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Once in San Francisco, we went to Brenda’s https://frenchsoulfood.com/ to get some yummy French Soul Food. This place was recommended by my son’s mentor and his wife. I had the eggs benedict with fried chicken and cheesy grits and my boys had brioche french toast, eggs, bacon and sausage. We had to eat our food in the car due to COVID, which is not my favorite choice, as I love the dining experience. My food was delicious! I believe that there was REAL kryptonite in my grits. My sons ate their food so quickly and raved about it. We had to make a short trip to T-Mobile, as Lauren’s phone decided to break right in the middle of the trip. That is an absolute ‘no can do’ in his world, as my son uses his phone to accomplish much daily– social media, photos, songs, videos and films to name a few. So, T-Mobile is his friend to say the least! His new phone needed to be ordered, which meant he had to use my phone for all his photos/video footage for the rest of the trip. Next up, was Lombard Street. The guys went to explore, and I stayed in the car and relaxed until they returned. Once they returned, we drove to Marin County around 5pm to go to Muir Woods National Monument www.nps.gov/muwo. This is the location where ‘Planet of the Apes’ was filmed. We decided to drive up around 5 and arrived at our destination and realized that it closed at 6pm, which was 40 minutes away. The cost to get in was $15 per person. I had no problem paying the fee but wanted at least 1 ½ -2 hours to explore. We decided to purchase items from the park store instead. Once we paid, the park staff told us we could go into the park for FREE since they were closing in 30 min. We were super pumped, took the opportunity to explore and even got some beautiful photos and video footage to show for it. This place has a history enveloped in a canopy of massive Redwood trees surrounding all sides. On day 3 of our trip/ride home, our plan was to go to Big Sur and stop at Mckay Falls http://www.hikinginbigsur.com/hikes_mcwayfalls.html. We left at noon and made it to Big Sur. However, 3 minutes to Mckay Falls we were told by the Sheriff’s Department that we had to turn around and head back to where we came, as one of the Northern California fires was at McKay Falls, and the road we were traveling on was closed. Next time! So, we headed back to Carmel and ended up taking Road 41, which took us past plenty of wineries in Pasa Robles, empty landscapes and we even saw James Dean’s last stop before his fateful ending. We got home around 10 pm, and Lauren thanked me for a Wonderful trip. Lauren always says that ‘you must stick to your vision and adjust where necessary.’ We’ll do that multiple times on this trip. So, to the reader I say, ‘where do you want to go?’ I know there’s a pandemic, unacceptable killings of black people, protests/riots, a pending election, weird climate change and more. However, we must always take time to replenish and honor ourselves and our family, no matter what’s happening around us! Email: stacluv@gmail.com Facebook: Stacy Mc Instagram: butterflyfree73 Twitter: @butterflyfree73