO and Vice President of Sales. He has used his business experience and extensive study of human awareness to create a new T HE and INDUST business practice methodology that helps individuals and companiesAvailable increase at: revenue profits.RY

Available at: T HE

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE• INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • order products 800.362.6245

tngM_JA10_71 Book Review.indd 1

the industry source


6/10/10 3:39 PM



Makeup Essentials

The Art of Airbrush Makeup

Facial Waxing

Learn how to build a strong and effective makeup kit. This informational class teaches you how to edit your kit based on the job, what must-have items every makeup artist needs to keep in their kit, how to use them, and what extras should you keep around just in case. Enhance your knowledge of your most important tools: your brushes. Learn to apply your knowledge of beauty makeup application and what products are needed to create effective makeup applications for bridal, photography and film.

Come learn the basics of airbrushing foundation, contouring and highlighting to create a flawless; canvas for traditional makeup. This will be a hands-on class to practice how airbrush makeup feels and looks and how to color match skin using this technique that is great in the new HD world.

This class focuses on technique and application procedures teaching you ways to increase your salon revenue with add-on services. Learn how facial waxing takes special hands with different waxing techniques to receive desired results.



BRING: Makeup brushes, paper and pen INCLUDES: Free gift of makeup, lunch and certificate 7/26 8/2

10am-4pm 10am-4pm


$99 $150

951969 951974

Brow & Lash Camp HOSTED BY BE PRO

A brow and lash expert will take you through the fundamentals of designing the perfect brow shape for various face shapes and how to create beautiful, flirty lashes. This class will help you identify what shapes and products to use for brow design. The lash portion of the day includes instruction on taking wimpy lashes to the next level by learning mascara techniques and the proper ways to apply strip and individual lashes. BRING: Makeup brushes, paper and pen INCLUDES: Lashes, free makeup gift ($25 value) and certificate 8/9






BRING: Makeup brushes, paper and pen INCLUDES: Free gift, lunch and certificate

BRING: Tweezers, hair growth of 10-14 days, pen and paper INCLUDES: Working product and certificate











Beginner Makeup Bootcamp

Brazilian Waxing

Discover a variety of exciting application techniques for numerous skin types and tones in this hands-on workshop. Uncover the hidden secrets to selecting flattering eye, foundation and lip colors. You will enjoy one-on-one makeup demos using be PRO’s exciting cosmetics.

Learn multiple applications and the latest techniques to help grow your waxing services menu. Learn how Brazilian waxing is different from waxing other body parts. Class will include live demonstration if model is available.


BRING: Makeup brushes, paper and pen INCLUDES: Free makeup gift ($25 value), lunch and certificate 9/13




BRING: Makeup brushes, makeup remover, pen and paper INCLUDES: Free gift, lunch and certificate $150






This class will show you how to work with different color palettes to choose and apply makeup colors to create looks for various skin tones. With these techniques, you will feel more confident with your entire clientele! We will focus on what colors and styles work best for each person you encounter.



Beginner Waxing



BRING: Hair growth of 10-14 days if willing to be live model, tweezers, paper and pen INCLUDES: Certificate


Color Theory Makeup Techniques




Learn application and pull techniques including the popular Brazilian Bikini Wax. The class will demonstrate leg, facial and bikini waxing. Participants will be paired up to wax and to be waxed. The success of this program relies on this kind of experience. You will also learn about the waxing products, how to conduct a client consultation, how to grow your business and techniques for troubleshooting. BRING: Point tweezers and hair growth of 10–14 days INCLUDES: Working product, lunch and certificate 9/13





Eyebrow Threading

HOSTED BY iconistry beauty Learn the technique that allows you to take out a line of hair at a time and create a more defined shape for your eyebrows. Students learn step-bystep what is necessary to create the eyebrow and facial threading tool, how to use the tool correctly and what not to do. BRING: Hair growth of 10–14 days on legs (you will self practice) INCLUDES: Threading kit, lunch and certificate 9/27



tngM_JA10_72-75 Academy Schedule.indd 1





July/August 2010

6/14/10 4:11 PM

Our state-of-the-art education facilities bring you celebrity guest artists and courses comparable to top academies around the world. Education provides inspiration and keeps your profession exciting.

Please have your professional or store license number or student identification and course item # available when registering. All hair courses are accredited through the state of Illinois. Some courses are accredited through the state of Ohio. Please call TheAcademy Education Director for details at 248.347.7700 x2969.


HOSTED BY BIOTONE Effectively add spa services to your business. Learn hands-on how to perform the most commonly requested spa treatments including exfoliations, mud body wraps, foot treatments, aromatherapy wraps, spa back and cellulite treatments. You will give and receive these therapeutic treatments. BRING: Tennis shoes, flip flops, 14 hand towels (preferably dark), 1 bath towel, 3 bath sheets, 3 double or queen flat sheets, 1 fitted sheet, blanket, 1 small ice cooler, plastic trash bags, pen and paper INCLUDES: Working product and certificate 9/20-21 8:30am-5:30pm FH


Photographers Wanted! TNG Fans:


23200 Haggerty Road Farmington Hills, MI 48335

TheAcademy West (W) 1760 44th Street Wyoming, MI 49509

Earn a


Share your class experience on our Facebook fan page! Bring your cameras and snap some pics! Then post your favorites on our wall for all to see.



at TheAcademy


2010 Industry Summits

When you attend 10 classes, your next class is

FREE ! *

Manicure & Pedicure October 3 Tanning November 20 • Leading manufacturers showcase newest products.

TheAcademy Student Discount Card

• Business building sessions.

To register for classes call:


Class schedules are subject to change or cancellation any time prior to the scheduled date based on enrollment. Classrooms open 30 minutes prior to course start times.

Purchased classes are not exchangeable and are nonrefundable.

• Special savings on purchases.


CALL 800.362.6245 Located at: tng worldwide Global Distribution Center New Hudson, MI

For a complete course listing, visit To register for classes, call 800.362.6245. * Free class can be applied to any course up to $100 in value. Please indicate you are redeeming a free course when registering.

order products 800.362.6245

tngM_JA10_72-75 Academy Schedule.indd 2



6/14/10 4:11 PM

SCHEDULE OF COURSES Nail Shellac Attack Workshop

hair Clipper Demo

You won’t believe your eyes — or your profits! See and try the newest incredible nail color innovation by CND. Experience the ease and unbeatable results of patent pending UV3 Technology! Goes on like polish, wears like gel and comes off in minutes… Really! During this hands-on demo you will learn all you need to know about the product and how to WOW your clients.

An American Crew All-Star will guide you through the intricacies of clipper working, teaching the completion of clipper cuts and the appropriate methods for clipper use.

Hosted by CND

BRING: All manicuring implements, 36 Watt UV lamp, hand towels and one hand free of product INCLUDES: Free gift of one Shellac UV Color Coat 7/26 7/26 8/23 8/23 8/30 8/30

9am-12pm 1pm-4pm 9am-12pm 1pm-4pm 9am-12pm 1pm-4pm


$29 $29 $29 $29 $29 $29

951989 951990 951991 951992 951993 951994

Hosted by CND

Master fundamental nail skills and premium techniques unique to CND in this intensive course. Includes a quick refresher on basics — including P.R.E.P. and salon wellness — as well as a new business-building content like Custom Client Services, Advanced Design Principles and Zone Finishing. Develop a competitive edge, great service quality and boost to your earning potential. BRING: All manicuring implements, UV nail lamp and one hand free of product INCLUDES: Liquid and Powder Master Kit, lunch and certificate 9/13





Higher Learning Gels Hosted by OPI

Today’s spa concept doesn’t require a lot of space; it’s a way of doing business and servicing customers to build long-term relationships. Discover how increase the ahhhh-factor for all your manicure and pedicure services to keep clients coming back for more. Learn how new Manicure/Pedicure by OPI aromas can help you create a stronger spa menu, and how you can help clients have younger-looking hands, while making a powerful retail connection that will increase your profits.

Hosted by Moroccanoil

BRING: Pen and paper 7/19





Clipper Workshop

Hosted by American Crew Includes all of the instruction in the demo course, plus a hands-on experience. An American Crew All-Star will guide you to complete clipper cuts following the morning demonstration. BRING: Clippers, clipper guards, cutting tools and spray bottle INCLUDES: Manikin, lunch and certificate 9/20

Liquid & Powder Enhancements Masters

Styling & Finishing

Hosted by American Crew





Special Three-Day Course Hosted by TIGI! Best Practices Hosted by TIGI

It is often said that Best Practices begin with basics. Based on the TONI&GUY New Classic Cuts series, Best Practices is a three-day, hands-on course that delves into the methodology, terminology and technology that provide the basis for TONI&GUY cutting techniques. This course benefits both the new hairdresser and established stylist by teaching confidence-building technical skills and offering insight into the personalization techniques that are demanded by today’s fashion savvy client. BRING: All cutting tools, brushes, combs, clips, blow-dryer, pen and paper INCLUDES: 3 TIGI manikins, TIGI workbook, working product, giveaways, lunch and certificate 8/9-11 10am-4pm


No discounts on Best Practices.

$1,200 951977

This course is split into a look & learn session and a hands-on workshop. No discounts on Moroccanoil classes.

Look & Learn A revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning hair product… introducing the power of Moroccanoil. Moroccanoil is a unique, ultralight, non-greasy formula of Argan oil that seals in shine, producing silky perfection for all hair types. In this demonstration learn the benefits of Moroccanoil including its ability to restore over-processed hair caused by chemicals found in everyday use shampoos, color procedures, perms and environmental factors. Also learn tips from the pros and how to create the prefect blowout to WOW your clients. BRING: Pen and paper 8/16

10am-12pm FH



Workshop Includes all of the instruction in the Look & Learn session, plus a hands-on experience. See and feel the results of Moroccanoil when you pair up with fellow classmates to give and receive treatments and blow outs. BRING: All styling tools, pen and paper INCLUDES: Moroccanoil brush, free gift, working product, lunch and certificate 8/16





Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing

Hosted by Keratin Express Discover the latest technology from the Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing System and learn what the buzz is all about!!! During this live demonstration see how to apply the product, how it works and have all your questions answered. Keratin Express offers a fast 20 minute processing time, is simple and easy to use and is formaldehydeFREE! It helps reduce fizz up to 100% and enhances shine, condition, strength and color of hair. It lasts 4 to 6 weeks and it is great for all hair types not just curly or fizzy. Best of all clients can wear their hair curly or straight. BRING: Pen and paper 7/19

10am-12pm W



BRING: All manicure/pedicure implements, Gel nail lamp, hand towels and all tools to complete a successful hand service INCLUDES: Gift of OPI products, certificate and lunch 8/23




the industry source

tngM_JA10_72-75 Academy Schedule.indd 3



July/August 2010

6/14/10 4:11 PM

Our state-of-the-art education facilities bring you celebrity guest artists and courses comparable to top academies around the world. Education provides inspiration and keeps your profession exciting.

Class Locations:

Please have your professional or store license number or student identification and course item # available when registering. All hair courses are accredited through the state of Illinois. Some courses are accredited through the state of Ohio. Please call TheAcademy Education Director for details at 248.347.7700 x2969.

TheAcademy (FH)

23200 Haggerty Road Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Hosted by Kemon After the completion of Color Lab II, you are ready to move to advanced levels few have explored. This course teaches you how to successfully color match, custom formulate, create tone-on-tone highlighting, perform color corrections and overcome challenges. You will also learn secrets and tips on how to do amazing techniques on your clients. BRING: Blow dryer, combs, brushes, cover up, pen and paper INCLUDES: Manikin, working product, lunch and certificate FH W

$199 $199

951975 951997

Edge of Style

Hosted by Kemon

This course is split into a look & learn session and a hands-on workshop.

Look & Learn The leader in Italian Hair Fashion invites you to experience our interpretation of the “UPSTYLE”. Members of the KEMON Artistic team will demonstrate how to create looks from Kemon’s Bridal Collection along with fast and fabulous updos to fit all your clients’ VIP events.

Blonde Solutions Hosted by Kemon

This course is split into a look & learn session and a hands-on workshop.

Creamy, buttery, icy… Blondes are the rage. Just in time for Eric Lindsey, summer, create the look your Kemon National client has been asking for. Platform Artist Discover a variety of techniques for the perfect base, color placement and how to eliminate the challenges you encounter when attempting the perfect blonde. Hosted by Kemon National Platform Artist Eric Lindsey, a color and color correction specialist and a master of balayage. Eric has been an artistic technical team member and portfolio artist for more than a decade. As a national educator, he has worked his magic in some of the most innovative salons in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

9/13 9/27

10am-12pm FH 10am-12pm W

$39 $39

951999 952006

Workshop Includes all of the instruction in the Look & Learn session, plus a hands-on experience. You will leave confident you can offer your clients the updo pictured in their favorite fashion magazine. BRING: Brushes, blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, rubber bands, rat tail comb, clips, pen and paper INCLUDES: Manikin, lunch and certificate 9/13 9/27

10am-4pm 10am-4pm

JULY 7/19......... American Crew Clipper Demo 7/19......... Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing 7/26......... Kemon Blonde Solutions Look & Learn 7/26......... Makeup Essentials with be PRO 7/26......... Kemon Blonde Solutions Workshop 7/26......... CND Shellac Attack Workshop

AUGUST 8/2........... Makeup Essentials with be PRO 8/2-3........ Kemon Color Lab II 8/9........... Brow & Lash Camp with be PRO 8/9-11...... TIGI Best Practices 8/16......... Facial Waxing with GiGi 8/16......... Brazilian Waxing with GiGi 8/16......... Moroccanoil Styling & Finishing Look & Learn 8/16......... Moroccanoil Styling & Finishing Workshop 8/23......... CND Shellac Attack Workshop 8/23......... OPI Higher Learning Gels 8/30......... The Art of Airbrush Makeup with be PRO 8/30......... CND Shellac Attack Workshop


BRING: Pen and paper

Look & Learn

1760 44th Street Wyoming, MI 49509


Color Lab II

8/2-3 10am-4pm 9/13-14 10am-4pm

TheAcademy West (W)


$150 $150

952001 952007

9/13......... Beginner Waxing with depilève 9/13......... Beginner Makeup Bootcamp with be PRO 9/13-14.... Kemon Color Lab II 9/13......... CND Liquid & Powder Enhancements Masters 9/13......... Kemon Edge of Style Look & Learn 9/13......... Kemon Edge of Style Workshop 9/20-21.... Spa Workshop with BIOTONE 9/20......... be PRO Color Theory Makeup 9/20......... American Crew Clipper Workshop 9/27......... Eyebrow Threading with Iconistry Beauty 9/27......... Kemon Edge of Style Look & Learn 9/27......... Kemon Edge of Style Workshop

BRING: Pen and paper 7/26

10am-12pm FH



Workshop Includes all of the instruction in the Look & Learn session plus a hands-on experience guided by Eric Lindsey. BRING: All working tools including combs clips, apron, blow dryer and brushes INCLUDES: Working product, manikin, lunch and certificate 7/26





To register for classes call:


Class schedules are subject to change or cancellation any time prior to the scheduled date based on enrollment. Classrooms open 30 minutes prior to course start times.

Purchased classes are not exchangeable and are nonrefundable. order products 800.362.6245

tngM_JA10_72-75 Academy Schedule.indd 4

the industry source


6/14/10 4:11 PM


A Perfect Fit...

a wide variety of gloves to fit all your needs!

Reader’s Response What types of advertising or promotions have been successful?

Vinyl Disposable Gloves 100 ct dispenser box Latex-free

Lightly Powdered


S - 110240 M - 110241 L - 110242

S - 110126 M - 110127 L - 110128

Latex Disposable Gloves 100 ct dispenser box

Powder-Free S - 110244 M - 110245 L - 110246

“I advertise mostly by word of mouth. I also participate in local beauty events such as ‘Pamper Me Fabulous’ and ‘Spa Week’. I do not believe that traditional advertising works for the medical spa industry which is why customer service is key. Our promotions include birthday discounts, ‘Consistently Loyal’ laser hair removal loyalty program, ‘Brilliant Distinctions’ loyalty program for all Allergan products, as well as manufacturer rebate programs. I do a monthly e-mail blast which includes any updates in practice or products and specials for the month. I also offer package discounts for a series of treatments.”

“We advertise monthly through radio spots and newspapers, donate spa treatments to local silent auctions and hand out our business cards and brochures during down time. For their birthday, clients receive a card with a discount towards a spa treatment. We partner with area organizations in ways to benefit their business as well as ours, run product promotions seasonally and feature a different coupon each month in our e-news each month. We team up a lot with the resort to cross-promote as well.”

Sara Davenport, owner, Broadway SKIN Studio, Marina del Rey, CA

Emily Mathis, manager, The Spa at Riverstone Resort, Pigeon Forge, TN

“We are always trying new ideas to advertise our salon. We have our own personal website (Halcyondayssalonand and are on MySpace and Facebook. We also encourage our employees to build their business with more personal advertising. Here are some successful examples our staff has used: Spa ads on craigslist, working with photographers and models to build portfolios ( and promotions with local businesses such as a fashion show with club22 & updo specials for prom/homecoming with President Tuxedos and Lord and Taylor.”

“We have a product bonus program where we give clients a card with our logo. For every $20.00 spent the client gets a stamp. When they have six stamps they receive $20 of free product. This works extremely well and our clients love it. It also promotes retail sales in our salon. Also every month we run a special of the month. We try to use the current season to help us put together a sale or a promotion. For example: ‘April showers bring May flowers’ was our April Promotion. Every client that received a service was given a seed packet and a chance to win a spa day in our raffle.”

Angela Argyriou, manager, Halcyon Days Salon/Spa, Sterling Heights, MI

Patricia Heal, owner, Salon Di Panaché, Newton, NJ

Lightly Powdered S - 110247 M - 110248 L - 110249

Black Disposable Gloves

100 ct dispenser box Latex-free S - 110215 M - 110216 L - 110217

Black Reusable Gloves 20 ct box Latex Textured finish S - 110076 M - 110077

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 We want• to hear from you! RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • How do you integrate your brand throughout different aspects of your business? What are you doing Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 76


tngM_JA10_76 Readers Response.indd 1

to distinguish your business from the competition? E-mail us a description of what you’re doing and we may feature your idea in an upcoming issue! Send your response to

July/August 2010

6/14/10 4:04 PM

tngM_ND09_23 Tweezwerman AD: NB 06 colors 10/19/09 12:43 PM Page 1

INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE

tngM_JA10_77 Tweezerman Ad.indd 1

6/10/10 3:11 PM


Criolla Mama

(Barbecued Shrimp with a Corn and Goat Cheese Torta) You can serve this dish with rice instead of the torta. If you add a few more shrimp, this dish will make a nice dinner. The Criolla Mama sauce will keep refrigerated for up to a week, and it freezes well.

ingredients Criolla Mama Tomato Sauce • 1 tablespoon olive oil • 1 ounce smoked bacon, diced • 1 Scotch Bonnet chile, seeded and minced • 2 cloves garlic, minced • 1 tablespoon butter • 1 teaspoon sugar • 1/3 red onion, diced • 1 large stalk celery, diced • 1 small red bell pepper, seeded and diced • 1 small yellow bell pepper, seeded and diced • 2 tablespoons Spanish sherry vinegar • 1 bay leaf, broken

• 1/2 teaspoon cayenne • 2/3 teaspoon black pepper • 1/3 teaspoon salt • 2/3 teaspoon Tabasco sauce • 1 tablespoon chopped thyme leaves • 1 tablespoon chopped basil leaves • 1 tablespoon chopped oregano leaves • 1 cup clam juice • 1 1/2 cups concassé tomatoes (2 large tomatoes) or 1 (14.5 ounce) can diced tomatoes, drained

• 1 tablespoon butter • 2 cloves garlic, minced • 1/2 cup fresh sweet corn kernels • Salt and black pepper to taste • 1 tablespoon heavy cream • 1 ounce soft chèvre (goat cheese) • Corn kernel cakes • 2 tablespoons virgin olive oil • 1 shallot, thinly sliced • 12 large shrimp (about 10-12 ounces), peeled and deveined

directions 1. Preheat the oven to 300° F. Prepare the Criolla Mama sauce. 2. Heat the olive oil in a large, heavy saucepan and sauté the bacon over medium heat until it is almost cooked. Add the Scotch Bonnet and garlic, and sauté for about 1 minute, stirring occasionally.

Chef Norman Van Aken, Norman’s, Los Angeles

James Beard Award-winning Chef Norman Van Aken is dedicated to the fusion of Latin, Caribbean, Asian, and American flavor. His numerous awards include The Robert Mondavi Award and the Food Arts Silver Spoon.


the industry source

tngM_JA10_78 recipe.indd 1

5. Prepare the corn cakes. Arrange eight of them on a work surface and spread four of them with an equal amount of the corn and chèvre mixture. Top each with another cake. Place this torta on an ovenproof platter and keep warm in the oven.

3. Add the butter, sugar, onion, celery, and bell peppers. Turn up the heat to medium-high and sauté for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the vegetables just begin to caramelize. Add the vinegar and reduce the heat to medium. Add the bay leaf, cayenne, black pepper, salt, Tabasco, thyme, basil, oregano, and 1/2 cup of the stock, and cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the remaining stock and the tomatoes, and cook for 15 minutes longer, stirring occasionally. Adjust the seasoning and keep warm. (If making ahead of time, keep refrigerated.)

6. Heat a large cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat and when very hot, add the olive oil and then the shallot. Season the shrimp with salt and pepper and add to the skillet, stirring rapidly. When the shrimp are just cooked (2 to 3 minutes), add the Criolla Mama sauce, stir, and heat through. Remove the skillet from the heat.

4. Bring a skillet to high heat and add the butter. When it begins to foam, add the garlic. Cook for a few seconds, then add the corn, salt, and pepper. Cook the corn until it begins to blister, about 2 minutes. Add the cream and heat through. Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl, add the chèvre, and mix well.

Serves 4.

7. Place a stack of cakes on the center of each serving plate. Prop 3 shrimp around it and spoon the sauce over the shrimp and around the torta. Serve the extra corn cakes on the side.

California Tomato Growers Association from

July/August 2010

6/10/10 3:08 PM

Does Your Hair Removal Kill Germs? When it comes to removing unwanted hair, nothing is more effective and safer than Nufree®... approved for use on over 98% of the body. Nufree is the only antimicrobial, anhydrous, non-wax hair removal system in the world. Because it’s not a wax, Nufree never sticks to the skin; so your clients won’t experience the pain, redness or swelling of typical wax treatments... only silky, smooth skin. Nufree uproots the entire bulb and hair shaft and doesn’t break the hair off, the way depilatories and waxes do. But that’s only the beginning. After a Nufree treatment, finipil® is applied — our scientifically formulated and patented, antibacterial, antimicrobial lotion — that protects the empty hair follicle. When used daily finipil slows down hair re-growth and has also been proven to shrink pore size and prevent ingrown hairs. Amazing patented finipil® can also be used anytime - anywhere an antibacterial product is needed.

Start to experience the

Amazing Results. Normal Hair & Hair shaft

Hair after waxing or shaving (notice the broken hair)

Follicle after Nufree (notice the entire hair removed)

waxing stretches & breaks the hair


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Want an easy solution for making clients look younger? Try Ardell false lashes to open up their eyes and show their true beauty! Ardell, the leader in false lashes for 40 years, provides a variety of lash styles to suit every eye shape and desired look. Transform your client’s look and visibly take years off their eyes by adding the flutter of Ardell. Ideal for women losing lashes due to chemotherapy and aging.


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Reflections on the Professional Beauty Industry

from industry leaders and experts

Is the Path to Health and Wellness Leading Clients to Your Spa? If you find yourself talking to your clients more and more about wellness issues these days, you’re like a lot of spas. Not only is stress relief more important than ever, clients have finally recognized there is a connection between their health and wellness and the therapies and treatments that spas can provide. This shift is not surprising when you consider spas have their roots in wellness – thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks and Romans established bathing facilities for those desiring healing. The evolution of a spa to provide pampering and luxury actually didn’t take place until the 20th century. As a result of today’s shift, many spas have already adapted their service offerings to combine wellness and pampering; others are in the process of doing so. I recommend three areas in particular to address as you transition your business into a resource or retreat for client wellness as well as beauty: education, customized body treatments and products for use at home.


the industry source

tngM_JA10_96 The Last Word.indd 1

The first and most fundamental change in your business model is to become your client’s wellness advocate or educator. Find out what your clients health and skin care concerns are and become a resource for information through your own knowledge and through articles and referrals. Make recommendations for self-care at home. Teach your clients about selfcare, which can include exercise and conditioning programs to do at home and stress management techniques to relieve tension and aid relaxation. Where clients are seeking relief from injuries or chronic conditions, including head and neck pain, back pain, and fibromyalgia, instruct them how to care for their injuries or pain at home and if appropriate refer them to specialists for additional advice and treatment. As you learn more about your clients’ needs, enhance a massage with the appropriate healing ingredients to help ease pain and reduce stress and customize skincare treatments to meet very specific needs for skin healing and hydration. Today there are new massage products enhanced with natural ingredients, such as lavender and chamomile that promote relaxation and alleviate stress and tension, or sage, which is known to calm the nerves. Similarly, many of today’s wraps and scrubs are enhanced with botanicals – burdock, Echinacea, figwort – to heal at the same time they rejuvenate the skin. Extend the customized treatments with recommendations for spa at home products that keep skin hydrated, moisturized and toned in between spa visits. This of course not only strengthens the bond with your client, it provides you with another revenue channel through retail sales. There are vast rewards in advocating for client wellness. Not only do you benefit from an expanded business opportunity, you and your team enjoy the personal and professional satisfaction that comes with helping clients embark on a sustained path to wellness. s Jean Shea President, BIOTONE

July/August 2010

6/10/10 2:07 PM

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SOAK-OFF GEL LACQUER SYSTEM Polished on similarly to Nail Lacquer and then UV-cured, Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquers provide flawless color for up to two weeks or more. Truly an affordable luxury for your clients. Plus, color removal takes as little as 15 minutes; total removal in as little as 30 minutes.













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July/August 2010 TIS Magazine  

The Industry Source magazine is the #1 business trade publication in the professional beauty industry. The mission of The Industry Source is...

July/August 2010 TIS Magazine  

The Industry Source magazine is the #1 business trade publication in the professional beauty industry. The mission of The Industry Source is...