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Dear Black Man By: Nailah Sabah

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to name a few, are popular social media accounts. Like most of you I have multiple accounts and in 2009 I started out with Facebook. Well actually it was Myspace, but I’m not sure if we count that anymore. After Facebook, I moved on to Instagram. For me, Instagram is for me to “show out” as it were and post the most salacious memes to put a smile on everyone’s face. Facebook is where my dad is and well, I don’t have time to have that conversation with him and what I post. Recently, I have put more time into Facebook due to a group I joined. It is a group whose mission is to have conversations between black men and women. As you can imagine, a group with such varying personalities can get heated, but the members are like minded individuals and respect is paramount. One of the male administrators of the group asked the women to write a general apology letter to all black men. Initially I said no. Me apologize? To who? For what? I was offended that he would ask me to complete such an outlandish request. I was the one that was hurt from a past relationship. So there was no way I was going to apologize. As I continued to stew in my pride, this nagging feeling would not escape me. The more I thought about it the more I realized that our black men needed to hear a collective voice of humility, remorse, and rebuilding. Some may never hear these words, or some have but may need a friendly reminder. So, there I was, just a random girl in a new group about to apologize collectively to the black men in our group. For any man who needs to hear words of affirmation due to the increasing negative climate we live in, please allow my words to heal any wounds you may have. Dear Black Man, Please know that I am intentional in saying “man” because I want you to singularly hear my words directed to you. The very nature and presence of your stature commands strength, power, and