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The Fox steals home

 Written by: Jake Beaver

 Illustrated by: Jake Beaver,

Fox image by Google images

ď‚— Ring!!!!!!!! The end of school was signaled. Buster

Mooney, the Redbirds first baseman, couldn’t wait for the bell. The first game of the season was that day. Last year Buster led the team with the best batting average of .314. He wanted to beat that record. He went to the bathroom and slid the silky jersey on. He hustled to his bike and unlocked it and ran off. Everyone on is team called him fox cause he quick he lead the team in steals, 21! When he got there he saw his team taking infield practice. He warmed up with Tom Ramsey, he was the pitcher with a wicked fast ball. He was on the mound against the Sharks. Buster was the third batter.

ď‚— Tom won the toss against pitcher Buzz Zimmerman and

elected to bat last. Buster took his position at first. At second there was Petey Rose, at shortstop there was Jake Gurske, and at third there was Casey Cano. Each had a talent, Petey could make unbelievable catches, Jake could turn a double play in his sleep, and Casey could get it across the diamond in the blink of an eye. Tom whiffed all three batters, Buster was in the hole. Buster studied Buzz and noticed when Buzz had the ball in the glove he fidgeted with the ball that showed his curveball. Petey who was a speedy kid bunted down to first for an infield single. Casey went down on three straight pitches. Buster came up to the plate, he saw Buzz fidgeted with the ball, a curveball! CRACK! He felt the vibration of ball meeting bat.

 A TWO RUN SHOT! There was not much luck on either

side till the sixth inning. Buster came up to the plate with two outs nobody on. Buster already had a triple, double, and a home run, a single would grasp the cycle. He got a single! The cycle was complete. The pitcher threw a wild pitch and Buster made it to third, a hit would win the game because the Sharks scored two. “I’m goanna steal home and don’t think I won’t try it” said Buster! The moment the ball came out of the pitchers hand Buster took off stealing home. SAFE! Buster stole home! The Redbirds won the championship that season with Buster being the top player. He had a .713 batting average, 101 steals, 25 were stealing home, and Buster still wanted to break that record the next season.

The fox steals home  

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