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so he chose roles such as Jackie Robinson in 42. His compelling and brilliant portrayal of Robinson led to him being able to play Thurgood Marshall in the film Marshall and James Brown in the film Get On Up. Finally, like the jaguar, he latched on to his dream/purpose to entertain through acting. By playing such iconic roles, Chadwick was not bound by the work that was offered. He refused to keep playing the thug or drug dealer that he was initially casted in on All My Children, and was let go once he voiced his opinion about the stereotype. As a result, he started writing plays that would promote positive images for Black viewers, while also displaying his talent. His tenacity and talent led him to become the cultural icon, King T’Challa, which will be remembered for many years to come. He ruled his personal kingdom with pride, vision and tenacity. What kind of ruler will you be? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Works Cited https://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/animals/panther.html