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Michael O'Rourke celebrates the

January/February 2011


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color INTO

with the season's latest polish shades p. 40


150 years

with Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa p. 42

planning strategies for your

best year yet

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setting business

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dynamic duo. CND SCulptiNg liquiDS Retention+™ — Superior Adhesion. Radical SolarNail™ — Superior Durability. Moxie™ — Superior Speed. peRfeCt ColoR SCulptiNg powDeRS Pair them with any CND liquid. 25 gorgeous shades with creamy workability and exceptional color stability. Total beauty, by CND.

7 years in a row!

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Contact your Beauty Expert at 800.511.6890 to discover NaYo today!

DISCOVER NaYo The new ammonia-free hair colour cream with natural organically grown* ingredients. - 100% coverage of grey hair - Lightening up to 4/5 levels - Total uniformity of the tone and extraordinarily long-lasting results * flax and calendula

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Exclusive Promotions

from Cuccio Naturalé & The Industry Source

See Page 74

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January/February 2011

22 Kemon Color Conversion

Grace Salon co-owner Kate Rice knows a great product when she discovers it. That’s why she was quick to convert to Kemon’s NaYo color – the world’s first ammonia-, PPD- and fragrance-free permanent hair color. And her clients couldn’t be happier.


A Celebration of the Hair Artist

One of the best known names in the beauty industry – Michael O’Rourke – embarks on his latest creative endeavor. With the release of his legacy professional hair care line, O’Rourke reminds us what it means to be truly creative and innovative in an ever-changing industry.

30 Taking Action setting

business GOALS Angela Andriola, Editor

Have you considered your

Design Staff: Jon Schofield, Creative Director Shelly Schroeder, Senior Designer Amy Bowen, Designer Adriana Lagrou, Designer Susan Stevens, Designer Lauren Walton, Designer Jen Boley, Advertising

business goals for 2011? Setting

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goals now will help you achieve whatever you plan to accomplish in the coming days, weeks, months and year. With effective strategies set today, you can greatly improve your chances of having a successful year.



January/February 2011

When Da Vinci’s Salon & Gallery stylist Stephanie Busick struck up a conversation with one of her clients about ways to raise money locally for cancer patients, neither dreamed that in two short months they would be hosting their own fundraising event for a charity they founded themselves.

40 Spring Into Color

Bold and beautiful or soft and muted – this spring’s polish trends range from overstated to understated. Expect to see more natural and nude manicures to complement this season’s fashions that embrace all things denim blue.

42 Celebrating 150 Years

Glen Ivy Hot Spring Spa has been providing guests with the healing and rejuvenating benefits of the natural mineral spring waters for 150 years. Today the spa boasts 19 pools and 74 treatment rooms. So what’s Glen Ivy’s secret to long-term success?


Planning Strategies for Your Best Year Yet

New year, new goals. Start your year off right by taking the time to create a detailed Goal Plan for both yourself and your business. With the right planning and strategies in place, you are guaranteed to have a stellar year – one in which you easily manage family, friends and work. So what are you waiting for? Become a fan of tng worldwide

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essie and I live for color.”

I’m essie and color is my obsession. My unique colors are in 250,000 salons and 101 countries. And after you read this, my obsession will be on your fingertips.

America’s nail salon expert. Since 1981 For more information, call 1.866.348.9208 or visit

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contents setting the pace 12 14 16 18 20

Business Goal Setting Market Like the Grateful Dead Seven Keys to Business Networking How to Develop a Small Business Budget Avoid These Top Five Business Mistakes


special section: KEMON

16 Michael O’Rourke Celebrates the Hair Artist Taking Action – Bold for the Cure Spotlight on NSI Polish Pro

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Kemon Color Conversion Coaches’ Corner Training in Italy

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just in

New Products



Spring Into Color Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa Celebrates 150 Years Winter Makeup Trends

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Get to the Top of Search Engines What Your Customers Really Want Write Inspiration Into Your Mission Statement Business Planning for Starting Your Own Business Planning Strategies to Create Your Best Year Yet How to Connect to Customers TheAcademy Texas: Schedule of Courses TheAcademy: Schedule of Courses Ask the Industry

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January/February 2011

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GOOD-BYE ROUGH AND UNHEALTHY. No drills. No filing. No soaking. No more nail damaging, time-consuming removal. Period. ©2011 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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SETTING THE PACE | Message from the CEO Remember playing with Play-Doh when you were a kid? The soft clay-like material came in different colors and you could mix the colors anyway you wanted and then shape them or use cookie cutters. If you were like me, you spent hours of your childhood playing with Play-Doh. The fact is, humans love to customize things. We love to create cars online, choose our favorite beverage at Starbucks, make our own teddy bears, and Nike has even figured out that people love to make their own gym shoes. As we move into 2011, customizing products to your customers’ needs will be a huge growth segment and one that you can take advantage of. We know that your customers shop at ULTA, Target, Costco, Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger and other places far more often than they visit your location. And with convenience the most important objective for most people, if they see the product they want, they will pick it up. How can you respond to this? Customization is one way, by offering your own brand of products. We now have the capabilities to offer Ginger Lily Farms Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion, among other products, with your logo. Another way is to take advantage of our new Ginger Lily Farms Custom Blending Bar and have your customers create their own flavors (see page 5 of thebeautybook spring 2011 edition). Offering brands that mass retail doesn’t sell is yet another way to respond. Brands such as black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment, Michael O’Rourke, label.m, and Sojourn are salon-only brands. Many salons and spas offer unique gift offerings and even jewelry handcrafted by local artisans. And even if the mass retailers have the brands you use, chances are they have a limited selection. You have access to virtually every shade of essie and OPI allowing you to compete accordingly. This issue is about “setting the pace.” With the economy looking to turn for the better, 2011 will be a pivotal year for our industry and those that set the pace early on will capitalize on the upturn. The Industry Source continues to set the pace in distribution and customization by offering you products and brands you need. Have a healthy and happy new year and let’s take our challenges from years past and make them opportunities.

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the industry source

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January/February 2011

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FAST GENTLE REMOVAL. Don’t soak, drill or file. Wrap! Shellac™ removes safely and easily in 10 minutes—really!

Shellac™ • On Like Polish.

UV3 Technology • Wears Like Gel. patent pending

• Off In Minutes. (really!) ©2011 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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setting the pace

Reveal your business’ full potential by

setting business



the industry source

TISmag_JF11_12-13 Business goal setting.indd 1

January/February 2011

12/14/10 10:26 AM

Here’s a question for you: How much thought have you really given to an effective business goal setting process? Take a minute to think about your business. Are you on target to achieving the business goals you had in mind for your company? What are your plans to create growth and significantly increase profitability? Believe it or not many business owners, regardless of the size of the company, do not have a firm grasp on their business and its goals. That’s exactly why business goal setting is so important. It helps you figure out and document all your business goals and then enables you to put effective plans and strategies into place to help execute these goals. What’s more is that the process will identify formats for you to measure your goal attainment. The benefits of actually having a comprehensive business guide or plan to help you stay on track are obvious. But very often not only is the business plan helpful, but also the actual process of developing the plan. The business goal setting process forces you to pay close attention to your business through analyzing various market factors and potential setbacks. It is this knowledge and foresight that separates mediocre business owners from excellent ones. Here are some of the most important business goals to consider in the business goal setting process: • Financial goals • Product efficiency goals • Client goals • Management and operational goals • Human resources goals

When setting your goals, be sure to include the following stages: • • • • • •

age... r e v o c iful t u a e u! o B y r o f


Research Design Decision/Commitment Execution Accountability Measurement

- Judith August


There are many aspects of business that you must consider when creating a business plan. Your plan should include, but not be limited to, the following:


An overview of the business and its industry When was the business formed? What is its legal situation? What future goals do you have for the business? Take some time to analyze the business climate. Who are the front runners of the industry? What are the trends, present and future?



A financial review What is the financial status of the business? Where does the majority of the business funding come from? Are you seeking any further funding? What are your financial objectives for the business considering your cash flow, net income and break even analysis? Many of you have probably attempted to set goals for business and failed. This was probably because you were not aware of the necessary sacrifices in achieving a goal. You must be willing to put in the work needed to meet your goals.


From fashion model to image and makeup consultant, for both corporate and the cosmetic surgery industry, Judith developed her premier product, “The Everything Pencil” Face and Body Concealer, in order to capture and embrace the healing qualities of corrective cosmetics. No wonder they call her “The Queen of Camouflage.” Excerpt from an article FAB OVER FORTY by Kari Solyntjec

Remember the business goal setting process is all about identifying specific goals and effective procedures for your business to prosper. So take the time for effective business goal setting. Your efforts will truly be worth your while. ▲ WRITTEN BY VICTOR GHEBRE ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victor Ghebre is the creator and editor of, a comprehensive website that Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • provides tools to help you set and successfully achieve • Available T HEin INDUST SOURCE • Available 800.362.6245 at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • your goals. He spent 10at:years the IT fieldRYbefore turning to hisAvailable first love; personal at: T HEdevelopment. INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •

order products 800.362.6245

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“Because, everybody’s got something to hide!”





12/20/10 11:12 AM

setting the pace

Tie-Dyed and True

Marketing Lessons

from the Grateful Dead

Viral marketing and social networking have arrived on the scene after a long, strange trip indeed. As you’ll see here, the Grateful Dead were much more than a bunch of rock-and-roll geniuses; they were pioneers of the digital age marketing landscape.

When you think marketing visionaries, what companies come to mind? Apple? Google? Maybe even Microsoft? It’s true that each of these companies in one way or another has come to define marketing in the digital age. But the practices they’ve been pushing—viral marketing, social networking, giving away products or services, asking for and acting on input from customers—have somewhat, well, groovier roots than you might imagine. According to David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan, these marketing ploys were born on the road with one of the most iconic bands of all time—The Grateful Dead. “Everyone knows the Grateful Dead as rock legends and amazing musicians,” says Scott. “But not as many realize they were marketing pioneers. In the 1960s the Grateful Dead pioneered many social media and inbound marketing concepts that businesses across all industries use today. Every business can learn from what the Grateful Dead has done over a 45-year period. Here’s just a few ways the Grateful Dead’s marketing brilliance can be used in today’s business world:

Carve out your own landscape. The Grateful Dead created a business model that was the exact opposite of every other band’s at the time. Rather than focusing on selling albums, they focused on generating revenue from live concerts, and in doing so created a fan “experience” that was unlike any other.


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_14-15 Grateful Dead.indd 1

January/February 2011

12/14/10 10:32 AM

“Products that are highly differentiated can still succeed today, but it’s much harder to win if your business model is the same as your competitors’,” says Halligan. “Your job is to do research about your industry in order to build a killer business model. You want to break free from the competitive landscape and create a cascade of unique benefits for your customers.” Today’s big winners typically win because of unique business model assumptions, rather than some new technology or complicated improvements. Prime examples include Netflix (vs. Blockbuster) and iPod and iTunes (vs. MP3s and downloading).

Choose memorable brand names. Love it, hate it, or don’t understand it— whatever you may think of it, the Grateful Dead is a name that you remember. Fast-forward to four decades later and the name seems ideal. The choice of name worked to help advance the Grateful Dead to its widely recognized status as the most iconic band in history. “When you select an uncommon name— one appropriate to your company image and target market—it’s unlikely that consumers will confuse your product with something similar,” notes Scott. “They will remember you. And in today’s world of online communications and of search engines, unique names for your company, products, and services allow you to own the search engine results for your brands.”

Mix up your marketing department. Some argue that the Grateful Dead were not the best musicians, but their deeply diverse backgrounds made for a powerful combination that created a sound unlike any other. In addition to having musicians with diverse backgrounds, the Grateful Dead often had musicians with very little experience and even less formal education. The mix of unique backgrounds unencumbered by conventional wisdom proved to be a powerful combination. “Does your marketing team look like everyone else’s?” asks Scott. “If so, it’s time for a change in organization, some new skill development, and new blood.”

He and Halligan suggest you organize your marketing team in this way: You want someone responsible for “getting found,” someone responsible for “converting” the folks who are getting pulled in, and someone responsible for “analyzing” the numbers and helping you make better decisions. Look outside your marketing department (inside your company) and look outside the marketing industry (outside your company) to fill in talent gaps.

their strategies can both hamper growth and backfire in execution.


Because the Grateful Dead loved what they did, they stuck with it and (obviously) eventually prospered. That passion helped them persevere through some very rough times.

The Grateful Dead played over 2,300 concerts and each one was completely unique due to their improvisational style. The Grateful Dead experimented with musical forms and genres—both as a group and individually—creating unique musical experiences. Despite the occasional poor performance, they didn’t become conservative and stop experimenting. They continued to push the edge and learn from the mistakes they made in the process. “Like the Grateful Dead, marketers today need to experiment in their craft in order to make big breakthroughs,” says Halligan. “Instead of seeing failure as something to be avoided, CEOs and management teams need to free their marketers to experiment, quickly learn from failure and experiment again. “Like music, marketing is a creative discipline,” he adds. “Instead of worrying about making mistakes, you should be doing at least five times more experiments than you are likely doing today. In terms of marketing, this could mean starting a blog, freeing your employees to Tweet or write posts for your blog, or leaving comments on others’ blogs.”

Lose control of your marketing messages. A Grateful Dead concert was about having fun, meeting friends, checking out great music, escaping the everyday, belonging. Each person defined the experience a little differently, and the group defined the whole. When organizations insist on operating in a command-and-control environment with mission statements, boilerplate descriptions, messaging processes and PR campaigns,

“Let your community define you, rather than trying to dictate what’s said—and how—about your company,” Halligan advises. “When you let others define and talk about you, it is more likely that a community will develop.”

Do what you love—even if it takes a while to get it right.

For example, on the first gig they booked, they were contracted to perform two nights in a row. They were so bad the first night that the owner of the joint replaced them with three elderly gentlemen in a jazz band. The band members were so embarrassed they didn’t even bother asking the owner for their one night’s pay. Rather than throw up their hands and give up, the band went back to the studio and doubled down on the practice routines. It actually took several years and a great deal of practice before they really started getting good market traction with their unique sound. “The Grateful Dead teach us to live our own dreams—not someone else’s,” says Halligan. “Not only does doing what you love increase your odds of success, but it dramatically increases your happiness. You spend more than 50 percent of your waking adult life working, so you might as well do what you love.” s WRITTEN BY DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT AND BRIAN HALLIGAN ABOuT THE AuTHORS: David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, professional speaker and the author of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.” He is a graduate of Kenyon College. Brian Halligan is CEO & Founder of HubSpot, a marketing software company that helps businesses “get found” on the Internet. Brian is also coauthor of “Inbound Marketing: Get Found using Google, Social Media, and Blogs” and is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at MIT. Scott and Halligan are the authors of “Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History.”

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the industry source


12/14/10 10:32 AM

setting the pace

7 Keys to

BUSINESS NETWORKING GROWTH Networking is not going away. No matter how high-tech, plugged in, or globalized the world becomes, networking will be around forever. You need networking, and you need it to work for you. But as consumers, clients, customers and executives all realize, you are faced with the difficulty of determining how, when, why and how much networking you should be doing. Here are seven keys to business networking growth, that can help you decide how best to use your time and network successfully.

1. Become the go-to guy for a networking question. As you begin to network, your circle of acquaintances grows. Your rolodex of numbers increases. In time, you will build a reputation as a pretty good networker. Now and then someone may say, “Hey, do you happen to know a good franchise consultant?” You dig in your drawer, whip out a business card and say, “Give him a call. I met him last March. Nice guy.” Bingo. You’ve made a connection. Eventually, a few more people will come up to you and say, “Hey, I heard that you may know a good marketing firm...” And so it begins. The more people you know, the more people you can get to know. The more people that come to you with networking questions, the more people you can find out about and get to know.



2. Seek opportunities to help others. Helping people is at the core of networking. A networking attempt is so much more than a handshake, an exchange of a name card or accepting a connection on LinkedIn. The value of your network is not measured by the amount of names you know, but by the amount of help you provide. As you survey the networking landscape, don’t look at is as a host of names to know. Look at is as a host of people to help. The only valuable networking is from people you know personally.

3. Seek opportunities for others to help you. Not only should you be helping others, but others can be helping you. Gaining help from others creates a human connection that can’t be gained any other way. Besides, you get to see the skills of another from a unique angle. You get to see how the person works. You get to experience their product. That goes miles in the networking world. People will remember those whom they help, and it builds a strong, lasting network.

4. Be everywhere often. Though it sounds daunting, it is possible to carve out a significant presence for yourself. The key word here is “strategic.” It is an incredible waste of time to join every networking site out there. Join only the ones that will best accomplish your purposes. It should be standard, however, to at least have a presence on LinkedIn, the current networking site leader.

In addition, attend several strategic functions as often as you can. Again, too much is too much, but make it your practice to be at the important ones as often as possible.

5. Know people well. When you meet people, remember their names and some specifics about them. Don’t be ashamed to write names down. Carry around a pen and pad of paper and jot down notes. Not just for names, but facts, too. When you pick up the phone to call that potential customer, it will go a long way to say, “By the way, how’s your mother-in-law? I remember you mentioned she had surgery last week.”

6. Host something. Be a networking leader and go ahead and host something. It can be as simple as a backyard barbecue for all the CFOs in your town. Or it can be as big as a golf outing for all the engineering firms.

7. Make it FUN. Networking can be a fulfilling hobby. After all, you’re interacting with people. People can be a lot of fun. Face the challenge of being a networking guru, but make it an enjoyable and refreshing hobby. ▲ WRITTEN BY ADAM PRICE ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Adam Price is a master at the art of online networking and internet marketing in business. He challenges business owners to grow their offline business by harnessing the power of the internet. He’s also the co-founder of SynergyBizNet. Find out more at

January/February 2011

TISmag_JF11_16 7 Keys to Business Networking.indd 1

12/14/10 10:39 AM

Premium quality products for spa, locker room, back bar and more.

Our Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Nourishing Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion contain the finest ingredients, are available in 10 luxuriant fragrances and come in convenient gallon sizes. Fragrance-Free Lotion also available!

Fragrances available include:

Green Tea Lemongrass

Citrus Blend

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Lemongrass Sage

Plumeria Acai


Unprecedented convenience. Superior service. Exceptional expertise.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

TISmag_JF11_17 GLF spa quality ad.indd 1

12/15/10 1:42 PM

setting the pace

How to Develop a

Budgeting Format for a Small Business

With a business budget you will be able to track common business expenses and operating costs. To achieve that, you need to take five necessary steps.

1. Developing a sales budget. The sales budget is extremely important because it is the first step in developing your budget for your business. If you overestimate your sales, it means you will end up with a huge inventory for which you would have spent a lot of money. From an operational perspective, holding too much inventory creates problems in selling your products in a timely manner. If you underestimate your sales, you will probably be unable to deliver your product and meet your customer needs. So, in both cases, a wrong estimate in projected sales will cause your business to suffer.

2. Developing a production budget. A production budget will help you estimate the cost of producing your products including the cost of raw materials, tools, and labor. An inaccurate estimate of production costs leads to losing money. If you overestimate your production costs, you will produce expensive products and you will charge your customers more. This will lead your customers to leave your business, sooner or later. On the other hand, if you underestimate your production costs, you will eventually undercharge your customers, thus losing money from selling your products lower than their actual price.


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_18 How to Develop a Budget V3.indd 1

Operating a small business is quite a challenging venture. Even if you don’t need to manage large amounts of money, you still need to manage your money effectively in order to make sure your venture remains profitable. Developing a complete budget for a small business requires good planning. It is a detailed process that can provide you a stable basis to start from when considering successful business operations.

3. Developing an operating expenses budget. The operating expenses budget is typically included in the production budget as it includes regular business expenses. These are indirect costs such as facilities expenses, furniture, building maintenance, vehicles, rent or mortgage expenses, utilities, insurance, salaries, advertising, accounting and legal expenses. An operating expenses budget may also include costs for equipment such as machinery, supplies and maintenance. Usually, the operating expenses budget is divided in several areas depending on the subject such as human resources, administration, research and advertising.

4. Developing a budgeted income statement. After having prepared the sales, production and operating expenses budgets, you need to estimate your income so that you make sure you don’t spend more than what you earn. This is the step where you need to be absolutely honest with your income projections, which means not too optimistic, neither too pessimistic. Realism is the key to developing a realistic income statement that will help you prioritize your needs in case of unforeseen expenses. The point is not exceeding your budget at any point and to remain within your budget limits.

5. Developing a cash budget. A cash budget is developed to project the cash required for unanticipated needs. This simply means that you need to break even and make a profit for your business so that you have cash available at any given moment to take care of your business. In conclusion, developing a complete budget for a small budgeting is required to make sure you have enough money to run your business. It is actually the best way to determine your resources and get your products to your customers effectively and in a timely manner, while ensuring a profit for your business. All you have to do is follow the above mentioned steps carefully and be honest to yourself. s WRITTEN BY CHRISTINA POMONI ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christina Pomoni earned an MBA in Finance from the American College of Greece. Since 2005 she has provided high quality writing services to where she is also appointed as a Channel Steward of Economic Values. She contributes her expertise to websites and research companies and recently launched her own writing company,

January/February 2011

12/14/10 10:45 AM

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

tngM_JF11_19 clean+easy Ad.indd 1

12/13/10 11:35 AM

setting the pace

Top 5 Financial Mistakes

Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them 1. Acting on inaccurate or untimely information. Many business owners believe that accounting is something that your accountant does at the end of the quarter or the end of the year in order to comply with the tax laws. Nothing could be further from the truth. You simply cannot wait until the end of the year, when it’s tax time for your accountant to finally look at your numbers and figure out how you did. Your accounting system and processes should be the foundation of your financial house. For some businesses it starts pretty simply, but it should be something upon which you are continually building and expanding in capabilities over time.

2. Failing to use more than one set of books. In running your business, it will be necessary for you to report, display and use the financial data pertaining to your business for a variety of different reasons. For example, when speaking to your banker or your accountant you want to have your financial records prepared in a standard GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) format. GAAP reports are great for your banker but do very little to help you run your business. So for you as the business owner you need a second set of “books” or reports to provide you the visibility into your business that you will need to determine profitability and costs, and really manage


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It’s not easy running your own business. There are just as many ways to do it right, as there are ways to do it wrong. Here are five helpful tips to help you avoid some of the more common mistakes business owners make.

your business. I call this a managerial format. A managerial format displays the data of your business by segments and profit centers such as the products and services you sell, the geographical areas you serve, even by crew or service team. A correctly formatted managerial report will allow you to make intelligent and informed decisions about your business operation.

3. Failing to monitor your business performance on a timely basis. You will need to monitor results on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Waiting for your accountant to review reports on a quarterly basis is not enough. I recommend to my clients that they develop a daily feedback mechanism that is simple to complete and use, yet provides all of the necessary information required to manage their business professionally and profitably.

4. Not understanding why your profits or sales are not growing. Again, timeliness of information is critical here. You simply cannot wait until the end of the year or even the end of the quarter for your accountant to analyze your sales versus projections and hope to be able to take corrective actions that can get you back on track before it is too late. By combining an external view with a detailed managerial view of your own

operation (complete with your own internal costing data) you can determine where you are falling short (or excelling) and make the necessary changes to get back on track sooner rather than later.

5. Letting overhead get out of control. Overhead is never a problem when things are going well and your business is growing. It’s when things slow down or there are changing conditions in your marketplace that changes to overhead may be required. I recall walking into a client’s downtown Chicago office years ago and there was a sign on the wall that said “overhead kills” and that message has stuck with me ever since. Your overhead has to be paced to the business you currently have as well as the business you are going to have and this can be a delicate balancing act. Understand when and how to add overhead for maximum benefit. You want to keep your fixed costs as low as possible and have the remaining costs be variable so that they track with your business volume and revenue even if it means a slightly lower profitability on a percentage basis. s WRITTEN BY DALE KUBIESA ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dale Kubiesa has over 30 years experience working with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500s. He holds a BA in Commerce and an MBA, both from DePaul University. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Visit or call 847-458-8477 for more information.

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Look for Katy’s new album, Teenage Dream!


Apply one coat of Black Shatter over completely dry nail lacquer for a look that’s totally Katy!

Teenage Dream

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Last Friday Night

Black Shatter

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CONVERSION Kate Rice is the co-owner


Grace Salon in Traverse Kate Rice co-owner, Grace Salon


MI. She and the salon’s other two

owners – Marcia Roehrich and Molly Shumsky – learned about Kemon color from their employees, who raved about the product’s benefits. With amazing results from Cramer and Yo.Coloring, Rice says they were excited to test out Kemon’s latest permanent hair color innovation – NaYo. The salon team was so impressed with the 100% gray coverage of this ammonia-, PPD- and fragrancefree hair color that they are now phasing out all other color lines they used.

“When we started Grace – a Salon of Inspiration – we wanted to create a very comfortable and welcoming environment for clients to receive professional services,” Rice says. Five years later, the salon’s most popular service revolves around hair color, making it a priority among the owners to offer the best possible coloring line to their clients.

“We chose Kemon because it gave the best results compared to other non-ammonia or close to ammonia-free products,” Rice says. “And our clients have been thrilled. For us to care about them, not only the health of their hair, but their general health, is amazing. The salon smells better for all of us. Hair feels healthier.”

“NaYo gives us the results that

Now the salon is looking to concentrate on NaYo as its main permanent color offering, phasing out other brands previously used. “We will concentrate on NaYo, using Yo.Coloring when we need a demi permanent color,” Rice says. “NaYo gives us the results that we need with no ammonia and no PPD. It’s the ultimate line.”

we need with no ammonia and no PPD. It’s the ultimate line.” “Color is such a large part of our business, which is why it is so important for us to choose the right line – for our clients’ well-being and satisfaction, as well as our own,” Rice says. In May of 2010 Rice says the salon began trying out Kemon color with amazing results. They’ve continued using the Cramer and Yo.Coloring lines, offering clients the all-over color, highlights or dimension they’re looking for. In the fall, Kemon announced the launch of a game-changing permanent hair color – NaYo, which contains organically grown ingredients with a creamy, velvety base. And best of all, it’s ammonia-, PPD- and fragrance-free. The non-sensitizing formula won’t irritate clients’ scalps.


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Grace Salon, Traverse City, MI

Rice believes more and more salons are looking to offer clients products that are less dependent on harsh chemicals. Most Americans today are concerned with what they put on and in their bodies, including the products they use on their hair. “If we can get the same results, if not better results and avoid PPDs and ammonia, therefore leaving the hair healthier and the salon in general healthier, why wouldn’t we? “I think [NaYo] will change the way we, as professionals, do color,” Rice says. “We have to look at the long-term effects on all of us. NaYo has done that.” s WRITTEN BY ANGELA ANDRIOLA

January/February 2011

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Join us for

Food Fun Fashion


Sunday, January 23 6:00 pm GRANADA THEATER

Dallas, Texas FEATURING:

Davines Michael O’Rourke Kemon Artistic Team Eufora and more!


or contact your Beauty Expert to order

SPACE IS LIMITED I CALL TODAY TISmag_JF11_23 Fringe ad.indd 1

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Where TaLeNT and DesIRe Meet Recent Tiffany Hairdresser of the Year winner Nikki Jackson is the co-owner of Salon Lux in Shelby Township, MI and says she began the Kemon training program two years ago and has been a Kemon Coach for about a year-and-a-half. “I was searching to be part of something that brought my creative desires to the surface that sometimes gets hidden in my everyday life,” Jackson says. Several years ago Jackson attended Kemon Nights, a celebration of Italian Hair Fashion, which included a live presentation by the Kemon Artistic Team with more than 40 models showcasing the latest hair and clothing trends. “At that moment,” she says, “I knew Kemon was definitely the company I wanted to be a part of.”

the industry source

TISmag_JF11_24 Coaches Corner.indd 1

and keeping up with the latest styling trends. Here, two Tiffany Hairdresser of the Year Award winners and Kemon Coaches offer insight into their inspiration and how being a part of the Kemon team contributes to their improvement as hairdressers and business owners.

Jessee has been competing in the Tiffany Hairdresser of the Year Awards for years, having been named Hairdresser of the Year in 2003. More recently, Jessee and fellow stylists Deanna Gardner and Marci Kuhn won first place in the Salon Team category at the 2010 Tiffany event. She also won third place in Avant Garde.

Nikki Jackson’s models on stage at the 2010 Tiffany Hairdresser of the Year event.

Jackson also took home a third place trophy in the Color category. Her on-stage presentation left quite an impression on the judges and event attendees.


cutting-edge cutting and color techniques

Beth Jessee is one of the first Michigan Kemon Coaches, having partnered with the company early in its United States debut over three years ago. She is the owner of the Jessee Salon Group, which includes two Michigan salons.

The 2010 Hairdresser of the Year says her work with Kemon had a positive impact on the styles she created for the competition. “Kemon being a European company gives me the first look at all the cutting-edge colors, cuts, styles and fashions, which really strengthens me as an artist,” Jackson says. “I think any continued education has an impact on what you create.”

“My inspiration was strength, confidence and high fashion,” she says. “I wanted my presentation from the hair, makeup, and fashion to be a show stopper.” And that it was.

Kemon coaches are always learning

Beth Jessee’s third place winning entry for Avant Garde.

“Our first place Salon Team entry was called Inspired Passion,” Jessee says. “We looked to marry our combined love for pop art, sculpture and architecture with bold colors, strong shapes and structure. I think we achieved that. For my Avant Garde entry, I had just returned from heading up the hair department for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. I decided that I wanted to step completely outside the box and create something unique and not seen before. I worked with a white wig and by using Graftobian color hair spray (from the awards show) and stencils, I was able to elevate that wig to the next level!” As a salon owner, Jesse says being a part of the Kemon Artistic Team has helped give her confidence to “lead a diverse group of stylists to levels that I could never have dreamed of. The entire [Kemon] line allows my stylists to be creative and have fun every day doing what they love.” s WRITTEN BY ANGELA ANDRIOLA

January/February 2011

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BEAUTY is serious business. With patented, powerful heating systems in curling irons and flat irons, plus advanced technology in hair dryers, Hot Tools are demanded by stylists performing in the highest pressure environments including film, TV, photo shoots and backstage at hair shows.

BLUE ICE TITANIUM Speciality Irons Features: • Titanium barrel • Fast heat-up and instant heat recovery • Separate on/off switch

• Rheostat control • Extra long cool tip • Extra-long thumb grip • 8 ft. swivel cord

444034 Spiral

$49.97 ea.

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Kemon hosts training in

ITALY Kemon Owners Circle Salons recently attended an intense three-day training seminar at the company’s world headquarters in San Gustino, Italy. Salon representatives from 21 salons were treated to world-class cutting and color education at Kemon’s Cash by Color and Cutting Architecture event.

San Gustino is the location of Kemon’s modern research laboratory where the company consistently leads the way, internationally, in cutting-edge hair care technology.

Janan Delly of Boncidello Salon & Spa in Shelby Township, MI was also impressed with the level of education offered by Kemon.

Along with innovative training on Kemon’s latest Architecture Cutting techniques and bold color offerings, attendees were given the opportunity to tour the country’s top sightseeing locations as well. Half of the group spent a day in Florence, while the other half found themselves taking in the sights of Rome.

“The training was very organized,” she says, “the information was great and the whole experience was very motivating and inspiring.”

During their education, attendees were given the opportunity to work hands-on with Kemon’s world-class educators, recreating looks and styles the Italian company sees as emerging and sought-after trends in the industry. “I was able to recreate both the soft balayage look and block coloring with bold colors on my clients,” says training attendee Rachael Vivolo of Vanity Lab in Westlake, Ohio. “The cutting techniques were also a great addition and gave me the ability to think outside the box.”

Kemon prides itself on inspiring creativity and providing a wealth of continuing education opportunities to stylists using the company’s products. And, as these training attendees can attest, Kemon once again delivered. “The instructors were very knowledgeable and passionate about everything they taught,” Delly adds. Notes Vivolo, “Kemon’s Cash by Color and Cutting Architecture exceeded my expectations!” s WRITTEN BY ANGELA ANDRIOLA

Standing back row left to right: Amy Stough (Brown & Deline), Danielle Rodd (6 Salon), Janan Delly (Boncidello), Marie Papak Elias (Andrew Marke), Denisa Cito (Boncidello), Jaqueline Benard, (Andrew Marke), Jennifer Syts (Tarro), Jennifer Omastiak (Salon Evangelos), Steve Graziano (Bartolomei’s), Jeff Lamorte (Jeff Lamorte’s). Middle row: Angela Avorio (Jeff Lamorte’s), Heather Riggle (AvantGarde) Irina Miasnikova (Pigalle Salon), Heather Mendelsohn (6 Salon). Front row: Rachael Vivolo (Vanity Lab), Jason Lamorte (Robert Jeffery Salon), Josh Carlson (Brown & Deline), Kathleen Ward-Cibor (Tarro).


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January/February 2011

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Unforgettable eyes every day.

Give eyes a naturally beautiful look every day with easy-to-apply, comfortable ARDELL lashes, quality brow cosmetics, accessories and more.

Simply Unforgettable Eyes

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A Celebration of the

HAIR ARTIST From humble beginnings in South Africa where he learned the effects of fragrant oils on the senses from local Zulu women, to becoming a world-renowned hair artist and the driving force behind the Carlton Hair Salon chain and founder of the Sexy Hair product line, Michael O’Rourke is a beauty industry icon. His creativity and charismatic personality helped launch his career and has guaranteed him a place among the industry’s elite. Today, O’Rourke embarks on a new venture – his legacy product line Michael O’Rourke Hair. Rarely satisfied with what is, O’Rourke’s search for what will be has once again brought him to create a line of professional hair care products that embraces the creative spirit of beauty.

What sparked your passion or interest in the beauty industry? The love of art and the love of people, and the wonderful fact that you can take a fabric or hair and shape it into something unique. The amazing thing is that it grows out and you have the opportunity to start the creative process all over again. Also, quite honestly, as a creative person from very humble beginnings, I really didn’t have many options, I found both a way to support myself and an outlet for my creativity as a hairdresser and I am ever so thankful for this industry that has supported me for decades.


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TISmag_JF11_28-29 Michael O Rourke V3.indd 1

January/February 2011

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Products from the Michael O’Rourke legacy line. Available at The Industry Source.

CHAIR BACK COVER · Fits most standard salon chairs · Available in round and square · Made of durable vinyl ITEM #490108 ROUND #490106 SQUARE

How did your passion evolve into owning salons? A realization that creativity and talent is about more than just art, it’s also about living well! I would meet rich clients in my salon and I would say to myself, “Why not me?” With the talent and gifts we have as artists, why don’t we live as well or better than those rich clients? It was a wake-up call to me. You can stay where you are or you can work smarter and be conscious of how they got there so you can evolve to the next level.

When and why did you embark on creating a professional hair care line? After opening over 50 salons and using different products, I realized that it was time to evolve to the next level and create a product line that I felt was not available out there. I risked it all to create my first line, “Sexy Hair.”

What is your goal for the Michael O’Rourke legacy line? I want to bring more creativity and love back to our industry by a hairdresser for the hairdresser. I really want to give back to the hairdresser and our industry. This industry has enabled me to have such a beautiful life and I want to inspire other artists and show them they can do the same. And we have to acknowledge that it takes money to be able to make a difference anywhere, so I am planning to really drive my legacy line and give back to our industry at the same time! We are already sponsoring education for single-mothers in hairdressing at our Institute

of Courage and we will be doing many more things as we go! Wait until you see what we have in store for 2011, some really amazing products and more ways to give back!

What motivates you to continually create new ideas and concepts in today’s beauty industry? In this new world, the only thing that’s going to allow us to survive is to create something new, something that shakes up the industry, that fosters a competitive spirit among all industries and manufacturers. That will help them evolve to a new level. In the United States we just cannot compete with labor or manufacturing, we only have our creativity. We need to focus on our art to bring this economy back.

What do you love most about traveling the country promoting Michael O’Rourke Hair? Our country is so colorful and so full of traditions even in individual cities. But no matter the city, hairdressers are the same everywhere. We have a spirit and a soul that is very unique. I love seeing all of my fellow artists and seeing them so ready to create hope and inspiration with me. There are so many amazing people out there and I am thankful to meet them all. They all touch my life in some way. The support on my travels has been tremendous and I am just so grateful. ▲

TERRY NECK TOWELS · Made of absorbent terry cloth · 100% cotton · 3” wide ITEM #440261

“GRIPPER” GEL REST · Provides comfort at the shampoo bowl · Will fit most standard bowls · Reduces neck fatigue ITEM #490102


· A comfortable solution for clients unable

to tilt their head back and ideal for elderly or disabled clients ITEM #430154 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE •

Responses provided by Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE Michael O’Rourke Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • order products 800.362.6245

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TAKING ACTION A stylist and her client create a charity to raise money for local cancer patients. There are a variety of conversations that go on between hair stylists and their clients. They talk about work, family, friends and so on. It’s not often that conversation becomes anything more than harmless banter. Except in the case of Da Vinci’s Salon and Gallery stylist Stephanie Buczek and her client, a pathologist at the University of Michigan Health System.

In August 2010 Dr. Jeffrey L. Myers mentioned to his hairdresser, Buczek, that a co-worker had been diagnosed with breast cancer. “He told me he was thinking of starting a charity and we discussed ideas on how to raise money,” Buczek says. To Dr. Myers’ surprise, a few weeks later Buczek called him to say she had gotten approval from the salon she worked for – Da Vinci’s Salon & Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI – to host a charity event. In two short months, Buczek and Dr. Myers had formed the charity Bold for the Cure with a kick-off fundraising event scheduled for Oct. 24. On that Sunday last October more than 70 people showed up on Main Street in Ann Arbor to raise money, which would be earmarked to help people locally who have been diagnosed with cancer, but have no insurance. Buczek says they would also like to see the money go to help homeless cancer patients as well. “We were really surprised how little help there is out there for the homeless battling cancer,” she says.

A majority of attendees at the Bold for the Cure event were fellow colleagues from the University of Michigan Pathology Department who had others sponsor them to have their heads shaved. Of the over 70 participants, many others paid $35 to have pink highlights or pink extensions added to their hair. “We even had a lot of walk-in clients pay $20 that day to have their heads shaved,” Buczek says. “We had a sign out on the sidewalk announcing the event and people and businesses generously donated their money, food and beverages. We even had a live band.” The event raised $7,000. With the addition of a Bold for the Cure website ( Buczek says the organization has raised $19,000 since October. The site allows interested donors to learn more about the cause, as well as set up recurring donations if interested. Buczek, who has been a stylist at Da Vinci’s since it opened in 2007, is pleasantly surprised at the success of this fledgling charity organization. Now a Bold for the Cure board member, she says she never imagined a grassroots campaign such as this would find so much support throughout her community. And as Bold for the Cure continues to accept donations online, Buczek says the group is in the process of meeting with Ann Arbor area charitable organizations to plan and execute the best way to distribute the money so that it reaches the greatest number of in-need cancer patients in the community.

Stephanie Buczek preparing to shave Dr. Jeff Myers’ head during the Bold for the Cure event on October 24. Stylists Kenta Tsushima, Sharla Mohney, and Michelle Ouimet, along with nail tech Sandy Sheldon also donated their services to the event.


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_30 DaVincis Salon.indd 1

“I’m also hoping to get in touch with other salons to host similar events,” she says. “My hope is to turn this into an ongoing fundraiser, even putting together information and kits to help other salons do the same for their communities.” s WRITTEN BY ANGELA ANDRIOLA

January/February 2011

12/14/10 11:24 AM

Protect Your Clients and Your Business! Keep your clients safe with individually wrapped, disposable nail files and a disposable foot file system for single use manicure and pedicure treatments.

Disposable Nail Files Tapered wood core and cushioned core with 2 grits on each file. Individually wrapped. Tapered Core: Black 100/180 Silver 100/180 Cushioned Core: Black 100/180 Silver 100/180 Black 180/400

Disposable Foot File System Swedish Clover™ handle with interchangeable 60 and 100 grit, disposable abrasive pads smoothes away calluses and softens rough spots.

Purifiles® are made of hi-tech materials that allow them to be repeatedly immersed in hospital - grade disinfectant for proper sanitation. They meet state board disinfection guidelines and last up to 3 times longer than ordinary washable files.

Immersible, Disinfectable, Reusable Files! Standard Files Pink 80/100 Ultra Coarse/Coarse Green 100/180 Coarse/Medium Orange 180/240 Medium/Medium Fine White 80/80 Ultra Coarse

Ultra Tapered Files Pink 80/100 Coarse/Medium Green 100/180 Medium/Fine White 80/80 Coarse/Coarse

For more information, call 800-347-7456 • or visit •

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Where scientific

innovation meets creativity

Every scientific innovation has a story – a tale of a technological advancement having been discovered almost by accident. The innovations that led to the current use of dental products in manicures are no different. NSI was started in 1987 by Dr. Fred Slack and his son Rick. But long before that, Dr. Slack had “accidentally” discovered how to use dental acrylic on nails. According to NSI’s website, Dr. Slack was working in a dental laboratory in 1957 when he accidentally cut his thumb nail. Using aluminum foil and dental acrylic, he created a platform to fix the nail, and soon patented the first nail form. Today, NSI continues to drive innovation in the manufacturing of nail care products, most recently with its release of Polish Pro, an exclusive gel polish formula Rick Slack refers to as a Poly-Oligomer.

What are some of NSI’s more notable successes?

What makes Polish Pro different from other products?

What are the positive effects of these changes?

Besides producing successful acrylic (Attraction) and gel (Balance) lines that are distributed worldwide, we pride ourselves in being a pioneer in the industry. This includes developing and manufacturing the first odorless acrylic, the first gel sealant for acrylic (Perma Gloss) and the first fill line eraser (Line Out), among other great “firsts.”

Rather than simply a blend of gel and polish, Polish Pro is a fusion of many different raw materials that result in the most resilient natural nail manicure or pedicure. These raw materials include oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators and diluents, among others, all making up what NSI is calling a Poly-Oligomer. What makes Polish Pro and its revolutionary PolyOligomer unique is the formula’s superior color dispersion, which has very little separation. With less volatility, there is less evaporation. While removing, the product slides off much cleaner. As always, because we do our own research and development and manufacturing, we are able to offer the highest quality products at a more competitive price.

Competition is always good for the nail technician. It is what drives us, as manufacturers, to develop the very best products that are scientifically possible. In the end, we all want the same things; we want products that are quick and easy to use without compromising on results. With these products, technicians will have more satisfied customers and more income, becoming our satisfied customers. We cannot succeed in business if our nail technicians can’t succeed. It’s a two-way street.

How and why did NSI decide to launch a light-cured polish line? Nail technicians and their clients have always struggled with the natural nail manicure. Traditional polish simply doesn’t last when applied to natural nails. It is part of the reason why natural nail overlays with acrylic and gel became so popular. At NSI, we have always focused on the enhancement side of the business, with color gels and later soak-off color gels as a solution. After launching our Illusion Soak-Off Gel System in 2009, we realized we were still missing an important piece of the puzzle – the natural nail technician who wanted a longer-lasting polish that could be easily removed. We immediately got to work on Polish Pro.


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_32 Supplier Spotlight NSI.indd 1

How has the professional nail care industry changed over years? I think nail technicians have been demanding more from their products, their distributors and the manufacturers. The concept of brand loyalty doesn’t exist anymore. Technicians will purchase any product that performs the best from those who have the means to deliver them. There is a lot of competition in the market – for us and for the nail technician.

What advice would you give to nail techs and nail salon owners to thrive in today’s economy? Times are tough, no doubt, but I think the best thing nail technicians can do right now is take charge of their business. You may have to work harder to drum up new clients, but it will be worth it. At NSI, we aim to help technicians on the business side as well. We recently launched a free e-book on tips for building your clientele. Don’t become a victim of the economy. Put that extra effort into your business, weather the storm, and in the end, you could be the top nail tech or salon in your area. s Responses provided by Rick Slack, President, NSI

January/February 2011

12/14/10 11:28 AM

IntroducIng the manI of your dreams The next generation of nail polish that shines on. And on. And on. NSI Polish Pro is a revolutionary light-cured polish formula that lasts an unbelievable two weeks without chipping, smudging, or cracking. Takes only minutes to apply and can be quickly dried under a UV or LED lamp. Plus, removing it is a cinch. 10 minutes is all it takes. Polish Pro Introductory Kit Includes: Six 15 ml (.5 fl. oz.) Polish Pro Colors (Purple Pearl, Burgundy, Wild Berry, Scarlet, Orange Red and Hot Pink Peony). Plus, Base & Top Coat FREE! For more information on NSI Polish Pro and to view a step-by-step demo, visit

Polish Pro Introductory Kit 106356


T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

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on all Texas Collection Pre-Sell Orders!

Austin-tatious Turquoise

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Model is wearing Guy Meets Gal-veston Select shades will be available on Dell laptops at


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Try our seasonal fragrances for January/February: • Superior Exfoliation

• Four economical sizes

• Safe for All Pedicure Spas

• Manufactured in the USA

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Eucamint and Rose Petals

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spring into

Spring 2011 Must-Haves:


• High-waisted, wide-leg trousers • Sheath dress • Sheer maxi dress • Mid-length full skirt

Flattering styles, flirty prints and bright colors made their appearance on the spring 2011 fashion runways. Designers took

• French-style striped shirt

a timeless classic – denim – and spiced it up with accessories

• Satin top or dress

and coordinates. From moon boots and platform wedges to

• A-line coat in a bold color (like yellow)

A-line jackets in bold colors, this season’s looks

• Brightly colored plastic bangles

complement the return of the wide-leg trouser. Throw away those skinny jeans and make

• Moon boots • Platform wedge shoes

way for high-waisted, wide-leg pants in Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection

denim blue, beige and cream.

The “Truth” Comes to Light SpaRitual introduces a colorful palette of pastel crèmes this spring. The Truth Collection takes inspiration from the blossoming hues only nature can produce. The colors are both bold and reserved, with a bright yellow and deep navy blue – two of the most popular colors seen on the spring 2011 runways. shades get our attention and affection. Yellow replaces pink as the go-to color standard and is anything but! Spring disrupts our wintery slumber with a mistral wind of warm, bold, electric,

For the Love of the French Reminiscent of classic French style, essie’s Spring Polish Collection embraces the carefree spirit of romantic pastels. Classically feminine colors were all the rage on spring fashion runways where variations of denim blue made a comeback, paired with manicures in muted, neutral tones of yellow, beige and pink.

151740 French Affair

“This spring nature’s truest, boldest

Nine West Spring 2011 Collection

light and fruity pops of color to make us feel happy.”

“I think every woman has a little Brigitte Bardot

Shel Pink, SpaRitual Founder

in her, and this palette coaxes her out! The color trend for spring 2011 has a new spin on neutrals. Although there’s still a love affair with

ce Fa iny 64 st 01 De 68 of

Anna Sui Spring 2011 Collection


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_40-41 Polish Fashion.indd 1

color, the new trend on neutrals is opaque, with

680288 680043 Enlightened Knowledge is Power Soul

680289 Reveal Yourself

680396 Circle of Life

680395 Eye of the Beholder

amazing coverage.” Essie Weingarten, Founder and Creative Director, essie

151743 Nice is Nice

151742 Coat Azure

151745 Sand Tropez

151744 Topless & Barefoot

151741 Kisses & Bises

January/February 2011

12/14/10 12:01 PM

lection Anna Sui Spring 2011 Col

Deep in the Heart of Texas Hold onto your hats – the colors in OPI’s Texas Collection capture not only our hearts, but the American spirit as well. Twelve bold colors in classic hues are as timeless as the breathtaking backdrop that is the Texas landscape, which inspired this iconic collection. “Texas provided the inspiration for this season, with bright colors and classic neutrals that draw from the American spirit. Taking cues from the state’s naturally beautiful backdrop, the Texas Collection features warm tones from honey and tangerine to dazzling hues of violet and sky blue. The collection complements trends from the runway, where white made an appearance as the new black. Wearing these colors on fingers and toes will accessorize the season’s must-have pieces – from brightly colored botanical prints and filmy scarves to relaxed trousers and jackets and fuller, longer skirts.” Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director

611481 Suzi Loves Cowboys

611480 Don’t Mess with OPI

611482 San Tantonio

611483 Austintatious Turquoise

611484 It’s Totally Fort Worth It

611485 I Vant to Be A-Lone Star

611487 Houston We Have a Purple

611488 Too Hot Pink to Hold ’Em

611489 Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?

611490 Big Hair… Big Nails

611491 Guy Meets Gal-veston

611486 Do You Think I’m Tex-y?

Another great look on the runways for spring was one inspired by the sea. No wide-leg trouser in blue would be complete without a nautically-inspired fitted shirt. And to complement this seafaring trend, China Glaze introduces Anchors Away, a collection that includes six bold, nautically inspired colors and twelve “Sand & Sea” shades reminiscent of your favorite seaside retreat. “What we’re seeing for spring 2011 is a

157446 Hey Sailo r

Ahoy Mate

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection

style that is effortless, carefree and iconic. This was the inspiration behind Anchors Away, a collection that exemplifies the trend with a dynamic palette filled with bright pops of color and feminine classics. Innovation and technology is always a focus for China Glaze and this collection

157445 Life Preserver

157447 Ahoy

157448 First Mate

157449 Starboard

157450 Lighthouse

157451 White Cap

157452 Pelican Gray

157453 Sea Spray

157454 Below Deck

157456 Sunset Sail

is no different. The unique polishes feature highly pigmented crèmes, flashing microparticles and finely milled shimmers.” Sarena Kirby, China Glaze New Collections Brand Manager

order products 800.362.6245

TISmag_JF11_40-41 Polish Fashion.indd 2

157457 Knotty

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150 YEARS Celebrating

of Spa Service

Saline Pool – The Saline Pool earns its name from its warm water treated with Epsom Salts.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs 25000 Glen Ivy Rd. Corona, CA 92883 951.277.3529 Abe Lincoln was running for president in 1860 – the same year Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona, CA opened its doors to the public. Now, 150 years later, the “Temescal Hot Springs” continue to provide healing, soothing and relaxing benefits to guests while Glen Ivy has expanded and improved upon its

Club Mud – This unique exfoliating self-treatment is an absolute must experience for your day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

spa offerings to now include 74 treatment rooms and 19 pools. The Native Americans used the area where Glen Ivy sits as a site for gathering and healing. They strongly believed in the healing benefits of the Hot Springs, and referred to them as Temescal, or “sweat lodge.” Today, the road leading to Glen Ivy is named Temescal, reminding all who visit of the area’s long history and heritage. Executive Spa Director Seraphina Ashe says today Glen Ivy still remains a center for healing and well being, but is also a place to both relax and enjoy some fun in the sun. “You need all of these to be a healthy, wellrounded person,” she says.

Mineral Baths – The heart of Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, this naturally thermal water is a gift from Mother Earth.


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_42-43 Glen Ivy Spa.indd 1

Whether it’s offering memorable upscale spa cuisine that’s fun, healthy and priced just right or entertaining guests with live music at the lounge pool from local musicians,

Glen Ivy staff realize the spa experience is special and unique for each guest, and so work very hard to tailor the experience specifically to the client. “Regardless of the changes and advancements in spa service offerings,” says Ashe, “the spa service belongs to you, and as such, should be customized to your individual needs.” At Glen Ivy, this translates into so much more than just hot springs, mineral baths and plunge pools. Besides the relaxing pool offerings – that range from a shallow Float Pool to a warm, bubbly Epsom Salt bath in the Saline Pool – Glen Ivy promotes wholistic wellness among its guests. The spa recently embarked on a new initiative that includes courses aimed at teaching guests how to create their own reality through their actions.

January/February 2011

12/14/10 12:08 PM

Lounge Pool – With comfortable water temperatures year-round, this shallow pool is a popular place to lay back and relax while sipping a drink from the nearby beverage bar.

With the new year under way, Glen Ivy is offering a number of classes that focus on improving oneself completely – mind, body and spirit. Courses that teach about vision boards, created to set your intentions for the year, will be followed-up with additional courses to help clients stay on target. Other course offerings that promote health and wellness long after your visit to the spa include how to give a reflexology massage at home and Yoga at your desk. “The idea behind this is to provide guests with full mind, body spirit wellness,” Ashe says. “Really it’s taking spa back to its roots. In Ancient Europe they incorporated physical exercise with healing baths, music and libraries full of books on spirituality, healing and improvement.” This approach to health and wellness, coupled with the undeniable benefits the Glen Ivy Hot Springs provide its guests, is what has kept people coming back time after time for 150 years. And while Glen Ivy has stayed true to its fundamental goal, a lot changes in 150 years. In order to continue its legacy of spa service, Glen Ivy continually updates it full line of spa services while maintaining the integrity of an incredibly sought-after spa experience. “As we celebrate our 150th anniversary this year,” Ashe notes, “our aim is not to compete, but rather to continue the Glen

Ivy tradition of offering authentic, fun and healing experiences, as well as a respite for body, mind and spirit.” That tradition includes services such as “Club Mud” – California’s first and only purifying red clay mineral bath, along with traditional offerings in body massage, skin care and natural nail treatments. Glen Ivy proudly offers services that work to improve one’s appreciation of nature, and the aweinspiring natural surroundings that are the reason Glen Ivy exists today. Embracing what Ashe calls “the timeless truths of Spa,” Glen Ivy offers outdoor Yoga and Tai Chi classes in addition to the many opportunities guest have to “take the waters” through the area’s natural mineral springs. “Wholistic wellness experiences can take many forms,” Ashe says. “Choose a spa experience that brings a sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation – one that helps you to feel that you have become more and not less of your authentic self. When you discover what a wholistic spa experience means to you, embrace and celebrate it.” This approach to total mind, body, spirit wellness, will surely keep guests coming to Glen Ivy Hot Springs for another 150 years. s

soft, warm, pliable paraffin... your most comforting service. DID YOU KNOW? Para∞n heat therapy is recognized by the FDA to relieve arthritis pain! Warm paraffin instantly forms a shell as it begins to cool on the skin when a hand or foot is immersed in the warm wax. This shell (or “glove”) seals in the heat generated by an increase in blood flow and causes perspiration. The increase in blood flow helps to promote new tissue generation, while the perspiration trapped under the glove effectively moisturizes the skin from the inside out!

Available at:

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • order products 800.362.6245

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T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available THE INDUSTRY SOURCE • 800.362.6 Available at: at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE WRITTEN BY ANGELA ANDRIOLA 800.362.6245 Available at:

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 5 Ways to Be World-Class Most everyone aims to provide world-class



but sometimes we may miss the mark. Here are some tried and true principles for success – ways to always provide top-notch customer service your clients will appreciate.

1. Respond quickly. Return your clients’ phone calls, voicemails or e-mails within two hours. You’ll inspire confidence as you demonstrate initiative and concern for the clients’ needs and let them know that their business is a priority.

2. Follow up.

increase LENGTH add VOLUME


Answer questions or concerns promptly. If you don’t have an immediate answer, research the question and contact the client promptly with the answer. Show them that their needs are important and that you are willing to take the time to provide accurate, trustworthy information and service.

3. Details matter. Assist your clients with every detail of the service you provide. The added value you offer when you free your client from worry is something you can’t put a price tag on. Your clients shouldn’t have to worry about arrangements and logistics after they’ve made an appointment. Allow them to focus on the service they are being given, and nothing else.

EyeLash Extend® Extensions

4. Expect the best but prepare for the worst. Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •

• RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •



Prepare for adversity and your clients can 800.362.6245 • relax and know that even if something goes wrong, it will be handled professionally.

5. Anticipate needs. Before an event or appointment, make sure to set expectations. Afterwards, check to ensure that everything is billed correctly. Check with clients to make sure they are happy and/or satisfied with the service provided. Always try to think ahead for the next client or service so that there will be no unpleasant surprises. With a focus on clients’ needs, prompt, reliable and always courteous service and attention to detail, you’ll serve your clients well, develop a solid reputation — and make yourself indispensable. ▲ WRITTEN BY ANGELA SCHELP ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Angela Schelp is the cofounder of Executive Speakers Bureau, a full-service speakers bureau based in Memphis, TN. For more information, visit or call 901-754-9404.

January/February 2011

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Winter Best Bets

Soft & Warm Winter makeup fashions lean towards soft and neutral, with a focus on thick, well-defined brows. When leading with a strong brow line, keep the rest of the look more subtle with earth-tone shading. Golden hues that never go out of style offer luminosity and add the perfect finishing touch.




Contour with a brow pencil, then fill in with Brush-A-Brow to add color and definition.

Enhance well-defined brows with softer, more neutral shadow colors. To improve the look further, add liquid eye liner in any shade of brown.

Complete the look with lip color in muted pink or warm mauve tones.

313806 Brush-A-Brow in Dark Brown

313374 Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown

313381 Lipslick in Ginger

313198 Nude

313194 Honey Glow

313192 Gold Bronze




T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

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How to Get to the Top of

Search engine

reSultS It is the goal of every website to be on the top of the

search engine page results (SERPs). The driving force behind this goal is the fact that search engines are the #1 provider of website traffic – not just traffic, but targeted site traffic. The websites that are currently on the top of SERPs are those with higher ranks and quality content.

Why do these websites rank high on the search engines? They are on the position they are in right now because they have utilized web marketing strategies aside from their original content. If you want to have the same fate as these sites, then don’t you think it’s time to start working on web marketing strategies too? After working on changes to your site, you must first wait until the changes have been indexed by the search engines. Not until that time will you be able to evaluate whether the change you have made creates positive or negative results. How can you make sure that your web marketing efforts will not be put in vain? What guarantee can you give your site that your strategies will have a constructive result? Here are the steps you need to take that are guaranteed to increase your site’s rank:

Quit tricking the search engines Search engines can identify whether you are playing tricks on them. Be legitimate in the strategies you are using. Search engines are most likely to penalize your site for tricking them.


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_46 Search Engines.indd 1

What do you need to avoid? There are a number of tricks to avoid including keyword stuffing, hidden text, search engine cloaking, duplicate sites and link farms.

Page title optimization What is a page title? It is the heading of the page that usually appears at the top of the browser’s window. The page title should be relevant to the page itself. Each of the pages of a website must have a unique page title. Unique page titles will increase the chance for each of the pages to be indexed properly. There are cases where the search engines refrain from indexing the pages of a particular site thinking that the pages are just the same because they have the same page title. This is the reason why you should provide each page a unique page title.

Meta tags optimization What are meta tags? Meta tags are the data you place in the html header of a web page. The meta tags provide information to the search engines. The information it provides is visible to the search engines but invisible to online users. To rank well on the search engines, optimize the meta tags specifically to

the keyword and description tags. As much as you need unique page titles, you also need unique meta tags for your site’s pages.

Search engine friendly internal links It is important that you establish internal links that are search engine friendly. In doing so, remember that the search engines can read html links easily compared to any other type of files. To allow better indexing of all the pages of your site, include a site map page. This will help the search engine spiders to crawl every page of the website. How long have you been asking for steps that guarantee higher ranks and better listing on the search engine result pages? Well, here they are. Follow these steps and see your site jump from one rank to the next until it reaches the top position! s WRITTEN BY MONICA LORICA ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Monica Lorica works for nPresence, an online web marketing agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, Content Management Systems, Web Design, Conversion Tracking and Analysis. For more information, visit

January/February 2011

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Onymyrrhe_TNG_111309:The Tetra Corp - Onynyrrhe - TNG Ad 11/13/09 12:16 PM Page 1




The All Natural Nail Growth Accelerator Applied Daily, Onymyrrhe® Guarantees Longer, Stronger, Thicker, More Split Resistant Nails Start Growing More Beautiful Nails Today • Call for Details Onymyrrhe, Inc. Phone: 866-669-6977 • Fax: 866-576-6998

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What Your Customers

REALLY WANT (Hint: It’s Not Just Price!)

Does your business have what it takes to consistently win in today’s market? How about keeping your customers loyal? If you think the price of your products or services is the reason you are attracting or not attracting and maintaining customers, think again. Today’s customers are savvy and want much more from their relationship with your company than just a low cost. Customers are looking for relationships that deliver unique value. Yes, they want your products to solve their problems but they also seek a level of satisfaction that goes beyond the intrinsic value of what they paid for. By learning to tap into this deeper level of emotional satisfaction, your business with current customers will increase and you will uncover a steady stream of new customers.

Are Your Customers Loyal? You may have asked your customers if they were satisfied with their purchase from your company. But the true measure is whether your customers are actually coming back. In an average customer poll you may find that eight or nine out of 10 customers were satisfied. That sounds great. But studies show that only four or five purchase from you again. Why? Because rational satisfaction (they were not displeased, the product worked, etc.) is only part of the equation. Customers who purchase again are emotionally satisfied. Moreover, emotionally satisfied customers will also recommend your product or service to others. The bottom line on measuring loyalty: How many of your customers intend to purchase again, and how many of your customers would endorse your company to others?

Creating Exceptional Value Exceptional value is created when your customer perceives your product or service to be worth more to them than the price they pay. There are two components in any strategy for creating exceptional value with the customer. The first is how well you are communicating the unique value of your



TISmag_JF11_48-49 What Customers Want.indd 1

January/February 2011

12/14/10 12:35 PM

It’s the second strategic component – building deeper, trust-based relationships – that is the key to emotionally satisfied customers. This happens when your employees show your organization understands a customer’s needs, delivers more than is expected, and helps them achieve their goals. Exceptional value stems from exceptional employees. Your people are the “secret sauce” in your organization’s ability to deliver on its value promise. You have to hire and retain the right people to make it work. These employees are those who do not need management mandates to engage customers and adhere to company values. These employees are your customers’ problem solvers. They provide the discretionary effort and intellectual capital that can take your customers from satisfied to loyal. And, studies have shown that an increase of only 5 percent in customer loyalty can add anywhere from 25 to more than 100 percent to your bottom line!

Tapping the Emotional Fountain Developing emotionally satisfied customers who enjoy extrinsic value (beyond functional benefits) might seem like a pie-in-the-sky ideal but there are many real-world examples. Think about a Rolex watch and what you feel when you see one worn. Any watch can give you the time. But they aren’t a Rolex. What captivates us about a Rolex isn’t its function; it’s the prestige. A Rolex suggests more than your need to tell time. It says that you appreciate the finer things. It shows that you have earned enough success to purchase one. It means you are knowledgeable about the value of the craftsmanship and precision it represents. That is the connection you should seek to develop with your customers. You want to deliver more value than the functional

benefits inherent in your product or service. You want your customers to experience the extrinsic value you bring to the relationship by being emotionally engaged throughout the buying process.

It Pays to Be Ethical A recent “USA Today” poll revealed that 72 percent of people will pay more to use the services and products of a company they perceive to be ethical. An easy example of this for consumer products is the higher prices that consumers pay at eco-friendly stores like WholeFoods. For service-based businesses, think of the movement of customers away from the megabanks who charged hidden fees and left customers navigating though a labyrinth of automated phone systems to credit unions and community banks where a real person answers the phone with a sincere interest in your situation. These are examples of how the perception of ethical business practices can make a difference. It reflects the impact of emotionally satisfied customers. People feel better about themselves when they believe they are dealing with an organization that cares about doing the right thing. By optimizing the behaviors that create value, you can successfully tap the emotional bonds within your customer relationships. The investment your company makes in aligning your people, processes and products with what loyal customers want and need, will enrich your core business and provide new opportunities to increase market share. If you stay engaged and stay ethical, you will transform your business. ▲ WRITTEN BY WALT ZEGLINSKI ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Walt Zeglinski is the former CEO of Integrity Solutions and current Managing Partner for Vital Factors, Inc. VFI is a training and consulting organization that helps its clients to accelerate strategic execution. Walt has almost 30 years of experience in applying his expertise to successfully diagnose, plan and implement practical solutions for building customer-centric organizations. Contact Walt at or 480-255-1120.


products and services as compared to alternative solutions in the marketplace. This is important and can result in a high level of rational satisfaction. However it takes emotional satisfaction to develop a loyal customer.

32 oz. Cream Developer

Item No. 430303- 10V

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Writing inspiration Into Your Mission Statement Mission statements only pertain to big corporations, right? Wrong! A well-written mission statement provides inspiration and direction, and that’s something every company needs. Writing mission statements is essential, yet slightly tricky. Unfortunately, most company statements are anything but inspiring or meaningful and often lose sight of the fact that a goal should have significance for the individual or people who pursue it. Ideally, the act of articulating the business mission statement should help it to spring to life, yet more often than not, inspiration dies during the writing process. James Collins and Jerry Porras in their 1994 book “Built to Last,” use the term “BHAG,” or “big hairy audacious goal” to underscore why it’s best to create a compelling mission statement that “serves as a unifying focal point of effort, often creating immense team spirit.” They cite the example of Microsoft’s famous credo: A computer on every desk and in every home, all running Microsoft software. The idea of pursuing a goal with “meaning” is the essence of what a mission statement should aspire to communicate. Writing company goals is an intricate task and employees prefer concrete goals that are stated simply and clearly. There should be a compelling outcome and a definite finish line so the organization can tell when the mission is accomplished. Dan Heath, author of “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die” and a feature writer for Fast Company magazine, has little sympathy for the pointless jargon produced by one-toomany boardroom meetings. The way he


the industry source

sees it, less is more, and making it “stick” (or have meaning) requires focusing on two practical ideas that he explains in his video “Mission Statements Need Not Suck.” (Visit • Use concrete language that people can “get behind,” not PC descriptions that have no meaning. • Talk about the “Why.” What’s the mission and what makes you care about it? People want to know why it matters to you. In her article, “How to Write a Mission Statement that Isn’t Dumb,” Nancy Lublin concludes with this challenge: “Write a mission statement with a goal that’s an action, not a sentiment; that is quantifiable, not nebulous. If you’re trying to sell a product, how and how many? If you’re trying to change lives, how and whose? Take your wonky mission statement and rip it to shreds. Then ponder your ambitions and write and rewrite the thing until it reflects — in real, printable words and figures — the difference that you want to make.” How will you make a difference with your business? If you can answer that question, you might just find the mission in your mission statement. s WRITTEN BY BETSY SHULMAN ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Betsy Shulman is an Internet marketer and online business coach who knows that a good guide makes tackling the Internet jungle a whole lot easier. Visit to get her free marketing e-course.

January/February 2011

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12/14/10 12:42 PM

what does your client


Amber’s Depilatory Waxes have set the standard for excellence in the industry for over 30 years. Using only the highest quality natural resins and rosins, each of Amber’s waxes allows you to effectively provide your client a treatment that leaves them free of hair, redness and irritation - everything they desire. Select from your choice of soft or hard waxes: • • • • •

Classic Wax spreads thin and easily, excellent for large body areas Turquoise Chamomile leaves no irritation even on fragile skin Rose Wax provides a flawless all-purpose depilation service Cream Wax removes short stubborn hair with little residue Austrian Green Hard Wax works without a pellon strip on smaller areas

Call 1-800-821-9188 to speak to an Amber Spa Solutions Specialist or visit our website at

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Business Planning for Starting Your Own Business So you’ve decided to start your own business — congratulations! It’s a huge leap from letting someone else take care of taxes, accounting, payroll, inventory and a myriad of other activities necessary to run a business. However, running your own business has its advantages, too. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and days to work, and are responsible for your own success. It can be a great way to free yourself from the tedium of 9-5 and work at doing what you love, but you have to begin by asking a few questions: Are you doing what you love, or just doing something you’re good at? A desire to get away from the regular working world can be a good motivation to work for yourself, but you have to be excited to get up in the morning to do what it is you have chosen to do for a living. What is it you are planning to do? What niche is it going to fill? Is there a need for what you can provide? Will the market bear another entry? What technical skills or talents do you have? Just being able to do something may not be marketable enough to convince customers or financiers that you are a good financial investment. Who are your competitors in your chosen profession and how are you going to do it better? Why should customers come to you? What do you have to offer that no one else does? Once you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, it is time for the decision of what kind of business structure you will use.


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_52 Business Plan.indd 1

Will you be a sole proprietor, responsible for every facet and the penultimate authority as to how to run the business? Will you enter in with a partner, the better to share the cost and workload, but also the profits and the business decisions? Perhaps the decision will be made to incorporate, with its financial safeguards but more complex and costly structure?

formal statement of the new company’s goals, financing, structure and legal considerations. It acts as a “resume” to prospective investors and is the primary documentation they will use to evaluate whether or not your business will be worth investing into. It also provides the proprietor(s) with a chance to see the workings of the new business in black and white.

At this stage, legal advice is recommended, if only so that you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen structuring plan. Many lawyers will provide a free or reduced-rate primary consultation, though often not more than an hour. When the structure is finalized, a name for the business should be decided upon, if not already having been done so in advance. It should be easy to remember, avoid initials and single letters (B & L & R, Inc. will be difficult to remember for customers) and try to say something about the business (Bob’s House of Hobbies is easier to remember and spell).

A basic business plan should at the least contain a balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow, as well as a proposed financial budget for the first year, or as long a period as necessary if a year is impractical.

Next, a business plan is a vital step in laying out all these topics and proposals in a standardized format. A good business plan serves as a

So with these quick tips, plan for success, and good luck in your chosen endeavor! s WRITTEN BY WILLIAM KING ABOUT THE AUTHOR: William King is the director of UK Wholesale Suppliers, Wholesale Suppliers, Dropshipping Directory and Pakistan Property Portal. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.

January/February 2011

12/14/10 2:16 PM

Does Your Hair Removal Kill Germs?

But that’s only the beginning. After a Nufree treatment, finipil® is applied — our scientifically formulated and patented, antibacterial, antimicrobial lotion — that protects the empty hair follicle. When used daily finipil slows down hair re-growth and has also been proven to shrink pore size and prevent ingrown hairs.

equibal inc. / the body perfect 800.247.2405

Amazing patented finipil® can also be used anytime - anywhere an antibacterial product is needed.


©2010 Equibal Inc. All rights reserved

When it comes to removing unwanted hair, nothing is more effective and safer than Nufree®... approved for use on over 98% of the body. Nufree is the only antimicrobial, anhydrous, non-wax hair removal system in the world. Because it’s not a wax, Nufree never sticks to the skin; so your clients won’t experience the pain, redness or swelling of typical wax treatments... only silky, smooth skin. Nufree uproots the entire bulb and hair shaft and doesn’t break the hair off, the way depilatories and waxes do.

The Only Clinically Approved

“NON-WAX” Hair Removal Normal Hair & Hair shaft

Pro Servicenter

Mini Servicenter

Hair after waxing Follicle after Nufree or shaving (notice the entire (notice the hair removed) broken hair)

waxing stretches & breaks the hair

MORE FACTS AT T H E B O DYP E R F E C T. C O M • T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • GET 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •

Available at:

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Planning StrategieS to Create Your Best Year Yet Each year I write a detailed Goal Plan and post it next to my desk. Having clear intentions and specific goals keeps me focused. It doesn’t really matter when you create your plan, as long as you get it done. When you take a goal out of your head and commit it to paper, something magical happens. Not only does it solidify your commitment to achieving the goal, but it is the first step in moving closer to the target. To get started, write a bulleted list of goals you plan to achieve in the coming year. Following are some items to include in your Goal Plan as you embark on creating your best year yet.

Overall Revenue I don’t know of any business owner who wants to earn less money year over year. The point of a revenue goal is to reach for greatness—to pick a number that seems slightly unrealistic as incentive to find ways to reach that number.

Detailed Revenue Streams Most businesses have multiple revenue streams based on products, services, internet income and other factors. Consider setting goals for each of your revenue streams. Detailing specific revenue goals can be a fantastic way to prioritize where your attention should be spent in the coming year.

New Products & Services As you detail your revenue streams, factor in new products or services you plan to launch. Companies don’t grow by staying idle. They


the industry source

TISmag_JF11_54 Strategies for Best Year Yet.indd 1

ll Overa ue Reven


Detailed Revenue Streams

Best Year

New ts c Produvices & Ser


Family & Personal Time




innovate and launch bigger, better products and services that lead to business growth.

Time Management Most entrepreneurs struggle with time management. Identify ways that you can get a better grasp on time by cutting back on commitments that no longer make sense, minimizing the amount of time you spend on e-mail or delegating more of your workload to an employee or virtual assistant.

Strategic Business Goals This is the category for everything else businessrelated that you want to achieve. Maybe that includes hiring more help, forming new strategic alliances, launching a new blog, getting major media exposure, or stepping up your internet marketing activities.

Family & Personal Time Achieving success in business won’t matter if your personal life is failing—and at the end of the day you can’t hug your business! Commit to spending more time with your family whether that means being home for dinner six nights per week, carving out one-on-one time with your spouse or kids, or refusing to work weekends. This commitment pays huge dividends.

Health Commitments You’ve heard it before—without your health, you risk losing everything that matters. Decide what a healthy lifestyle means for you, whether it is visiting the gym four mornings per week, taking walks mid-day, dropping a bad habit,



Strat Busin egic e Goals ss

getting your insomnia under control or cutting out sugar. When you commit to taking care of yourself, everything else in your life will benefit.

Charitable Giving One of the most rewarding ways to enjoy success is by giving back to others. Pick a favorite cause or two and donate your time or money. You might even decide to sponsor fundraising events or include your children in related activities. Charitable giving comes back to you in some unexpected and powerful ways and deserves to be part of your vision.

Review, Achieve, Repeat Once your Goal Plan is complete, post it next to your desk or somewhere that you can review it regularly. Be sure to track your progress. Make a habit of recreating your list each year and keep your previous lists in a folder where you can review them. You will inevitably see the progress you have made in all aspects of your life and over time, this exercise will become one you look forward to each year. s WRITTEN BY STEPHANIE CHANDLER ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephanie Chandler is the author of several business and marketing books including “LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business” and “From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products.” She is also founder and CEO of, which provides custom book publishing and internet marketing services. For entrepreneurial resources visit

January/February 2011

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tngM_ND09_23 Tweezwerman AD: NB 06 colors 10/19/09 12:43 PM Page 1

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

TISmag_JF11_55 Tweezerman FP Ad.indd 1

12/13/10 12:47 PM


How to

ConneCt With Your Customers and Turn Them into Raving Fans

We live in an age of brands – brands that are aimed at very specific customers. In business we hear a lot about: • • • • • •

Customer-focused solutions Customer-centric thinking A company with the customer at heart Customer friendly processes The voice of the customer Customer advocacy

So it would appear that the customer, whoever they are, is at the heart of an organization’s thinking. How often, though, have you found that to be the case when you have been the customer? How many of the businesses that you deal with on a regular basis make you feel as if you are the most important person in the world?

So whatever your product or service is, your message must be directed to your ideal customer because person-to-person selling is way more effective than anything else. And if your range of customer is quite wide, then pick an average person from the group or pick two or three different customers.

When I talk about businesses, I am thinking of restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, fitness clubs, opticians, retailers of every kind; clothes shops, stationers, chemists ...the list is endless. I also mean those companies that you deal with in your business life: suppliers, clients, professional services, etc.

Take a pad and pen, find yourself a quiet spot and write down the answers to the following questions:

The sad fact of the matter is that very few places that we do business with make us feel special. And this provides you and I with a great opportunity – an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and really make our mark.

The Starting Place The starting place has to be identifying who your ideal customer is. One of the guaranteed keys to your success will be your accurate identification of this person and your ability to craft your messages to them in such a way that they recognize instantly that you know who they are and that you are talking directly to them.


And, yes, I did say person and I mean person. This is about creating real interaction with real people. It is not about flinging out generalized marketing messages to the entire population hoping that you hit a nerve somewhere. And the fact is that much marketing material is delivered like that. How much of a waste of money do you think that is?

the industry source

TISmag_JF11_56 Connect to Customers.indd 1

Who’s Who

• Who is your customer? Pretend they are sitting in front of you across your desk or kitchen table. See them in front of you and talk to them as if they were there. • What is their age, sex, income, marital status? • Do they have children; how many; what kind of schooling? • What do they do for a living? • What are their likes and dislikes? • What are their hot points that cause them pain and frustration? • What is the No. 1 problem they want solved? • What is their biggest surface desire? • What is their end goal?


? ? You can do all sorts of things to make this person even more real for you. Give them a name. Think about what they are wearing, what they look like. Do whatever it takes to make them come alive. By answering these questions you can start to envision the customer those answers bring to mind. This will help you focus on the specific needs and wants of your customers. Now, when making business decisions, keep the customer you created through these questions in your mind. You’ll start to see it becomes easier to make decisions based on what your customer(s) want, and therefore you create satisfied, returning clients. s WRITTEN BY TIM FEARON ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tim Fearon has spent 30 years building his success through acting, speaking, coaching and selling. Find out where the hidden money is in your business with his free “Where’s Your Hidden Money” questionnaire at

January/February 2011

12/14/10 2:19 PM

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

TISmag_JF11_57 Seche FP Ad.indd 1

12/13/10 12:49 PM






3 MINUTES ON, 5 MINUTES OFF. NO SMUDGES, NO CHIPS. 2 WEEKS GUARANTEED The Pretty Tough Manicure is the most cost effective soak off system designed to help you start increasing your service income with Eco Soak Off UV Nail Color! STARTER KIT: Contains 1/8oz. Soak Off UV Nail Color in Pink, White, and Clear with BONUS 1/8oz. Pink Coral, 2oz. Soak Off Solution and 2oz. Finishing Wipe.



Sku 662821

800.762.6245 661.257.7827 • T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •

Available at:

TISmag_JF11_58 Master Tech Soak Off FP Ad.indd 1

12/13/10 12:52 PM







I’LL NEVER APPROVE A FORMULA THAT ISN’T UP TO MY HIGH STANDARDS. UV gel polish in a bottle separates, contains solvents to

President and Founder of Eco Nail Systems

Creator of Eco Soak Off UV Nail Color

thin out the gel and is unstable (evaporation). Is it a matter of convenience? Or quality? I choose quality and that is why Eco is in our pots. YOU, the professional, must apply it. It drives customers to your door rather than giving business to competition retail stores.

Two years ago, I knew Soak Off UV Gel would be the biggest industry change in 30 years. I also knew that gel was never meant to be in a polish bottle. As a manufacturer who sells the most regular UV gels in 130+ countries, I knew there was no way of keeping gels from separating and thickening in a bottle.

After testing over 30 different Soak Off UV Gels, I can say with confidence that ECO is the most stable Soak Off product available. We price it competitively and offer educational DVDs and support so you can make money – which ultimately is what you need.

Soak Off UV Gels are a professional product requiring a professional pot and brush. This will drive customers into your salon and make you money.




Easy to mix with visible results.


Impossible to see settling of pigments. Too thick to shake.

Contains only pure gel pigments. No solvents or evaporating.


Contains solvents that evaporate, causing instability of product.

Soaks off in 5 minutes. Clean without scraping or damaging nail plate.


Takes 10-15 min. to soften UV polish plus 10 min. to scrape the product off, risking damage to the nail plate.

Only $4.95 an 1/8oz. pot and you can use every last drop of product!


Average $16.95 per bottle. Brush can not reach every last bit of polish.


SAMPLE See Below

VS Separate professional gel brush allows for greater application control and quality.

ANY BRAND IN A BOTTLE Inferior brush-in-bottle design limits application control and quality.

GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE and learn more at WE’LL PROVE IT! or call 800.762.6245 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •

Available at:

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •

TISmag_JF11_59 Star Nail eco FP AD FP Ad.indd 1

12/13/10 12:56 PM


Ask the Industry Salon and Spa owners and managers have the answers to help you become more profitable and successful.


“Solution will continue to poise ourselves as the best hair color in Houston and make sure that we are providing friendly, stellar service. Using Davines products ensures us the quality we are looking for – giving our clients something they won’t get down the street. Our monthly promotions and giveaways, such as $130 gift cards for $100 with a chance to win ipads, itouch and ipod nanos also puts us ahead of the rest in Houston. And the afternoon fresh baked chocolate chip cookies don’t hurt.”


Mark Horn, Solution for Hair, Texas

“I believe continuing education is key to building and retaining clients. Education builds confidence in yourself and your clientele, as well as offering the best quality products in order to guarantee your work. Great customer service is always essential in keeping one step ahead.” Jacinda Burdziak, Vanity Salon, Michigan

What will you do to stay one step ahead of the competition in 2011?

“At Brown and DeLine we reflect and project. Service providers view themselves as the competition. At year end, I meet with individuals to discuss their service and retail sales and retention rates. We then strategize and set goals for the next year. Solid systems combined with focus keep us one step ahead!” Cathy Brown, Brown & Deline, Michigan

“In 2011, we will focus on finetuning our strengths, i.e. the key traits of a Mayflower Spa experience that has helped us establish a loyal and passionate following. This, for us, means paying increased attention to every detail of a guest’s stay, from the quality of the products and linens used to the presentation of every aspect of their treatment and delivering a highly personalized experience, as well as making a genuine connection on a very personal level with each and every guest. This, more than anything else, is what will continue to propel us forward in the coming year and keep our business prospering.” Helen Brown, Mayflower Inn and Spa, Connecticut

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • • • Y SOURCE • 800.362.6245 Do you have a question you’d like answered by an industry expert? • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 Available at:

Y SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •



TISmag_JF11_60 Ask the Industry.indd 1

Send an e-mail to

January/February 2011

12/14/10 2:21 PM


TheAcademy is now in Texas! TheAcademy is proud to announce the addition of our Texas campus. Courses are now being offered for hair and nails, with more education opportunities to come throughout 2011. TheAcademy Texas courses are held at The Industry Source store locations. For more information about any of the courses listed here, please contact directly the location noted.

nAIl sculpted success

dallas (d)

Houston (H)

14902 Preston Rd., Suite 810 Dallas, TX 75254 972.392.7575

6116 Skyline Drive #100 Houston, TX 77057 713.974.7326

HAIR Keratin Treatments

HosTed by oPI

HosTed by Rejuvenol

You will learn advanced application, speed sculpting, easy nail makeovers and fast filing & finishing during this hands-on workshop. 2/21 8:30am–12pm H $49 952068 3/21 8:30am–12pm d $49 952076

Learn about Rejuvenol’s non-chemical smoothing system that eliminates up to 95% of frizz. 1/17 9am–1pm H $49 952059 1/31 9am–1pm d $49 951221 2/7 9am–1pm H $49 952066 2/21 9am–1pm d $49 951224 3/7 9am–1pm H $49 952073 3/7 9am–1pm d $49 952075

Generation Gel HosTed by oPI

Discover the benefits of OPI’s Axxium System. Learn natural looking overlays, pink and white sculpts, flawless “French” free edges, nail makeovers and fast filing & finishing. 2/21 1–4:30pm H $49 952069 3/21 1–4:30pm d $49 952077

shellac Attack HosTed by Cnd

Experience the ease and unbeatable results of patent-pending UV3 Technology. Shellac goes on like polish, wears like gel and comes off in minutes. 3/14 9am–12pm H $29 951125 3/14 1pm–4pm H $29 951126

Color Project

Gain product knowledge and see live demonstrations using the new Brocato Demi Color, along with permanent color and bleaching. 3/7 10am–5pm H $49 952074

Learn in-depth product knowledge of Kemon brands including Coloro, Yo.Coloring, Cramer, Lunex, Liding Life and Villa Lodola with color demonstration. There is no fee for this course. 3/14 9am–12pm d 951127 3/14 1–4pm d 951128 3/28 9am–12pm H 951129 3/28 1–4pm H 951130

Available to salon professionals currently using and recommending the entire Eufora product line. Elite Team members will be regularly educated on new product launches and promotions. There is no fee for these courses.

elite Team Certification 1/17 2/28

11:45am–5pm 11:30am–5pm

1/17 2/28

9–11:15am 9–11:30am

952062 952072

d H

956061 952071

sCHedule AT A GlAnCe

CurlInterrupted smoothing system

1/10 ........... Rejuvenol Keratin Treatments 1/17 ........... Eufora Elite Team Update 1/17 ............ Eufora Elite Team New Member Certification

Learn how CurlInterupted tames and transforms frizzy, unruly hair into soft, sleek, smooth tresses. Includes a free gift! 2/7 10am–2pm H $49 951222 3/28 10am–2pm d $49 952079


HosTed by bRoCATo

This is a 2-day course split into a theory session and hands-on workshop. Color demonstrations and practical workshop take an in-depth look at Mask Color, Mask Light and L’Art Decolor. 2/27-28 9am–5pm d $109 951223 3/20-21 9am–5pm H $109 952078

2/6-7 .......... Davines Color Code 2/7 ............. Rejuvenol Keratin Treatments 2/7 ............. Brocato CurlInterupted Smoothing System 2/21 ........... Rejuvenol Keratin Treatments 2/21 ........... OPI Sculpted Success 2/21 ........... OPI Generation Gel 2/28 ........... Eufora Elite Team Update 2/28 ............ Eufora Elite Team New Member Certification

MARCH 3/7 ............. Rejuvenol Keratin Treatments 3/7 ............. Brocato Color Project 3/14 ........... CND Shellac Attack 3/14 ........... Explore Kemon 3/21 ........... OPI Sculpted Success 3/21 ........... OPI Generation Gel 3/20-21 ...... Davines Color Code 3/28 ........... Brocato CurlInterupted Smoothing System 3/28 ........... Explore Kemon

Order products 800.362.6245

tngM_JF11_61 Academy in Texas.indd 1

d H


HosTed by dAvInes

HosTed by KeMon

HosTed by euFoRA

elite Team update

HosTed by bRoCATo

Color Code

explore Kemon

elite Team update & Certification

the industry source


12/14/10 2:23 PM


business building Hosted by Angie HoFelicH

Art of Airbrush Makeup

brow and lash camp

This class is designed for business owners and managers. Learn from experienced salon owner, consultant and business woman Angie Hofelich. You will review successful business strategies with marketing and retail tips.

Learn the basics of airbrushing foundation, to create a flawless canvas for traditional makeup. In this handson class, you will practice applying airbrush makeup and how to color-match skin using this technique.

A brow and lash expert will teach the fundamentals of designing the perfect brow shape for various face shapes as well as how to create beautiful lashes. The lash portion of the day includes instruction on mascara techniques and the proper ways to apply strip and individual lashes.

Bring: Pen and paper 2/7





Hosted by be PRo

bRing: Makeup brushes, paper and pen includes: Free gift, lunch and certificate 2/7





estHetics And MAKeuP

All About skin

We are proud to welcome catherine Kromer to our roster of beauty industry educators. She will be teaching Esthetics courses at TheAcademy throughout 2011. She is an Esthetician, Makeup Artist and Pedicurist at Salon Lux in Shelby Township, MI.

This course will focus on advanced treatments to suit the needs of every client. Learn sun protection types, Lancer Ethnicity scale and condition-specific treatments for photo damaged skin, acne, Rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

Hosted by be PRo

We’ll use a neutral palette and be PRO brushes to create a face that’s natural and enhances the client’s best features. You will learn the basic techniques to achieve the look most clients request: the “Looks like I’m not wearing makeup, makeup!” bRing: Makeup brushes, makeup, paper and pen includes: Free gift, lunch and certificate 1/10





experiment with color Let’s break out of the neutral box and play with color! We will discuss color theory and ways to make faces “pop” by learning what colors work with different skin tones. Be ready to experiment in this hands-on class. bRing: Makeup brushes, makeup, pen and paper includes: Free gift, lunch and certificate 10am–4pm




Facials 101

If you’re looking to start or enhance your facial business, this is the class for you. We will learn about equipment, supplies, products, retailing, merchandising and display. This is a hands-on class so be prepared to get pampered! bRing: Pen and paper includes: Free gift, certificate and lunch. 1/24 3/21

10am–4pm 10am–4pm


the industry source

tngM_JF11_62-64 Academy Schedule2.indd 1

$99 $99

951315 951352



Hosted by be PRo

Take your basic makeup skills to the next level in this all-day hands-on class. Learn the proper usage for each brush, highlighting and contouring tricks and time saving tips for all your clients. bRing: Makeup brushes, eye makeup remover if desired, paper and pen includes: Free makeup gift ($25 value), lunch and certificate 10am–4pm




eyebrow threading

Hosted by iconistRy beAuty Learn the technique that allows you to take out a line of hair at a time and create defined eyebrows. Students learn how to create the eyebrow step-bystep and how to use the facial threading tool correctly. bRing: Hair growth of 10–14 days on legs (you will self practice) includes: Threading kit, lunch and certificate 10am–4pm




beautiful eyes Hosted by ARdell

Gain in-depth knowledge and step-by-step guides on how to provide lush full lashes. You will learn techniques for temporary strip lashes to individual lashes that can last weeks. bRing: Paper and pen includes: Certificate 2/28








“bliss”-ful body treatments Hosted by tng

Learn how these wonderful treatments (along with the Vichy Shower) will have your clients feeling refreshed and invigorated. These polish/ scrub treatments can be used in a wet or dry room. bRing: Swim suit, flip flops, pen and paper includes: Working product, lunch and certificate 3/7





glamour looks Hosted by be PRo

Come and play with the glamorous looks found on this season’s runways and on the hottest celebrities. We will recreate the looks you’ve always wanted to try as well as glamorous looks from the past. bRing: Makeup brushes, makeup remover, tear outs from magazines, pen & paper includes: Free gift, lunch and certificate 3/21


Hosted by tng


beginner Makeup bootcamp


Hosted by be PRo


bRing: Pen and paper includes: Working product, lunch and certificate 10am–4pm

bRing: Makeup brushes, paper and pen includes: Lashes, free makeup gift ($25 value) and certificate 3/7

Hosted by tng


no Makeup, Makeup


Hosted by be PRo





nAil shellac Attack Hosted by cnd

See and try the newest incredible nail color innovation by CND. Experience the ease and unbeatable results of patent pending UV3 Technology! Goes on like polish, wears like gel and comes off in minutes. Really! During this hands-on demo you will learn all you need to know about the product and how to WOW your clients. bRing: All manicuring implements, hand towels and one hand free of product includes: Free gift 2/14 3/14 3/14

1-4 pm 9am–12 pm 1-4 pm


$39 $39 $39

951324 951334 951335


January/February 2011

12/14/10 2:33 PM

For a complete course listing, visit to register for classes, call 800.362.6245. dePilAtoRy brazilian Waxing Hosted by gigi

Learn multiple applications and the latest techniques to grow your waxing services menu. Learn how Brazilian waxing is different from waxing other body parts.

clAss locAtions: theAcademy (FH)

23200 Haggerty Road Farmington Hills, MI 48335

HAiR Keratin express brazilian smoothing system

Hosted by sojouRn

Hosted by KeRAtin exPRess

bRing: Hair growth of 10-14 days if willing to be live model, tweezers, paper and pen includes: Certificate 1/31

bRing: Pen and Paper




Facial Waxing Hosted by gigi

This class focuses on application procedures as well as teaching you ways to increase your salon revenue with add-on services. Learn how facial waxing requires a practiced hand and special technique. bRing: Tweezers, hair growth of 10-14 days, pen and paper includes: Working product, lunch and certificate 1/31





Facial/body Waxing

1/10 1/17 2/14 3/7

1-3 pm 1-3 pm 1-3 pm 1-3 pm

look & learn label.m Artistic Team members will present the latest label.m campaign from London’s Fashion Week. You will see four cutting techniques, two color techniques and four presentation models.



beginner Waxing Learn application and pull techniques including the popular Brazilian Bikini Wax. The class will demonstrate leg, facial and bikini waxing. Participants will be paired up to wax and to be waxed. The success of this program relies on this kind of experience. You will also learn about the waxing products, how to conduct a client consultation, how to grow your business and techniques for troubleshooting. bRing: Point tweezers and hair growth of 10–14 days includes: Working product, lunch and certificate 3/14





The class will consist of cutting, blow drying and finishing techniques as well as free-hand and minimal styling. We focus on body posture and finger angles to demonstrate how that affects your work. This course focuses on strong, disciplined techniques with flow and ease. bRing: Pen and paper 2/21





Learn how to map out a plan of executing your cutting shape (like a blue print), bringing focus to bone structure, body shape, lifestyle and hair texture and how each plays a role in the finished look. During this hands-on workshop you will recreate the looks you saw in the morning presentation.

Workshop Work to recreate looks from the morning presentation.






bRing: All cutting tools, cape, blow dryer, rattail comb, brushes, pen & paper includes: Manikins, certificate and lunch 1/24









styling and Finishing look & learn Hosted by lAbel.M

styling & Finishing

Hosted by dePileve

look & learn

bRing: All cutting tools, combs (hard rubber, large tooth, small tooth, & barbering), clips, large bobby pins, blow dryer with attachments, flat iron, curling iron, brushes (including flat and round bristle, spray bottle, pen & paper includes: Manikin, working product, lunch and certificate



This course is split into a look & learn session and a hands-on workshop.


This course is split into a look & learn session and a hands-on workshop.

bRing: Pen and paper


951340 951342 951326 951331

Hosted by lAbel.M

This class focuses on technique and application procedures teaching you ways to increase your salon revenue with add-on services. Learn how facial and body waxing differ in technique to receive desired results.


FRee FRee FRee FRee

cut & color collection

Hosted by cleAn & eAsy

bRing: Tweezers, hair growth of 10-14 days, pen and paper includes: Working product and certificate


1760 44th Street Wyoming, MI 49509

sojourn cutting

Discover the latest technology from the Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing System. Keratin Express offers a fast 20-minute processing time and is easy to use. It helps reduce fizz and enhances shine and lasts up to 6 weeks.

1-4 pm

theAcademy West (W)

Hosted by MoRoccAnoil

This course is split into a look & learn session and a hands-on workshop.

look & learn A revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning hair product, Moroccanoil has an ultra-light, non-greasy formula of Argan oil that produces silky perfection for all hair types. Learn the benefits of Moroccanoil and how to create the perfect blow out.

This is your opportunity to learn more about label.m styling and products. Watch a label.m educator demonstrate looks and styles while learning about product usage. See live models styled and presented on stage. bRing: Pen and paper 2/28





bRing: Pen and paper 2/7

10am–12pm FH



Workshop Feel the results of Moroccanoil when you pair up with fellow classmates to give and receive blow outs. bRing: All styling tools, pen and paper includes: Moroccanoil brush, free gift, working product, lunch and certificate 2/7





Order products 800.362.6245

tngM_JF11_62-64 Academy Schedule2.indd 2

the industry source


12/14/10 2:33 PM


experience nayo

Discover what your clients expect from you: hair color that is of the utmost in gentleness but delivers results. NaYo is the first ammonia-, PPDand fragrance-free hair color that offers complete coverage and lifts 4 levels. The color service becomes an opportunity for clients to obtain beautiful color and, at the same time, gently care for their hair, nourishing it and respecting its structure. Come experience the NaYo difference. bRing: Pen and paper Includes: Certificate 1/10 1/17 2/14 3/7

10am–12pm 10am–12pm 10am–12pm 10am–12pm


$19 $19 $19 $19

951339 951341 951325 951330

color Masters i

Coloro, Yo.Coloring, Performance HD and Cramer each offer unique benefits and value to your clients. Learn proper usage, procedures, systems and formulations for each. You will also be given an understanding of hair coloring including chemistry, ingredients and effects on the hair. Lunex lighting systems will be introduced. Completion of course will help you protect hair color results and inspire you to new levels of competence. Taught by Aaron Michael, Kemon National Technical Coach. bRing: Blow dryer, brushes, rat tail comb, cover up, pen and paper includes: Manikin, lunch and certificate 3/7

Photographers Wanted! tng Fans: Share your class experience on our Facebook fan page! Bring your cameras and snap some pics! Then post your favorites on our wall for all to see.





italian touch edge of style

This course is split into a look & learn session and a hands-on workshop.

look & learn The leader in Italian Hair Fashion invites you to experience our interpretation of the Updo. Members of the KEMON Artistic team will demonstrate how to create looks from Kemon’s Bridal Collection along with fast and fabulous Updos to fit all your clients’ VIP events. bRing: Pen and paper 3/28

10am–12pm FH



Workshop Includes all of the instruction in the look & learn session, plus a hands-on experience. You will leave confident you can offer your clients the Updo pictured in their favorite fashion magazine. Includes: Manikin, lunch and certificate bRing: Brushes, blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, rubber bands, rat tail comb, clips, pen and paper 3/28


the industry source

tngM_JF11_62-64 Academy Schedule2.indd 3





jAnuARy 1/10 ........ be PRO No Makeup, Makeup 1/10 ........ Experience NaYo 1/10 ........ Keratin Express 1/17 ........ Experience NaYo 1/17 ........ Keratin Express 1/24 ........ TNG Facials 101 1/24 ........ be PRO Experiment with Color 1/24 ........ label.m Cut & Color Collection 1/24 ........ Gigi Brazilian Waxing 1/24 ........ Gigi Facial Waxing

FebRuARy 2/7 .......... be PRO Art of Airbrush Makeup 2/7 .......... Business Building 2/7 .......... Morrocanoil Styling & Finishing 2/14 ........ Experience NaYo 2/14 ........ Keratin Express 2/14 ........ CND Shellac Demo 2/21 ........ Sojourn Cutting 2/21 ........ be PRO Beginner Makeup Bootcamp 2/21 ........ Iconistry Beauty Eyebrow Threading 2/28 ........ Clean + Easy Facial & Body Waxing 2/28 ........ Ardell Beautiful Eyes 2/28 ........ label.m Styling & Finishing

MARcH 3/7 .......... Experience NaYo 3/7 .......... Keratin Express 3/7 .......... be PRO Brow & Lash Camp 3/7 .......... Kemon Color Masters I 3/14 ........ CND Shallac Attack 3/14 ........ Depileve Beginner Waxing 3/21 ........ be PRO Glamour Looks 3/28 ........ Kemon Edge of Style

to register for classes call:


Class schedules are subject to change or cancellation any time prior to the scheduled date based on enrollment. Classrooms open 30 minutes prior to course start times.

Purchased classes are not exchangeable and are nonrefundable.

January/February 2011

12/14/10 2:34 PM


To order products call 800.362.6245


The Industry Source

Depilatory Waxes......................................................................51

Exclusive Deals..........................................................................74 Michigan Exclusive Deals ................................................... 76-77 Nailco Gold Deals ...................................................................76 National Deals .................................................................... 66-73 Michigan Store Deals.......................................................... 78-79

American International Industries

Ardell .........................................................................................27 clean+easy ..................................................................................19 Seche .........................................................................................57

Judith August Cosmetic Solutions ...................................................................13

Betty Dain Salon Essentials .........................................................................29

Kemon NaYo ....................................................................................... 2-3

be PRO Winter Best Bets .......................................................................45

Maxim Pedi Redi Plus Seasonal Fragrances ..........................................39

black 15in1 Hair Care Simplified............................................................... BC

Marianna Industries Hair Accessories ........................................................................49

Cina Pro Nail Art Pens.............................................................................75

NSI Polish Pro ..................................................................................33

CND Custom Enhancement Powders & Liquids........................IFC-1 Shellac .................................................................................. 9, 11

Onymyrrhe, Inc.

Cuccio Naturalé


24-Hour Hydration Products ................................................. 4-5

Texas Collection........................................................................35 Katy Perry Collection................................................................21 Serena Glam Slam Collection ................................................IBC

Equibal Nufree .......................................................................................53


Nail Growth Accelerator...........................................................47

Reese Robert Beauty Eyelash Extensions ....................................................................44

Color ...........................................................................................7


Star Nail Eco Nail Systems................................................................. 58-59

Foot Files...................................................................................31


Therabath Paraffin Bath .............................................................................43

Softees Microfiber Towels.........................................................60

Ginger Lily Farms Premium Spa Quality Products ................................................17

Helen of Troy

tng worldwide FRINGE ...................................................................................23

Tweezerman Professional Implements ...........................................................55

Hot Tools Blue Ice Titanium Irons..........................................25

Ultronics Ultracare ....................................................................................65

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success “We are revamping our website as well as our brochures and business cards. The world is constantly changing and so is technology. Even though our recent website is only two-and-a-half years old and is our fourth website since the ‘90s, we MUST invest in new and exciting technology, products and ideas. Our clients and employees will then stay engaged and our company will continue to prosper and grow. Boredom is not an option in our industry!”

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 • • Share your success stories! Tell us what inventive ideasAvailable or promotions helpedRY youSOURCE • Available at: T HEhave INDUST 800.362.6245 at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362 take your business over the top. Send your response to Renee Marie Borowy, President, VIP Salon & Spa, Riverview, Michigan

Available at:

Available at:

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • order products 800.362.6245

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the industry source


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T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

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thebe autyb ook Spr ing

buzz worthy

Hospita lity






Spa Nails Hair

The spring 2011 edition of thebeautybook arrives by mail in January! NEWInside, FOR 2 011! you’ll find everything you need for your salon or spa – from nail and hair care to makeup and spa amenities. Be sure to check out the full line of Ginger Lily 800.36 Farms spa-quality products, including an impressive 2.6245 array of customizable products for your hotel, fitness center, spa and more! Earn sa on pu vings ba sed rchase levels*

SILVER Purcha LEVEL Receivese $500 in $20 sav quarter ings cou GOLD pon Purcha LEVEL EN Receivese $750 in at nailco ROLL NO W $35 sav quarter gold. at any ings cou PLATIN Indust com or Pur UM pon ry Sourc chase LEVEL store e Receive $1000 in locati on BLACK $50 savingsquarter coupon Purcha LEVEL Receivese $1500 $100 savin quarter PLUS ings cou other pon $99 Free great My



ping Order s Wizard ,** Exclusivincluding: *Coup and Free e Discoun receipt.on must be redee Coupo Magaz ts, the indust n must med with ine ✝. any be redee e-mail med order Coupo to Nailco Gold . Sorry, no by callingplaced within n is non-tr 30 800-3 store memb in a calend ansferable. er. Nailco redemption. 62-6245 days of ar year. 2011. Gold memb Coupo or online Purch For at n will er theind Qualifying purchinstance, ase level is ustrysource based must be in be sent via ases are Quarter 1 but not is for purchon quarte good standi .com. rly purch Exclud limited ng. Eufora limited to, ases Janua American es purch to items in thebe , ases Michael Fudge, ISO, ases on Crew, autyb ry – March T3, TressaO’Rourke, Joico, Kadus Brocato, Exclusive produook and USA, TRI, MOP, Moroc , Kemon, Davines, DermO cts includon **Free Kerati canoil, ing, coupo shipping on and Qtica. Nioxin n Express, rganics, Di:Fi, n value) , Rejuve orders label.m items denot of $99 . Contin nol, , Matrix Salon ✝ Tech, Sojou, Customers ed. All The ental U.S. or more is valid rn, for net must purch Pavilion only. Additi FREE maga ase a items are onal shipping orders (after zine subscr fees apply instant iption. minimum of excluded. $49 per to select quarte r to qualif y for a

You can also view and order thebeautybook products online 24/7 at

Nail Hot Shot Contest Winner Congratulations Jessica Tedesco of Flushing, MI! Jessica’s Halloween-inspired nail art photo submission won her the title of Nail Hot Shot, along with the OPI Burlesque 12-ct. Shimmers Display, valued at $49.95.


23200 Hagger ty Roa d, Farm ington Hills, MI 48335-2 611

thebe autyb ook

Exclus ive Who lesale Buying Guide

I Sprin g 2011

2011 Catalogs are Now Available! thetanningbook features the

most sought-after tanning products and accessories in the industry. Brought to you by CTS, the tanning experts, thetanningbook 2011 includes unparalleled product offerings. For more than 20 years CTS has been providing dependable service, expert sales consultants and ATI Certification Training. And CTS is now a proud member of the 1 k 201 gboo in n Indoor Tanning Association. n eta Member



The Nail Hot Shot contest, exclusive to our Facebook Fans, had a total of 14 photo submissions of Halloween-themed nail art. Facebook Fans voted on their favorite, and the submission with the most online votes, won the title of Nail Hot Shot. Not a Facebook Fan? Become one by “Like”ing tng worldwide at

For a copy of thetanningbook 2011, please call 800.528.5463.

The Pavilion 2011 Collection includes all new selections of cutting- edge furniture, design options and equipment for every salon and spa need. And if you’re looking for more options, look no further than The Pavilion Design Team. They will consult with you every step of the way to turn your dreams into a reality by creating a space that captivates your clients. For a copy of The Pavilion 2011 Collection, please call 877.550.4407.



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January/February 2011

12/14/10 2:43 PM


Serena is serving up style with two new shades from OPI: one radiant, shimmering green and a new black shade that “shatters” when you apply it.



Apply one coat of Black Shatter over completely dry lacquer for a two-texture look. For high-gloss, finish with Top Coat. Available exclusively in Serena’s Glam Slam Duo-pack

CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE Call 800.341.9999 ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

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T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

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hair care simplified. LE A RN M OR E AT B L AC K15 I N1 .C OM

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Jan/Feb 2011 TIS Magazine  

The Industry Source magazine is the #1 business trade publication in the professional beauty industry. The mission of The Industry Source is...