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Beauty By: Vendetta Lewis

When I look into the mirror, I don’t always see a pretty sight. Sometimes I am discouraged, I didn’t do everything just right. But Jesus has a standard that may be strange to some. To him when I’m obedient, the more beautiful I become. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is only skin deep. Beauty comes from cosmetics. These are things you here on the street. But true Beauty comes from Jesus; it is a matter of the heart. Adoration, thanksgiving, and praise for Him, let Jesus make your heart smart. Queen Esther had true Beauty; she obeyed the Lords command, And stood against the kings decree to kill every Jewish man. Ruth also had inner Beauty, and did not count it loss, To worship Naomi’s Lord and God, no matter what the cost. Ana the prophetess served God daily with fasting and prayer. And would not leave the temple until she saw the holy child there. But even though old in years her Beauty could be seen, By faithfulness and self-denial, truly a daughter of the king. Mary the mother of Jesus surrendered her body and soul. She had not known a man and did not understand, but gave God total control. In quietness and strength Mary’s Beauty was made known. Obeying the call, misunderstood by all, yet willing to stand-alone. Dorcas a humble disciple was known throughout the land, Because kindness, mercy, and compassion were shown by her unselfish hand.

BCF OCT 2016  


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