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Country Boy and the Three Bulls Jeffrey Beaver Jake Starry Misty Moonberry

Page One There once was a Country Boy. He woke up on the dawn of the greatest day of his life, for the Village Fair was this day. When he woke he cracked one of his pas tankards and put in a chaw.

Page Two ď‚— Country Boy hopped on his horse and left

the homestead to ask his Ma if he could go to the fair. She said that he could if he took one of the family’s prized bulls to compete in the annual bull judging contest.

Page Three ď‚— Country Boy strode out to the cattle pen

and saw the three family bulls. There was one big black bull, one small brown bull, and then there was Jake, the white bull.

Page Four ď‚— Country Boy meandered on over to the first

pen with the big black bull. At first glance from a distance he looked like the perfect bull. But, as he got closer he realized that it was fat and could barely stand.

Page 5 ď‚— Then he cantered on over to the next pen which

held the smaller weaker brown bull, named Whinston. Though he immediately realized that the bull was far to weak to even walk to the fair. Just as the thought crossed his mind the bull died of; malnutrition, AIDS, stroke, malaria, Ebola, and the deadliest of the SNIFFLES.

Page 6 ď‚— After the terrible affair with Whinston he

moved on to Jake and immediately realized that Jake was a perfect, testosterone filled, specimen of a bull. Jake was muscled like a Greek God and had the P ERFECT Fu-Man Chu mustache.

Page 7 ď‚— Country Boy found the perfect bull. He then made his journey to the fair. It was quite the long trek as he lived very far in the country. The journey took a fortnight and a few days.

Page 8 ď‚— On the way, Country Boy came upon a

travelling merchant that goes by the A-Man. The A-Man hollered for Country Boy to meander his way for the deal of his country life.

Page 9 ď‚— The A-Man offered Country Boy a magical

tin of chaw in exchange for his prized bull Jake. This deal was one that Country Boy couldn’t refuse. His country senses tingled as he viewed the moist, fresh tin. He quickly gave up Jake and took the mystical tin. There was no regret as the tin

Country boy and the three bulls  
Country boy and the three bulls