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EVERYTHING GOOD Myra Wallace-Walker

We have all heard the saying everything good must come to an end. I say, create a bridge to something greater! As with most things in life, there is a timeline of existence. The book of Ecclesiastes says it best; “To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under heaven.“ It is to that point that I now address you. The journey of Beauty Come Forth began with a conversation over 12 years ago, with Sharon Elliott, a dear friend whom I admire for her uncanny knack to push others into their greatness. We were discussing the outline for her upcoming Milk & Honey Women’s Retreat when I began to passionately express my thoughts on the shallowness of the fashion and beauty industry. She immediately responded, “You need to write the book about it”. I immediately responded, “No…… I am a designer, not a writer. “ She then proceeded to educate me on the importance of having a platform from which to speak. Then she added that anyone who has a platform to speak, needs to write a book to offer to their audience. Lastly, every author needs a platform from which to speak. Still in denial, I agreed to pray about it, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. So, what does that book have to do with this magazine? Everything, you see that book, Beauty Come Forth- Unleash The Beauty Within was the foundation for which this magazine was built. The book was birthed out of my belief that every woman deserves to be appreciated, recognized, and celebrated as her authentic self. Unfortunately, the cruel demands of society forced us to put that desire on the back burner and forge ahead, burying those innate desires to feel beautiful. Something comes alive inside of a woman when told she is beautiful. As a woman she recognizes that being beautiful is more than an expression of your outward appearance. Beauty is more than being pretty or attractive. Beauty speaks to something deeper, more complete. It is