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a place where you accept that there is nothing lacking, nothing broken and nothing missing. That became my mission for the book and for this magazine. Today, as I reflected on this beautiful journey and all those that joined me, I am reminded of the powerful statement that was birthed out of the Beauty Come Forth Movement. The acronym that empowers women to live F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S every day, is woven throughout every chapter of the book and in every issue of the magazine. We stayed the course and remained true to its mission. It is now my hope that as I address you in this final issue of Beauty Come Forth Online Magazine, that all who have journeyed with us, will openly embrace their beauty within. Our previous issues will still be available online at www.BeautyComeForth.com. Therefore, when you feel the need to get some inspiration, motivation and transformation, just look us up. I don’t see this as good-bye or even as the end. I see Opportunity across the bridge encouraging me to step over into the unknown and allow God to do what he does best, CREATE! See you on the other side. Thank you for your support and encouragement over the past 11 years. I pray EVERYTHING GOOD over your life and when you think of Beauty Come Forth, remember to always:

Forgive Yourself Accept Yourself Believe in Yourself Understand Yourself Love Yourself Organize Yourself Unleash Yourself Salute Yourself