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Billy is a Manager of a college that is responsible for enrolling a large number of students. Every month each of the Enrollment Advisors is responsible for registering new students into the program. Billy has noticed that Shelia has, for the last three months, only enrolled three students. Billy looks at Shelia numbers and is furious. He immediately yells at Shelia from his office and calls her in while everyone within earshot can hear. "Shelia, your performance is completely unacceptable and embarrassing! You only enrolled three students for the month! What is this?" Bill then proceeds with writing Shelia up. Shelia leaves the office totally humiliated and goes into the bathroom and sobs uncontrollably. She wants to take the rest of the day off but knows that would only get her in more trouble with her boss. From there, Shelia's work performance continues to decline until she ultimately decides to leave the company without another job. The stress was beginning to affect her physical and mental health. Scenario 2: Billy notices Shelia's performance is down and calls her into the office. He sits Shelia down and starts to talk to her. "Hello, Shelia. Shelia, I want to reiterate how valuable you are at our company as an employee. However, I have some concerns about your goals over the last two months. Last month you only enrolled three students, which is low. Is everything okay? What can I do to help support you? I need your help in increasing your productivity. I have every confidence in you that this can improve. As it turns out, Shelia was having difficulty juggling the many aspects of her role, and she and Billy worked together to help organize a plan. Within a month, Shelia's performance improved, and by the next month had increased substantially. Which manager have you experienced? Which manager are you? Do not be so focused on the bottom line or the goals you lose sight of your staff. Your staff will go along for the ride, if you steer the ship correctly.

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