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By Kymberly Bereal

2 lbs. Farfalle Pasta 1 15 oz. Bottle Italian Dressing ½ lb. Cherry Tomatoes (halved) 1 Medium Red Onion (Julienned) 1 3.8 oz. Jar sliced Black Olives 1 Half 16 oz. Jar of Pepperoncinis 1 Half Red Bell Pepper (Julienned) 1 Half Green Bell Pepper (Julienned) Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder to taste Parsley (chopped) for Garnish

1. Boil pasta as directed on package 2. Cool Pasta Under running cold water; drain 3. In a bowl, combine all vegetables and pasta with dressing. Mix evenly. 4. Season to taste. 5. Garnish with parsley.