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Magic Reborn | Moclinical | Pop Devil | ID.AZ | PhytoLab The Korean makeup market has seen the rise of a new enigmatic makeup artist: Hye-Min Park or more popularly known as Pony. The makeup artist saw a rise in fame after her YouTube channel Cyworld went viral. Now, she is one of the most sought after makeup artist in Korea.

Her partnership with pop star CL gave her fame a rapid increase. Along with a makeup artist she is also a blogger, an author, and a successful businesswoman. Her makeup line “Pony Effect” is widely popular in Korea. She also has a huge fan following both in YouTube and in the outside world. Seoul based makeup company Memebox’s collaboration with Pony has led to the invention of pony memebox, an eye shadow palette.

This collaboration was widely publicized and the product sale skyrocketed in a flash sale. The eye shadow palette has eight glossy colours and two brushes.The shadows are pretty smooth and clump free.

B3 or vitamin b3 also called niacin (niacinamide) is basically a nutrient found in several food items like meat, fish, and mushrooms and so on. It is also used to treat many health complications. It is used to control cholesterol level, for proper brain functioning, for skin maintenance and in diabetes.

Vitamin b3 is used to get rid of various types of skin abnormalities.Dry skin, acne, pimples are various types of skin problems. One way of treating these is the use of b3 essence, as it has niacin, a vitamin efficient in treating the abnormal skin condition. The essence is available in gel or lotion form. It is in easy to use tubes where one has to just roll it over the body. Studies have also estimated that B3 can also lower the risk of procuring Alzheimer’s, cataracts and ADHD.

Located near the Kowloon peninsula in Hong Kong, is the town of Kwun Tong. Originally prospering as an industrial town in the post World War II era, this town saw a significant growth through history. Changing itself as Hong Kong became more service centred, Kwun Tong is like a walk through time.

These days, the city is being known as a party hub. Attractions like the Kowloon’s Bay, the Devil’s peak and the Kwun Tong Promenade entice many people all over the world to come to the area. The Kwun Tong area is also a heaven for foodies with some mouth-watering seafood cuisine. Better Skin: Taking good care of oneself is very vital to a healthy life. The body can only do so much by itself; sometimes external products are used to maintain the body. There are a multitude of skin care products in the market nowadays. Finding something effective is a much heftier task. One such effective treatment is Derma Medream, made specifically for skin care.

It is formulated from natural ingredients like bearberry extract, watermelon seed extract and olive seeds. The products of Magic Reborn help replenish the Pop Devil skin pores and hydrate them, cure acne and resolves wrinkles. Better skin is now just a few steps away.

It is important to use good cosmetics and products on skin to stay fresh and youthful? There are many brands in the market but choosing the right one that is suitable for your skin type is critical. A good skincare regime and quality products is right way to gorgeous, flawless skin

Use natural ingredient enriched organic products When it comes to skin, you need to be very careful with the range of products you use and the brand. The regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing is something that you must follow religiously. Nutritive and nourishing skin products from Manyo factory are found to be excellent for flawless skin.

The company offers huge range of products with inclusion of around 99% of natural ingredients. The moisturizers for face have intense nutritive oil and reduces skin problem, makes skin more supple and help in unclogging of the pores. The Korean brand has gained popularity with its 100% effectiveness.

Check the safety certification of products

Before trying out any new product it is important to check the safety level of the product by checking for certifications and reading the reviews. One of the independent laboratories for herbal products is Phyto lab. It helps in developing and production of high quality herbal products. Under such regularity bodies, the skin care and other cosmetic products are produced with high integrity and care. Such certification determines the reliability and testing standards that have been performed on the products. The herbal and organic products must have relevant standard certifications proving presence of natural ingredients.

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Pop Devil, SecretKey, Ryo, ID.AZ, Echo Touch, Beauty People  

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