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COLLECTIO Turn on the sparkle and charm this holiday season. Let the celebrations begin with our dazzling fragrances!

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Style Made Simple The revolution continues. First, the black15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment solved the 15 most common hair care problems among women. Then black 15in1 Miracle Hair Shampoo and Conditioner revolutionized how women care for their hair. Now, an innovation in styling is about to change your hairstyle. Introducing black 15in1 Miracle Finishing Hair Spray Maximum hold. Satin soft touch. Humidity-proof. Color-preserving UVA/UVB sunscreen protection. Formulated with the same scientifically proven benefits as the black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment to improve the health of your hair over time.

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MAXIMUM RESULTS, WITH EXTREME GENTLENESS Ammonia-free hair colour cream with natural organically grown* ingredients. - 100% coverage of grey hair - Lightening up to 4/5 levels - Total uniformity of the tone and extraordinarily long-lasting results Innovative Cream Activator Plus, the new activating cream with a velvety creamy texture in a 1000 ml bottle. *flax and calendula

NaYo FASTation: the unique spinning back bar accessory, designed to hold 4 top-down bottles to make measuring simple and quick.

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November/December 2013









Less than a third of Americans are actively engaged in their work. To engage the 70 percent of non-committal or actively disengaged employees, business managers must change how they view human capital.

The holidays can get very stressful for your clients. Does your salon or spa have what it takes to soothe the seasonal stress?


Intimates Collection

Amanda Trent, Editor Design Staff: Shelly Schroeder, Senior Designer Adriana Kavalcova, Designer Susan Stevens, Designer Jen Boley, Advertising Editorial & Sales Office: 29683 W K Smith Dr. Lyon Tech Park New Hudson, MI 48165 248.347.0388 phone 248.347.3351 fax

CND bares it all this winter with the release of four feminine CND Shellac shades.

46 Cover Photo: Amedeo M. Turello

be PRO Makeup Expert Meredith Stedman shows you how to get this stunning evening look that combines classic Hollywood glamour with a modern flare.

We combined Kemon hair products and color with be PRO makeup for a series of incredible and electrifying looks that would make any client feel at home on the runway or make them feel like a star in everyday life.


Contributors: Hutch Ashoo, Keith Harmeyer, John Hartog, Jim Kohles, Mitchell Levy, The MKS&H Team, Mitchell Rigie, Dianne Quinn, Lea Streblow, Doug Vermeeren, Michael Vladimirovich, Trevor Wilson © 2013 tng worldwide. All rights reserved.




November/December 2013


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Let’s Talk Money


Beat the Winter Workload Blues


Professional Perspective: Money Matters


The Power of Money


Cash in on Your Passion


Planning for Retirement


Recognizing Human Equity


Professional Perspective: Transitioning Into Winter


Personality Types That Can Sabotage Your Company



Top 10 Massage Products


The Perfect Winter Pedicure


Get the Look: Vivacious Vixen


Feminine Sparkle


Trendsetting with Kemon and be PRO


Top 5 Shimmering Holiday Services


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IMAGE Look the Part: Hair and Makeup


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November/December 2013

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Message from the CEO


ah! Humbug! The holiday season is here and that means Christmas is right around the corner along with 2014.

This time of year means a lot of things to people. Mostly however, it’s the time retailers make their money for the entire year while consumers shop, eat and watch holiday shows. Did you know Scrooge is still the most watched program after all these years? There must be something to the story that reverberates with people. Bah! Humbug! Truth is, this is the biggest time for gifting, giving and partying. How you give and how you party is up to you. For gifting, this is a special time to take advantage of the season and stock up on holiday items. My favorites include the ForPro ultrasonic diffusers, Root Legacy candles in wonderful scents such as Candy Cane and Hollyberry, bebeautiful makeup palettes and HOTSY Hand & Body Warmers for the perfect stocking stuffers. For the hot mani category, anything CND and OPI is popular. Nail polish continues to be the growth category in beauty and consumers love nail polish for gifting. With 2014 right around the corner, it’s also the time to start thinking about sales projections, expenses and money management for next year. Is 2014 the time to raise prices? How can you work smarter and get more scheduled appointments? What new services should you offer? Have you taken advantage of the Vinylux surge? What are your competitors doing better than you? One thing for certain is that most of our customers are taking full advantage of the ForPro brand and saving lots of money. We have been working around the clock to add more items in 2014 to not only save you more money but to enhance your overall services. I can assure you 2014 will be quite exciting. Larry Gaynor

I want to thank you for your continued loyalty and support and wish you a healthy and happy holiday season. Do your best to give to someone or an organization that can use your services. After all, it is that time of year and that is no Bah! Humbug! Even Scrooge knows that.

Larry Gaynor, President & CEO, tng worldwide

Founded in 1985, tng worldwide is the worldwide leader in providing professional products to the salon, spa, tanning and hospitality industry. tng worldwide is a company that is defined by a mission of 100% customer success.






November/December 2013

. e c i o h C r e f a S e Th Trusted in the salon industry for 30 years.

finipil is an FDA registered OTC antiseptic which is applied on clients after hair removal services. This antiseptic cream destroys 99.999% of bacteria and cools and soothes the skin while protecting the empty hair follicle. • Dermatologist researched, tested and approved. • Prevents infection of the empty hair follicle. • Kills 99.999% of germs. • Reduces redness. • Cools and reduces swelling. • Replaces cataphoresis • Prevents clogging of the hair follicle. • Approved for daily use. • Helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

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Let’s Talk

MONEY A lthough we live in the richest and most advanced society the world has ever known, many of us say we need more money in order to be happy, notes best-selling business book author Doug Vermeeren.

“Even some of those in the top percentile of earners often feel like they don’t have enough money,” says Vermeeren, an international speaker who consults with celebrities, business executives and professional athletes. “The math is simple: More money does not equal more happiness. It’s our attitude toward money, not the amount, that influences our happiness the most.” Happiness researchers Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, professors at the Harvard Business School, recently published research indicating that it’s not money that makes people happy, nor the things people buy with it. Rather, it’s the experiences one has that ultimately account for happiness. “How you experience your money on a day-today basis is what matters,” Vermeeren says. “If the software running in your brain is constantly reinforcing the message, ‘it’s not enough,’ then that is likely how you will see yourself and experience your life – as ‘not enough.’ ”

Vermeeren reviews the three fallacies of abundance as it relates to happiness:

We are all entitled to a certain amount of wealth The feeling that we deserve or are owed a certain amount of wealth will always make us unhappy with whatever we have. While we are entitled to certain human rights, those do not include a winning lottery ticket. In reality, we are not owed any amount of abundance and, in fact, should count ourselves lucky if we’re able to meet our basic needs; many in the world are not. More of us, however, would be happier simply appreciating what we have.

The result of our labors is money Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself. This can be a challenge to keep in mind since so much of our lives are spent in the pursuit of money. We work and go to school to support ourselves and our families. We see things we want, and we know we need more money for them. Study after study shows, however, that what really makes us happy is what we do and who we do it with and not how much money we spend.



November/December 2013

We’ll be happiest when we finally reach our goal We are happiest when we are progressing toward a goal. When we lose sight of our goal, veer off the path toward our goal and even achieve our goal, we’re less happy. Rather than setting one goal and deciding you will be happy when you meet it, you’ll be most happy if you continually set goals and relish your journey toward them. So even though money is important to our businesses and well-being, keep these principles in mind to keep it in perspective – it’s just a piece of the bigger puzzle. It’s just a part of the journey and shouldn’t be the destination. ▲ WRITTEN BY DOUG VERMEEREN

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Doug Vermeeren is an internationally renowned public speaker, author, movie producer and director. His life coaching strategies help those from all walks of life, with clients including business executives, celebrities, professional athletes and more. Throughout the last decade, Vermeeren has conducted extensive first hand research into the lives of more than 400 of the world’s top contemporary achievers, making him a sought-after commentator on news outlets including ABC, FOX, CNN and more. He has written three titles contributing to Guerilla Marketing, the best-selling business series in publishing, which is included reading in the Harvard Business School. His documentaries include the awardwinning film, The Opus, which has been published by Random House as a book in 23 countries. Vermeeren’s latest film, The Gratitude Experiment, has received critical acclaim.


Love your skin. Feel the difference.



by Salon Pofessionals

Voted #1 by Salon Professionals, Body Drench creates innovative formulas for all skin needs to make you look and feel beautiful. w w w. b o d y d r e n c h . c o m

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Beat the Winter Workload


ummer is behind us, and fall is coming to a close. But while you may have taken a vacation this summer or fall, business challenges, customer demands and year-end sales goals didn’t. That means it’s time to shift your brain from standby mode to “all systems go”…and it’s not always fun or easy.

Fortunately, according to creative problem-solving experts Mitchell Rigie and Keith Harmeyer, it is possible to cushion that jolting reentry to our professional reality. All it takes is rethinking some longheld assumptions and exploring new ways of tackling old, familiar challenges. “You can’t change the calendar,” says Harmeyer, coauthor along with Rigie of SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas. “But you can change the way you think about the calendar. And when you do, you’ll be shocked by the difference it makes in your work life.” “Many people have a deep belief that summertime is great and going back to work [and entering the winter] is not so great,” adds Rigie. “But that’s just an assumption we probably picked up in childhood when it was time to go back to school. What’s great is that you can



November/December 2013

clear out that negativity simply by choosing to view the situation differently, and thereby allowing yourself to see new possibilities.” Here are a few examples of how you can think differently in order to get a jump on things, plan ahead, engage in a little pre-winter creative problem solving and make your “chill mode” to “work mode” changeover as positive and productive as possible.

1. Ease into It Your mind may still be on baseball and bonfires, but during these final days of autumn, it’s time to start thinking, just a bit, about what will be waiting for you once winter is in full swing. No need for heavy lifting here – just imagine what will be going on during that busy time in your business. In your mind, envision your coworkers, your boss, your team and even your clients or customers. What kinds of services will you be doing that you may not have been doing throughout the year? What will you need to do to prepare? “The idea is to get motivated, even excited, about being productive,” advises Harmeyer. “Just taking this mental journey through futuregazing can help ease your transition back to the [workplace].”

2. Set Some Tentative Goals Why not take it one step further and actually identify some things you’d like to get done? Take a few minutes, clear your mind, and create an “aspiration list” of things you want to accomplish during the last months of the year. What changes would you like to make in your work routine? How can you inspire and coach your coworkers or team to be more productive and successful? What personal and organizational goals would you like to put in place? “Think big and make it real,” says Rigie. “This will help prevent end-of-season dread, because you won’t have to go from zero to sixty [overnight]. You’ll have set yourself up for success…and the moment you get back you’ll have something tangible and worthwhile to focus on.”

3. Ask Yourself, What’s So Terrible About Work, Anyway? If you’re not looking forward to the intensity of winter, that’s probably based on your belief that whatever you’re doing now is more enjoyable than what you’ll be doing then. Vacation is certainly fun, but so are creative challenges, stimulating projects and meaningful achievements. So why not choose to embrace what lies ahead? “Start looking at fall as the season for rekindling possibilities after recharging your batteries over the summer,” recommends Harmeyer.

4. Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s Every good scout knows to always have close at hand whatever tools he or she needs to tackle any foreseeable challenge. But how about you? Are you prepared? “Is your contact list clean and up to date?” asks Rigie. “Do you have the necessary tools and education that you need? Is your schedule handy and accurate? Make sure you have everything you need to start the season efficiently and effectively, rather than getting off to a slow start getting everything in order.”

5. Get in Touch with Your Colleagues Often, we aren’t in regular contact with our team or coworkers during vacation or slower months. Vacations, days off and lightened workloads often result in less frequent communication. So why not reach out and reestablish contact with important coworkers before you get back to work? “Make a quick call or shoot them a brief email,” advises Harmeyer. “Try to do your personal ‘catching up’ before you return from a vacation so that you can all be optimally productive and focused from the get-go.” “Managing the inevitable transition into a busy winter season is really all about being aware of what’s going to happen, acknowledging what needs to be done and taking some small action steps,” says Harmeyer. “Be creative! Use your imagination and problem-solving skills. Just doing something, anything, to prepare will make a dramatic difference.”

o G he

T n O

“Heading back to work is as much a state of mind as it is a practical reality,” adds Rigie. “Take a few minutes to readjust your thinking, make a few plans, tidy up your systems and your mind. You’ll soon discover you’re more motivated, more energized and more productive for your efforts.” s




60 Minutes is a revolutionary express self tan liquid which, when rinsed off after 60 minutes, continues to develop into a beautiful, natural looking tan. To achieve an even darker tan, there’s no need to re-apply, simply leave 60 Minutes on for two hours for a bronze tan, or up to three hours for a deeper tan.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Mitchell Rigie – A top creative professional for over 25 years, Mitchell’s expertise spans the fields of art, design, communications, strategic marketing, and human development. As a vice president and award-winning creative supervisor for advertising agencies—including Saatchi & Saatchi and Foote, Cone & Belding—and as a consultant for Grey Worldwide, he has managed creative teams in the development of campaigns for Fortune 500 clients, including Johnson & Johnson, American Express, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, and General Electric. Keith Harmeyer – Keith’s professional background includes over 25 years in advertising and strategic marketing, sales and business coaching, and advanced presentation and communication skills training. As a marketing and creative executive at agencies in the Omnicom and Publicis networks, as well as founder and principal of his own marketing communications firm, Keith created countless successful brand-marketing programs and business presentations for many of the world’s best known and most successful companies, such as American Express, JPMorgan Chase, Sony, Time Warner, ABC, Disney, Philips, Fujifilm, Condé Nast, Sports Illustrated, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, McDonald’s, Foot Locker, and many others. He has also coached and trained numerousat: business on their sales Available T HEleaders INDUST RY and SOURCE presentation techniques.

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60 Minutes Tan

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Fake Bake: 1-888-244-4826 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 • 800.362.6245 • • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 800.362.6245





PERSPECTIVE Salon and spa owners and managers weigh in with personal experience and fresh, professional perspectives.

We Work Hard for Our Money! can sometimes be difficult to go the extra mile for every service and include all the little benefits that our amazing clients enjoy every time they visit, but it is a necessity.


s stylists we sometimes work 12 hour days seven days a week. We put our all into making others look stunning and, of course, we worship our profession. According to Donna Summer, we work hard for our money!

Now try and picture this: your client comes to you late in the evening with disheveled hair and flyaways, sits back in the shampoo bowl with her phone ringing off the hook and almost falls asleep while you massage her scalp. I dare say she works hard for her money too! After a long day, week, month and maybe even year, it



November/December 2013

With the holidays around the bend, it is the ideal time to really put a spotlight on your time and how well you service your clients. To really stand out, strive to be the artist at the salon conference with a new proposal of how to show just how grateful you are for your clients. Perhaps offer a gratis hand massage with a superb new luxurious lotion the salon sells while processing your clients stylish new winter color. Simply pampering your client when she really needs it makes her feel valued and keeps her coming back for more. Even spending an extra 15 minutes on a superb facial just to show how appreciative you are for your special guests can set your services apart from the rest. Then following all of your hard work, you’ll be able to leave for your holiday vacation and then come back to the salon ready and willing to create remarkable beauty for the New Year! An added note for stylists – let your clients take pleasure in your marvelous services from start to finish. If they enjoy every minute, they won’t look at visiting the salon as something they just need to “get out of the way.” They’ll look at it as something they can’t wait to do – and you’ll see increased business as a result. You have worked a very long time perfecting your expertise, so it would be a disservice to you as well if you don’t put your all in your services. You deposit time and money into your education and perfecting your technique,

so why would you cheat both your client and yourself with how you execute these same techniques in the salon? We all understand the meaning of money and style and how much the two coincide. Whether it’s a new jacket to go along with a remarkable manicure or a fresh makeover to compliment an updated hair color and style, one service or update often inspires another – and if it gives us a little extra pep in our step, it’s worth the price! So have a discussion with your clients about what they are comfortable with and don’t be afraid to ask them if they’d like to try something new or add something on – but, of course, never ever be pushy!

Also don’t forget that putting money into your personal education will pay off big time. When it comes to money matters, it’s not all about making clients’ pennies stretch – it’s about making yours count, too! With education in your back pocket, you can earn more with the knowledge you have gained. Patrons see the difference when you are confident in what you know and stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” So be sure to lead with your education as you help your clients through many life-changing decisions! Put time and money into your profession, and you will get your clients’ time and hard earned capital in return. ▲ WRITTEN BY LEA STREBLOW ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lea is a licensed cosmetologist who has over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. After many years in diverse salons and establishments, she is currently contemplating going into business for herself. She is an advocate for strong work ethic and putting in long hours – and then, of course, reaping the rewards of all that effort! Recently married, she enjoys walking the Lake Michigan shoreline with her husband, Kyle, and their sweet dog, Rooka.

OnyStat with Tetranol* clears unsightly nails quickly! ®

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• Perfect for travel • Professional use only • Money-back guarantee swabs





*Disclosure: This product has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult your doctor before using this or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:






The Power of



oney runs the world’s economy. It determines who rules nations, and it rules lives.

These are the three most significant properties attributed to the power of money – in addition to its basic function as a medium of exchange. But we can attribute several less significant properties, although similarly important, to the power of money. Money can separate people of the same nation into classes, divisions and groups. The pursuit of money and wealth can turn people and even nations against each other. The ability of money to corrupt can change a person’s personality from social to self-oriented. Since money drives people to produce services in order to pursue everyday life, if they are not able to do so, it can inflict stress, leading to everything from breakdowns to mental illness and crime.



November/December 2013

Amazingly enough, not many people in modern society are aware of the source of the power or money – even business people and those who consider themselves money experts. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the non-existence of prehistoric written records in addition to the fact that historians fail to unveil when and how currency converted from an ordinary medium of exchange into the dominant value of society by expanding its usage to include rendered labor compensation. Also missing is when and what societal changes elevated the abstract value of currency into an absolute ruling power over humans, including all natural values and treasuries of the Earth. The blank page left by the theory of early civilization about the invention and rise of money invited independent thinkers to develop their own theories. The records indicate that this enigma is hidden in the formation of the first state and government. Reforms enacted almost 4,000 years ago led to the breakup of the original communion society, creating conditions that enabled different classes of people

to pursue independent ways of life. Regulating all natural values and treasuries, including human labor, through money, one individual was able to declare himself the king and establish absolute ruling power over society by entrapping people within guarded wall. This historic event advanced the abstract value of money from the ordinary medium of exchange to an absolute ruling power unparalleled in the real world. Some ancient spiritual leaders expressed a serious concern about the prudence of the proposed reforms. They warned that the enactment of these reforms would void the dominant role of natural values within society at the expense of the abstract value of money. This would subsequently interrupt the relationship between man and nature as well. Since we are far from the days of farming communities and the use of currency and its power doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, as business people we are forced to deal in money. We establish businesses both to service others and to make a living – and, likewise, our clients may express their appreciation for our services, but how often they spend their money with us is the biggest indicator of this appreciation. At the end of the day, money is at the heart of most of our transactions – and while that reality may not change anytime soon, it’s important that those of us who are in the service industry put aside that reality while we are servicing clients. While money can be a powerful motivator when it comes to developing an outstanding business, a money-hungry business can be a big deterrent to clients, too. Clients can sense when you are doing a service because you enjoy it or if you are motivated by money alone. They pick up on when you suggest extra services or products because they would truly be interested in them and they would be helpful to them or because you’re just trying to add to your bottom line. And they can sense if you genuinely enjoy seeing and servicing them or if you’re counting down the seconds until your workday is over. When it comes to money in this business, the bottom line is those who go into this business to get rich without a desire to truly serve customers and without a passion and dedication to their art aren’t going to see great returns. Sure, it’s important to manage our money well and make smart business decisions in order to keep the doors open. But it’s those who forget about the money while they are working and who take pride in their reputation and work above all that will see clients return again and again. s WRITTEN BY MICHAEL VLADIMIROVICH ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Vladimirovich Trisho is the author of How Did Humanity Become Enslaved to Money?. Born in Panchevo, after immigrating to the United States, he continued to examine early history in search of answers about the monetary system to theRY institution Available at: Tand HEits relation INDUST SOURCE • of state. Examining archeological fossils and excavations he found they focused only on a narrow part of early human experience and • at:toT this, HE Michael INDUST RYhisSOURCE did not reveal important events that played a critical role in society’s development. Available As an answer created own reconstruction of events, the product of which became his debut novel.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 • • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362 Available at:

800.362.6245 •




MONEY MATTERS throughout his or her career, but as an ambitious woman coming up through the ranks of corporate culture – the boy’s club – many decades ago, I know the hardship of sustaining the career of your dreams,” says 75-year-old Darlene Quinn, author of Unpredictable Webs, the newest in her stand-alone series of suspense-filled dramatic novels which are now in development for a major TV series. Quinn is a former senior executive with the Bullocks Wilshire department store chain who went on to pursue an award-winning career in fiction writing. She started by earning a bachelor’s at San Jose State University and she became a schoolteacher, later climbing her way up the corporate retail ladder during a time of tremendous upheaval in the fashion industry. “Change is natural; change is life, and you don’t have to be afraid of it,” she says. Quinn, a family woman who has also been proactive in managing beauty pageants, volunteering for charity and corporate training, offers the following career advice to struggling professionals: • Parlay your strengths; experience and education isn’t everything. Unfortunately, many workers are finding this out. Nowadays, even advanced college degrees are no guarantee of job security. It’s not uncommon to find holders of master’s degrees working in low-paying jobs. While a degree or certification is still needed to get your foot in the door for most professional job openings, consider where you most excel. As a professional, you may not be perfect in every aspect of your career, but there are activities in a job that you probably do regardless of work. Perhaps that’s managing groups of people, writing or designing websites. What is your strength, and how does that translate to a more promising field or how could it expand your current career?

Cash in on Your



ometimes it seems like in today’s economy, everyone has to be a renaissance person. Unfortunately, brushes with poverty and extended periods of joblessness are part of the new normal for the average American worker, according to new data reported from The Associated Press.

Economic security isn’t what it used to be before the economic crash of 2008; survey data points to the loss of manufacturing jobs, the globalized economy and a widening gap between rich and poor as reasons for why four in five workers in the United States will experience economic hardship in their lifetime. “I certainly don’t envy what the average worker will likely endure



November/December 2013

• Shoot for the top! Of course, you don’t have to be in a state of economic hardship to consider switching fields. The Internet is allowing us to be more connected than ever and permanently altering the employment landscape. Perhaps you see an opportunity to expand your career into the career you’ve always wanted. If you take well to new software or training, are available beyond the usual workday hours and have a stable work history, then why not make more than a lateral move? • Cash in on your passion. After having accomplished so much in the corporate world, Quinn decided it was time for a new direction, so she pursued her passion for writing and has done very well, winning multiple awards. Perhaps it’s time to take what you already love doing so well at home and apply it to a career or take a small aspect about your career that you love and specialize in it. The possibilities are endless! ▲ WRITTEN BY DARLENE QUINN ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Darlene Quinn is an author and journalist from Long Beach, California, whose novels about deceit, intrigue and glamour in the retail fashion industry were inspired by her years with Bullocks Wilshire specialty department stores and are now in development for a major TV series. Her newest, Unpredictable Webs, is the winner of the Beverly Hills Book Awards for Excellence in Fiction and was selected as the number-one President’s choice before publication. The novel continues her series, including Webs of Fate, which won the 2011 Reader’s Favorites Award before it hit bookshelves; Webs of Power, winner of a 2009 National Indie Excellence Award, and Twisted Webs, winner of the 2011 International Book Award for General Fiction and the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards for General Fiction.

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9/9/13 5:29 PM

MONEY MATTERS The three say smart planning requires coordinating among all of your advisors – that’s the best way to avoid an irrevocable mistake. With that in mind, Ashoo, Kohles and Hartog offer these suggestions and considerations from their respective areas of expertise:

1. Identify your specific lifestyle goals for retirement so you can plan for funding them. To determine how much money you’ll need, you have to have a clear picture of what you want. Do you see yourself on your own yacht? Providing seed capital for your children to own their own business? Pursuing charitable endeavors? Each goal will have a dollar amount attached, and you (or your advisor) can then determine whether it’s feasible and, if so, put together a financial plan. But you can’t just create a plan and forget it. You need to monitor its progress regularly and make adjustments to make sure you’re staying on course. It’s also imperative that you don’t take any undue risks – that is, risks beyond what’s necessary to meet your goals.

2. Don’t sell yourself short when selling your business. If you’re banking on money from the sale of your business, know that it’s unlikely you’ll have investors just waiting with the cash for the chance to buy it when you’re ready to sell.

Planning for



ost business owners tend to have vague dreams of more fishing, traveling or sailing when they retire, but they don’t know when that might be so they haven’t begun planning for it.

That’s a mistake, say a trio of specialists: wealth management advisor Haitham “Hutch” Ashoo, CPA Jim Kohles and estate planning attorney John Hartog. “Whether you’re selling your company, passing it along to a successor or simply retiring, that’s a potentially irreversible life event – you’ve got just one chance to get it right,” says Ashoo. A 2012 survey of business owners found 71 percent of those aged 55 to 59 have no retirement plan, although 73 percent look forward to more recreational and leisure activities when they let go of the reins. “A lot of baby boomers have the idea that they’re just going to work till they stop working,” says Kohles, chairman of RINA accountancy corporation. “If they hope to do certain things in retirement and maintain a certain lifestyle, they’re likely to end up disappointed.” Planning for the transition from business owner to retiree should incorporate everything – including what happens to your assets after you’re gone, adds Hartog.



November/December 2013

Buyers may want to offer to pay over time from the company’s future earnings – which is important to keep in mind when factoring money from the sale of your business into your retirement plan.

3. What do you want your kids’ inheritance to say? If you have children, this decision can change their lives for the better – or the worse. How your assets are disposed of should reflect your values. A lot of people prefer to think in terms of taxes at the expense of values. But, for children, incentive trusts can encourage or discourage certain behaviors. If you’re concerned your adult child won’t be productive if he has a lot of money, set up a trust that will make distributions equal to what the child earns himself. Or, if you want to be supportive of a child who’s doing something socially responsible, like teaching in an impoverished area, you can set it up to pay twice his salary. There are many creative ways to establish trusts. Plan about five years out and change the trust as life events dictate. ▲ WRITTEN BY HUTCH ASHOO, JIM KOHLES & JOHN HARTOG ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Haitham “Hutch” Ashoo is the CEO of Pillar Wealth Management, LLC, in Walnut Creek, Calif. The firm specializes in client-centered wealth management for ultra affluent families. Jim Kohles is chairman of the board of RINA accountancy corporation, Walnut Creek, Calif. A certified public accountant for more than 35 years, he specializes in business consulting, succession and retirement planning and insurance. John Hartog is a partner at Hartog & Baer Trust and Estate Law. A certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law, and taxation law he has been selected to the Super Lawyers Top 100 list for nine consecutive years.

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n alarming Gallup poll published earlier this year is still sending shockwaves throughout the business community. The findings were that most American workers either hate their jobs or don’t care one way or the other about them.

Less than a third of Americans are actively engaged in their work, meaning they’re passionate about it, enthusiastic and energetic. They’re consistently productive and high performing. Gallup estimates the 20 million who are “actively disengaged” – openly negative and unhappy – have a staggering effect on the economy, costing the United States $450 to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. “To engage the 70 percent of non-committal or ‘actively disengaged’ employees, business managers need to change how they view human capital,” says Trevor Wilson, CEO of TWI Inc., a global corporate



November/December 2013

speaker, human equity strategist and author of “The Human Equity Advantage.” “Engaging employees is an issue I’ve been working on for more than two decades, and there is a solution. I call it human equity – the unique assets each individual brings to the workplace that are often unrecognized. Recognizing and leveraging your own human equity, as well as that of your employees, addresses not only the incredible waste of human capital illustrated in the recent poll but also related concerns business leaders share including the constant need for innovation. These challenges are not unique to the United States.” There is a reason why executive royalty, such as Warren Buffet and former General Electric CEO Jack Welsh, sought talent beyond traditional criteria like knowledge and skills, which are also important, says Wilson. He offers a method for uncovering valuable intangibles in employees; he calls it the SHAPE V Talent model:

Experience Who is the person you’re sitting next to at work? Who is she when she’s not servicing clients, scheduling appointments or troubleshooting day to day problems? How does her race, religion, economic background, family situation and overall lifestyle influence – or not influence – her work life? More importantly, how might her life beyond work offer diversity of thought in the workplace? Life experience should not be overlooked when assessing talent.


Strengths Consider strengths as defined by the 1999 Gallup StrengthsFinder study, which includes “consistent near-perfect performance in an activity.” The study identifies 34 qualities, which can be innate and, unlike skills, are not learned. Individual employees and managers should not force a square peg into a round hole. If an employee’s near-perfect, near-effortless strength is in research and analysis but not so much in data management, managers should allocate this resource accordingly.

“Value in action – that’s virtue,” Wilson says. Candor, temperance, courage – these traits preempt problems like public scandals, harassment and discrimination and foster a positive moral pragmatism among coworkers and practical wisdom among leaders. With social media continuing to expose bad behavior and employee morale revealed to be at a stunning low, this is a significant quality in the on-going search for the best talent. s WRITTEN BY TREVOR WILSON ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Trevor Wilson is the CEO of TWI Inc. and creator of the human equity management model. He is a global diversity, inclusion and human equity strategist who regularly speaks at corporate functions. TWI’s clients include some of the most progressive global employers in the world including Coca-Cola, Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas and Home Depot. TWI’s trademarked human equity approach was instrumental in catapulting Coca-Cola’s South Africa division to the top performing division worldwide.

Heart Have you ever wondered what comes first – whether you’re good at something because you like it or you like it because you’re good at it? The chicken-or-egg question aside, what matters is the passion one has for a talent. This includes activities a worker would do even if he or she didn’t have to do it on the job. If a talented manager won the lottery and decided to quit his job, for example, he might be inclined to manage people in a local political campaign or take the helm of his son’s little league team.

Attitude There are three general attitudes an employee might have, according to a branch of study in positive psychology. First, there are those who approach their work as a job who seek only a paycheck and benefits. The second group includes those with a career perspective who seek advancement. The third group views their work as a calling and deeply connects with what they do every day.

Personality In 2009, nearly $500 million was spent on personality testing in North America alone. A reliable test isn’t valuable in so much as it reveals differences among workers, which are most likely already apparent. The value of these tests is in showing how and where differences lie. Understanding differences can lead to an appreciation for how and why coworkers perform and improve the synergy of teams.






PERSPECTIVE Salon and spa owners and managers weigh in with personal experience and fresh, professional perspectives.

Transitioning into Winter Spring into summer, summer into fall, fall into winter and winter into spring. On and on this cycle goes year after year. In we are continually trying to draw inspiration for our styles with new twists and spins. As the last leaf falls from the trees, we start to shed those lighter fall shades and look toward cooler and icier tones in our wardrobe, nail polish and, of course, hair color. I have found that the late fall/early winter is the perfect time to discuss with clients their plunge into the deep end from light to dark. Ready to let go of that last bit of blonde from summer, clients are prepared to revolutionize light coppers and reds into stunning deep auburns, but they cannot do it on their own. They actually come to you begging for “something different”!


ovember and December can be some of the most brilliant and unforgettable months out of the year. We slip out of our sundresses and into our cozy sweaters paired with knee high boots ready to hunker down and hibernate in igloo mode for winter. The family gatherings and holidays start to take the forefront, and you can guarantee there will be flashes from cameras and phones all over the place. Facebook newsfeeds and family albums will have your clients’ outfits and hairstyles displayed to either haunt or honor your fine art for years to come. So don’t go thinking of sugar plums dancing in your head quite yet, and make your visits with you count.



November/December 2013

An added bonus is the supplementary depth these colors add to battle the constant cloud cover. Who needs the sun shining when our clients’ hair can do it for us? A few extra lowlights around the face in a deep chestnut brown or golden bronze can add that little bit of contrast that takes a style from dreary to show stopping! As stylists, we start to look at the color wheel in a whole different light. Reds and oranges articulate differently in the winter than they did in summer. Cool tones look more vivid and contrasting with the quiet backdrop of fall and winter.

Since it is complicated to look into your crystal ball and predict your clients’ potential color and style requests, it is best to stay on top of the everchanging style world. A straightforward and palpable answer is to look to the runways during fashion week, acquire a Vogue September issue and take a look at the vibrant colors and styles. This way you can take inspiration and revolutionize your method from season to season in harmony with what’s going on on the runway to create a fresh and inventive style for your deserving clients. And don’t forget to take inspiration from the environment around you as well!

Living near Lake Michigan, I am able to look out my front door and assemble insight without having to pull on my winter jacket! The few bits of sand leftover on the shore of the water paint a striking caramel color that would intensify any brunette feeling blah. The myriad feet of white snow might look monochromatic to some, but I can gaze closely and see multiple shades of ice that can take a drab blonde to dazzling. The vivid sunsets in December against the frosty white backdrops of winter speak volumes to me in a language of bronze gingers for all my redheads. No matter where you live, you can draw inspiration and creativity from the things and environments that you encounter every day. Taking a cue from our surroundings can be one of the simplest ways to achieve the perfect tones for your clients. Don’t forget to consider their eyes and skin tone and take their lifestyle into consideration as well. Fall and winter can be somewhat uninteresting and dreary months when it comes to scenery in some areas, so spice things up with color and style and have fun with it! ▲ WRITTEN BY LEA STREBLOW ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lea Streblow is a licensed cosmetologist who has over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. After many years in diverse salons and establishments, she is currently contemplating going into business for herself. She is an advocate for strong work ethic and putting in long hours – and then, of course, reaping the rewards of all that effort! Recently married, she enjoys walking the Lake Michigan shoreline with her husband, Kyle, and their sweet dog, Rooka.

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Personality Types That Can



ure, brainstorming can be a productive way to solve problems, generate new products, services or processes and capitalize on golden opportunities. But far too often the process is hijacked by disruptive individuals who undermine collaborative efforts.

Have you ever found yourself in a brainstorming meeting that felt dominated and controlled by an attention-seeking personality? If so, you are not alone. It seems every company or organization has its share of those idea killers. Most of those strong-willed participants likely believe they are keeping the group on track with candid insights or opinions. What they fail to realize is they can inject so much negativity, judgment or distraction into a session that they derail a group’s idea generation momentum and kill fledgling but promising ideas. Who are these disruptive forces of chaos? Chances are you already know them. Here are six disruptive personality types you might want to avoid inviting to your next brainstorming session. See how many of these troublesome types you can recognize:

Attention Vampires They always want to stand out, be in the spotlight and be the center of attention. It’s always about them. Attention Vampires can smother a brainstorming session by dominating the conversation, excessively pushing their ideas and ultimately sucking the life out of the whole group.

Wet Blankets These are the pessimists who see the flaws in everyone else’s ideas. Nothing goes unscathed. Wet Blankets have the unique ability to instantly dampen the enthusiasm level of a session. They are discouraging and depressing and the majority of their comments don’t hold water.

Idea Assassins These seasoned killers love to shoot down ideas …anyone’s and everyone’s. Under the pretense of being constructive, they will find flaws, poke holes and pick apart promising ideas until they bleed to death. These are the same people who go to birthday parties and enjoy popping the balloons.

Dictators They love every idea – as long as it’s theirs. These totalitarians feel they are the only ones with good ideas or good taste for that matter. Everyone else’s contributions need to conform to theirs or risk being shot down. Many bosses unknowingly become dictators in meetings (not on purpose but their role in the company makes it too easy). Such idea overlords are to be avoided at all costs. It’s not wise to let them dictate a negative outcome for your group.

Obstructionists To them, nothing is simple or easy. They overcomplicate conversations and procedures and bring up extraneous facts or considerations that derail the flow of the group. Obstructionists overthink, overspeak and singlehandedly dead-end otherwise promising sessions. (continues on page 36)



November/December 2013

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MONEY MATTERS Social Loafers These are the people who show up for a brainstorm session but rarely participate in the generation of new ideas in a meaningful way or contribute much of substance. They usually sit back, appearing bored or aloof and let others do the heavy lifting. Any one of these problematic personalities can undermine the focus and collaborative efforts of a group. While it’s difficult to prescribe a simple, one-size-fits-all formula for handling all these different personality types, there are a number of practical steps you can take to more effectively manage disruptive behaviors to keep your sessions on track and productive:

Forget the Invitation The simplest way to avoid problematic personalities in a session is not to invite them in the first place. Assure him or her that you will share any good ideas the group generates afterward. Or here’s a novel idea: You might simply tell the truth. Tell her that other session participants may be intimidated by her presence in the room. And since she certainly wants the ideation session to be as productive as possible, it may be best if she waits to join the group until the end, when ideas have been developed and selected.

Establish “Rules of the Game” Introducing a few rules at the start of a session can help eliminate, or at least significantly minimize, disruptive behavior problems. Some popular and effective brainstorming rules are “Suspend all judgment,” “There’s no such thing as a bad idea,” “Go for quantity, not quality” and “Embrace wild, audacious ideas.” It is also important to reinforce the fact that brainstorming is a collaborative group effort, so the origin of any idea is irrelevant.

Impose a Short Talking Moratorium If a participant is dominating the session, being overly negative or judgmental or being an attention hog, quickly shift gears and introduce a nonverbal brainstorming exercise. For example, ask everyone to silently write down five ideas and then read their favorite aloud.

Segregate Strong Personalities A great tactic for managing strong personalities is to divide the group into smaller teams of three. Deliberately assign any disruptive personality types to the same team…and watch the sparks fly. Sometimes these personalities can work rather well together. Have these teams develop ideas, and then take turns sharing the best ideas with the whole room.

Create a Self-Policing Group Explain early in the session that if anyone exhibits any type of negative or judgmental behavior, he or she is to be bombarded mercilessly by the group with crumpled paper balls. Make a game out of it. Encourage everyone in the room to participate in order to create a self-policing environment. While it may seem silly, this technique is a playful, good-natured way to minimize transgressions and allow the group itself to enforce the “No Judgment” rule.



November/December 2013

Engage in Silent Idea Voting Evaluating and selecting ideas can become problematic when strongly opinionated individuals assert their preferences or biases. Instead of ideas being selected based on merit, the evaluation process can devolve into a Darwinian contest for favorites. Using a silent voting technique can help eliminate coercion and level the playing field for everyone to vote. Instruct participants to silently cast their votes by placing colored dots next to each of the ideas they feel most successfully address the challenge or with a secret ballot (provide each participant with a numbered list of the ideas, ask them to circle the numbers of the ideas they think best address the challenge), show of hands (majority wins), Yes/No or Green/Red voting cards, etc. As the boss, you may want to postpone voting until everyone else has finished to help minimize the chance of your opinion swaying the group.

Invite a “Dream Team” vs. “The Usual Suspects” When planning your next brainstorm, why not invite your dream team? This group would be made up of knowledgeable individuals who possess a collaborative, can-do attitude – even if they are typically far removed from the project at hand. Let the usual suspects, the mixed bag of colleagues or teammates you usually invite by default, sit the session out. Shaking things up can have a dramatic impact on a group’s ability to collaborate freely, share, discuss and build upon one another’s ideas. This is how innovative solutions are born. A brainstorm is only as good as the people in the room and the tactics you use to minimize bullying and self interest, stimulate creativity and bring out the best ideas in everyone. Don’t make these decisions lightly. Invite the right people to the session and manage or politely forget the idea killers. The solutions that emerge will astonish you. s WRITTEN BY MITCHELL RIGIE & KEITH HARMEYER ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A top creative professional for over 25 years, Mitchell Rigie’s expertise spans the fields of art, design, communications, strategic marketing and human development. As a vice president and award-winning creative supervisor for advertising agencies — including Saatchi & Saatchi and Foote, Cone & Belding — and as a consultant for Grey Worldwide, he has managed creative teams in the development of campaigns for Fortune 500 clients, including Johnson & Johnson, American Express, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, and General Electric. Keith Harmeyer’s professional background includes over 25 years in advertising and strategic marketing, sales and business coaching and advanced presentation and communication skills training. As a marketing and creative executive at agencies in the Omnicom and Publicis networks, as well as founder and principal of his own marketing communications firm, Keith created countless successful brand-marketing programs and business presentations for many of the world’s best known and most successful companies, such as American Express, JPMorgan Chase, Sony, Time Warner, ABC, Disney, Philips, Fujifilm, Condé Nast, Sports Illustrated, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, McDonald’s, Foot Locker and many others. He has also coached and trained numerous business leaders on their sales and presentation techniques.

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SNAPSHOT Here’s what’s trending now in hair and beauty.

Emmy Awards

Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock’s high bun was minimalistic and classic.

Television personality Rocsi Diaz’s look screamed old Hollywood glamour.

Actor Alec Baldwin with daughter and model Ireland Baldwin, who rocked a sassy, sideswept updo.

Claire Danes won Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Homeland and flaunted her understated yet sophisticated bob.

Vera Farmiga, nominee for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Bates Motel, showcased an updo with some serious volume.

Lawrence Zarian, host of The Fashion Team, looked polished and suave.

Anna Gunn won Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad. She also won some serious style points with her loose, romantic updo.

Heidi Klum won Host for a Reality or Reality Competition Program for Project Runway while sporting a lovely braid updo.

Carrie Underwood performed a cover of “Yesterday” by the Beatles with her signature style.

Bobby Cannavale won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his performance on Boardwalk Empire with style. Helga Esteb /



November/December 2013

Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week

Anton Oparin /

Anton Oparin /

Over the top eyelashes during the Pamela Gonzales presentation.

Geometrically caged buns on the runway for Titania Inglis.

Sam Aronov /

Julie Angel Saad /

Carolina Herrera showed some sky high twists.

Models pose on the runway for Charlotte Ronson, each with a deep side part.

Mara Hoffman showed Rapunzel-like braids.

28 %


Ovidiu Hrubaru /

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Pedicures are no longer reserved for the summer months when toes are exposed in strappy sandals or walking on the beach. Now your client can get out of the pedicure chair and slip her feet into her boots and hit the snow!

How to:




Apply Soften (#614012 – 8.5 oz., $12.95) with a slightly heavier application on callused areas. Wrap each foot in a terry towel leaving toes exposed. Detail the cuticle with the OPI PediPusher and use the Dexterity Dual-Edged Nail Plate Cleaner to remove excess non-living tissue. To smooth ridges, buff with the FLEX 220/280 Buffer.




Remove towel and apply Scrub (#614008 – 8.5 oz., $12.95) and massage away the dry skin. The natural sugar crystals reduce calluses and smooth away dry skin. Use the OPI Foot File (#614030 – $14.95) on callused areas. Remove Scrub with a warm, moistened Expert Touch Table Towel.




Dazzle them




Apply Mask (#614017 – Gallon, $69.95) for ultra-hydrating the skin with shea butter extract. Cover the foot with a plastic bag and wrap in a warm, dry terry towel. Remove the mask after 5 – 10 minutes with a warm, moist Expert Touch Table Towel.


Sanitize feet with Swiss Hand Guard (#614104 – 8 oz., $6.50) and spray with NAS99 (#614113 – 4 oz., $11.95). Remove polish with an Expert Touch Nail Wipe (#612308 – 475-ct., $6.95) saturated with Expert Touch Remover (#612514 – 32 oz., $14.95. Shape nail with an OPI Crystal File (#613102 – 6-ct., $41.70).

Send your client to a place of peace and tranquility by massaging the calves, feet and toes with Massage (#614020 – 8.5 oz., $9.95) lotion and finishing with a touch of Smooth (#614024 – 8.5 oz., $9.95) on those extra callused areas.





Cleanse the nail plate with NAS99 and finish your service with their favorite shade of GelColor by OPI (visit the for complete selection of shade assortment) according to the directions. Cure each coat of GelColor Basecoat (#615600 – .5 oz., $17.50), two coats of color and Topcoat (#615601 – .5 oz., $17.50) for 30 seconds each under the OPI LED Light (#615637 – $299.95). Cleanse with NAS99 and hydrate the cuticles with Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil (#612710 – 1 oz., $13.75).

Note: When performing a GelColor service, do not soak feet. Use water for brief periods only for washing and rinsing. Prolonged soaking could cause nails to swell and result in lifting.



November/December 2013


COLORS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: My Favorite Ornament*, All I Want for Christmas (is OPI), Cute Little Vixen, Underneath the Mistletoe, In My Santa Suit*, Visions of Love*, Warm Me Up*, Wonderous Star*, All Sparkly and Gold*, Sleigh Ride for Two, Ski Slope Sweetie, I Snow You Love Me, Silent Stars Go By**, Baby Please Come Home**, Make Him Mine**, It’s Frosty Outside**, Emotions**, Kiss Me at Midnight** Pure 18K white gold & silver leaf Top Coat

All I Want for Christmas Christtmas for iis... s...


Mariah is wearing Cute Little Vixen * Available in GelColor by OPI for a limited time. ** Features OPI Liquid Sand™ technology.

Call 800.341.9999 ©2013 OPI Products Inc.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

INNOVATE Vivacious Vixen


Want to know how to create our Vivacious Vixen look? Here our be PRO Makeup Expert Meredith Stedman shows you how!



Face: Start by prepping the skin with be PRO’s Velvet Veil (#313143 – $11.50). Velvet Veil helps to fill in any fine lines and creases, giving a smooth texture to the skin while extending the wear of the foundation. To get a flawless look, dot Whipped Soufflé Foundation (Asst. SKUs – $9.00) all over the face and buff into the skin using circular motions with be PRO’s Dual Fiber Powder Brush Round (#311322 – $7.50). Apply Concealer (Asst. SKUs – $12.00) under eyes and anywhere else needed. Using the warmth from your ring finger, gently tap into skin until blended. Apply Flawless Finish Setting Powder (#314064 – $12.50) under eyes and to areas that get oily to set the foundation and concealer. Sweep Bronzing Powder (Asst. SKUS – $10.00) under the cheekbones, along the jawline, across the forehead and down the nose to warm up the face. To add an extra glow to the face, dust the tops of the cheekbones with Floral Shimmer in Adorned Gold (#314318 – $14.50). Finish off the flawless face by sweeping Powder Blush-On (Asst. SKUs – $7.00) to the apples of the cheeks.



Eyes: Natural eyebrows never look penciled in. Use Brush a Brow (#313806 – $7.50) with be PRO’s Eyebrow Brush (#311148 – $3.60) and blend with a clean mascara wand to soften the look. To create a longer lasting look, prep the eye with be PRO’s Eye Shadow Base (#313817 – $7.50) before applying eye shadow. Sweep Oyster Eye Color (#313173 – $7.00) all over the lid up to the brow bone. Using be PRO’s Contour Crease Brush (#311149 – $6.00), apply Sand Beige Eye Color (#314373 – $7.00) in the crease of the eye and blend. To give eyes that sparkling holiday effect, add Dazzle Dust in Goldstone (#314122 – $8.00) on the lid of the eye and down into the inner corners. For a more dramatic effect, apply Brown Matte Eye Color (#313815 – $7.00) along the lower lash line as well as the outer crease and blend. Using Gel Eyeliner (Asst. SKUs – $9.00) and be PRO’s Angled Eyeliner Brush (#311145 – $3.60), apply the liner along the upper lash line and gently sweep out creating a winged look. Finish the eyes by applying a couple of coats of Black Mascara (#313201 – $9.00) to top and bottom lashes. For a fun and flirty look, pop on your favorite pair of false lashes before heading to your holiday party!



Lips: To complete this holiday look, line lips and lightly fill in with Burnt Red Lip Pencil (#314370 – $6.50). Apply Matte Real Red Lipstick (#314351 – $7.00) all over lips and top off with Clearly Red Lipslicks (#314368 – $8.00) to give that extra glossy look.

Pro Tips: • Apply Vitamin E Stick (#313238 – $7.50) all over lips before you apply makeup. Once you are ready to apply lips, take a clean mascara wand and lightly rub in a circular motion, removing any dead skin for soft, clean lips. • Concealer can also be used as a highlighter. Pick a color one shade lighter than the skin tone, apply under the eyes and out towards the temples with the be PRO Concealer Brush (#311143 – $6.00). Blend well into the skin using the Blender Sponge (Asst. SKUs – $3.00) in a stippling motion.



November/December 2013


VIXEN Turn every head in the room with this stunning be PRO evening look. This look combines the glamour of classic Hollywood starlets with a modern flare that is daring, dramatic yet carefree.

GET THE LOOK • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Velvet Veil Whipped Soufflé Foundation Concealer Flawless Finish Setting Powder Bronzing Powder Floral Shimmer in Adorned Gold Powder Blush-On Brush a Brow Eye Shadow Base Oyster Eye Color Sand Beige Eye Color Goldstone Dazzle Dust Gel Eyeliner Black Mascara Burnt Red Lip Pencil Matte Real Red Lipstick Clearly Red Lipslicks

To learn more about be PRO, visit

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

©2013 tng worldwide®



ESSIE ENCRUSTED TREASURE COLLECTION Too much of a good thing? Impossible. Indulge with essie’s new Encrusted Treasures for a ravishing look unlike any other. Six stunning shades herald a new dimension in nail color. Breakthrough formulas add layers of texture, embodying the glamour and power of magnificent jewels and intricately beaded lace gowns. With full coverage and a 3D finish, this collection goes one step beyond traditional color for a glittering, sculptural effect all in one stroke. “Inspired by the incredibly elaborate, glittering looks gliding down the runways – from beaded gowns to holographic silks and couture brocades – fashion is all about rich embellishment for me right now. At the center of all this ornamentation is the exquisite collection of old world craftsmanship and modern attitude. New applications and techniques keep the mood unexpectedly fresh and playful.” – Essie Weingarten, Essie Open Stock .46 oz. $4.25 ea.

The Blonds Fall 2013 Fashion Show / MADE Fashion Week / Anton Oparin /

Belugaria 151862

Lots of Lux 151859

On a Silver Platter 151861

Peak of Chic 151857

CND SHELLAC INTIMATES COLLECTION CND bares it all this winter with the release of four feminine CND Shellac™ shades. Capture the essence of natural beauty with soft, delicate shades for a feminine and graceful look.

Open Stock .25 oz. $15.95 ea.

“Capture the essence of natural beauty with the CND Shellac Intimates Collection. These four new polishes can be worn solo or layered with another favorite shade to reveal your



– Jan Arnold, CND

Tadashi Shoji Fall 2013 Collection / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week / Miro Vrlik Photography /



November/December 2013


Bare Chemise 768888

Blush Teddy 768889

Nude Knickers Satin Pajamas 768890 768891

To view the complete fall/winter polish collections by CND, Essie, OPI and Cuccio, turn to our Just In section on pages 52 – 56.

OPI HOLIDAY 2013 MARIAH CAREY COLLECTION OPI announces the launch of 18 new limited edition holiday nail lacquers inspired by recording artist and international superstar Mariah Carey. This seasonal promotion includes an assortment of red, burgundy, maroon and chocolate brown hues, along with glitter-packed gold, bronze and pearl shades. Mariah Carey Holiday also features six new Liquid Sand™ lacquers, ranging from icy blue to frosted pink to sparkling graphite. Each of the Liquid Sand shades showcases OPI’s groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle. “Mariah Carey is truly synonymous with the holiday season. People around the world listen to her festive, iconic songs and these 18 lacquers evoke the warmth,

Pamella Roland Fall/Winter 2013 Collection / Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week/ Ovidiu Hrubaru /

beauty, energy and positive spirit that’s present in Mariah’s music. This holiday season is all about red, glitter and texture for nails. With 18 shades, there’s a perfect hue for every occasion. The 12 crème and glitter lacquers include classic reds, champagne gold and warm burgundies, while the six Liquid Sand shades should be worn without top coat for a matte finish in icy, frosted colors.” – Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI

Open Stock .5 oz. $4.50 ea.

All I Want for Cute Little Vixen Christmas (is OPI) 604590 604589

Visions of Love 604593

All Sparkly and Gold 604596

Ski Slope Sweetie 604598

I Snow You Love Me 604599

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 • • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362 To view the complete holiday collections by OPI, CND, Orly, China Glaze Available at:

and SpaRitual, turn to our Holiday section on pages 60Available – 62. at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 800.362.6245






or years, Kemon hair color and styling products have provided professionals with unprecedented beauty, performance and creative freedom. be PRO makeup is a full range of high-end makeup specially formulated to meet the needs of makeup artists and their clients that is designed for bridal, photo shoot, stage and everyday use. We combined the two for a series of incredible and electrifying looks that would make any client feel at home on the runway or make them feel like a star in everyday life. “I think the looks are very adaptable and wearable – none of it is too out there, and they are things you see on the street everyday just reinterpreted,” said Beth Jessee, a 30 year veteran of the hair and beauty industry and multiple salon owner for over 22 years. Jessee has also been the lead stylist for the 2009 – 2013 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards VIP Party and is the artistic director for the World Styling Team outside of Los Angeles. “The looks are a little retro-inspired, rockabilly with some more



November/December 2013


structured looks. We meshed a lot of different things based on what Italy was showing in the most recent Kemon Italian Touch collection combined with inspiration from other looks and magazines.” Regarding the hottest trends of the season, Jessee said, “I recently did a photo shoot for a new show on the TV Guide Network. I think braids are still strong for fall – that’s what they requested. They were looking for red carpet inspired looks that could be done quickly – wavy hair and braids for the women and more controlled hair for the guys. For men, Mad Men hair is still strong going into fall.” When asked what she likes about Kemon products, Jessee had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few things. “I like everything,” she said. “The products are all very clean and fresh smelling. The color is gentle. The shine is incomparable – and I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years and have used every hair color out there. The products are predictable and easy to learn how to use. Everyone from clients to stylists and salon owners enjoy them. Kemon offers a vast array of colors, and there’s something for everyone from trendy and classic offerings to more natural, safe color choices. It’s a line that literally has everything.”

When it comes to be PRO makeup, Jessee says she also loves that be PRO offers everything an artist could want out of a professional-grade makeup line. “be PRO is a smaller line that has everything,” says Jessee. “I’ve had makeup lines in my salon that I had to spend a lot of money on to get in, so I like that be PRO is a full makeup line that’s condensed to the most important products. Everything’s there. I like that the line offers a wide range of classic colors. We use it on all our brides since brides don’t want to look overdone or crazy on their wedding day. It’s easy to work with, and it’s dependable. The quality is outstanding, and when I use it, I know we’re going to get a smooth, quality finish.” s WRITTEN BY AMANDA TRENT

PHOTOS BY: Beth Jessee LOOKS DESIGNED BY: Beth Jessee of Tangles Ashley Wicklund of Shag Salon Chelsea Flood of Krave Salon Irina Miasnikova of Pigalle Lindsaya VanDeusen of Da Vinci’s Salon & Gallery





TOP 5 Shimmering Holiday Services


Shimmering Manicure

Give your clients a lustrous manicure by using CND Scentsations Vanilla Shimmer Wash (#769671 – $4.95) as a soak at the beginning of the service and CND Scentsations Vanilla Shimmer Lotion (#769684 – $4.95) at the end. Don’t forget to mix up some sparkling magic for fingertips with the new CND Holiday Additives Collection (#768226 – $31.80).

The holidays are the perfect time to shine – and these holiday services make it easier than ever!


Dazzling makeup

Help clients make a stellar impression during their holiday parties with these shimmering products by be PRO Cosmetics: Illuminating Shimmer Powders (#314321, #314320 – $7.50 ea.), Dazzle Dust (#314344, #314122, #314123 – $8.00 ea.) and Daily Wear Skin Illuminators (#314054, #314053, #314052, #314055 – $14.40 ea.). Illuminating Shimmer Powders

Dazzle Dust


Twinkle Toes

Add sparkle to winter pedicures by using any of the sparkling OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Collection Gel Colors Kit (#604611 – $89.95). Turn to page 40 to see step-by-step instructions for the perfect winter pedi!

Daily Wear Skin Illuminators

5 2

Bronze and glow

Winter weather can quickly drain clients’ sunkissed summer glow. Offer bronzer application as an add on service during dreary winter months with Fake Bake Golden Faux Glo Medium Shimmer (#203034 – $10.49).



November/December 2013

Glistening Hair

Give your clients glistening locks with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Finishing Spray that creates an invisible veil of luminous shine and protects hair while enhancing color and highlights and adding the perfect touch to any style. Available only through your Account Representative and store locations in Michigan. s

The Latest in

Trendy Twists & Tresses FLIPPERLESS CURLING WAND • Rheostat control dial with variable heat setting up to 430°F • Extra-long cool tip • Power indicator light • Foldaway safety stand • Separate on/off switch • 8-ft. tangle-free swivel cord

444724 1” 444725 1 ¼” $49.99 ea.

BUBBLE CURLING IRON • Rheostat control dial with variable heat setting up to 430°F • Extra-long cool tip • Power indicator light • Foldaway safety stand • Separate on/off switch • 8-ft. tangle-free swivel cord

444726 $49.99

BONUS! Heat-resistant glove included!

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:




 THE FEMME FATALES Includes one of the GelColor shades listed .5 oz. each. • The Thrill of Brazil • OPI on Collins Ave. • Dutch Tulips • OPI Red • Got the Blues for Red • So Hot It Berns 604689 $79.95


T HE INDUST RY SOURCE Available by phone, online and at select store locations.

 THE SOPHISTICATES Includes one each of the NEW Soft Shades GelColors .5 oz. each. • Altar Ego • Otherwise Engaged • Rosy Future • It’s A Girl • I Think In Pink • Coney Island Cotton Candy 604636 $89.95

 THE SHOWGIRLS Includes one each of the NEW Glitter GelColor shades .5 oz. each. • Pirouette My Whistle • Desperately Seeking Sequins • I Reached My Gold! • You Pink Too Much • Chasing Rainbows • DS Pewter 604643 $89.95

Offer your clients the full range of OPI Pedicure fragrances and give them an experience they will never forget. Our exclusive OPI Pedi Presentation Kit is the most delightful way to show off OPI’s signature line plus their five fragrances. The kit includes everything for two technicians to show off the collection in style. Simply have your technician bring out the fully loaded tray with the Signature Pedicure Menu and have your clients select the fragrance of their choice. The 8.5 oz. tubes of Scrub and Massage Lotion are perfect for retail and will more than pay for the kit. PEDI PRESENTATION KIT  Includes: • 1 Scrub 8.5 oz. and Massage Lotion 8.5 oz. each: - Chamomile Mint - Lemon Tonic - Tropical Citrus - Cucumber - Papaya Pineapple - Pedicure by OPI • 2 ForPro Implement Trays • 1 ForPro Implement Tray Liners 100-ct. • 2 ForPro Spatulas 50-ct. • 12 Souffle Cups 1 oz. • 12 Ramekin Cups 1.5 oz. • 2 Signature Pedicure Menus 604271 $149.99 A $199.91 value!

Signature Pedicure Menu Farm Fresh

s of ripe pineapple soothe Cucumber and hints ber by OPI. your worries away. Cucum

ds Back To The Islan pineapple for the

and Loaded with papaya ple nce. Papaya Pineap ultimate island experie by OPI.

Key West Funfest

Mallory Square while Take in the sunset at fresh coconut and citrus being drenched with by OPI. extracts. Tropical Citrus

Lemonade Fresh Squeezed good. Botanical and

Lemons never felt so s provide the perfect revitalizing citrus extract ious pedicure. Lemon balance for a harmon Tonic by OPI.

y Make Mine EasyrePeas featuring OPI’s

The original OPI pedicu complex, tea tree oil signature avocado lipid . and grapefruit extract


for tea. Refresh your Chamomile isn’t just with chamomile blended feet with antioxidant a touch of cooling mint. botanical extracts and OPI. Chamomile Mint by



TISmag_ND13_52-56 Just In.indd 52

November/December 2013

10/1/13 1:22 PM

s NAIL TREATMENT DISPLAY Includes: • 8 Top Coat .5 oz. • 8 Natural Nail Base Coat .5 oz. • 8 Ridge Filler .5 oz. 604276 $86.40

s NAIL ENVY DISPLAY Includes: • 6 Original • 3 Sensitive & Peeling • 3 Matte • 3 Maintenance • 3 Soft & Thin • 1 Compact Acrylic Display • 3 Dry & Brittle 604275 $142.80

• 4 Natural Nail Strengthener .5 oz. • 1 Compact Acrylic Display


s AVOPLEX REPLENISHING HAND & BODY SCRUB 604686 4 oz. $5.95 613718 8.5 oz. $9.95 607687 25.4 oz. $24.95

s AVOJUICE SKIN QUENCHERS GALLONS 612778 Coconut Melon 612825 Mango $39.95 ea.

 AVOJUICE SKIN QUENCHERS 6-PK. Includes one of the following listed 1 oz. each. • Coconut Melon • Jasmine • Mango • Peony & Poppy • Sweet Tea • Violet Orchid 612841 $4.95

 MANICURE BY OPI REJUVENATING SERUM 613706 1.7 oz. $19.95 613707 4 oz. $34.95

Limit restrictions may apply on all collections. While supplies last.

TISmag_ND13_52-56 Just In.indd 53




10/1/13 1:22 PM



ESSIE · GEL COLOR 152000 Dance Class

Ballet Slippers

152001 Amusing Bouche


152002 Deep Pockets

Sugar Daddy


152016 Well Collected


152017 On My Team

Mod Squad

Available by phone, online and at select store locations.

152009 Chili Pepper


The future ofNOW! color. IN SALONS

▲ ESSIE · GEL  Signature pallet of 36 unique shades created by Essie Weingarten. Clean, fresh sophisticated and never seen in gel. .42 oz. OPEN STOCK $17.50 ea.

152010 Another Round 152035 Glamping Not Camping 152019 Bankroll 152020 Private Lessons 152011 Street Rocker 152021 Duster Not Buster

 BASE COAT is formulated with keratincare technology, Vitamin E derivative and Pro-Vitamin B5. This hybrid gel base coat respects the nails. .42 oz. 152900 $17.50

TOP COAT  helps protect nails from braking and seals in the essie gel color. .42 oz. 152901 $17.50

▲ PREP + FINISH NAIL CLEANSER with keratin-care technology fortifies nail while creating a strong base. 4 oz. 152902 $12.00


TISmag_ND13_52-56 Just In.indd 54

Russian Roulette A List Wicked Mink Muffs

Merino Cool

152013 Puffer Up 152008 Frisky Femininity 152015 Scavenger Hunt

Chinchilly Lilacism Play Date

152003 Suggestive & Sultry

Bikini So Teeny

152023 Moody Mood

Bahama Mama

152033 Slipdress

Midnight Cami

152004 Fashion Crowd 152005 Net Worth 152025 Leather on Top 152006 Blizzard

152018 Dizzy Feet 152032 Decadent & Divine

November/December 2013


152022 Hand Knit Turtleneck

152028 Members Only

PROFESSIONAL LED LAMP  has an ergonomic design that comfortably accommodates both manicure and pedicure eliminating “uh-ohs” for a smudge-free finish. 360° interior mirror finish ensures light distribution with nine targeted lights that cure with a lightning fast speed. Time memory sensor and automatic activation streamline the process to ensure accuracy. Special intro price! 152904 $149.00 Reg. $275.00

Peach Daiquiri

Smokin’ Hot

152027 Sweater Girl

▲ GEL REMOVER removes color quickly and easily, leaving nails healthy-looking and in good condition. 4 oz. 152903 $10.00

Eternal Optimist

152012 Super Good

152024 Major Moments



Bobbing for Baubles Mint Candy Apple Where’s My Chauffeur Licorice Blanc Angora Cardi Tea and Crumpets NEW! Medium Pink Decadent Diva

152029 Club Hopping


152030 Rags to Riches

Scarlet O’Hara

152031 Life Partner 152014 Frangipani 152007 Pole Dancing 152034 Break A Sweatt 152026 Flare to Dare

Sole Mate Splash of Grenadine Jamaica Me Crazy Sexy Divide NEW! Sparkly Black

Limit restrictions may apply.

10/1/13 1:23 PM


▼ OPEN STOCK .46 oz. $4.25 ea.

ENCRUSTED TREASURE COLLECTION In just one stroke, put multi-faceted prismatic luxury right on your fingertips. 151862 Belugaria

151858 Hors d’Oeuvres

151860 Ignite the Night

151859 Lots of Lux

151861 On a Silver Platter

151857 Peak of Chic

12 BOTTLE DESIGNER DISPLAY  Includes two each of the six shades .46 oz. plus display. 994242 $51.00

IN SALONS NOVEMBER 2013 LUXEFFECTS TOP COATS Built-in shimmer, glitter and dimension, designed to dazzle even the most fashion forward. 12 BOTTLE DESIGNER DISPLAY  Includes four each of Jazzy Jubilant and Sparkle on Top and two each of A Cut Above and Pure Pearlfection .46 oz. plus display. 994244 $51.00

▼ OPEN STOCK .46 oz. $4.25 ea. NEW


151863 Jazzy Jubilant

151864 Sparkle on Top

108919 A Cut Above

108918 Pure Pearlfection

PROFESSIONAL CURL MACHINE  Is the world’s first professional fully automatic curl machine! It allows you to control temperature, time and curl direction, providing the flexibility to form loose waves, soft swirls, defined curls and more. 444489 $179.94

MIRA CURL  Hair care products have been specifically designed to work with the Professional Curl Machine for superior results and an incredible range of styles. Also works great with other thermal styling tools. 415171 Curl Prep 8 oz. 415170 Curl Foundation 6 oz. 415172 Defining Spray 8 oz. 415173 Hair Spray 10 oz. 415174 Thermal Shine Spray 4 oz. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE! $5.64 ea. Reg. $7.49 ea.

Limit restrictions may apply on all collections. While supplies last.

TISmag_ND13_52-56 Just In.indd 55

FLAWLESS DARKER  Features three new boosting ingredients for an even deeper and longer lasting tan. Includes application mitt and stepby-step guide. 6 oz. 203066 $14.50




10/1/13 1:23 PM



IN SALONS NOVEMBER 2013 INTIMATES COLLECTION Capture the essence of natural beauty with soft, delicate shades for a feminine and graceful look.


T HE INDUST RY SOURCE Available by phone, online and at select store locations.

 OPEN STOCK .25 oz. $15.95 ea.

768888 Bare Chemise

768889 Blush Teddy

768890 Nude Knickers

768891 Satin Pajamas

Includes Cuccio Colour .43 oz. and Cuccio Veneer .43 oz. of the same colour. $11.95 ea. A $15.99 value!

O = Opaque | S = Shimmer | G = Glitter | F = French Colors | M = Metallic | N = Neon


633322 Cheeky In Helsinki (O)

633328 Dubai Me An Island (O)

633314 Argentinan Aubergine (O)

633323 Bali Bliss (O)

633319 Beijing Night Glow (S)

633313 Call In The Calgary (S, O)

633332 Hong Kong Harbor (M)

633324 Jamaica Me Crazy (O)

633316 Maine Lobster (O)

633317 Manhattan Mayhem (G)

633330 Nantucket Navy (S)

633321 Never Can Say Mumbai (M)

633329 On The Nile Blue (O)

633333 One Night In Bangkok (M)

633315 Rio Carnival (M)

633320 Russian Opulence (S, M)

633311 See It All In Montreal (F)

633310 So So Sofia (O, F)


TISmag_ND13_52-56 Just In.indd 56

November/December 2013

633327 Glasgow Nights (O)

633326 Grecian Sea (O)

633318 Nights in Napoli (O)

633331 Oh My Prauge (M)

633325 St. Barts In A Bottle (O)

633312 Turkish Delight (O)

Limit restrictions may apply on all collections. While supplies last.

10/1/13 1:24 PM

HOLIDAY Available for the holidays only! Get it before it’s gone.

While supplies last at THE INDUSTRY SOURCE

Tweezerman Zig Zag Mirror & Mini Slant Duo

FREE Metallic Silver Cosmetic Bag!

Includes Mini Slant Tweezer and Travel Mirror

996103 $18.00

Save 38% Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen

Save 21% Active Lifestyle

• Hydra Cleanse Facial • Glyco-8 2 oz. Cleanser 8 oz. • Eye Proté .5 oz. • Botanical Tonique 8 oz. • Pharma-C Serum 1 oz.

• Fleur-5 Plus 5.3 oz. • HydrO2xy-10 • Enzymé Ex-Cell 6 oz. 8 oz. • Botanical Tonique 8 oz. • Bio-A 1 oz.

308698 $59.95

308692 $59.95

FREE Metallic Silver Wristlet!

Save 10% Pharma-C Serum 1 oz.

Save 25% Oily Skin

Save 10% Travel

308693 $22.50

• Pharma Clear Concentrate .5 oz. • Beta-C 2 oz.

• Hand Therapé 3 oz. • Lip Recovery .5 oz. • Eye Beauté 20-ct.

Save 10% Eye Firmé 1 oz.


308695 $31.50

308694 $15.75

FREE Metallic Silver Sparkle Clutch! Save 15% Favorites

308696 $24.00

Grapes Holiday Gift Box

Hempz Moisture Match

Includes: • Hand & Elbow Cream 2 oz. • Moisturizer 3 oz. • Body Wash 3 oz.

Buy Hempz Hydrating Bath & Body Oil 6.76 oz. and Hempz Age Defying Herbal Body Moisturizer 17 oz. for a special price.

203000 $8.49

999557 $16.48

Hempz Peppermint Patty Bask Holiday Gift Box Includes: • Heavenly Sugar 2 oz. • Hand & Elbow Cream 2 oz. • Heavenly Silk Moisturizer 2 oz.

Buy Herbal Hand Créme Peppermint Twist 3.4 oz., Intense Herbal Foot Créme Sparkling Peppermint 3.4 oz. and Herbal Lip Balm for a special price.

203054 $8.49

999556 $9.98

Playboy Holiday Gift Box

Fake Bake Flawless Gift Set

Includes: • Glitz Celebrity Sunless Self Tanner 2 oz. • Daily Moisturizer 2 oz.

Includes: • Flawless Self-Tan Liquid 6 oz. • Lip Gloss .13 oz. • Pocket Mirror

203049 $6.99

202151 $15.00

• Hydra Cleanse 8 oz. • Enzymé Ex-Cell 6 oz. • DN-24 Hydracreme 2 oz. • Lip Recovery .5 oz.

308697 $47.00

Root Holiday Candles are made with 100% all-natural beeswax and soy, natural cotton wick and essential oil fragrances. Over 70 hours of burn time. 10.5 oz.

308886 Candy Cane 308885 Hollyberry 308881 Winter Balsam $9.99 ea.

order products 800.362.6245

TISmag_ND13_57-62 Holiday.indd 57



10/1/13 11:36 AM

HOLIDAY Stocking Stuffers Under $10!

Buy 5, get 1 FREE! Ultimate ZZZ Sleep Mask

Buy 10, get 2 FREE! Relaxing Eye Mask

Includes reusable pouch for storage and travel.

140575 $3.00 ea.


308845 $7.50 ea.

Buy 10 of the same, get 2 more FREE! Super Duper Pedi Sock 1-pr.

Black 301377

White 301376

$1.99 ea.

2 for $10! Deluxe Travel Kit

25% OFF! Atomizer Kit

All items TSA approved.

Includes funnel and fabric storage pouch. 4 ml.


501575 $2.99 Reg. $3.99

Premium Coral Fleece Spa Wrap 140578 $9.99 $14.99 Value!



TISmag_ND13_57-62 Holiday.indd 58

November/December 2013

10/1/13 11:36 AM

88 Eye Shadow Palettes Each beautifully packaged with a mirror and two eye applicators.

$10.00 ea.

Warm 314500

Matte 314501

Shimmer 314502

Metals 314503

FREE with purchase! Deluxe 22-Piece Makeup Brush Set Buy one, get be PRO Dual Fiber Powder Brush FREE! ($7.50 value)

311325 $29.95

Buy 5, get 1 FREE! LED Compact Mirror 4” x 3” 102100 $6.00 ea.


FREE with purchase! Expert AC/ DC Airbrush Compressor Kit


Buy one, get Daily Wear Airbrush Makeup Light Skin Tone Kit FREE! ($86.40 value)

314074 $179.99

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TISmag_ND13_57-62 Holiday.indd 59



10/1/13 11:37 AM

HOLIDAY Available for the holidays only! Get it before it’s gone.


While supplies last at THE INDUSTRY SOURCE

Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey Collection Collection Displays 12-ct. Include two of the shades listed (.5 oz. ea.) plus display.

$52.50 ea.

Red Shades


• My Favorite Ornament • All I Want for Christmas (is OPI) • Cute Little Vixen • Underneath the Mistletoe • In My Santa Suit • Visions of Love

• Warm Me Up • Wonderous Star • All Sparkly and Gold • Sleigh Ride for Two • Ski Slope Sweetie • I Snow You Love Me



Trendsetter Display 36-ct. Includes three each of the 12 shades in the collection .5 oz. each plus acrylic display with header card and Tablet Carrier/Tote FREE!

604586 $159.95


Mariah Carey Minis Includes four minis .125 oz. ea. • Visions of Love • Warm Me Up • Wonderous Star • All Sparkly and Gold

604587 $6.95

Pure 18K White Gold & Silver Top Coat Top your favorite Mariah Carey shade with real 18K white gold & real silver leaf!

604601 $15.00

Open Stock .5 oz. $4.50 ea.

My Favorite All I Want for Christmas Ornament (is OPI) 604588 604589


Cute Little Vixen 604590


TISmag_ND13_57-62 Holiday.indd 60

Underneath In My Santa Suit the Mistletoe 604592 604591

Visions of Love 604593

Warm Me Up 604594

Wonderous Star 604595

All Sparkly and Gold 604596

Sleigh Ride for Two 604597

Ski Slope Sweetie 604598

I Snow You Love Me 604599

November/December 2013

10/1/13 11:38 AM

Top This GelColor Top Coat Kit $34.95 ea.

Mariah Carey GelColor

Trio #1 Includes the following (.5 oz. ea.): • Top Coat • Matte Top Coat • Snowflakes in the Air (Exclusive Shade – Only In This Kit)


Trio #2 Includes the following (.5 oz. ea.): • Top Coat • Matte Top Coat • Wonderous Star


Open Stock .5 oz. $17.50 ea.

Nail Essentials GelColor Kit Includes one of each GelColor from the Mariah Carey collection (.5 oz. ea.), plus large carrying case, blank color palette and instructions.

604611 $89.95

GelColor Trendsetter Display 36-ct. Includes six each of the six shades in the collection (.5 oz. ea.) plus acrylic display with header card.

My Favorite Ornament 604605

604612 $599.95

In My Santa Suit 604606

Wonderous Star 604609

Warm Me Up 604608

All Sparkly and Gold 604610

Pack the Essentials

Winter Pedicure Kit

A Juicy Bunch 6-pc.

Includes one of each GelColor from the Mariah Carey collection (.5 oz. ea.), one each of the Pedicure by OPI lotions (4.5 oz. ea.) and instructions.

Includes the following Avojuice lotions (1 oz. ea.): • Violet Orchid • Peony & Poppy • Ginger Lily • Jasmine • Holly Berry • Cran & Berry

604615 $99.95

Visions of Love 604607

604623 $4.95

Includes one each of the polish shades listed .5 oz. each plus small train case FREE! • Big Apple Red • Start-to-Finish • Lincoln Park After Dark • Bubble Bath • Tickle My France-y

604624 $24.95

FREE with purchase! Warm Up to Strong Nails

FREE with purchase! Sweet on My Beau Includes the following Nail Lacquers (.5 oz. ea.): • Alpine Snow • Sweet Heart • FREE Cosmetic Bag

$8.50 ea.

604619 $8.50

Take Ten Mini Kit Includes one Top This Nail Lacquer Coat Kit Includes the following (.5 oz. ea.): • Top Coat • Matte Top Coat • Snowflakes in the Air (EXCLUSIVE SHADE – ONLY IN THIS KIT)

604626 $9.95

each of the following polish shades (.125 oz. ea.): • Pirouette My Whistle • Alpine Snow • Bubble Bath • Tickle My France-y • You Don’t Know Jacques! • Cajun Shrimp • Big Apple Red • German-icure by OPI • Malaga Wine • Lincoln Park After Dark

604625 $12.50

Deal #1 Includes Nail Envy Original Formula (.5 oz.) and FREE Hand Warmers!


Deal #2 Includes Nail Envy Sensitive & Peeling Formula (.5 oz.) and FREE Hand Warmers!


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10/1/13 11:52 AM

HOLIDAY Available for the holidays only! Get it before it’s gone.


While supplies last at THE INDUSTRY SOURCE

Orly Secret Society Counter Display 18-ct. Includes three each of the colors listed (.6 oz. ea.) plus display. • Macabre Masquerade • What’s The Password • Lavish Bash • Masked Ceremony • Voyeuristic Adventure • Risque Encounter

Scentsations Charmed Lotion 8.3 oz. $4.95 ea.

994922 $74.70

Scentsations Charmed Trio

Veiled Plum 769733

Wicked Ivy 769734

Special Edition SolarOil

Includes items listed 2 oz. ea. • Veiled Plum • Wicked Ivy • Cranberry

769736 $6.00

Award-winning SolarOil is infused with golden amber and soft vanilla notes. .5 oz.

Holiday SolarOil Minis

768312 $5.75

768313 $49.95

Includes 40 SolarOil minis .125 oz. each.

China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze Counter Display 24-ct. Includes two each of the colors listed .5 oz. each plus display. Actual display shows one of the 12 colors from the collection. Get an additional color for restocking. 24-ct. total polishes. • There’s Snow One Like You • Elfin’ Around • Just Be-Claws • Santa Red My List • Put a Bow on It • Be Merry, Be Bright • All Wrapped Up • Your Present Required • So Blue Without You • Bells Will be Blinging • Mingle with Kringle • This is Tree-mendous

Illuminate Collection 18 Piece Complete Display Includes three each of the colors listed (.5 oz. ea.) in this clean and modern display made out of renewable bamboo and features the SpaRitual logo branded on the front with header card. • Intention • Intuition • Imagination • Intellect • Invention • Improvisation

994671 $108.00

994827 $90.00

FREE with purchase! Holiday Shellac Duo

Spa to Go Kits

$31.90 ea.

Includes Body Butter 8 oz., Fine Grit Sea Salt 8 oz., Cuticle Conditioning Stick and Spa Elixir 2 oz. 109845 Milk & Honey 109844 Pomegranate & Fig

Kit #1

Kit #2

Includes one each of the following items: • Shellac Ice Vapor .25 oz. • Shellac Frosted Glen .25 oz. • FREE Blush Bronze Frost Additive .15 oz.

Includes one each of the following items: • Shellac Serene Green .25 oz. • Shellac Scarlet Letter .25 oz. • FREE Gilded Gleam Additive .16 oz.



FREE with purchase! Holiday Additives Collection Includes one each of the following: • Silver Frost Additive .10 oz. • Gilded Gleam Additive .16 oz. • Blush Bronze Frost .15 oz. • Icicles .15 oz. • FREE Crystals 40-ct.

768226 $31.80



TISmag_ND13_57-62 Holiday.indd 62

$16.94 ea. Reg. $18.99 ea.

Butter Babies Display Towers Includes six 1.5 oz. Butter Blends plus display.

$19.94 ea. Reg. $23.99 ea.

Butter ‘Em Up Holiday Favors Includes four 10cc tubes of Butter Blend and four 8cc of Lytes Ultra-Sheer Body Butter.

662001 $5.94 Reg. $8.49

Milk & Pomegranate Tuscan Citrus Papaya & Lemongrass Vanilla Bean & Sugar Guava Nectar & Lavender Herb & Fig Honey 109923 109925 109920 109922 109921 109924

November/December 2013

10/1/13 11:39 AM

Look the Part



all is one of the most fashionable times of the year – and from the massively thick Vogue September issue to all the new styles hitting the stores, it’s the perfect time to get a little inspiration when it comes to stepping your look up to the next level!

As a business professional, it’s important to always look the part. You don’t necessarily want to look stuffy and corporate – but you certainly don’t want to look so laid back that clients will have a hard time determining who works at your salon and who is a customer! In the beauty industry, a polished, up to date appearance is crucial when it comes to ensuring that your clients not only take you seriously but that they trust your opinion when it comes to the latest trends. A good place to start is with your hair and makeup. With that in mind, take a few minutes to evaluate your look this fall. Here are some good pointers to keep in mind.

1. Hair Does your hairstyle look current? Hair is one of the first things that people notice about you. When you work in the beauty industry – and especially if you are a hairdresser – your clients will expect you to have updated, attractive hair. That means you shouldn’t be throwing it into a frizzy ponytail and running out the door or neglecting to style it at all. That also means that your cut and color needs to be updated and on trend. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your hair, it might be time for an update.

2. Makeup For women, even if you aren’t a makeup artist, clients still will notice your makeup. It’s usually the second thing they notice right after hairstyle. If you aren’t wearing any makeup at all, chances are you don’t look very polished and put together – and you might even look

like you don’t care at all about your job and how you present yourself. Another common makeup offense is makeup that’s too harsh looking or out of date. For instance, a bold black liquid eyeliner line all the way around your eyes or hot pink lipstick with bright blue eye shadow is a big no-no.

3. Everything in moderation We want you to show off your signature style and to keep your fashion, hair and makeup fun – but don’t overdo it, either. Overdoing it is just as bad as not trying at all. For instance, if you always wear thick, obviously fake eyelashes or thick makeup that takes an hour or more to apply or if your wild hairstyle or color is the first and only thing clients notice and remember about your appearance, it might be time to tone things down a bit. The only thing that’s as unattractive as looking like you don’t try at all is looking like you’re starving for attention. ▲ WRITTEN BY AMANDA TRENT


TISmag_ND13_63 Look the part.indd 63



10/1/13 11:16 AM





ocated midway down the Florida Keys is an island called Duck Key. The island boasts beautiful aquamarine water all around, glorious sunrises and sunsets and an island sensibility that lulls guests into relaxation. That’s where Hawks Cay Florida Keys Resort and Calm Waters Spa can be found.

Located in Hawks Cay Florida Keys Resort, Calm Waters Spa is an award-winning spa that enhances guests’ level of relaxation with head-to-toe rejuvenation in a gracious, unpretentious atmosphere. Located in Hawks Cay Florida Keys Resort, Calm Waters Spa is an award-winning spa that enhances guests’ level of relaxation with headto-toe rejuvenation in a gracious, unpretentious atmosphere. “[The décor] can be described as West Indies casual – Tommy Bahama furniture, tropical landscaping with an unpretentious and relaxed island vibe,” says Ciara Catalano, Calm Waters Spa Manager. Voted 2009 Best Hotel Spa in the U.S. by the readers of Travel + Leisure, Calm Waters Spa provides an exceptional yet unassuming escape where guests can indulge in revitalizing island-inspired spa treatments and services. “The things that make us exceptional are our attention to detail, high quality service technicians/staff, high quality products used in treatments (also available for continued use at home) and the genuine love we have for serving our guests,” says Catalano.



November/December 2013

The 7,000 square foot spa has eight treatment rooms including two couple’s suites, three facial rooms and a tropical rain room with a Vichy shower for body treatments. The spa menu is highlighted by five signature treatments that feature local ingredients, including the spa’s signature Key Lime Mojito body treatment, using the resort’s private label of Key Lime products. “We offer massages, facials, body wraps/scrubs, hair and nail services. I would say our specialties are the ‘sticks and stones’ massage, Signature Massage/Scrub combo, our Signature Facial and the Pineapple Sugar Scrub,” says Catalano. Guests can nourish skin with the spa’s signature Key Lime Mojito Body Treatment and Deep Ocean Facial, pamper themselves with a tropical manicure and pedicure or unwind in a candlelit whirlpool, eucalyptus steam room and dry sauna. No matter what they choose, it’s a recipe for luxurious relaxation. “We are a 60 acre property located in the heart of the Florida Keys at Mile Marker 61. We are a true destination resort with plenty of fun and activities for all, such as a kids’ club and pool, Watersports department, world renowned fishing fleet, a dolphin encounter program and amenities like the spa, marina and tennis center – to name a few,” says Catalano. “Whether you are a family looking to spend time together or a couple looking for a romantic getaway, it can all be found here on Duck Key at Hawks Cay Resort.” ▲

Calm Waters Spa Located within Hawks Cay Florida Keys Resort 61 Hawks Cay Boulevard Duck Key, FL 33050 888.395.5539

Left page: Lobby Top of page: Tranquility Pool Bottom of page: Spa Suite and Patio

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 • • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362 Available at:

Available at:

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 800.362.6245




Be a

THOUGHT LEADER in Your Business


lug “thought leader architect” into the title field of a LinkedIn search and you’ll see Mitchell Levy, CEO of THiNKaha and author of the new book, “#Creating Thought Leaders Tweet.”

“The truth is a lot of people are trying to become viewed as ‘thought leaders’ because they recognize that being a well-publicized, well-respected expert in their field is good for business,” Levy says. “But most people have a hard time figuring out how to do it on their own.” Levy, who works with corporations to develop thought leaders among employees, says CEOs recognize that the wide availability of information on the internet has changed how customers do business. “Customers are quite knowledgeable, and they get that way by using the resources available online,” Levy says. “It doesn’t take long before they know enough to spot a true expert – someone with vision and someone who knows their field so well, they can tell you where it’s going and where it should go.” When we had only the traditional media and its well-guarded access, our thought leaders tended to be people who were already in vaulted positions, such as elected officials, CEOs of major corporations and entertainment personalities, Levy notes. Today, thanks to the egalitarian nature of social media, anyone can become one. But many people don’t know where to begin. Levy offers these suggestions for developing your reputation as a thought leader. • Start by zeroing in on an area of your field in which you excel. Focus on one area of your business or profession that excites you.



TISmag_ND13_66 Be a Thought Leader.indd 66

Rather than stepping out as the consummate expert on a broad range of topics, choose one slice of your expertise that you enjoy – that you love to talk about. The beautiful thing about social media is that it caters to niche interests, which is a great way to start building your following. The more focused you can make the space you want to be a thought leader in, the easier it will be for you to reach your audience. • Develop your own message and share it in a distinctive style. Think about who your audience is and what they want and need – remembering that they don’t care about you, they care about themselves. Are there better ways to do something that everyone has been doing the same way for years? Can you solve problems or foresee trends that others seem to be blind to? Craft a message that will resonate with your audience. Share it in a distinctive, authoritative voice. Don’t be afraid to show some personality. Do you need to be bigger, tougher, louder, stronger, wiser? You don’t need it all, but you do need to set yourself apart. • Create useful, valuable content that people can use. Online, you can write a blog. Create video tutorials on YouTube and share nuggets of information on the various social media sites. Write a book on your topic! By constantly sharing information that solves problems for customers, you begin developing a reputation as knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. This should be an ongoing process – which is why you need to be passionate about it! Thought leaders make it look easy, but they work at it every day. s WRITTEN BY MITCHELL LEVY ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mitchell Levy, Thought Leader Architect and CEO at THiNKaha, has created and operated 15 firms and partnerships since 1997. Today, he works with companies who are active in social media to leverage their IP and unlock the expertise of their employee base to drive more business. In addition to the companies and joint ventures he has started, he has provided strategic consulting to more than 100 companies, has advised more than 500 CEOs on critical business issues through the CEO networking groups he’s run and has been Chairman of the Board of a NASDAQ listed company.

November/December 2013

10/1/13 11:14 AM

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

TISmag_ND13_67 AI SECHE AD.indd 1

10/1/13 11:11 AM


Ask the

INDUST RY Salon and Spa owners and managers have the answers to help you become more profitable and successful.

What money-saving and income generating tips have worked for your business?

We reviewed the way we have been doing procedures for years and found some repetitive steps or better products to use. We made updates, and our clients are pleased with the changes. We are also getting better results. Just because we did things a certain way and it worked in the past doesn’t mean it was the best way. Sue Brock Peau Claire Medi Spa Birmingham, MI

Nail and wax products have been great income generators for us! Kim Tran AZ Nail Supply Peoria, AZ

Buy a service and get a service for another guest at half price. At first, we only did it on Wednesday. Then we had to start doing it on Friday, too. Eventually we did it every day. Kathy Etheredge Skin Deep Leroy, AL



TISmag_ND13_68-69 Ask The Industry.indd 68

November/December 2013

10/1/13 11:09 AM

As an active nail professional and CND Education Ambassador, I find saving money starts with finding the right products that are still quality and not just cheap. I look to THE INDUSTRY SOURCE for all of my CND nail products. I love the ForPro lint-free pads and table towels. I not only use them for my salon services, but I find them to be a great addition to my demo bag when I am out speaking to nail professionals during my demonstrations. Toni Periatt Moezart & Co. St. Clair Shores, MI

A strategy that takes away the feeling of being pushy in retailing is making sure that the client has a need or is even interested in a product before you try to sell it to them. So next time try what I call a “tell, don’t sell” policy. Basically just tell them about the product while you are using it and explain why you are using it, which will transcend into why they need it. The first place to start is at the shampoo bowl. Begin by recognizing the scent of the shampoo you are using. Then when you put the conditioner on, explain its benefits and that it also aids in detangling. When the client responds and feels that they need it, take it immediately to the front desk for them to have “take home care.” Doyle Sims Doyle Designed Salon & Education Center Flossmoor, IL

The best money-saving idea we had for our salon was to transfer the business line to our home and I, as co-owner, have taken on the role of receptionist. I am a stay at home (now work at home) mom of two small children, and I am able to answer the phone and book appointments from home using iCloud. I can get housework done at the same time and save the salary that would go to a receptionist. We also use Square on our phones to take payments. That has helped us keep our doors open in this slow economy. Tanya Mack Triple T Salon Orlando, FL

Would you like your response to be featured here? Send an email to for our next issue’s question.


TISmag_ND13_68-69 Ask The Industry.indd 69



10/1/13 11:09 AM


Are you



to Your Employees?

hile communication is critical, in many companies it is also troublesome. It seems that no matter how hard you try, your employees may still say that you don’t “communicate” or “connect” with them.

Successful communication can be looked at in three parts: volume, content and meaning. The message that incorporates these elements is the message that truly connects. These three parts of communication are not mutually exclusive and all three are needed to connect with your workforce. For example, companies often focus on volume when asked how well they communicate. They may say things like, “We publish a newsletter every month” or “We have team meetings once a week.” These activities are important, but only if they truly connect with an employee’s desire to know at a personal interest level. Similarly, good communication requires the right content, but management’s definition of content may not have meaning for employees. Knowing how many units the company produces or what broad-based decisions are being considered is a start. More important to communication, though, is making sure employees understand this



November/December 2013

question: “So, what does that have to do with me personally?” Here’s an example. A company announces that it is adding a new product. A new division will be formed. Management is excited and wants everyone else to be as well. Yet, each employee is considering this change in light of the personal issues the change may affect. “Will my workload increase?” “Will the company ignore my needs while this new division is being developed?” “Why didn’t they ask me to help? They probably don’t even realize I have a background in this area.” Often these questions will not be asked directly of management, making the job even tougher. Volume and content are relatively easy. Connecting with employees’ issues is not. Connecting is an individual issue. What “connects” for one employee may have no meaning for another. It takes time and commitment from management to help employees understand the information and what it means to them specifically. s WRITTEN BY THE MKS&H TEAM ABOUT THE AUTHOR: MKS&H is an organizational consulting group. For more information, visit

More Glide

More Performance

Dual-Purpose Massage Creme • Rich, Thick Texture and Paraben-Free • Natural Ingredients and Arnica Extracts • Effortless Glide and Extended Workability

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

TISmag_ND13_71 BIOTONE AD.indd 1

10/1/13 11:04 AM

nailpad_thirdpg_industry source 1 9/10/2013 10:24:25 AM


Br ed an


f do


Made in the USA.

AD Index American International Industries


Body Drench................................................................19 Seche Vite.....................................................................67 China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze ................................IBC


ns Salo Top pas &S

Pro Dry+ Dryer............................................................25

be PRO Vivacious Vixen ...........................................................45

Betty Dain Salon Essentials ...........................................................41

Biotone Dual-Purpose Massage Crème .....................................71

black 15in1 Style Made Simple .................................................. 2 – 3 C



Charmed Collection............................................IFC – 1 Charmed Collection ................................................. BC




Minimize your time, effort and products to remove stubborn polish!



“ “HandDowns® Ultra Nail Pads are the answer to a Nail Tech's prayers. They are economical. You can use one pad to remove polish from all 10 fingers!”

Stylist Water ................................................................29 A Day at the Spa for Under $3.00...............................35 Professional Collection ................................................37

Footlogix Pediceuticals ................................................................39

Godefroy Tint Kit ........................................................................65

Graham Spa Essentials HandsDown Ultra Nail Pads ......................................72

Helen of Troy The Latest in Trendy Twists and Tresses .....................51

Kemon NaYo – The Pleasure of Color ............................... 8 – 9

Maxim Pedi Redi Plus ..............................................................27


OnyStat ........................................................................23

Cuccio Naturalé


To order products call 800.362.6245

Vanilla Bean & Sugar .............................................. 4 – 5 Match Makers ......................................................... 6 – 7 Colour Veneer ..............................................................78



The Heritage Series .....................................................81

Celebrating 75 Years of Denman .................................33

Equibal Finipil Antiseptic Cream ..............................................17

Essie Essie Gel .............................................................. 10 – 11 Encrusted Treasures Collection ....................................13

Mariah Carey Holiday Collection ..............................43

Oster Reese Robert Big Bold Lash Extensions ...........................................47

Spilo Mehaz Implements .....................................................15

Fake Bake 60 Minutes Tan ...........................................................21

–Madelyn Johnson Nail Instructor, Royal Beauty Careers International Certified Nail Instructor

Share the


One of our readers shares her secret to success:

The biggest mistake salons can make is being wasteful. The most money wasted is normally from color, so an easy way to help is to use scales to measure your product and to teach your employees how to properly assess an appropriate amount needed. My rule of thumb is nothing gets thrown out until the last drop is used (no excuses)! My favorite way to generate income is through product sales. Helping staff learn product suggestions is an easy way to raise ticket prices and, in the long run, helps your client with the upkeep of their style. Chalaine Archer

Ultimate Experience Salon, Gouverneur, NY • T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • • RY SOURCE • Available 800.362.6245 at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 Share your•success stories! Tell us what inventive ideas or promotions have helped you

Available at:

RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •



take your business over the top. Send your response to

November/December 2013


avai lab




le in




Stabilized formula. No evaporation, thickening, hardening or yellowing guaranteed. Extended wear.

Veneer’s Top Coat with High Gloss Armor prevents any micro-shattering that gives the nails a dull appearance. The armor also gives clients longer lasting durability and wear time.

PERFECT PIGMENT MATCH VENEER™ MATCHES the Cuccio Colour™ nail lacquer core collection.

CONDITIONING CLEANSER AND CONDITIONING SOAK Formulated with conditioning emollients, you will never see dehydrated skin and nails again during cleansing OR during soaking off. Helps nails to be healthier.

BLOCKS ULTRAVIOLET RAYS COLOR HEART WINDOW is UV protected to allow your clients to see exact colour match while preserving

the integrity of the Veneer.



2 coats = true color (yes, even black) this means that you save money and do not waste product on extra coats.

Just 30 seconds to cure in a LED lamp. And 2 minutes to cure in a UV lamp.


COST EFFECTIVE Priced below competitors.

Wear it until YOU want to take it off.

Veneer.™ For The Love of Colour…THAT Lasts!™ Like any great relationship, Cuccio Colour Veneer™ was created to last. From the onset we agreed we would not release our soak off nail colour until it completely satisfied the needs of today’s professional nail technician. For this product to truly resonate with the industry we knew it would take nothing less than 100% commitment to R&D and a whole lot of patience.


Today we can confidently say to you that Cuccio Colour Veneer™ is the most advanced soak off nail colour on the market. Once you try it, we feel confident you will fall in love with Cuccio Colour Veneer™ and we hope you will choose us as your partner in building a profitable soak off colour service that will last for years to come.




Available at:

TISmag_ND13_78 CUCCIO AD.indd 1

10/1/13 11:02 AM






NG has long been a supporter of the American Cancer Society and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation. Each year, TNG is a National Corporate Team Sponsor for Making Strides in Detroit. Every year we raise thousands for Strides to benefit the American Cancer Society while raising awareness about what we can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer and honoring those who have battled the disease – and this year was no different. But we couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for you!



TISmag_ND13_80 BUZZZ ACS Strides.indd 80

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to make the impact we have on so many lives. Because of you, we have been able to play a major part in providing support and encouragement for those who have or know someone who has battled or is battling cancer while offering hope for a cancer-free future. Together we have and will continue to accomplish great things. ▲ WRITTEN BY AMANDA TRENT

November/December 2013

10/1/13 10:55 AM

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

TISmag_ND13_77 Oster Ad.indd 1

10/1/13 10:52 AM

SCHEDULE OF COURSES To register for classes, call 800.362.6245 or visit A complete listing of classes and descriptions available online. Classes are nonrefundable. Tickets will not be sold at the door on the day of the event.

LOCATION: TheAcademy 38499 West Ten Mile Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335

Esthetics and Makeup All About Fake Lashes

Long eyelashes can make eyes look bigger, fuller and more inviting, but not all of us are blessed with sky-high lashes. Thankfully, we have false eyelashes, which come in various styles, colors and sizes. If you learn how to put them on correctly, no one will ever guess that they’re not yours. Learn proper lash application and how to frame the face with eyebrows. Includes: Certificate and 10% off all open stock eyelashes and supplies the day of workshop in THE INDUSTRY SOURCE store Bring: Tweezers, small scissors, pen and paper 11/4

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

$39 T952738

Airbrush 200 Workshop

This one day interactive workshop was developed for artists new to the art of airbrush makeup. You will learn the difference between traditional makeup and modern airbrush techniques and how airbrush makeup can benefit your new or existing makeup business. Artists will work hands-on with airbrush equipment and learn all the basic skills needed to begin working on their own. This course is recommended for artists who possess at least basic makeup artistry and color theory knowledge. Includes: $25 gift certificate for be PRO Airbrush Makeup redeemable in THE INDUSTRY SOURCE store on the day of workshop, lunch and a be PRO professional makeup artist certificate Bring: Airbrush compressor and gun to participate in the hands-on portion of the workshop 12/2


9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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Reese Robert Individual Lashes

Eyebrow Arching

Hosted by Extended Beauty


Are you a licensed beauty professional looking to increase your services menu? Reese Robert eyelashes is the perfect service to increase revenue and will add an exclusive treatment to your already exciting menu. The comprehensive training course and certification program provides licensed professionals with the skills to apply Reese Robert lash extensions. Reese Robert professional lash products transform ordinary eyes with big and bold lashes that demand attention. A semi-permanent extension is applied to each individual lash to increase length and volume. Maintenance every three to four weeks ensures lashes will stay fresh and full. Includes: Admission fee waived with the purchase of a Reese Robert Deluxe Eyelash Extend Kit Bring: Pen and paper 11/11 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

$199 T952741

Lash and Brow Tinting Hosted by THE INDUSTRY SOURCE

Shape and darken brows and tint lashes. Lash tinting creates beautiful bold looking lashes without mascara. When brows and lashes are darker or more deeply colored, it enhances the eyes. Learn these eye-popping techniques in this hands on class! Includes: Working product and certificate Bring: Pen and paper 11/12 10 a.m. – Noon

$149 T952751

$39 T952744

Eyebrow arching is most commonly done by women to add precise visual definition to eyebrows and enhance overall facial appearance. There are several methods for arching eyebrows, including wax treatments – most typically performed in salons by cosmetologists – or tweezing. Come to this how-to class to learn all the tricks. Includes: Certificate Bring: Tweezers, pen and paper 11/12 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

$39 T952745

Facial Waxing Workshop Hosted by GiGi/Clean + Easy

Learn how to do facial waxing or brush up on your waxing techniques. This class focuses on technique and wax application procedures, teaching ways to increase your salon revenue with add-on services. Includes: Working product and certificate Bring: Point tweezers, hair growth of 10–14 days, pen and paper 11/25 9 a.m. – Noon

$49 T952749

Brazilian Waxing Workshop Hosted by GiGi/Clean + Easy

Learn how Brazilian waxing is different from waxing other body parts. Learn multiple applications and the latest techniques to help grow your waxing services menu. Class will include live demonstration if model is available. Includes: Working product and certificate Bring: Tweezers, hair growth of 10–14 days, pen and paper 11/25 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

$49 T952750

November/December 2013

10/1/13 10:48 AM

Nails Hair 2014 Kemon Collection

Master Architect – featuring Retention+™ Enhancements Hosted by CND

Learn to architect amazing Forever French Enhancements with flawless Forever French techniques. Then discover “No-Limit” nail artistry with CND’s Additives and create oneof-a-kind nails that demand attention. Discover how CND’s Retention+ system offers dramatic designability to transform nails into the ultimate works of art. Includes: Liquid and Powder Intro Pack and certificate Bring: Table setup (table lamp, implements, towels) and one hand with natural nails 11/18

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

$199 T952746

Come experience the launch of the brand new 2014 Kemon collection! Come see how the lines and colors featured in the new Kemon The Italian Touch collection are inspired by the two main trends of 2014: the grunge movement revisited in a proactive and romantic way and original, gothic-inspired stylistic variations. “Romantic” is the key word that combines the various looks showcased in this collection where simple lines hide their transgressions in the disconnections and asymmetries of the cut and the overlapping fringe creates a perfect hiding place for various shades of color. The colors slide from blonde shades to decidedly twilight nuances, revealing blocks of color with metallic tones and ashen gradations, giving enough depth to create shaded effects that are only revealed by the movement of the hair. Look & Learn 11/4 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Workshop 11/4 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

CND Shellac ™ Certification and the Secrets to Success Hosted by CND

Become a CND ShellacPro and unlock the Secrets of Shellac – the original Power Polish™. Discover unlimited color and style options that will satisfy your clients’ every wish. Includes: Listing on CND Salon Locator, welcome kit with free business-building tolls, quarterly merchandising materials, free samples of CND products Bring: Valid photo ID, CND Shellac Top Coat, CND Shellac Base Coat, six CND Shellac Colors, CND UV Lamp, CuticleAway, ScrubFresh, SolarOil, 99% isopropyl alcohol, CND Shellac Nourishing Remover and CND Shellac Remover Wraps 12/2

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

$39 T952735

Includes: 10% off all open stock Kemon products on the day of the workshop in THE INDUSTRY SOURCE store Bring: Pen and paper $149 T952736

Includes: Manikin, working product, Kemon Academy certificate and 10% off all open stock Kemon products on the day of workshop in THE INDUSTRY SOURCE store Bring: Working bag, razor, shears, clips, blow dryer, rat tail comb, pen and paper

Bali/Foil and Smudging Workshop

The word Ombre is a French word for shading or graduating. This coloring technique offers a wonderful color option for those who desire a softer, low maintenance color. Ombre hair color is a natural yet stylish bohemian look. Brunettes can invite that natural shadowed halo back into the crown, leaving summer highlights behind. Incorporate those risky tones in small portions or tortoise shell your way from brown to blonde in one strand. Blondes can invite more earthy, buttery tones back to soften the tones of surf and sand. Bring: Pen and paper 11/5

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Couture Formal Styling Look

Come experience the art of couture styling and elevate the craft of essential hairdressing. Starting with a demo presentation, you will see firsthand how to create the latest session, runway and red carpet styles. The demo will be followed by a hands-on workshop where all your technical and aspirational needs are met. This workshop is taught by National Kemon Educator Nikki Jackson who was a Hairdresser of the Year Award Winner. Bring: Pen and paper Look & Learn 11/11 10 a.m. – Noon

$29 T952742

Includes: 10% off all open stock Kemon products on the day of the workshop in THE INDUSTRY SOURCE store Workshop 11/11 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

$99 T952743

Includes: Free gift, Kemon Academy certificate and 10% off all open stock Kemon products on the day of the workshop in THE INDUSTRY SOURCE store

Discover Kemon

For over 50 years, Kemon has been the innovation leader in creating the world’s finest hair color with a wide range of color options. From classic color to the world’s first ammonia-free color, Kemon is changing the way we look at the color experience. Come discover the difference. Includes: $49 Kemon voucher Bring: Pen and paper 11/18 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. 12/9 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

$49 T952730 $49 T952732

$25 T952752


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$49 T952739



10/1/13 10:49 AM

SCHEDULE OF COURSES To register for classes, call 800.362.6245 or visit A complete listing of classes and descriptions available online. Classes are nonrefundable. Tickets will not be sold at the door on the day of the event.

LOCATION: TheAcademy West 3349 Century Center Rd. SW, Grandville, MI 49418

Esthetics and Makeup



Brazilian Blowout Hosted by Brazilian Blowout

Reese Robert Individual Lashes Hosted by Extended Beauty

Are you a licensed beauty professional looking to increase your services menu? Reese Robert eyelashes is the perfect service to increase revenue and will add an exclusive treatment to your already exciting menu. The comprehensive training course and certification program provides licensed professionals with the skills to apply Reese Robert lash extensions. Reese Robert professional lash products transform ordinary eyes with big and bold lashes that demand attention. A semi-permanent extension is applied to each individual lash to increase length and volume. Maintenance every three to four weeks ensures lashes will stay fresh and full. Includes: Admission fee waived with the purchase of a Reese Robert Deluxe Eyelash Extend Kit Bring: Pen and paper 12/9

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Brazilian Blowout is the only professional product that actually improves the health of hair. This entire in salon treatment is completed in 90 minutes, and there is no down time. You can wash hair, exercise and even swim right after a treatment without altering the results. Hair is smooth, frizz free and radiant for up to 12 weeks. Acai aftercare products ensure longer lasting results. Stylists are virtually doubling their income by offering the Brazilian Blowout! Attend this free class to learn all you need to know. In two hours, you will become a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist and have the opportunity to purchase special one-day only Brazilian Blowout promotions! You will also learn how to address and overcome the controversy surrounding smoothing treatments, how to build a new client base with Brazilian Blowout, how to increase your average ticket and make more money with your existing client base as well as techniques for performing the treatment on clients with specific challenges such as extra frizzy hair, extra short hair, extensions and more. Bring: Pen and paper Complimentary 11/4 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Discover Kemon Hosted by Kemon

For over 50 years, Kemon has been the innovation leader in creating the world’s finest hair color with a wide range of color options. From classic color to the world’s first ammoniafree color, Kemon is changing the way we look at the color experience. Come discover the difference. Includes: $49 Kemon voucher Bring: Pen and paper 11/11 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. 12/2 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

$49 T952729 $49 T952731


$199 T952753


Store Demos Pharmagel

Come meet and greet Pharmagel Skincare Expert Catherine Kromer. Receive answers to your skincare questions and leave with a custom skincare regimen for your skin type along with samples and literature. Get 15% off Pharmagel products on day of demo. Orchard Lake St. Clair Shores Troy


11/4 11/18 11/25

10 a.m. – 1 p.m. 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


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be PRO Holiday Makeup

Come meet be PRO makeup artist, Meredith Stedman. She will be on hand to share her expertise in be PRO makeup and will help you create the perfect smoky eye during your personalized makeup session. Get 15% off be PRO makeup on day of demo. Farmington Hills Shelby Township Waterford Ann Arbor Grandville

11/11 11/18 11/25 12/9 12/16

10 a.m. – 2 p.m. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

November/December 2013

10/1/13 10:49 AM



Exclusively at: We are a Star Nail/Cuccio Master Distributor and we carry all products at!

Prices valid through December 2013. Available by phone, online and at select store locations while supplies last.

BUY 1, GET 1






Massage Crème 32 oz.

Buy one, get Massage Extender 4 oz. FREE! ($8.99 value) 307001 Milk & Honey 109836 Pomegranate & Fig

Lyte Ultra-Sheer Body Butter Vanilla Bean & Sugarcane 8 oz.

Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap 32 oz.



Buy one, get an 8 oz. FREE! ($4.99 value) 109871

$15.44 ea.

Buy one, get 8 oz. FREE! ($8.79 value) 662339

SAVE 20%

SAVE 20%

Starlite UV Clear Gel 1 oz.

BUY 1, GET 1


T3 Fibergel 1 oz. 106212 Clear 106211 Pink Reg. $24.99 ea.

106197 Reg. $18.49

Sanding Stix 12-pk.

$19.94 ea.




Nail Art Kits

Buy one, get Top Coat .5 oz. FREE! ($1.99 value)





SAVE 20% Assorted Mylar Glitter Kit 10-pk. 134105 Reg. $13.99

134170 Crowned Jewels $5.44

134171 Morning Glories $6.74

134173 Tutti Frutti $5.44

134172 Glitter Garden $4.94

134174 City Lights $4.44


3-D Nail Decals

134121 Flower Power 134122 Under the Sea 134123 Fabulous Florals 134124 Blush Petals

$1.94 ea.

Limit restrictions may apply.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

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10/1/13 11:00 AM

There’s Snow One Like You

Elfin’ Around

Just Be-Claws

Santa Red My List

Put A Bow On It

Be Merry, Be Bright

All Wrapped Up

Your Present Required

So Blue Without You

Bells Will Be Blinging

This Is Tree-mendous

Mingle With Kringle

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Available exclusively at fine beauty supply stores.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

29683 W K Smith Dr., Lyon Tech Park, New Hudson, MI 48165


NEW! CHARMED COLLECTION Turn on the sparkle and charm this holiday season. Our festive finishes transform ordinary into ornamental. Dazzling. Glamorous. Breath-taking. Let the celebrations begin.


Discover the new limited-edition CND Shellac Holiday Charmed Collection at a store near you.

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