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Tips for surviving dorm life TONE YOUR DAM BOOTY (LITERALLY, SCAN HERE)

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WE APPRECIATE YOU for the continuing support in all that we do. For contributing in any way, shape or form. Beaver’s Digest is written by students, for students - showcasing student life and the events that make up our Oregon State community. To say this publication was an easy task would be lying; to say that you make this publication possible is the truth. We are what you make us, and we thank you.


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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR SO HERE I AM… looking through our finished product, getting filled with an indescribable amount of excitement. All the hard work has finally paid off. All the late hours and the long days of stress are now worth something. One year ago, when the magazine was still a concept, I was merely a volunteer photographer for Beaver’s Digest. It wasn’t until this past spring that I knew I was going to be the next editor of the new magazine. I had incredible plans for this publication to become something more than it already was. “You can only get better,” she said. Taking the previous editor’s word, making Beaver’s Digest better became my mission. This publication would be about more than just the students; it would be about the whole college experience and what that entailed.

Editor-in-Chief Halie Sutton

I found an incredible staff compiled of only students and quickly started writing, photographing and redesigning this thing; hoping that we would all have something to be proud of at the end. But it all starts with a beginning. It’s not going to be easy the first time, nor is it going to be perfect; but you can’t give up. If you look at it this way, the beginning never really has an end; it simply has a new beginning. So here I am, one year later, sitting in the editor-in-chief’s chair, back at the beginning of something new. Going into 2016, I encourage all of you to also accept the challenges and embrace the beginnings because there’s never truly an end, only a new beginning.

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Welcome Home

(10) Beer, Beards,

OSU Does Halloweekend Right

(14) Hardcorvallis


(6) Puns, Pints, Punts (8) How to Survive Dorm Life


(16) Ireland meets Oregon State

(18) Get Pied

For Cancer



(20) In the Mind (28) Go to the

of the Storm


(24) Unmasking (30) GTFOutside

the Mascot

(26) Intramural

(34) That’s a Wrap



It’s a collection of thoughts, memories, and emotion. It’s the comfort of an old friend, or that wistful calm that sets in as you walk a familiar path. But what does it mean to come home to OSU?

Celebrating with the rest of the students was Senior, Connor Sheppard. “Oregon State is my home,” said Con-


2 Beaver’s Digest

nor, “whatever happens, and wherever I go, part of me will always be here.” On the first day of the Homecoming celebration, the Memorial Union filled up with food carts, games, and the child-like laughter of adults. Oh, and of course, the antics of the school’s beloved mascot. What better way to


Student Life “Homecoming has always been something to look forward to” celebrate that nostalgia than a free carnival for all? The carnival wasn’t the only special event on campus this day; October 23rd also marks the calendar as Benny’s Birthday. Benny’s first appearance was found in the 1942 Beaver Yearbook, where there is a picture of a group of students with a beaver statue named ‘Benny Beaver’. This would mean it’s his 73rd birthday! People swarmed around the lovable beaver for pictures as he weaved in and out of the fun; creating memories for those looking to gather them. Good memories, after all, are what homecoming is all about. Whether it’s making new ones or simply revisiting old ones, memories of OSU will forever hold a place in our hearts.

“Welcome Back to Beaver Country” was the official theme of this year’s Homecoming weekend, and the set for the concert performance couldn’t have exemplified it more. Opener Grange Hall Drifters, a Corvallis native roots americana band, got the crowd swaying in the illuminated plaza. Alumni and their families, students, and just plain country-music listeners congregated to take advantage of the free show. Among the crowd was Peter Ball, 1972 alumni and Corvallis resident. As former OSU Athletic Department employee, Peter usually comes by campus for sporting events, but was delighted to see the Homecoming tradition continued with refreshing new events when he decided to stop by the concert with his wife.

“I like all different types of music and I think it sounds pretty good. It’s part of the cultural experience. If someone comes from a non-western background its good to come and get exposed to it,” says Peter. “I remember we always used to have big bonfires and a parade.” “Homecoming has always been something to look forward to.” Popular country artist Jackson Michelson headlined the event, bringing die-hard country fans to the front of the crowd. Cowboy hats and flannels littered the growing mob, while other audience members sat tapping their feet along in their seats. Michelson’s guitar reverberated good ole’ fashioned country vibes all over campus till the end of the night. ◊

Student life



Officers from Corvallis Police Department were working in full force this weekend making sure that everyone was having a safe and fun Halloween. The nights leading up to the festivities, OSU sent out an email to all students with information on alternate activities around campus, for those not drinking. In the same e-mail OSU reminded students to, “Respect yourselves, your friends, your university and our Corvallis community by choosing respectful costumes; partying smart; taking care of friends. If you drink, drink legally and in moderation.” The steady thumping of bass could be heard from the street of the many houses hosting costume parties Friday evening. As people wandered in and out of houses, from party to party, they met up with old friends and in turn made some new ones. Halloween has the reputation of bringing students, from colleges throughout Oregon, together for a few nights of laughs and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Social media was filled with an abundance of costume selfies and snapchat feeds were overwhelmed with the constant posting of play by plays from everyone’s nightly travels. Despite the reports of E-Coli from customers who had eaten at Chipotle in Oregon and Washington, there was

a rather large turnout for the three dollar Boorito. Recipients were required to dress up in Halloween attire to receive the deal. The bar scene was a varying presence of angels and demons on Thursday for Impulse’s Heaven and Hell themed night. Impulse continued the weekend of themed events with Friday’s Coors Light costume challenge, and Saturday’s Captain Morgan Cannon Blast. Although the library was full of studying students on Sunday evening, Impulse was closing off the weekend with one more event. Industry Night geared up around 8 p.m. for those who hadn’t made it out to enjoy the previous festivities of Halloweekend. Partying was not the only thing happening, Greek life was also working on their philanthropy. Kevin Accinelli, a junior in Nutrition and Dietetics, was happy to inform everyone that this year’s Phi Gamma Delta haunted house brought in about $4,200. The cost of admission was five dollars per person for the “Blood on the Bayou” themed haunted house, and FIJI donated all proceeds to Jackson Street Youth Shelter. The student turnout this year was great despite the fog machines setting off the fire alarm and drawing

attention from the fire department late in the evening on Saturday, October 31st. The morning following Halloween night, streets were littered with the remnants of carved pumpkins, empty liquor bottles and missing pieces of costumes. Years of Halloweekends have given Corvallis it’s reputation of “the place to be” during those three days at the end of October. Despite feelings of exhaustion from the weekend, students from surrounding cities left Corvallis knowing that OSU will always be the place to be on Halloweekend. ◊

“streets were littered with the remnants of carved pumpkins, empty liquor bottles and missing pieces of costumes”

Beaver’s Digest 5

PUNS, PINTS, PUNTS “It is a place where they can feel young again, some would even argue feeling more alive”


6 Beaver’s Digest


The first weekend of November is a special couple of days that brings family members of students to crowd the OSU campus. Mostly, it is an excuse for fathers of students to come relive the college life. The tradition of Dads and Family Weekend continues to bring a celebration throughout the town of Corvallis. The main focus of Dads Weekend is the ever so important football game. After parents graduate college, become real people, have kids, and start to live ‘normal’ lives, all they really want to do is come back to college. It is a place where they can feel young again, some would even argue feeling more alive. For the students, it is another normal weekend with our Dad’s tagging along next to us. It is a chance for us to show them our lives at college. Give them a little taste of the fun we have. And of course, that includes and surrounds the football game. The string of events and activities scheduled throughout campus makes it nearly impossible to find yourself bored. There is something for every dad. This year, as the rain came pouring down, people scurried through campus to catch the events leading up to the football game. As students and families walked to the game, it was hard to miss the old classic cars sitting in the middle of the MU. The A Cappella groups were singing loudly from the stairs of the MU, bringing a nice rhythm to our ears. Some labs and buildings were open for explor-

ing. There was a great taste of the culture that our campus gives from all of these events. With hoods up and umbrellas opened, people made their way to the beaver football game. The overflow student section was full of Dad’s and their daughters and sons. Even though the rain kept coming down, the tradition of coming to the football game did not die. However, by the first half people were soaked and ready to get back to their beers and get warm. Along with activities on campus, there are plenty of fun events off campus. The Adventure Leadership Institute took students and their Dads on a white water rafting trip. Not only is this a better way of getting soaked but, it is a great bonding trip for the families who partake. Let’s be honest students, part of the reason why we love our Dad’s coming to town is because it is another wallet that helps with our empty pockets. Sometimes they will help stock up our groceries and get us drain-o for our sinks. Other times, our Dads will take us to dinner and buy us delicious meals. On Saturday

night, the movie theater was packed with Dads treating their kids to a movie. Whatever it is, our Dads are always there for us. Some Dads prefer to party the whole weekend and really go back to their young college days pretending they never grew up. They’ll go to all the parties, take beer bongs, get beat in beer pong by their kids, and wake up hung-over. Other Dads just want to see what their kid has been up to in college so far and live a day in their life. And a lot of Dads like to experience both. Whatever the reason, whatever the circumstance, Dads and Family weekend brings us together and helps us celebrate the love we have for our families. It is the perfect weekend after an exhausting six weeks of school and a perfect push of encouragement to help us with the last five. The short three or so days helps us students show our utmost appreciation we have for our Dads and all they do for us. ◊

Beaver’s Digest 7




Nobody walks into the dorms with everything figured out, and if they do they’re lying. As a Freshman, Class of 2019, I’ve come up with a guide every incoming student should know. ◊


Be Sociable!

Don’t be afraid to go out and talk to people in your hall. Everybody is starting fresh and is scared. Be open-minded, nice, and respectful and you’ll make friends with the most unlikely of people. Put yourself out there and try new things! Join one of the forty leagues offered by OSU, or the 400 + clubs available annually. Meeting people who are interested in the same area Know that there are several on-camas you is a great way to meet pus student services, like CAPS and people and build connections. SHS psychiatrists, where you can talk to professionals about anything. It’s okay to reach out and talk about your feelings! Freshmen year is tough for everybody. So why not reach out to people who are there to listen? Just know that while you may feel alone sometimes, you’ll always have your friends and professionals to talk to.


Express Yourself!


Parties Are Real!

We all know the rules: Oregon State University is a dry and smoke-free campus and if you get caught there will be repercussions. That doesn’t mean those kinds of extracurricular activities aren’t going on on-campus necessarily. Just know that saying “no” is okay and respectable.However, if you do partake in said activities, you should find a group of people you’re comfortable with so you know you’re in a safe environment.


Stay Healthy!

Keep junk foods out of the dorms and stock up on healthy, tasty snacks. Take advantage of the Dixon Recreation Center and all it has to offer (i.e. sports classes, intramural sports, and the adventure club). Keeping yourself healthy will save you a world of pain. Always wear your shower shoes. Always brush your teeth. Always take a shower. Always wash your hands no matter what. Keeping yourself clean will keep you healthy.

Don’t Study in the Dorms!

You may think your roommate will take into consideration you have a lecture the next day at 8 A.M. until they come home past midnight. “Library is bae! It’s near impossible to study in the dorms,” says one freshman who wishes to remain anonymous.

8 Beaver’s Digest




Arts & Culture “Everyone around me was enjoying an atmosphere of beer, friends, and good food”

The color of the leaves & weather are changing, and to accompany the recognition of Fall and Ocktoberfest season, Block 15 Brewing Co. held their annual Bloktoberfest Friday Oct. 9 and Saturday Oct. 1o. The event pays homage to the German festival which is the world’s largest beer festival. It’s held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, is a 16-day event that runs from mid-to-late September to the first weekend in October, and rings in more than 6 million people from all over the world, who attend every year. It is an important part of Bavarian

12 Beaver’s Digest

culture, and has been held since 1810, and other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled after the original Munich event, and that’s exactly what Block 15 did for the seventh year in a row. Doors opened Friday at 4 p.m. and I, a fresh 21-year-old, anxiously walked in. I had waited all year for Bloktoberfest. I have lived in Corvallis for many years now, and can recall passing the tents on strolls downtown in the previous years. I would linger on the outskirts of the festival, peeking in as much as I could, like an outsider dying to belong.

d g f d ”


I mean, who wouldn’t want to be apart of an event that relished in savory food and beer? My time was here: I was finally able to enter, expectation so high, and I was not let down. The festival was broken into two tents. In tent 1 there was a dinner held until 8 p.m. which featured Ayinger Brewery beer, an internationally award-winning German Beer, and a 4 course meal. Tickets to the feast was separate to the cost of the event itself ($60), but included many German foods like Konigsberger Klopse (Veal & Anchovy Meatballs, potatoes, caper cream sauce) Linsensuppe mit Lardo (German lentil soup), Schweinerbraten (Bavarian pork roast, potato dumplings and warm sauerkraut), and Bethmannchen (Marzipan cookies), and your wristband for the weekend. Saturday during the day, tent 1 was

dedicated to good ol’ college football, as they screened the OSU v. UA game followed by the UO v. Washington State game, both of which were heightened experiences watching with a room full of less than sober, bearded and burly men (nearly everywhere I looked there was men with plaid and beards). There was a lot yelling, table slamming, and laughing.

stein. I had a waited a long time for my very own “Blocktoberfest” engraved mug. They had a fair selection of brews, ranging from a chocolate stout, a pale-ale, an IPA, and 2Towns Cider. I could tell the bartender could see how I excited I was, because after he handed me my stein of beer, he said to me, “Just turn 21?” I looked at him and smiled as I walked off.

In tent 2 there was live music, including a band that seemed to range from eclectic-folk to danceable alternative rock known as The Crescendo Show, the electro-funk rockers, Space Neighbors, Guten Zeiten Band, and PhiloPhobia (who did an awesome rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” that had the whole crowd heart-wrenchingly singing along).

As I found my seat at a table with my friends, I looked around at all the other groups of people, ranging from other undergrads, to grad students, to locals in the community, playing corn hole, throwing darts, drinking beer, and realized, Blocktoberfest was the ideal place to be this weekend. Corvallis is a small-knit community that thrives in the opportunity to support local businesses. Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery is one of the town’s most premier brewpubs. It specializes in locally sourced food, and craft beers and has done so ever since its opening in 2007 and Corvallis and it’s denizens have embraced the establishment with full throttle.

Everyone around me was enjoying an atmosphere of beer, friends, and good food and I was anxious to become apart of it. Block 15 served a limited menu at the festival which included bier bread pretzels, bier cheese soup, “Oktoberfest-styled” bratwursts, bier-braised brisket sandwiches, a “Bloktoberfest” salad (ft. spring mix with dried apples and gouda cheese topped with pumpkin seeds), and German apple cake, all of which $10 or less and delicious, but I was there for the beer. I finally made my way to a line that weaved through the center of the second tent and wrapped all around to the main entrance, stood there, and waited for my first ever German beer

The tent was filled with inebriated shenanigans, good people at every turn, friends (whether they were the ones you came with or just made), and a warm welcome into an event that was oh-so painfully Pacific Northwest—after all, what’s more Oregonian than craft beer, college football, and corn hole? ◊

Beaver’s Digest 13


WRITTEN BY SAMANTHA LOPEZ PHOTOGRAPHY BY SPENCER HUTCHISON It’s safe to assume that when someone moves to Corvallis they could be thrown by the distinct lack of an active music scene—at least that’s what it would seem. Little do they know, Corvallis is hub of creativity, that overflows with music. Instrument shops, records stores, and street performers flood the streets of the city, and buried even further down, hidden under the surface, is a rich history of music, production, and appreciation. Musically, Corvallis is a small town with big dreams. Its population is only

14 Beaver’s Digest

about 55,000, but the city offers a very diverse taste of music choices—ranging from rock, folk, Celtic, and most notably, punk—punk being an umbrella term that includes everything from indie, hardcore, emo, and lo-fi. Corvallis is a supportive community, and embraces a culture that sustains diverse styles and allows for such a scene to thrive. It’s actually very easy to say that on any given night, you can’t walk more than a couple blocks downtown, or onto Monroe, without running into a flyer for some show, or even hearing one.

Oregon, back in the early 1980’s, had one of the most vibrant hardcore punk scenes, shelling out bands like The Wipers, and Poison Idea. Although, Corvallis and punk music do not seem like synonymous terms, our little town is pivotal in the culture. Corvallis is a staple to the preeminent music scene that contributes to the Pacific Northwest music scene. Emerging from the punk style is the DIY aesthetic — a subculture that shares its origin with punk music, and is prominent in present day Corvallis. DIY music is developed as a way to cir-

Arts & Culture cumnavigate the mainstream music industry. The bands in this scene build their own infrastructure of independent clubs/venues, promoters, fanzines, and DJs. The culture is big in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and yes, Corvallis. DIY bands do everything themselves or with independent collaborators—from album production to promotions, to communicating. Corvallis has been home to a few independent record labels, as well. In 1995, Mutant Pop Records was founded here by one Tim “Timbo” Davenport. The label released approximately 15 full-length albums, and released more than 85 7” vinyl EPs before terminating its operations at the end of 2008. More actively, Secret Pennies Records, and 1859 Records, are two independent record labels that are crucial in Corvallis’ DIY scene. Secret Pennies, founded by an Indiana Laub

Lead by the aforementioned Indian Laub and Caitlin Garets, Corvallis DIY is a Facebook page that is intended to be an easily accessible calendar to keep track of upcoming DIY shows in town. Corvallis is home to more than 18 DIY bands and is home to even more active bands. Ranging from punk heavyweights Angries, who’ve been electrifying the valley since 2007, to That Coyote, which unites discordant melodies and punk vocals, to one of Corvallis’ biggest successes, Vandfald - a four-man bedroom rock band who just released an EP at the end of October. Corvallis is an eclectic world of music in a relatively small town and it’s about time it receives the credit it deserves. ◊

Bomb’s Away Cafe 2527 NW Monroe Ave. (541) 757-7221 Whiteside Theatre 361 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333 Squirrels Tavern 100 SW 2nd St. (541) 753-8057 Interzone 1563 NW Monroe Ave. (541) 754-5965 Old World Deli 341 SW 2nd St (541) 752-8549 Corvallis DIY:

and Nathan Lawson, dedicate itself to making tapes, records, playing shows, and advocating for the understated music scene in Corvallis. Our little town oozes with music and talent, and there are many dedicated to shining a light on the hidden scene. Corvallis Noisemakers is place for local music enthusiasts on Facebook to network all musicians, vocalists, composers, bands, etc, in the city for the purpose of collaboration, the help to get booked, recording assistance, and whatever else.

126 SW 1st St. Corvallis, OR 97333 (541) 753-9900


Venues around Corvallis Cloud & Kelly’s


Beaver’s Digest 15

Arts & Culture



Sean Scully is a 21-year-old International Student from Cork, Ireland studying Business Management. He’s tall, he’s smart, and he’s got the accent to boot. I got to sit down with Sean at Bing’s Cafe in Weatherford Hall to ask him about his experience at an American university and what it’s like to be more than a 16 hour plane ride away from home. Just imagine everything he’s saying with an Irish accent.

16 Beaver’s Digest

BD: Could you tell us about your home? Sean: I’m from Ardfield in Cork in Ireland. It’s down in the very south of Ireland, just by the sea. So, it’s about a three to four minute walk from the beach which is nice. But it’s not very warm there. Is it weird living with people who are way younger than you? Not really. I mean, when you hit this age it’s all the same, ya know? There are a lot of really cool people in the dorms and sometimes I feel like “The Dad” but it’s cool. Not really the dad, you just feel a bit older and you’re so much bigger than everybody there. And, you can drink. When I say I’m going out to the club, people kind of look at me twice because they’re not used to that.

Are you a part of any Greek life here at Oregon State? I’m in Lambda Chi Alpha. It’s really good because, initially, it was hard for me to meet people my own age here because of living in the dorms. Speaking of being in a frat, was it different for you to join since you’re an international student? Because you’re in the regular pledge class, right? Yeah, I am but it was completely the same. As far as I know, some fraternities don’t take students for just a year but Lamda does. I just did regular rushing, too. It will suck leaving after the year because you get to know so many good guys. It’s only been a month and I can feel that it’s definitely going to be hard to leave at the end of

Arts & Culture

the year. I’m sure I’ll come back next year to meet them all again, or they can come over to Ireland! There’s no Greek system in Europe, is there? I heard that there’s like one fraternity in England, somewhere. But, no. People aren’t really aware of frats and such over there. They always say if you join a frat you think of it like the whole American Pie thing. Just partying and it being a madhouse. Well what do you think about fraternities now that you’re in one? I used to think of them like that but now I don’t. There’s a lot more than that. It’s a lot deeper than just partying it up. Well, I never realized about the whole philanthropy thing. You give so much money to charities. Then you have the community service and the focus on academics. You have to get a certain grade to be initiated! I didn’t think they’d do that at all. Do you do any other activities? I play rugby! I’ve grown up watching rugby at home and I’m pretty much obsessed with it. We train three times a week here for two hours so. Do you have a favorite team? Munster. In Ireland. I actually played

for Munster a few years ago! Not the first team, obviously, just the under-age team. So, that was a really good experience. What’s the biggest difference between college in America and university in Ireland? The classes really. In America, the students are very active in class. They’re very vocal and the lecturers ask more questions to the class to be answered. Whereas, in Ireland, it’s more sit-down lecture where you watch a PowerPoint lecture and the professor just talks. You don’t get asked questions or anything like that. You said you spent some time in America. Where have you been? I went to Minnesota for six weeks the summer previous to this one to work for my Auntie’s landscaping business. And then this summer I went again for two months to make a little bit of money. And then I went to Newport, Rhode Island for a month to hang out with some friends who were living there. We went to New York City once and it didn’t impress me that much. I expected it to be bigger. Obviously it’s massive, but I’m not blown away by the Empire State Building.

better? West Coast, to be honest. I prefer it out here because it’s kind of like home. I was blown away by the amount of trees you have and how nice they look. It’s just very similar to Ireland which I like. What is the thing you miss most about home? I think...just home-cooked food. Irish kind of food. I miss potatoes. I miss my family. I’m used to being away from home so it’s not that big of a deal. But my family lives really close to each other so, we’re always over and we always have meals. I miss my dog, as well. If there was one thing, anything, you could take back with you to Ireland from America, what would it be? Maybe, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. They’re hard to find in Ireland. ◊

So do you like East Coast or West Coast

Beaver’s Digest 17

Arts & Culture

get pied for cancer DESIGN BY BD DESIGNERS

If you’re the kind to lend an ear to the advocates in the MU, you’ve probably already heard of Be the Match at Oregon State - if not already joined their registry. If you’re still in the dark however, Be the Match [BTM] is a national organization that provides blood marrow transplants for those with leukemia, aplastic anemia, and other blood diseases. The non-profit group collects volunteers into a database from schools nationwide with the goal of matching them with recipients that have compatible bone marrow and blood types. After a bone marrow transplant from BTM helped Phi Delta Theta member, Matt Fettig, beat his battle with leukemia in 2012, the entire chapter was compelled to give back to the cause. Matt’s cousin, and fellow fraternity brother Blair Fettig, created the club on campus as well as adopted the cause as the house’s official philanthropy. Since it’s inception, BTM at OSU has reached Blair’s original goal of registering over 1,000 possible donors, and matched 15 volunteers with patients in need of transplants. This Fall, Phi Delta Theta held their 3rd annual Pie a Phi philanthropy event, where all house members gather to get pie-ed in name of fundraising for BTM efforts. Pie’s ranged in prices based on the member’s year in school, and for an additional donation extra toppings like marshmallows and maple syrup were also on the menu.

The first floor of Phi Delta Theta was setup with two pie-stands, and tarps covering the floor in a feeble attempt to contain the mess of whipped cream. Greeks and non-greeks alike all gathered to witness the spectacle, eager for the chance to Pie the Phi of their choice. Jeff Stuck, Phi Delt freshman and Pre-med Bio Major, was happy to see all of the house members getting involved. “It was really fun! I kind of thought going into it that only maybe the freshman would be getting pied. But then all of the seniors and juniors started pie-ing to pie each other and it was a huge free-for-all!” says Jeff. “The sororities really get into it and it’s

hilarious. I got pied 9 times!” Chase Fettig, a 19 year old sophomore as well as acting Vice President of BTM, says he loves to see so many people gather to support the cause. As a relative of Matt and Blair Fettig, Chase is more than dedicated to the club’s continued progress and recognition. “It’s one thing having members of a house getting together for a philanthropy,” explains Fettig, “but we have

such close ties to the cause because multiple of our fraternity brothers have been saved by BTM and other like organizations. Being affected first hand by blood cancer in my family has made me involved and excited about this cause. It’s less of a chore, and more something I enjoy being a part of.” The Pie the Phi event ended up raising around $450 to be put towards future BTM registry drives and funding. Adam Johnson, president of BTM, says that Be the Match is heading in a great direction. Johnson plans to continue to recruit committed members to help the registry grow and keep the club round for years to come. “Last year we started getting to the 600 registered mark, and that’s when we realized we could get to 1,000 people which is huge. Not many BTM groups anywhere in the country are going to get that many potential donors, so we’re very excited that we accomplished it,” says Johnson. My main goal is to come back here 4-5 years later and see meetings and everything going strong. I want to have good drive numbers and raise a lot of money, but more importantly I want to see it keep going.” ◊ If you want to know more about Be the Match at Oregon State and how you can get involved, follow them on Instagram @bethematchorst, check out their Facebook community page, or take a look at the official Be the Match at


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Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks, Gatorade and Water

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MOST PLAYED SONG: “Can I” by Beyonce and Drake. I’ve probably listened to it over 100 times - today



CAN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT: Cell phone. I would say my Bible, but that’s only when traveling for a long time




IN THE MIND OF THE STORM During his time at OSU, Storm Barrs-Woods has built a standing as a friendly, respectable role model for our university. Going into an interview with anyone can be a bit intimidating, however Storm’s personable attitude and kind demeanor lived up to his reputation when we had the chance to sit down one-on-one with the senior running back. When we met with Storm at Orange Media Network, it was obvious that this wasn’t his first interview. Storm walked into the Student Experience Center, straight out of weight training and looking a bit tired, however this didn’t diminish his politeness and his willingness to answer our questions. Storm even let us in on some information about his very first interview, “My first interview ever, I broke a rushing record in pop warner and he [the interviewer] asked me what I liked about school and I told him ‘the girls’”, Storm said, “Grandma was pissed so at 10-years-old we began practicing, practicing, practicing and now it’s so natural, it’s easy.” Think practice makes perfect? Storm proves that hard work is crucial to his success on and off the field.


Beaver’s Digest 21

#gobeavs BD: If it were someone’s first day on campus, where would you send them?

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your freshman self?

Storm: Dixon. Hands down Dixon. I think I’m a Dixon legend.

I’d say to my freshmen self: partying is overrated, the girls are overrated, stay focused. Stay focused.

What do you do when you go to Dixon? When I was younger it was basketball. As we got older, we like working out earlier and Dixon allowed us to do so. We go swim, get some cardio, lift weights, stuff like that. What are you studying right now? HDFS [Human Development and Family Sciences] Why did you choose HDFS? I’m a big helper, you know, of course my dream is to go to the NFL, but it’s not all personal it’s more to help as many people as I can help. So with Human Development and Family Sciences it allows you to not be about yourself and get outside of the box and figure out the best way of helping people in different types of situations. I found that would be a good background for my future in coaching. Where do you see yourself after earning your degree? The NFL is definitely looking possible in the near future and that has always been a dream of mine. I’m going to make it happen, no matter what. Not being cocky at all, just driven. After that, coach immediately. I mean there are a couple of coaches who helped change my life so I just want to do the same with the younger kids.

22 Beaver’s Digest

What was you reasoning behind changing your name on your jersey to BarrsWoods this season? My mom is like my best friend. She’s just been there for me since day one and I had to show her some great appreciation and let her know she’s always on my mind and now she’s out there [on the field] when I’m competing. It’s just an appreciation thing. What keeps you grounded when dealing with school, the hype of football, and being so big on campus? God. At all times. I got hurt early in my career and it was very humbling. You know, I had some success early in college, got humbled again and it’s just humbling even waking up every morning. Being in Oregon has brought my faith, brought me closer to God. So definitely God keeps me grounded, very grounded, and my family... we know all the talent, and all the gifts come from God. What is your family like? My family is very outgoing. My mother is probably the most outgoing person you will meet. My sister and my grandma are like twins, I know that’s hard to picture, but they’re quiet, best friends, always cracking jokes. They both raised me [his mother and

grandmother]. My mom, I would say I have her personality. She taught me to speak up for myself and she taught me basic common sense. My grandmother was who taught me intellect. Growing up she would fly me to different places, let me see different arenas, let me see Disneyland, let me see that they’re bigger than what you’re living right now. She just sort of painted those pictures in my head and planted those seeds, if you will. Where did football start for you? It started when I was like 4-years-old, and I was big. I was bigger than the other kids at the age of 4, so I couldn’t play flag [football] so I had to go straight into tackle. My mom didn’t want me to, so she suited me up, put me in the front yard and she hit me, like a football hit. Then she asked me “Do you still want to play football” and I said “Yeah.” I played O-lineman for a year and it was our last three games and my grandmother kept telling me “Run the ball, run the ball.” I asked all year and the last three games he [coach] let me run the ball. I’ve been running the ball since then. Outside of football, what are your other passions? It would be helping. Firefighter, police, teacher, anything to help. I just see the generation coming up and a lot of things I question…so much is being advertised in front of them. You have four year old girls watching the Bad Girls Club, you know teaching them



that you have to wear make up to be beautiful when they’re beautiful without make up… little things like that bother me and I just want… it sounds so cliché, but I just want the world to be a good place. I don’t want to raise kids fearing for when they go to school or fearing when they leave the house. I just want it [the world] to be back to normal and to be a good place. Going off that, what kind of legacy do you want to leave at OSU? I definitely want to leave a legacy of a hard worker. I’m a guy now who understands a lot, way more than when I came in. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish because I have finished pretty strong and I just want [to leave] a legacy of a hard worker... didn’t let things get him down he was just always positive and helping when he could be.

but it doesn’t always rain sometimes the sun comes out. Just stay even keel and always work hard. One thing that you can control is your work ethic and with a great work ethic, great things happen. On the outside looking in, people are very judgmental…but what they [younger players] can control is their work ethic and that will help them flourish through their life. Not only on the field because if you work hard on the field more than likely you work hard off the field so it just transfers in and out of your [personal] life and to the field. ◊

So you talked about your mom, your coaches, are those the people who inspire you to play? My inspiration probably comes from my little sister. Just the way she looks up at me when she’s talking to me… the look she gives me and how she looks up to me so much it means the world to me to make her proud. What is the number one piece of advice you give to younger players on the team? Stay even-keeled. You know, in the game of football, it comes with highs and lows no matter how good you are, no matter how bad you are. It rains,

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Unmasking The Mascot

WRITTEN BY DANE DICKERSON PHOTOGRAPHY BY REYN IGNACIO A University’s mascot is iconic. Everyone knows the fuzzy life-sized animal running around is a man in a suit, but even as adults we have no choice but to overlook this and give into the magic that a mascot can bring out in a stadium of fans. At Oregon State Benny the Beaver stands for more than just an opportunity for a good Instagram-post, but the culmination of how our University has grown to conduct itself. He represents all of our student body, our intense school spirit, and a schoolwide fear of mediocrity both in the classrooms and in all athletics.

24 Beaver’s Digest

Here at Beaver’s Digest we take a lot of pride in representing Benny in our name, and cherish the history behind our mascot. We got in contact with an anonymous Benny alumnus to share with OSU what it’s like to fill such a big character’s shoes, and reveal what goes on behind the scenes to make fan hype so special. *The Benny alumnus requested to remain anonymous due to agreements with OSU Athletic Marketing

BD: How did you get into the position of Benny? What was the process like? Benny: I was recruited by a friend. There was a need for Benny at an event, and I got the word. I was the mascot at my high school, and when I came to college it was my dream to be in the suit! Tell me about being in the suit. What does it feel like to see a stadium packed full of student’s through Benny’s eyes? Inside the suit is quite warm. It is thick fur that doesn’t breathe all that



well. But when the suit goes on you forget all about the heat, and limited visibility. There is no greater feeling in the world! There is a completely different feeling when you walk into a crowded event full of fans and everyone is yelling out your name to get a picture, high five, or even just a wave! When the suit is on, you lose your entire identity and become Benny. The amount of people that support Benny, and want to spend time with him is like no other feeling in the world!

Did you ever feel a lot of pressure or anxiety being responsible for hyping up so many people? There were a couple of times where I felt the pressure. But being such an iconic mascot, it is really easy to get people hyped! Its amazing how easy it was to get the fans hyped. What was the craziest thing that you’ve ever done or has happened to you while in the suit? One of the craziest things that I was a part of in the suit was being part of the basketball dunk show. Up at a Portland

Trailblazers game they asked me to dunk with them! It was amazing. What’s the reasoning behind the secrecy of who is actually behind the mask at games? What’s the effect of preserving your identity? The main reason behind preserving the identity is to keep Benny a mascot, not a person in a suit. Benny really is iconic, and in order to keep him as OSU’s Mascot it’s important that people think of him as Benny. He really does have his own personality and it’s important to preserve that. ◊

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The Greek community is remarkably popular at OSU. With 25 fraternities and 20 sororities it captures the attention of many students, Greek life isn’t for everyone. For those of us who crave something different, competitive and action packed, OSU has something just for you. That something is intramural sports. A.K.A, IM Sports. Some of you may be asking, "what is IM?" Intramural sports are recreational sports that are organized through OSU as a way for students to get involved with something that is unlike any other club or group held on campus. It’s not only a great way to meet new people and to hang out with friends. It’s also a good way to stay active, loosen up and have fun. With over 40 different leagues offered throughout the year, IM gives students the opportunity to try a new sport each term. Fall, winter, spring and summer each offer different sets of sport leagues. Getting involved in IM is simple. Just form or join a team. Form a team with friends and find a sport that everyone wants to play. Or join a team that already exists. It’s easy to link up.

Teams are always looking for a few extra players. Through intramural sports, there is a free agent round up where people come together to form teams so that everyone gets a chance to participate. I recently had a chance to speak with Nick Hayes, a senior studying Industrial Engineering. Nick has been playing on Intramural sport leagues since his freshmen year at OSU. He played baseball in high school and wanted to continue to play sports in college and found that IM was the best choice for him. Here is what he told me: BD: How did you first get involved with IM? Nick: I always played sports in high school, so I’ve tried to play as many IM sports as possible over the last 3 years. What are you playing now? How do you like it? I’m on a flag football team right now. I really like it because I never played organized football growing up, but I’ve always been a football fan, so it’s fun getting to play games every Sunday.

What are all the IM sports you’ve participated in? I’ve played football, basketball, and softball every year I’ve been here. I’ve also played indoor baseball and a few 3 on 3 basketball tournaments through IM. What would you say is the best part of playing an IM sport? The best part, by far, is winning a championship shirt. I’ve been lucky enough to win two so far, in basketball and softball. It’s also cool getting to compete with your friends every week throughout the term. But really, it’s all about that shirt! College can be a difficult transition for some students, and intramural sports can help smooth that out. For others intramural sports are a way to run, throw and kick off their stress and enjoy themselves. Especially after a long day of class. IM is one of the best ways to stay connected to OSU and to fellow students who participate and play. ◊



Health & fitness DESIGN BY ELAINE KING

Most work out junkies of the world have headed to Dixon and immediately fallen in love. The beautiful facility has it all. A lot of people will flock to the weight rooms, some to the cardio rooms, a few to the swimming pool, and the ballers to the basketball courts. And yet, Dixon has even more to offer. The Fit Pass Classes offered at Dixon are the best way to experience a different work out and push your body to new levels. Fit Pass Classes are one of the most underrated workouts. The classes are a wide range of workouts from cycling, body pump, core, cardio kickboxing, yoga, zumba, and many more. These classes are about 30 minutes to an hour long of high intensity interval training. OSU student instructors create unique workout routines for each class. The obvious benefit of the Fit Pass classes is the great workout and the amazing feeling your body will experience when you’re done. Finding a way to unwind while surrounded by the stress of school is extremely important. There is no better feeling than sweating out all of the tension that builds up from midterms, finals, and homework. Jenna Siegel, a senior in Exercise and Sports Science, is one of the many instructors of the Fit Pass classes. Jenna

is known as the drill Sargent at Dixon. “My classes are very high intensity interval training based,” Jenna said, “I like to do Tabata’s which is a form of HITT training.” If you haven’t experienced tabata’s you have not experienced the great feeling of wanting to pass out. In Jenna’s short 45-minute Body Blitz class, the amount of sweat that perspires off your face could create a small lake. It sounds awful, but really it’s the best feeling of accomplishment. You know you’ve pushed yourself to your max and you can go home feeling like you got in a great workout. With these high intensity workouts you’ll feel much better about devouring that chocolate cake at the end of the day. Even Brently Sturm, a junior majoring in Bio-Health sciences knows the intensity of the workout. After participating in his first body pump class he left feeling accomplished and happy. He tried something other than just going to the weight room and lifting. “If you push yourself and use the right amount of weights to make it challenging,” Brently said, “it is a really great workout and you’re exhausted at the end of it.” At the end of the day we all know getting our tired bodies to the gym will help us get in shape. We’ll sweat out the bad, wake up and feel rejuvenated.

But Fit Pass classes go beyond that. “Not only is physical activity beneficial for you, but I made so many of my friends personally through Dixon.” Jenna said, “It is such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.” Gabby Kent, a senior majoring in Dietetic and a minor in Exercise and Physiology, is an instructor and supervisor of the Fit Pass classes. She loves seeing other people improve as well as the social aspect of the classes. “There is something about the energy of working out with 30 other people or 20 other people or 3 other people.” Gabby said, “You push yourself harder, and you get the chance to have that social aspect and seeing other people wanting to improve themselves makes you want to improve yourself.” The smiling faces, the friendships you make, and the bonds you create over something as simple as working out is a priceless experience. People make friendships from these classes that will last a lifetime. It is hard not to talk to the person next to you when all you want is a friendly assurance that you’re not the only one dying of pain. “We have such a variety of classes that no matter what you’re looking for there’s something for you.” Gabby said. If you’re looking for a great workout, or maybe trying something new the Fit Pass classes is the perfect chance to find something you love. The classes create an opportunity to develop friendships and potentially find a new passion. ◊

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After 9 weeks of classes, sometimes you need a breath of fresh air. As a student who grew up close to the Columbia gorge, I grew up hiking any time I could get to a trail. Moving to Corvallis had me looking for places close enough to campus that I could get into the outdoors and breathe. It took me a couple of months, but there are so many hidden gems close to home for us OSU students. When class has you itching to get outside, here are a few beautiful places not too far out of reach to help recharge your batteries.

Health & Fitness Alsea / Green Peak Falls: Approximately: 47 minutes from OSU

This hike is good for: Most ages, people with good balance and whom are comfortable with walking down hills. Take: Waterbottle. An apple or an energy bar. Good shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. If you’re looking for a nice drive to a pretty waterfall, Alsea Falls is for you. After parking in a well paved parking lot, there will be a trail off to the left side of the one way street. This is a well marked waterfall, so you should have no issues finding it. There is a sign pointing left for Alsea Falls at a bridge. Walking down this path, you can either go off to the right, where you will see the top portion of

Fitton Green:

Approximately: 18 minutes from OSU This is a good hike for: People of all ages Take: Water. Good shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Are you looking for a short walk outside or maybe a nice place to watch the sunset? Fitton Green is the perfect place for you. Only a few minutes away from campus (and a little past Bald Hill), Fitton Green has gorgeous tall grasses and a well kept trail. When

32 Beaver’s Digest

the waterfall, or you can continue walking, which takes you to the bottom of the waterfall. There are some semi steep stair steps that will take you to the bottom, where you can walk around the base of the waterfall. Found Alsea Falls, but still have energy to go a bit farther? Walk back up and across the bridge and there will be a sign with an arrow pointing to the left that says “Green Peak Falls”. Follow that arrow. About a mile in on this winding trail is a gorgeous, 45 foot waterfall that will take your breath away. In the beginning, there may be some low tree branches you may have to duck under but this trail is generally mild. you reach a nice little parking area, get out of your car, stretch your legs, and walk around the car gate, continuing down a gravel path. Reaching a fork in the road, you can go either way. If you’re just looking for a short walk up the hill, take a left and head up the gradual hill. If you look to your right, there is a tree that is glorious for climbing (wear stretchy pants if this is your plan). Once passing the tree, you’ll continue up the hill until you

Once reaching a gravel road, you will walk down a ways until you see a trail on your right. There will be two trails. The first one is less marked, but you can take it. If you do, you will have a slightly more challenging and longer hike. If you continue to walk down the road, you will go down a hill and there will be a well marked path. This will lead you to Green Peak Falls. If it has rained recently, be careful, as this area is very slippery. If you’re feeling incredibly adventurous, you can climb to the top of the waterfall. On the right side of the waterfall, there is a rope that you can use to climb up the top of a very steep hill and you can reach the top area of the waterfall, which has an incredibly calm creek above it. BE CAREFUL. This is not a feat that is for everyone. If you do not have good balance or arm strength, you may want to observe the waterfall from it’s beauty below. reach the top. Here the path evens out and begins to wind downhill. After going down for a little while, you’ll walk through some low trees and then you will begin back up again. If you are just looking for a sunset gazing location, you can stop where the path evens out and watch the gorgeous colors change into darkness. When you need a breath of fresh air, Fitton Green can deliver.



Trail of Ten Falls Loop:

Approximately: 1 hour and 15 minutes from OSU This is a good hike for: People of all ages, with good balance, who are comfortable with stairs. Take: Water. An energy bar or lunch. Good shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. A waterproof jacket (if it’s a cold day, this is essential). $5 for parking. A good travel playlist. Prepare yourself for an afternoon of recharge and waterfalls. This trail is great because it can be up to about 10.2 miles, but also can be cut short if you don’t quite have enough time to finish or don’t have the energy. If you are planning to only do part of the trails, do your research. There are many cut offs, but sometimes the maps that are at the site are less than helpful. Go prepared. This trail consists of ten waterfalls, from 27 feet to 178 feet tall. When you arrive in the parking lot, go towards Silver Falls. Here you can walk behind the waterfall and around it. After crossing a bridge, continue right on the path (unless you went past the bridge, in which case, continue straight). Hiking a ways, you will reach my favorite

waterfall of the trip, Lower South Falls, where you will have to walk down many flights of stairs. Become overwhelmed in this waterfall, because as you walk behind it, you may get soaked with it’s mist. Succeeding this waterfall are 8 more, differing and uniquely glorious. Push on and the path continues up and down, like a mild rollercoaster, giving significant breaks for your lungs. Some waterfalls, like Double Falls, are 1/10th of a mile down the path to the left. Don’t let your laziness get to you - take the path and see all 10 waterfalls with your own eyes! Soon you will pass Drake Falls and Middle North Falls. Once you get to Middle North Falls, you will reach Winter Falls. There are a few steep switchbacks, but if you take it slow, there will be no problem reaching the top. When you get to the top of Winter Falls, you can go left, where you can see two more waterfalls, or you can go right, and get back to your car. If you choose right, stay on the pedestrian path. The bike path will lead you to the same place, but it’s longer and a much more confusing. By staying on the pedestrian path, you will arrive to your warm car quicker and less confused. Happy waterfall chasing!

Sometimes, all you need to get a little sanity is a little bit of time outside. Take the opportunities you have to breath some fresh air, and take your friends with you. Always do your research before embarking on any of these hikes - don’t go unprepared. Be ready to be impressed by nature and willing to push your body a little further than you would usually go. A little hiking goes a long way and rebalancing yourself after long weeks of studying can bring your mind some health. ◊

Playlist Suggestion: In the Summer IAMDYNAMITE Jaigantic Tora, Galimatias Cigarette Daydreams Cage the Elephant When I Get Older Wild Party Ramona The Night Beds Avalanche Walk the Moon Settle Down The 1975 Risk It All The Vamps Tear In My Heart Twenty One Pilots Featherstone The Paper Kites Do You Remember Lydia Hallelujah Panic! At The Disco Say My Name (feat. Zyra) RAC Mix - ODESZA, Zyra, RAC American Money BORNS Something Good Can Work Two Door Cinema Club

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Ingredients -1 herb wrap (12 inch) -1 cup: Thai coleslaw -2-3 red/green bell peppers sliced - 1 1/2 tbsp: Thai peanut sauce

- Thinly sliced Cucumbers (optional) - 1 tsp sesame ginger dressing - 1 cup romaine lettuce - 4-5 thinly sliced strips of grilled chicken (or any protein you’d like)

Instructions -Take the wrap and drizzle the Thai peanut sauce down the middle of it. Continue to add the peppers, coleslaw, cucumbers and romaine (protein optional). Then Fold the wrap like a burrito and cut down the middle. Enjoy!

Health & FItness

Pangea? Is that the supercontinent we learned about in global studies class? Yes it is, but it is also much more. For students at Oregon State University, Pangea represents a thriving community that exists right here on campus in the Memorial Union. Embracing the notion of continents coming together, Pangea creates multi-cultural cuisine that is welcoming to all. So what is the history of Pangea? How did it become the successful student-governing restaurant it is today? I was able to speak with Robin Jones, who opened the restaurant over 10 years ago, and she explained that back then, Pangea was not the inclusive and culturally welcoming community that it is currently, but in fact, quite the opposite. Ten years ago, Pangea was a faculty lunchroom where very few students would go. Though students were not blatantly excluded from going here, they were not encouraged to either. Robin wanted to change this. As a student of Oregon State University herself, Robin set out on a mission to create a place where students could go to eat and feel welcome. This led to the idea for creating Pangea. It

started off small, with a quarter of the menu size it has today, and over the years, Pangea has grown immensely. Students and staff alike come from all parts of campus to experience the healthy cultural meals that Pangea has to offer. By offering a wide variety of foods from breakfast (served all day) to sandwiches and Thai Peanut wraps, students are able to try food that they want to try. Judy Hickman, manager of Pangea, states, “by the time a student gets to college, one has acquired a mature palette and has tried so many different foods, that here at Pangea, we want students to find the foods that make them happy.” Though Judy is the head supervisor in the kitchen, and has worked here for over 13 years, she explains that really, the students are in charge. “Pangea is a student lead restaurant with 34 student employees of all different backgrounds.” The restaurant flourishes because of the unique cultural flare that the students bring, as well as the diverse array of foods.

Student manager Cindy Her, directed me, and explained that the overall goal in the food selection process at Pangea, is to pick entrees that embody different cultures. “The Thai Peanut Wrap represents how one would get food in Thailand, it’s healthy and light and customers love it,” Cindy expressed, “especially for Meatless Mondays, by starting the week out eating a vegetarian cuisine, students feel healthy.” Cindy Her has been an employee of Pangea for over 5 years, and one of the main takeaways from this experience has been learning how to work with different types of people from all over the states, to all over the world. “We’re such a big staff at Pangea, yet everyone that works here has such a good relationship with one another. Even when we are under stress, we are able to stay cool with each other.” So, the next time you are passing though the MU if you are looking for a good quality meal with diverse options, look no further than Pangea. That’s a wrap! ◊

I was allowed the opportunity to play “chef” at Pangea, and prepare a Pangea favorite, the Thai Peanut Wrap.

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Eggnog Latte

Since this is a limited seasonal drink the anticipation level is at its highest peak, especially here in Oregon where Eggnog Lattes are most wanted. For some reason Oregonians can’t get enough eggnog. As a result, Eggnog Lattes have become one of the most popular holiday drinks in the Pacific Northwest.


Caramel Brulee Latte

Aside from Eggnog, another holiday favorite is the Caramel Brulee Latte. For those who love sweets this is the drink for you. It is like sipping your favorite holiday treat from a coffee cup.


Chesnut Praline Latte

It’s been long over due but Starbucks as officially launched a new holiday drink, The Chestnut Praline Latte. Drinking a Chestnut Praline Latte is like sitting by an open fire with friends and family.

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And of course, the traditional Peppermint Mocha. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is going to be your go to drink – morning or night! ◊




Winter break is the best. Homemade food, family, old friends, and of course lots of free time. As nice as free time is, it can also become a little old. Binge watching Netflix is a great way to pass time; plus you don’t have any homework so there’s no guilt involved. Many of us will find ourselves wrapped up in a blanket searching through Netflix for a new series to watch. To save you the time, we’ve created a list of great TV shows and movies to be your next favorite. ◊







Orange Is The New Black is a recently popular TV series that follows an average woman who is sentenced for a mistake she made 10 years ago. It’s hard to learn the ropes when you are constantly stepping on the wrong person’s toes. Follow Piper Chapman as she fights her way through a women’s prison.

We loved it in middle school and we love it now. Re-live the glory days by watching Cady Heron suffer through the challenges of a public high school after being homeschooled for her entire life. Cady finds herself deep in the middle of a stereotypical high school just trying to find where she belongs.


A man awakes on a boat with no clue who he is or where he came from. All he knows is that he was close to death when he was rescued. With the help of a young girl he goes on the search for his mysterious identity. This thriller will have you captivated throughout the entire movie.

With each season having a different story it’s never a dull moment. The first season follows a family’s move to learn that their new home is haunted. The second season is set in an insane Asylum while the third season is about Witchcraft.Each season is a new adventure so there is no question you’ll be hooked.


A true classic. Even if you’ve seen the show before it’s easy to watch over and over again. The characters of the paper supply company, Dunder Mifflin, become your family. It’s hard to get work done when your boss acts like a child and your coworkers are a little quirky. By the end of the first season you’ll want a new job.



A drunken mistake at an insemination party can never be good. Wally and Kassie are best friends, neither of which have found a significant other. Kassie is tired of waiting and decides to become pregnant using a sperm donor. Drunk, Wally finds himself switching the donor sperm with his own. Blacked out, he has no clue what he’s done. Seven years later Wally meets a young boy who has the same characteristics as himself.

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Because no great story started at the library... O.K. except for that one time! No matter what you do, booze is bound to show up in your college lives at some point. But it’s up to you to make the right choices. So why not play it safe and have a tasty drink, that doesn’t empty your wallet, with some friends after a long study session? Alcohol can be expensive, and so can college. From textbooks to tuition, our pockets are constantly running low. So 21ers (and older), let’s save some cash and have a blast. Whether it’s a celebration after finals or just a night in with your friends, we’ve got a solution to keep your fun at a maximum and your cost at a minimum. After consulting with some fine students over the legal age at Oregon State, we’ve put a list of the top three recipes that will give you a bang for your buck. But don’t forget to always take it easy and drink responsibly. ◊

40 Beaver’s Digest


Burnett’s & Lemonade Burnett’s doesn’t have the best reputation for taste. However, it does do well as part of a mixed drink. Depending on your taste, you could add Burnett’s to almost anything. But according to the majority Burnett’s fans, the best way to mix it is using their fruit flavored vodkas. The mix can range from either: 1 oz of Cherry Burnett’s 8 oz of Limeade Concentrate or 1 oz Peach Burnett’s 8 0z Lemonade. If you want more of a fizzy drink : 1 oz Blackberry Burnett’s 1 can of Sprite

Sangria 1 part Spiritopia Ginger Liqueur 3 parts of Pinot Noir 3 parts Soda Water 1/2 part Grand Marnier 1/2 part lime juice 1 part brandy Garnish with orange slices and berries. This drink features Spiritopia, a local liqueurs distillery right here in Corvallis. Now this drink is not meant for just one person. This is definitely meant to be shared with your study group after midterms.

Evan Williams & Coke You can’t go wrong with whiskey and coke. Evan Williams is basically the cheaper version of Jack Daniels so anything you mix Jack with, you can mix with Evan Williams. If you want something with a sweeter taste try: 1 can of Vanilla Coke or Cherry Coke 1 oz of Evan Williams. If you want more of a dessert: 1 can Rootbeer 1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream 1 oz Evan Williams

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