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without your permission. Lots of cars are being stolen while you are sleeping. The thief will be long gone before you wake up. Technology companies have directed me to the exact location of stolen cars via their tracking systems. Most times the thief is still in the car and is horrified when my partner and I arrive to make the arrest. I would be remiss if I didn’t report that technology can also work against you. Some cars have a key fob that can remotely lock or start your car. That device sends out a signal or command that talks to a computer inside your car. There are devices that can catch and duplicate your signal. The thief can use the signal to unlock or start your car. We have all exited our cars and closed the door. While walking away, we press the button on the key fob to lock the door. That is the precise time the thief activates his device and captures your signal. When you return, either your car or its contents are missing. You can’t remember locking the car because you were focused on trying to get to your destination. To avoid getting your signal captured, simply manually lock your car doors by pressing the button on the driver’s door. The key fob will not send out a signal to the car’s computer. Many cars are stolen because we are so consumed with our phones. I have watched hours of video that has shown a person exit his/her car while on the phone. The thief followed the person into a grocery or clothing store. While the person is distracted pushing a shopping cart and talking on the phone, the thief removed the car keys from the cart or purse. Exited the store, walked directly to the victim’s car and drove away with it. The victim is shocked when they return to where they parked the car and cannot find it. They are even more confused when they discover their keys missing. Lastly, I have taken several reports that indicated the victim left their car engine running while they were a few feet away. The thief entered the car and drove away leaving the victim stranded in amazement. I know this sounds like if “ Common Sense” was used, this last scenario would not have occurred. My mother always says, “ Common Sense ain’t Common”. Stay vigilant family. “ Watch your Six” ( Watch your Back) Ronald D. Jones Retired Los Angeles Police Detective