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Editor’s Page It’s our first release of 2013 and we would like to take this moment to re-introduce ourselves to some of our old followers and many of you who are new followers. BOOYA covers mainly urban and alternative media, as many bigger publications cover what seems to be mainstream media. We don’t claim to be the best or biggest but do try to be as unique in our content as possible as well are always looking for fresh subject materials for our readers. We also produce online content on our social network that is free to join for the public and followers of the magazine. We look forward to adding LIVE streaming events in the near future. You will also receive our newsletter and a digital copy of each edition of BOOYA in your email’s inbox. We are not able to pay for your content but we do accept submissions and feedback from our readers.


Featured: BOOYA 2013 Predictions Predictions for year: 2013 Now that 2013 is here we have our predictions of the upcoming year... We aren’t your big corporate owned media propaganda power house, but I think than we can pull of a few predictions for new year. So this is our first attempt for predicting the upcoming year’s events but all we can do is give it our best and let time decide the outcome.

2:Marijuana Laws: “The law has surprisingly meet very little resistance so far and many official have even begun releasing and stopped convicting marijuana related crimes...” 3. Human Rights: “Human Rights a potential hot button for 2013. With the increasing usage of the internet as a news source...”

5. Uprisings and Activism: “2012 has already be full of movements and increasing awareness of the issues. Already, movements such as the “Idle No More” movement has found common ground and support from some labor unions..” But, this story was not meant to make you fear the coming year. These things will or will not happen. All we can do is control the outcome of any situation. Truth is that 2013 will only be what we make it!

1. Privacy: “Issues such as Wikileaks, photo, cyber monitoring, video, and phone tapping...”

4. Mother Nature: “Seems whatever we can call it, mother nature has the final say. After Superstorm Sandy even the bank and insurance companies finally bent and declared that climate change has some merit...”

Electronic and Pop Artist: Monstercat Label: Unknown Album: Smashing Newbs

Rock and Alternative Artist: Ghetto Blaster Label: Unknown Album: Think for Yourself

Rap and Hip Hop Artist: Trace Motivate Label: FutureWave Album: Put ‘em up High

You definately want to check out these guys. Excellent hard edged beats that will get you out of your seat. Full of energy and phat bassed up beats.

Unique, energetic and moving are what Ghetto Blaster are. Once you’ve listened to these guys you will see why we’ve recommended this band. Dope Ska Rock!

Trace Motivate is an upcoming artist on the scene of Toronto. With his partner in rhyme Mr. Matrix, bring an incredible an unique style to the local rap game.

Straight from our blog...

May 2013 be a good year for you, enjoy! -B.duQuesnay

Recommended by Us: Local Artists

FotoGallery: Graffiti Sniper Shots

Your Safety Tips for Dating Online If you haven’t already, you may have already considered taking to the internet to expand your relationship prospects. Though there are as many dating sites as there are stars in the night sky, you shouldn’t let that intimidate you. All that will mean is you will have a choice, unlike many other hurdles that life throws at us. With sites like AshleyMadison. com(for starting relationships with already married individuals) and sites that will hook you up with a “Sugar Daddy”, you may need to do a little research. That’s what we are here for ... to help get the ball rolling. Once you have decided that you are willing to make to jump from “single” chump, to... “got it going on”, you can begin by asking friends about their experiences and be sure to ask for advice. Not all good advice comes from a blog or printed story.

We reccommend that you start our by most importantly researching potential dating sites, get reccomendatiions from your friends and do some research online. You want to make sure that your personal information will be safe and that you are dealing with a credible and reputable website. Here is a short list of what we’ve researched and personally recommend for taking precautions when trying to “get your cyber groove on!” Here are some basics, but don’t take our word, please research independantly as this was only made as a guide. Starting Out: 1. As we first mentioned, internet safety is key to protecting yourself from potiential mishap. Initially, we would start by making sure your computer is secure and all personal information about yourself is limited to your access alone.

2. Find a reputalble site by doing research and making yourself aware of possible internet scams as to avoid being lured into an online dating trap. Your attention to details are needed here. 3. Keep anonimous. Start a separate email for use on internet dating sites. You want to have as many layers of security as possible when meeting and sharing information with strangers online. 4. Never meet anyone alone, leave food or drinks unattended. Meet in a public place and if possible double date for safety. 5. Follow your instincts. Ask for family pictures, a home phone number and don’t be affaid to ask about their past. With these tips and additonal research on your behalf, you should be able to confidently seek out new prospects and expand your dating world.

Featured : The Real Black Metal Black metal may mean alot of different things to some, but in this articleI will be covering the musings of African and Afro-American artists from both the past and present. Recently our blog covered what would have been the 70th birthday of the now deceased AfricanAmerican guitar legend Jimi Hendrix and the upcoming release of his new album of 13 unreleased songs. Even years after his death Jimi is still a loved and respected musician by many. Over the history of rock music many musicians from African decent have fueled the love of the art with their own brands of rock. Groups like Fishbone, Bad Brains, Living Colour and others still rock my boat but I knew there was more. Even though I was familiar with artists like Ben Harper and Lenny Kravitz, still, I craved excitement and needed to find more! This article could have me going on about artist most people already know, but that would prove repetitive and somewhat boring. Artists like Rage against the Machine, Ice T’s Body Count and others arose my interest, but are so commonly known there is little that seems special about them. Out of my curiousity and

The group “Black Metal”, all black 70’s Heavy Metal. craving for more Black metal, I have scoured my favourite websites and links to find what I could bring to the light. I had managed to find a huge but secretive cache of hidden gems and undiscovered guitar licks that would make any rock lover cry. Even artist from the 60’s to 70’s all the way from Africa, producing the finest African screeching guitar solos from back in the days. Groups like Amanaz, Witch, and the Ngozi Family seering guitar riffs into my head, revitalizing my affliction with rock music and it’s freedom of expression. If you seardh the internet you will find African rock music under the search term “ZamRock” a fusion of words that come the terms “rock” and the African country of Zambia. My research produced literaly dozens of results, so I will have to limit what I can share with you.

Maybe you would like to hit something a little harder that your standard Black Metal rock band? Well you may want to try 24-7 Spys, Mayhem or the popular SevenDust. Now SevenDust can be credited with a series of spin-off band such as CrackDust and Dust Angel with a sexy black female singer. In fact the Black Metal rock act isn’t completely dominated by black men, but not unlike Dust Angel there are quite a few females in the rock game as well. You may take Toronto’s Michie Mee and The Day After for example. You may also dig Straight Line Stitch, Noisettes, Objex and to top it off we found an all black female band called “Queens of Sheba”. So, as you can see, the black rock expericence has not been faded from existence, but remains hidden below the surface waiting for you to discover your vibe. -B.duQuesnay

The Hidden Black History of Canada Unfortunately, Canadians are living in a society that knows very little of it’s roots. Many of the contributions of many peoples who have contributed have been overlooked by our history books and in our schools. Most people know nothing or very little of the history of the native people, the slaves and many other immigrants who have suffered and sacrificed so that there children could grow up in a prosperous country. Our government, education system and the media have created a vast ignorance of what we know of other people in this country. With the finite information our text books provide we are left with history books that have the same relevance and significance as a comic book. We are focusing on the over 400 years of the Black Canadian experience that seems still rather uncharted by historians in Canada. The black population of Canada had as much influence in it’s creation as did the settlers. This article should enlighten you the vast and numerous contributions and impact that the freed blacks and slaves put forth to take part in the nations creation from the arrival of the first settlers. As I bring you to the start point of this story that begins in the 16 century, I can provide you with the facts of the first encounters with the settlers and the Native Micmac tribes. Upon the arrival of North America’s first European settlers, a black man named Mathew DaCosta (Mathieu d’Acosta) was part of the first expedition due to his

linguistic skills. It’s was said that he spoke many languages such as Dutch, English, French, Portuguese and Pidgin Basque which is a aboriginal language that may prove that he had contact with aboriginals before this first European encounter. Moving forward, on August 20, 1619:it was said that the first black the first shipload of African slaves to reach British North America landed at Jamestown in 1619. In 1628, the first recorded slave in Canada was said to be a 6 year old boy named Oliver Jeune that was sold to a Priest and said to be bought from France. In spring 1734, Marie-Joseph Angélique was black female slave in Quebec whom burned down her master’s house while trying to escape. She was soon recaptured and hung and burned as to make an example for any slaves with thoughts of escape. On June 7th, 1775 Lord Dunmore proclaims that all persons capable of bearing arms(Including slaves and the slaved Pawnee natives) in an effort to revolt against the British Crown. More than 300 blacks joined what was called the “Ethiopian Regiment”. On May 10, 1776, General Henry Clinton formed an all black regimine during the American Revoluton and they was named the “Black Pioneers”.

In 1776 Black Loyalist aka “the “Company of Negroes” reached Nova Scotia to claim freedom and land as pay for services rendered in their invaluable participation of the American Revolution, as offered by the British Crown. June 1777, Sir Henry Clinton encouraged nearly 100,000 blacks to flee their masters and join the British forces to assist with the American Revolution. July 1782, Colonel John Creighton’s servant Sylvia honourablly defends her master and is publicly credited and rewarded for her heroism. July 1787, Canada experiences first recorded race-riots in black settlement of “Birchtown” Shelburne, Nova Scotia with disbanded soldiers over wages that were comparable to slave wages. July 1791, though Britain promised the slaves freedom, Canada did little to enforce these freedoms. Many were still enslaves. Mary Postell took her “owner” to court for stealing and selling her children twice. Courts found the owner not guilty. 1792 was the exodus of Black Loyalist who knew they would never have full freedom in Canada, 1200 left Halifax to relocate to Sierra Leone. 600 Jamacian born freedom fighters whom had escaped slavery, landed in Halifax, they were know as the “Maroons”. On July 21st, Canada’s much celebrated victory during “War of 1812” was made possible through 1000’s Richard Pierpoint and his Continued on next page....

Cont’d... Canadian Black History ...continued from previous page.

“Colored Corps” and all black regiment that were not given credit in Canada’s “War of 1812” commercial. From 1816 to 1890, Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railway set to free slaves fleeing the US to Canada. October 1830, Josiah Henson know now as the inspiration for “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” escaped the US to Canada. His Canadian settlement became a national landmark. December 1837, “Colored Corps” were enlisted by provincial militia units. In 1838 Lieutenant-Governor Sir Francis Bond publicly accredited the Corps for their loyalty and bravery during the rebellions. 1882, John Ware was

commissioned to single handedly transport 3000 head of cattle to Alberta. He is the inspiration for the Calgary stampeed because of his ability to wrestle cattle with his bare hands. William Peyton Hubbard became Toronto’s first black mayor in 1894 1866, the first black politician was Mifflin Gibbs who was praised for organizing a Black Militia force for Canada. In July 1916, black forces organized by Reverend C.W. Washington of Edmonton entered the battle of WWI and served for Canada in France with the Canadian Forestry Corps. Black corps were praised once again for their bravery and loyalty. In 1939 to 1945, black once again proved invaluable

service to the war effort serving in WWII. November 1946, Viola Desmond was arrested for sitting in an “all white” section of a theater, making her Canada’s Rosa Parks. These are only a fraction of contributions that have gone unnoticed and many Canadians refuse to acknowledge. This is made even more obvious by the lack of acknowledgement the Canadian government has show during the last years 200th anniversary of the “War of 1812”. Completely failing to show yet a single black soldier in it’s commercial. In light of this story, I would anticipate that I have enlighten to the some of Canada’s hidden history, because black history is a part of Canada. -B.duQuesnay

Local Event Guide Listings: Toronto Brrrrr! Music Fesitval Feb 1, 2013 @ 1:30PM Ontario Place/The Flats 955 Lakeshore Blvd West 19+ event Tickets $50

DJ PREMIER w/ LORD FINESSE Feb 23rd, 2013 @ 9PM SOUND ACADEMY 11 Polson St. 19+ event Tickets $29.50

KUUMBA Feb 1-3rd, 2013 Harbourfront Center 235 Queens Quay West NBL Fetish Night Feb 2-4th, 2013 Phoenix Concert Theater 410 Sherbourne Street 19+ event DEAD KENNEDYS Feb 8th, 2013 @ 8PM Lee’s Palace 529 Bloor St. West 19+ event Tickets: $25.50 Harlem Globetrotters Feb 9-10th, 2013 Rogers Centre 3200-1 Blue Jays Way Tickets start from $23

FISHBONE Feb 27, 2013 @ 8:30PM Lee’s Palace 529 Bloor Street W 19+event Tickets: $25

FISHBONE Feb 27 @ Lee’s Palace GHOSTFACE KILLAH Feb 13, 2013 @ 8PM Sound Academy, 11 Polson Street 19+ event, Tickets $29.50 The BEATNUTS (presented by HHK) Feb 15,2013 @ 08PM REVIVAL BAR 783 College Street 19+ Event $15 /$20 Adv

TORONTO COMICON 2013 Mar 9- 10th, 2013 Metro Toronto Converntion Ctr Fu Manchu Apr 15, 2013 @ 8PM Lee’s Palace 529 Bloor St. West 19+ event Tickets $18.50 KILLING JOKE Apr 24, 2013 @ 9PM Lee’s Palace 529 Bloor St. West 19+event Tickets: $29.50

Featured: Slavery and the Movies With the recent release of several recent slave era movies have taken to screens across theaters in North America, these movies include such titles as Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Django: Unchained”. Such as with many slavery or race related productions, suffer much scrutiny from public opinion on the sensitivity of the content. But what determines what is considered offensive and what is not? These are questions (just like in the current gun debate) have no clear cut answers. Recently Spike Lee has slammed Quentin’s “Django: Unchained”. Spike Lee would go to post on social media that “American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. It Was A Holocaust.My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them.” and said he would not be seeing the film. This has recently fueled a rivalry between Director Spike Lee and Actor Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox

‘Slavery was not a Sergio Leone spaghetti western’

Django Action Figure set: “Is this a sign of disrespect for the suffering that the African slaves endured for 400 years in American ?”

stating that director Spike Lee “He doesn’t like anybody” and that “Django Unchained is supposed to make you angry”. This sparked a barrage of attacks from many celebrates like Dick Gregory and of course Quentin Tarantino and Samuel Jackson as well. Rapper Luther Campbell from 2 Live Crew went as far as calling Spike Lee “a coniviving and scheming Uncle Tom” for making comments on the “Django Unchained” film. If that wasn’t enough Quintin was once again slammed for dropping the N-word bomb on the Golden Globe Awards press. As all bad things usually come in three’s the final piece of calamity to hit “Django Unchained” is when the official action figures came our. Yes, they had the nerve to make action figures of slaves and slave masters. And you know that Al Sharpton had to jump on the boycott wagon for that one. But, what a better way to celebrate slavery is than with action figures. Won’t your kids be glad to open

their gift to find they just were given a slavery action figure. Of course this is sarcasm speaking. I did get a chance to view Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”, and minus the obvious discrepancies on it’s racial sensitivity, I would have to say this movie was rather uninspiring and lacked luster, Though Tarantino has been ripping off blaxploitation movies for years while completely avoiding the use of black actors in his movie since the release of Pulp Fiction has made a unimaginative piece of bland trash that gives noting of merit to the blaxploitation genre. I generously gave this 6 stars out of 10. -B.duQuesnay

Django Unchained: ******6 out of 10

Astrology Winter 2013 Readings ARIES: Last month you started working on something that has the potential to bring you infinite success and financial freedom. Too bad you dropped that ball again and you’re not even sure which project I’m talking about- because you’re a flake and you start and quit projects with the speed and consistency of a meteorite. Your friends talk about you behind your back, and although it is usually said with an endearing tone, they are quite sick of your half-assed attempts at doing something with yourself. My advice to you for the following month is to find a metaphorical super-glue to attach you to your next goal. Even if it fails miserably, you’ll learn something - if you can just get passed the idea stage. Suggested listening: Macklemore: Can’t Hold Us (Even if this isn’t your cup of tea, I demand that you crank it up and dance your ass off. Consider it part of the struggle to get to the next level in the bigger picture. You think I would make you do something just to make an ass of yourself?? Me?? Never ;) TAUARUS: Let’s get something straight. There’s no such thing as perfect. Time is wasting away and you’re not making any progress at all. You need to just do SOMETHING. Anything. Even if it’s the wrong thing, you will learn something from it. You’re thoughtful and contemplative, but right now it’s more like you’re useless and unbearably slow to action. If you don’t do something soon, all you will have is regret and thoughts about what might have been, if you had only done something. Stop thinking and DO something already!!!! Suggested listening: Reel To Real: Move it! GEMINI: You are on fire!!! Everyone you encounter falls in love with you. Everything you do is recognized. You’re a star!! And you know it!!! And you know what stars are made of?? Burning gas. You’re

basically a blue angel. Everything looks quite impressive, but it STINKS!! You know why? Because after you’ve made everyone fall in love with you, you’re just going to resent it, sulk into your sofa with a bottle of wine and sleep for a week and come out of it feeling sorry for yourself and feeling like you’re living a lie. Take some time to recharge once in a while. All that adoration is getting to your head and you’re like a pretty little pony doing tricks... if you burn out you might hurt yourself... you know what they do to those ponies??? CHILL THE F***K OUT ALREADY! Be gracious, not gluttonous. Suggested listening: Riot Brigade- All Fall Down CANCER: Hey little buddy, how you doin’ wigglin’ around down there in the sand? Sounding a little patronizing, am I? Well guess what? I’ve got great news for you, buddy! I am here to remind you that you have PINCHERS!! That’s right! When someone is treating you like crap, you can use those pinchers to remind them that you might not be mighty, but you’re not useless. But it seems to me that maybe you’re acting like a pussy lately. You want to keep the peace, but come on!!! How much crap are you going to swallow before you take a stand? Your tough outer shell can protect you from a lot of stuff, but sometimes you take on too much and those around you suffer. You agree to do so many favours, you end up neglecting the people who are closest to you and need you around. So... although you might get that pat on the back from the people you’re doing favours for, the people that really matterthey think you’re a douche bag! Suggested Listening: JOHNNY CASH - Gods Gonna Cut You Down LEO: Dear brave, strong lion... it’s not your fault. It’s just horrible for you to feel so vulnerable. Don’t let

this horrific time make you forget who you are. Get up. Stand up on your haunches and let your roar thunder across the plains... you deserve time to deal with your shit, same as anyone else. But the world needs you back now. Time to get back to being you. Suggested listening: Magic Shadows - Hero VIRGO: Congrats dudes & dudettes! You’ve finally crossed that line where you take control of your life, even if that means painful decisions. Yes, you might be a bit weary of what’s ahead of you. But I think you’re in for a good little learning curve that will run you into some brick walls, but these tough lessons have been learned before so you should be able to bounce back. DON’T GIVE UP, you’re due for some good things. The only thing that can ruin it for you now is to over think the motives of others. Just focus on the task at hand and you’ll be fine. Wow, that’s the friendliest advice I’ve ever given. So let me remind you that you are still a paranoid spaz and you have the most ridiculous phobias ever!!! Suggested Listening: ABSTRACT RUDE - Thynk Eye Can LIBRA: Seriously, you are NOT the only one who cares about the state of the world today. You think that you’re alone in this struggle, but the truth is that you’re one in several million. You know that you’re part of the problem, we all are. We live in the land of privilege. But we all have to deal with this reality however we can. You’re not the best at being right. You’re the best at being righteous. Or at least self-righteous. So I am advising you to stop whining and actually listen to the voices of others for a change. Got it? Suggested listening: FATOUMATA DIAWARA : Kele SCORPIO: Oh, hello Scorpio, you sexy

Cont’d... Astrology Winter 2013 devil. Your passion is so allencompassing, it’s a thrill to watch you go to battle. Because everything is a battle for you. Your sex life is about conquering that g-spot, your work life is about attacking each task with vengeance, your politics... oh my! Just remember sometimes it’s better to gently convince someone that they should listen to you. Because berating them will just make them resent you and it will actually make some people run in the complete opposite direction. Take some time to relax... Suggested Listening: Ugly Cassanova - Diggin’ Holes.

the repercussions!!! Suggested listening: GINGER ST. JAMES - Salvation -

Sagittarius: God damn it Sag!! You really must learn the “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” rule. And before you throw that cupid arrow, maybe consider if you want this person to fall in love with you or if you just want their attention. You’re like a baby skunk that can’t control the amount of stank you release... and that aura is catching the attention of all the neighbourhood dogs! Beware

Aquarius: You have been tasked with fixing the world. It’s all up to you. Not all Aquarians, just YOU - you know who you are. It’s a burden you must carry alone because... well... because you’re just that important. Or at least, you would like to think so. And it’s a good thing that isn’t the case because... when you say you want a better world for all of humanity, you’re a bit of a fib-teller. You actually only want

CAPRICORN: You’re detatched, unemotional and stable. You don’t belong in the midst of this battle.... So why are you involved in this petty shit? I challenge you to get in touch with your true self and find a way to bring peace through your strong, stable and determined personality. I demand that you come to terms with your unique brand of problem solving. Suggested listening: WOODHANDS - I Wasn’t Made For Fighting

a better world for the people you find worthy. The stiffs at work? No, you’d rather they just didn’t exist. The head of the corporation that just bulldozed over your favourite old cafe? He needs to die a painful death, right? Well, I hope you’re able to balance that for yourself because it’s actually against your nature to hold onto resentments. It might have become a part of your personality, but that’s not natural. That’s an illness that you have picked up from this awful world. Get to work, fix yourself and THEN fix your world. Suggested Listening: LIARS - Brats PISCES: You’ve had your heart broken a hundred times and this time you’ve done the breaking. You’re a thoughtful person and I know that the guilt is difficult for you to deal with, but here’s something to keep in mind and maybe this will get you out of your little pity party: Broken hearts are the creators of incredible art. Which is why I am going to share this with you... Suggested Listening: The Seeds - Can’t Seem To Make You Mine

In the next edition of


Stlye and Fashion... find out what the latest trends are and find out where to get the latest gear to spice up your wardrobe. Local clothiers featured. Animation and comics culture, get reviews and information on what is happening in the comic industry. Old school and new as well! Your rights and the law. what you need to know about the law and how to protect yourself. Know the in’s and out’s behind the system and your rights. Health and wellness, what you need to know to stay healthty and what you should be avoiding.

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