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The Country of Singapore at a Glance

Besides English, the other three official languages of Singapore are Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Malay was chosen as the national language. However, the constitution and all the related laws and documents are written in English and any other documents that are not in English need to be translated to English in order to be accepted. Even schools and universities have English as the medium of instruction. Despite this only one third of all Singaporeans speak in English. One out of every five Singaporeans is not English literate. Mys site the linq at beauty world Singapore's Flora and Fauna Singapore's nature reserve of Bukit Timah has one of the largest numbers of tree species that could outnumber those found in the entire continent of North America. The national flower is a hybrid orchid called Vanda

Miss Joaquim. The largest bat in the world called the flying fox having a wingspan of 1.5 meters is found here in Singapore on one of the islands off the main island called Pulau Ubin. Migratory birds flying the East Asian Flyway stop here and thousands of varieties can be seen in the national parks. Singapore prides itself on having the world's first nighttime zoo offering a Night safari. The Jurong Bird Park also contains the world's highest manmade waterfall, 30 meters in height. Singapore also has the world's largest fountain in Suntec City that has been estimated at a cost of at $6 million US dollars. People and Professions in Singapore The first population census of Singapore taken in 1824 revealed that the total population was 10,683. The 2011 census showed 5,183,700 people presently living there. Due to the lack of space, most people live in public housing which comprises of high rise apartments.15.5 percent of the households in Singapore are millionaires making it the home of the world's highest percentage of millionaires. In healthcare, the WHO has ranked Singapore the overall 6th in the whole world. In the last two years, the nation has had the lowest infant mortality rates. In the world of Business, the World Bank rates the nation as the world's easiest place to do your business. Amongst the leading financial centers, Singapore ranks the fourth and after Las Vegas, Singapore possesses the second largest casino market. …………………..

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the linq at beauty world The Linq @ Beauty World is developed by BBR Holdings(S)Ltd which is a provided company and with a m...

the linq at beauty world The Linq @ Beauty World is developed by BBR Holdings(S)Ltd which is a provided company and with a m...